ABC News CEO: “We’ve Presented the News in a Slightly Inaccurate Way.”

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At a shareholder Q&A Wednesday, Disney/ABC CEO Bob Iger met a shareholder unhappy over ABC News’ bias, specifically an attack on the Tea Party that ended up being horribly wrong [emphasis added]:

When it came time for a general Q&A, the first question, judging from the loud mix of positive and negative reaction, was arguably the most controversial — a man complaining about political bias at ABC and ESPN and citing specific examples: Newsman Brian Ross reporting that Dark Knight Rises mass killer James Holmes might be a member of the Tea Party[.] …

Iger acknowledged mistakes but was not specific. “We have, at times, either presented the news in a slightly inaccurate way or in ways we weren’t necessarily proud of,” he said, “but I firmly stand behind our news organizations because I believe that overall the job that they do is one that is worthy of respect.”

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  • It is NOT worthy of respect because ABC is totally biased.

  • AJ

    There is no way you can have respect by reporting lies.

  • BSCorvette

    ABC is making Michelle Obama their media darling preparing to pave the way for her election to be the next President.

    • Clint

      If she were even nominated that would be the final nail. There would be no U.S. to be president of.

      • Margaret

        There may not be by next time if we don’t impeach this illegal man now! And now Hagel has been confirmed. He sounded like he was either on drugs or just didn’t know what the heck he was doing. Brennan while overseas I believe it was Saudi Arabia converted to Islam. Muslims have wanted to take over our country for a long time, so they may get it done. Obama is a Sunni Muslim if you did not know. Oh and Bin Laden was not killed under Obama’s watch. He died from marfan disease in 2001. We didn’t kill him, that was a grand photo op.

    • Margaret

      No, Obama wants to run again. He is a member of the ‘Illuminati’, a group of the 13 wealthiest families in the world who want to rule the United States as well, and then they would ‘nominate’ who our president will be. They nominated both the Senior Bush and George W. Bush AS WELL AS Bill Clinton, and now have sent in Obama and he was elected for two terms. Both of the elections fraudulent. The latest was out and out fraud. Democrats voting twice, once by mail-in, and then going to the voting booth on election day and voting again, as well as those like the woman who voted for Obama SIX times just using different names – as well as OTHER NAMES NOT HERS!
      Isn’t this a criminal offense?

      • Greggie

        Yes! It is a criminal offense punished at the federal level…DOJ! So, lets get Holder to press charges… Even to start impeachment articles has to go through Senate. Not much chance of that!

      • Illuminati? Really?? Obama and the Bushes are not even close to being in the 13 wealthiest families in the world.

    • carrieanne

      I really hope Michelle Obama doesn’t run for Presidency. I get bad “vibes” from her.

  • gs4551972

    what the heck do you expect the guy to say. he has no morals to begin with, he runs a communist propaganda machine for crying out loud

  • ABC has a news organization? I never knew!

    • Margaret

      Fox is the only one that Obama does not control. Nancy Pelosi is a Communist. Former Rep Allen West reports that there are over 100 Communists in our Congress/Senate. People really need to question and find our who these people are prior to just voting for one at the last minute thinking… oh, that one looks good or is a member of the party they want voted in.

  • fideux

    Just as all of the Lame stream media outlets, ABC is just a shill for Obama and liberals everywhere. What I don’t get is, it’s their country that is being systematically destroyed too. If they had a lick of intelligence, they would be able to recognize that fact.

    • SirKevin1231

      They have a “holy land” to run away to after they have ruined everything here.

      • You hit the nail on the head! People do not like how things are in their country so they leave it. Soon they find themselves in another country (and lets be serious, I am talking about USA) and eventually they realize that if they use words like ‘fair’ or ‘racist’ America will bend over backwards to appease them. So then America, through law and never through its own moral accord, changes, often out of the pressure of having been transgressed by the liberal media. The liberal media then selectively pushes the agenda nicely packaged and labeled as the mass consensus. Soon we have cities like San Diego, Miami and New York where all of these foreigners have gotten their way. Now the things that caused these people to leave their homeland are reemerging where they moved to. In other words, they bring these things with them, good or bad, and our country becomes theirs… out of ‘fairness’. Now here is the kicker: If you say things like this, what I have written, you are called racist. Stand your ground and do not fear to speak up.

