Yes… He Did… and Yes.. He Has.


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  • pysco

    And you wonder how many times Obama will lie, before the liberals quit believing him.

    • Cross67

      Unfortunately lying is part of the liberal culture. They see it as a means to an end. Subjectively right or wrong. Ultimately it won’t matter at this point.

  • UncleFuzz


    How many Lies do we have to listen to before we Do Something??

  • granny

    He has been a liar since he set foot on USA soil. He screwed up Chicago. His next step was the whole of OUR USA.

  • Joe Lettieri


  • LD

    Occult propaganda works, because the legislature allows it to. They get elected, income and benefit on YOUR buck. We get lies, double cross, trauma bond and rendition on THEIRS. The STUPID American is…well, STUPID!

  • Let us NOT forget that Liberals, and Democrats in general, are quite comfortable with lying, to get their intended project or goal achieved. If one will, simply review the Quran, which also promotes deception, lying, and falsehoods to achieve the goal of global domination by the Pedophilistic Muslim Brotherhood (of which Obama STRONGLY supports, both morally and especially financially). His (Obama’s) perverse, immoral, and felonious actions towards the culture, the moral fiber, the Constitutional rights, and the sanctity of the American people, and this great nation would be enough to inprison for LIFE, the average American person. But, with the help and support of OVER HALF of our great nations citizens, whom are blinded by the lies, the KoolAid, the false promises, and the ‘Entitled’ mindset, he has succeeded in achieving a ‘second chance’ to complete his perverse goal! People, you had better ‘STOCK UP’ and ‘LOCK UP’, because HELL is coming, and it will be dressed in the uniform of the United States Government of Islam! (And Barrack Obama approves this message! LOL)

    • YellowJacket2

      Powerful and accurate Bri.

      Keep em coming.

  • LD

    Want salvation? Their game plan is their 200 year old repatriation agenda, but they aren’t telling you this. You would fight them if you understood what this means. They don’t want this fight, because they would lose, so they are holding you down with occult propaganda, and IT’S WORKING! You don’t have a clue you’re being repatriated. KEWL!

  • agbjr

    Barack Obama = lying Marxist sonofabitch. No further explanation necessary.

  • Of course Boehner now has the chance with sequestration to have a new motto. NO YOU CANT

  • Silver4

    The liar from nigeria. He is better suited as a african dictator.

    • Uh, Silver 4, he’s from Kenya. I believe Mombasa, Kenya.

  • I do not make 1/2 of 250,000 and this year I paid 2500 dollars more. How much more did you pay.

  • Lie after lie , I was smart enough not to vote for him i did lots of reserch on him , did you ?

  • marineh2ominer

    I take GREAT comfort knowing I did NOT vote for this lying underhanded progressive fraud . I hope all those that did pay with their very souls .

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Obama supporter reaction: “But, I thought he only wanted to take THEIR money!”

  • MarkEntry

    We must stop the govt, at all levels from going into their ‘rampage mode”. They said, “let’s make it illegal to not wear your seat belts”,. But, the backlash was serious. So, the oppressors said, “let us make it llegal not to wear your seat belt, and will only make it a secondary infraction. Like,if you get stopped for another infraction.” Now, it’s aprimary infraction,even if there’s no one in the vehicle but you. This sis just a minor example of how we can’ttrust any legislators. In Florida, it’s a $120 fine for the fist infraction. We need to start petotion to end govt passing laws to punish people who aren’t hurting anyone else.