340 Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce UnConstitutional Gun Control Laws

Including Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County, Colorado, 340 sheriffs have publicly stated they will not enforce gun laws they believe are unconstitutional.

In response to the passage of two new gun control bills in Colorado last week, Sheriff John Cooke told the Greeley Tribune that he “won’t bother enforcing the laws.”

One bill requires gun buyers to pay for their own background checks, a service that was previously free and now estimated to cost the buyer $10-$12 per purchase. The second bill puts a 15-round limit on magazines.

Cooke says of the new laws: “They’re feel-good, knee-jerk reactions that are unenforceable.”

Governor John Hickenlooper is expected to sign each bill into law this week.

Cooke is part of a growing list of sheriffs that have vowed to uphold the Constitution against gun control measures.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) has a running tally of all the sheriffs across the nation that have joined together to defend the Constitution.

At the time of this post, there are 15 sheriffs associations, 340 sheriffs, one police chief and one deputy sheriff who have stated they will not enforce any new gun laws.

As the “Right Views” previously reported, the number of sheriffs taking action continues to climb as the gun control debate heats up.

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  • 340 Sheriffs? That’s all the sheriffs that are willing to defend the Constitution? I really hope its all the sheriffs,all the police and all the military who are really planning on not enforcing this unconstutional bs,considering they ALL TOOK AN OATH to defend the Constitution from all ENIMIES,BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT makes my skin crawl thinking I might live near people who think like the gun grabbers do. If America falls to communism,the rest of the world is DOOMED.

    • CJ M

      When you consider that a huge state like CA has 58 counties and it’s one Sheriff per county, 340 is a big number to start. Give it time, the list will continue growing!

      • tarfu

        From USGS

        There are 3,141 counties and county equivalents in the 50
        States and the District of Columbia.
        They are categorized as follows:

        3,007 counties
        16 Boroughs in Alaska
        11 Census Areas in Alaska
        (for areas not organized into Boroughs by the State)
        64 Parishes in Louisiana
        42 Independent Cities (1 in Maryland,
        1 in Missouri, 1 in Nevada,
        and the remainder in Virginia)
        1 District – the Federal District or District of Columbia.

      • jimmimac

        I live in California and the sheriffs here are a bunch of whinnies!!!!!!!!!

        • coastx

          Yeah, little EU. The most of them serve the elite as assets for California’s child sacrifice culture. California is otherwise the BDSM nerve center of the US. Check out Kelly Thomas for what this looks like as a mistake and misunderstanding.

      • boccagalupe

        Calif. has only 58 counties ?? Little ol’ Kansas has 105 counties, and I hope theyall have sheriffs that uphold the constitution.

      • yankeewatchdog

        Texas has 252 counties….js

      • gdfairy6

        CJ M, unfortunately here in Ca., Contra Costa County in particular, we have communist sheriffs, who have been drinking the kool-aide. I am NOT holding my breath to wait for them to join in with the patriotic sheriffs. Instead I think I shall move to Florida In July.

    • RP

      Some have done so though their associations. For instance the Florida Sheriffs association effectively decreed that they would not enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws, 100% of the Florida Sheriffs signed that decree.

      • Wayne Bennett

        Great for Florida!!! First to stop Confiscation>Next State???

    • wdcraftr

      It’s not police we have to worry about, but Obama’s Gestapo/ DHS, and their 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo, 1000 Armoured vehicles with port holes, and armed and unarmed Drones..

    • setemfree

      Its not Communism so to speak. Its SHARIA LAW.

      • Wayne Bennett

        @waynebennett:disqus setemfree how so?

  • I thought we had more Oath Keepers than that ..

  • Lowell

    Most County Sheriffs are not wanting to call attention to themselves but will simply not comply. Feds will attempt to go around that but most of the time Sheriffs know when they are in the area and need be will give you a heads up. If you have a good Sheriff, take care of him/her.

    • carlcasino

      I live in a area that the Sheriff is not of my political view. However he is well aware of the fact that WE GUN OWNERS outnumber him 1000:1. He is a progressive but not dumb.

  • It’s a start. Let’s see how many actually will defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights now.

  • Does anyone know about Clark Co, in Las Vegas NV.?

    • boccagalupe

      They voted for Harry R correct??

    • ALL Nv sheriffs have opposed:

      AB196 by Assemblyman Wheeler, Requires Attorney General to defend citizens against action by unconstitutional Presidential Executive Orders.