    • carrieanne

      ABC isn’t the only network in Obama’s pocket. And then, there is the Hollywood gang that supports every breath he takes. Yikes!

  • pointman49

    Bob Iger, I suspect you really do not realize how ‘lame’ your quasi ‘mia copa’ really is~!!

    • Mea culpa, but we get your drift.

    • carrieanne

      It’s mea copa. Means–my fault.

  • Jack

    Really your job is worthy of what ? Make me sick . Lets see when we have gun shootings who was the first to be blame.That is right gun owners and the Nra are to blame.So the drug dealers, gangs , even leaders that have guns,people that sell illegal guns from the illegal black market of guns ( by the way they always will no matter how many gun laws are passed) why is that his news networks does not make them fell bad, they have guns.But they make us gun owners and Nra into the bad guys and the reason why we have these gun shootings.But I am sure Mr iger will tell you there was no bias in those shootings bs.I like to asked him this”When was the last time you sent a reporter to drug dealers and gangs and people that sell guns from the illegal black market of guns and asked them why they have guns”. I like to see how he would answer that one.

  • FED UP

    All of the media is bias…ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN so on………….I dont watch is very much anymore but if they contine this way of reporting I will start flooding their sponsors with complants and refusing to use their products until they pull their advertisements from the news programs.

  • SirKevin1231

    He could not care less where this country goes. Once he has reaped all he can, and everything here goes to crap he will high tail it off to his promised land and leave the goyim to sort it out.

  • Shagnasty1

    A nything
    B ut
    C orrect

  • marineh2ominer

    He apparently doesn’t watch his own news channel .

  • Randy131

    “but I firmly stand behind our news organizations because I believe that overall the job that they do is one that is worthy of respect.” Whose respect? Certainly not conservatives, and especially not ‘Tea Partiers’ and ‘Libertines’. This shows that ABC News broadcasts are for the consumption and gratitude of liberals only, especially the socialistic and communistic leaning ones. Is this the best excuse CEO Bob Iger can come up with, which really isn’t much of an excuse, but merely an explanation that he will be sure to continue as they have in the past. Why would anyone want to watch the nightly indoctrination from ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN? I guess only liberals and those who own stock in them, for which since they know of the certain biases that they incorporate in their news programs, why wouldn’t they demand a change to at least an impartial CEO that would gurantee fair and balanced reporting of all the facts, since today all those aforementioned hide from the public any news that would denigrate the liberal position or liberal politician? I guess that’s too much to ask for, for stock holders to hold their companies’ officials to a standard of fairness when broadcasting to the public in general, and get rid of those who fail to comply with this ‘Age-Old-Standard’ for the ‘Press’, given special rights and priveleges to keep our government and it’s officials honest. A real shame as to what the USA has declined to in our society, shown by the ugliness of completely biased reporting of the wholly liberal mainstream media, for which they can solely take credit for.

  • ABC is not a news media company. They don’t report newa, they don’t know what news is. IDIOTS.
    Fox News!

    • Clint

      FoxNews is not 100% conservative either.

  • conservative

    Iger obviously buy into the b.s. promoted by abc news.

  • tgoyer

    False but accurate. — Dan Rather

    • Daniel the Storyteller

      didn’t he quit the club after doing a story comparing a couple of Presidential candidates that turned out to be false? Seems to me i remember him from something like that, but with the effects of MDM (Main Dream Media) on the cognitive brain…

  • What everyone needs to remember is that the majority of these “journalists” are folks who are not intelligent enough to actually “DO” anything! They are mostly psudo-intellectuals, legends in their own minds, who believe that their ability to “talk” or “write” about something makes them an expert on that subject! Arrogance is a necessary trait for them. They need it to protect their personal worldview……
    PS. You may notice that this is also a pretty good analysis of Liberal lefties in general!

  • Al Capone

    I don’t watch TV period. When it comes to news it’s boring garbage that I don’t give a damn about. Besides I’m the biggest mobster in Chicago.