      AB232 by Assemblyman Oscarson, gets rid of the requirement of a CCW to carry. AB143 by Assemblywomen Fiore, the Campus Carry bill.
      AB340 by Assemblyman Hambrick repeals Clark Counties Handgun Registration. SB226 by Senator Settelmeyer, Eliminates the Clark County handgun registration program. Eliminates the CCW card and instead puts it on the driver’s license as an endorsement, lets one get a separate ID card w/o the endorsement on it.

      SB223 by Senator Hardy, Allows school employees to carry with a CCW.

      They all support:
      SB396 by Senator Segerblom provides for a ban if and definition of Assault Weapon, bans large capacity magazines, private party background check.

      AB234 by Assemblyman Horn, Provides requirement of private party background checks, and a fee to go to mental health, $25 firearm sale, $.02 per 30 rounds of ammunition.

      SB221 by Senator Jones, Requires those that plead out due to mental illness to be reported in 5 days to the Central Repository. Provides requirement of private party background checks.

      SB277 by Senator Kieckhefer prohibits a person from purchasing a firearm if they have a petition for mental evaluation filled against them.

      SB396 by Senator Segerblom provides for a ban if and definition of Assault Weapon, bans large capacity magazines, private party background check.
      This is not about guns, it is about control. Fascist bastards. MOLON LABE!

  • foxxybey

    340 Sheriffs will come under the federal government, the next obozo EO along with the Highway Patrols of each state, obozo’s personal army.

    • boccagalupe

      Well foxxxxx those sheriff will not come under the feds unless they want to. They and they alone are the chief law enforcement in their county. Meaning the feds go through the sheriff to do anything. I cannot say about the hipos, my guess is that many of them are patriots too.

      • foxxybey

        I hope your right boccagalupe, When it comes to supporting citizens over family they will have to choose one or the other. Myself I would throw my badge away and walk away and pray God would find away for my family and myself. He has never let me down since I came to know Him about 25 years ago and I’m sure He wouldn’t in this case. Hitler was a satanist, have been to hiscastle on the Rhine and everything in it proves that, our Hitler worships a false little god but his fate is in Gods hands and it won’t be pretty no matter what our Hitler does to us. God Bless:

        • CHinOhio

          Foxxy – I have spoken wth LEO’s here in Ohio, and they have said there is no way in HELL they go contrary to the Constitution. They also know they have the support of most all of the people. They also do not want to face the wrath of the people. You think a deputy wants to be sent to confiscate wea[ppos when they know they have a better chance of leaving in a body bag? Oathkeepers!!!!!!!

          • foxxybey

            CHinOhio; Seems yours are smarter then some, have a lot here in Colorado also, so we can only hope, don’t want to send some idiot home in a body bag if they come for mine, has to be a better way to make a living? God Bless Friend:

    • Sheriffs are elected by their counties and state police are under the controll of the state governor and state legislature. I know in the past their has been friction between feds and local law enforcement at times. All have sworn to uphold the law and the constituition. It should be real interesting to see what happens.

      • foxxybey

        Makes one wonder if the sheriffs and state patrol officers will be fight each other?

  • agbjr

    Under the Marxist Obama regime it is now illegal to uphold and enforce the Constitution. I proudly stand with any and all United States Citizens who will not acquiesce to these illegal and unconstitutional ‘laws’ rammed through by fifth columnist sonsofbitches.

  • wdcraftr

    These Sheriff’s will need Large Militias of like minded citizens when TSHF, or the DHS comes calling in their armoured vehicles, and body armour.. They better start organizing the Troops pronto…

    • carlcasino

      I know for a fact that I and a few others put more rounds downrange than the entire LE’s in my STATE. I just finished expending 1000 rounds from >223/9mm/38+p/ 308.
      Next week i will open my gun safe and shoot the good stuff.

      • wdcraftr

        I’m glad you have the ammo to spare, or the money to pay for what you can find. Most everything I can find 38/357, is about $150 a round. On my small fixed income I buy what I can, a few boxes a month, but shooting is Very limited. And 22LR, I haven’t even seen for sale for several months.. No where to be found..

        • carlcasino

          Hang loose on the ammo thing. The Govt. will eventually figure out that they cannot buy all the ammo in the world. Rimfire ammo will come back, probably 3 to 6 months and is great to keep the MEMORY aspect of point and shoot alive and well.
          my ammo situation is the result of thinking outside the MSM box and doing about 85% reload. I bought when it was a fad and was dumb enough to stockpile. When you give up Golf, cigarettes, whiskey and wild women the bank account swells 🙂

    • Title 10, USCA, Section 311 [b] Defines the Militia as anyone between 17 and 45 as the unorganized militia. In simple terms that means that all adult males and females are in the Militia.