  • I think the bias in news reporting, as well as in many of the sitcoms, is what has driven me from television. We’re being lied to and the stories are being reported selectively following a leftist agenda. Its the reason I stopped subscribing to newspapers and will cancel my cable eventually. I already don’t spend money with companies involved in this (Disney for example). We need an honest, unbiased media.

  • turnipweed

    He thinks ABC News deserves respect? Well that makes 1 of us!

  • Crazy Cracker

    I respect it so much “NOT” That I refuse to watch it any more for any reason. If they consider their reporting worthy of respect then their actions in the past 4 plus years follows suit.

  • Where’s my SHOVEL when I REALLY need it?
    Frack this LIAR, too, from here to Jersey…

  • reggiec

    Translation: We got caught lying and are really sorry we got caught. In the future will will be more carefull and take measures so we will not get caught.

  • Margaret

    Then WHY are the media presenting their news stories to the White House for approval prior to printing them for the public. We actually HAVE a illegal alien as President. Obama WAS really born in Kenya and his mother was too young to provide citizenship for him in the U.S.

    Coast Province Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya have been threatened not to talk anymore or release any photos from the hospital about Obama. There are pictures and video of Obama shortly after his birth there. Obama and his cousin, Raile Odinga, of Kenya threaten them.

    Obama traveled to Kenya four times on the U.S. taxpayer dollar when he was a Senator to help Odinga campaign for president of Kenya. Odinga lost but forced a shared presidency in Kenya. I have the other shared president’s name, just didn’t find it necessary to get it out of my research.

  • DE Navarro

    ABC = American Broadcasting Counterfeiters

    ABC = American Broadcasting Charlatans

  • Ed Hamlin

    Not having a transcript of the Q&A or the meeting I couldn’t say ABC is being accountable for lazy news reporting or siding with Obama on the nations currents issues, especially the rampant spending directed by the White House. My speculations is ABC is getting some kind of kickback ( include CBS, NBC, and several of the Cable news out lets sans Fox) and if it could be proven maybe then journalism bent to the left could be brought to an end.

    I would say for now, that Media bias continues and unabashedly supports the liberal agenda.

  • Terry C

    If you cannot give an honest news report, then you need to keep your mouths shut. ABC’s newscast are so biased, it is pathetic. The NEWS is not meant to be like a Disney movie.

  • Daniel the Storyteller

    all this noise over a corporate network that broadcasts ‘information’ ( i use that term loosely, please) to a target audience and yet, i see no one attempting to bring their own into being. Personally, i gather the information presented to me from various sources and ,using my human brain to a bit over 5% capacity, sift through current information and compare to prior factual knowledge (gained from personal experience) or other second hand information and determine my bias based on that SIFTED and vetted information.

  • Doug43

    Respect is gained through honesty, is shouldn’t be just given out like toilet paper for every A$$ that comes along! But this isn’t the first time I have read about a major player of a news agency commenting on the media is no longer in the game of reporting truth, but it is designed to entertain…like a reality show!

    It isn’t enough to simply and honestly report, who, what, when and where. Now it is more about how and our opinion on why…rather or not we have any research to back up their opinions!

  • 0Carol500

    “Slightly” being the operative word.

    Saul Alinsky was slightly a Marxist.
    Abortion is slightly genocide.
    The Koran slightly advocates for Islam to be the only religion in the world.
    Liberals are slightly hypocrites.

    Is that the “slightly” being referred to?

  • You will get NO respect from me

  • coastx

    slightly inaccurate way or in ways we weren’t necessarily proud of= worthy of respect…


    Go ahead America and let’m in! The wolf is knocking all polite- like, and you are too stupid to understand anyway.


  • marston

    only network more dishonest is the the Clinton Nation Netvine…on their knees for socialistic dictatorship..observe the More Socialism Masses ( MSM ) as they become drooling knee crawlers for Owhine Constrained from Destruction by Constitution Hater Oblamer the Corrupt

  • marston

    ABC all belief canceled NBC no believable content MSNBC More Socialists Now Bearing Corruption