  • It will be interesting to map out were these sheriffs are. I imagine that they are mainly in Republican states or in areas of Republican control as they are in Colorado. I find it disgusting that the homosexuals in Denver are dictating to the rest of the state policy. Of course they dare not go out of their area of comfort.

  • parkerglp

    I believe the background check between private individuals also was or will be signed by Chickenlicker! How is he going to enforce that unless he pulls a ‘Hitler’ and forces everyone to register their guns! He will probably try that because, after all, he is a good little Obama-lover!!!

    • boccagalupe

      I imagine every criminal in CO will comply if he does that.

  • I honor the 340 and believe there are many more who,when push comes to shove will be there!

    There is always a crisis,crises that threatens Liberty and Freedom. Since all the values that made our union were eviscerated 5 decades ago it was always just a matter of time.

    L.B.J.,Nixon,Carter,Ford,Clinton and the implosion of family,religion,respect,honor,education,morality,accountability and plain old guts the metastatic Cancer left untreated brought tyrant after tyrant,the tyranny Obama has wrought to the point where the greatest country ever created is coming undone.

    We don’t make Domestic or Foreign policy! We don’t incite,declare war,the very same people who robbed us blind,stole our money,enabled terrorist and terrorism,the economy(the engine of all things) to become dismembered.

    Even Clinton who was one of two Presidents found guilty of impeachable offenses knew “it’s the economy stupid” and so it is.

    A country all powerful let our sworn enemies control the worlds oil and so it began. The Iranian Revolution,the killing of Americans here and abroad,the destruction of American property “allowed” to happen,never pro-active,a non-responsive target led by most of the same impotent,incompetent,professional criminals only this time,for 5 decades Politics was/is the Trojan Horse.

    Did it ever strike any of you that a country that could put men/women on the moon could not apply the available technology to keep us free? We could fuel a rocket to fly but not our independence,our economy safe from those who took our money,bought weapons to kill us,built empires to enslave us without the “Bankrupt”,tyrannical,”Great Society” creating programs we could not afford all of which”trillions” of taxpayer dollars gone!

    Only Reagan can claim we were better off yet the cancer was only in remission to surface again!

    The system has failed those who built it,invented it,worked indefatigably to keep it safe and strong fighting and too often dying to preserve the American Dream turned Nightmare!

    These Sheriffs,the few who live by a code are hero’s and patriots I am honored to stand beside!

  • Nikita63

    340 is actually a large number. I am in Massachusetts and do not know how many counties there are in Colorado but, if these Sheriffs are refusing to enforce 2nd Amendment impositions, it will disembowel the liberal agenda in that state. I do not know what the sheriffs in this state would or will do depending on what is eventually passed but, I will move out of this Communist Commonmisery if they decide to take my right to protect myself and family from me and quite frankly, I believe anyone who places trust in THIS administration to act in a constitutional manner, is a FOOL! All one need do is look at the abysmal track record. We are going to need our 2nd amendment rights one day, I think. So did the Founding Fathers and why they wrote a single sentence amendment to guarantee it.

    • yankeewatchdog

      54 counties in CO. The sheriff of my county was on Peirs Morgan (yuck,…that name leaves a bad taste in my mouth) the other night.Way to school him, Ron!

      • Nikita63

        Piers Morgan leaves a bad taste in just about everybody’s mouth. I was enraged when to one of his guests on gun control who quoted the 2nd amendment to him, he told the guest, “I do not care what’s in your little book” I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet, 68 and a cancer survivor, stroke and TIA’S survivor and cardiac arrest pacemaker recipient who given half a chance would make him EAT a copy of the book I and so many others fought to the death to defend and uphold under the same oath as these worthless scum in Washington and elsewhere. They also take it but, We HONORED ours, and, unlike one in particular: We Can prove it upon request by display of our honorable DD214’s!

        • US Army retired, Nam vet and I am 69 years old, but if push comes to shove, I firmly believe that the oath I took in 1960 is as valid today as it was then, no-where have I seen an expiration date on it.

          • Nikita63

            I did not take mine until 1967 as i was fortunate enough to have completed a degree in Government from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, be upgraded from 2-S to 1-A, the same day I graduated, June 4th of 1967, and be at South Boston Naval Annex one week later for a pre-induction physical. I had had 3 years compulsory Army ROTC in my high school and two more of Air Force ROTC at college. I enlisted as I knew I did not have the maturity to be responsible for others and had no intention of making a career of the servce, Just wished to complete my Citizenship obligation. The Army was the fairest society of which I have ever been a part and, I cherished the fact you got what you EARNED. Perhaps that is why I am so adamantly opposed to this cretin and all his criminally complicit Congressional cohorts. I say what I mean and , I mean what I say. You were career, I was not. I did however, serve with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade during the ’68-69’Tet Offensive and am disabled by Agent Orange. I will ,be flying to St. Louis from my home in Massachsetts at the end of May for a Vietnam unit Reunion and will see those with whom I shared the Vietnam experience; those who are still alive. The unit historian told me 75 % of all who served in the 199th betweeen ’66 and transfer home as a unit in ’70 are affected to some degree by exposure to Agent Orange. At least I KNOW, that once I arrive in St Louis with my comrades not seen in 44 years, I will be among HONORABLE MEN AND TRUE PATRIOTS. It will be a breath nof fresh air to be among them after the stench of this den of liberal lunacy and constitutional disdain. God Bless America, though it has become politically incorrect to express that notion and God Bless you, sir for your service; something those in Washington cannot comprehend, along with constitutional compliance and STANDARD ENGLISH. “THIS WE’LL DEFEND!” As to the oath we both took: We are in TOTAL agreement. What we have done once , we WILL do again if it is forced upon us as we are men of HONOR when they ARE NOT!

  • JT

    tell me how does law abidibg citizens paying for their background check keeps guns out of criminals hands? OH THAT’S RIGHT IT DOES NOT, IT JUST MAKES MONEY OFF OF!!! way to go that’s how you make our schools and streets safer slap a price on every aspect of buying a weapon!!! idiots!!!! using every mass shooting and death to line your pockets!!! that is the agenda and oh see how far you can push passed what is unconstitutional!!! until a group of smart True patriotic Americains stand and impeach you!!!!

    • Chicot

      it is all about money and control. It is not about keeping the guns out of the hands of anyone even they keep threatening with gun banning and all that crap, They know that would not hold up in the Supreme court so the keep chipping away a little at a time and if anyone ever gets some types of meds or diagnosis from a medical personel that their is any type of stress or mental defect then they will come after them as they will know all the good gun owners names, what they own and everything else about them. Since Obamacare they will have everybody’s medical history, now they want all the history they can get on everyone for complete control..

    • sewnsew70

      The law abiding citizen who pays for a background check will not be denied the opportunity to purchase a legal firearm. It is the non-law abiding citizen who fails the background check who will be denied that opportunity. The cost of the background check is a small price for society to pay for the increased public safety that comes with it. But that benefit is not a great as it should be. That is why the gun show loophole should be closed. When that is done, it will be harder for criminals to obtain guns because those criminals who now can get their guns at gun shows will be denied that opportunity.

      • And you really think the crimiinals will buy their guns legally? They are criminals and don’t care about obeying laws, only about lining their pockets with someone else’s money and power. Most politicians seem to have this same goal also.

  • AMERIKA, it is looking more and more like it is time to ROCK & LOAD! There can be no more denying that these communists goul is PEOPLE CONTROL, not gun control – we can’t let that happen, can we?

  • billygeturgun

    2 deputy sheriff’s now say that!

  • sewnsew70

    It is time for those sheriffs to resign if they will not do their duty to enforce the lawfully-enacted controls on guns in their respective jurisdictions.

  • Stealth

    ALL Sheriffs ( even in the stinkingly assinine LIBERALLY INSANE state I live in ( Connecticut ) SHOULD hop on board!!

  • 340 Sheriffs, a fair start but there are probably that many counties in Texas, so we need a WHOLE LOT MORE to sign up.

  • This is Putnam County New York Sheriff Donald Smith, a retired Army General and Honest Man please watch his video he appeared on FOX NEWS and Hannity to discuss NYSAFE act and his position. http://youtu.be/DRhuIxDkeKU

  • Only 340 Sheriff Depts? Thats trouble…their are 88 Sheriff Depts in Ohio alone and from I have heard only 2 are supporting our 2nd Amendment Civil Rights, so the other 86 Sheriffs Depts are bring the Law, and when the Law enforcers break the Law there is NO LAW…!!!

  • freebirds

    Unfortunately for us the law abiding citizens. Were dealing with a 2 edge sword. Here in Mi our sheriff’s have a union. And guess who the unions are loyal to? So there’s a war within. “Ah.. which way do I go?”
    Money or morality? My pocket book or what’s true and right?
    I know where I would stand as a sheriff but integrity is hard to find these days. Especially in Union ran Flint Mi.

  • leftythree

    There are 3,141 counties in the
    United States; Every Sheriff needs to sign up for The (CSPOA), They are voted in By The People and directly work for us. Also all police
    officers and Highway patrol need to stand up for The Constitution. That would send a message to all these limp-
    wristed politicians and citizens that have never defended anything much Less
    America. The Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave. God Bless America