Administrators Armed in West Colorado School District

Jan Morgan

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As lawmakers across the country debate arming teachers and administrators to prevent another deadly school shooting, one Colorado school district has voted to let its superintendent and a high school principal carry concealed semi-automatic pistols on campus — a move some say sidesteps laws meant to keep schools gun-free.

The seven-member school board in southwestern Colorado’s rural Dolores County voted unanimously in February to allow Ty Gray, principal of Dove Creek High School, and Superintendent Bruce Hankins to double as security officers, who under state law are allowed to carry guns on elementary, middle and high school campuses.

Hankins and Gray — both lifelong hunters — will receive an additional $1 per year for the extra responsibility after completing a concealed-carry course and receiving permits from the county sheriff before they can carry a gun on school grounds.

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  • BigUgly666

    …. and one more sees the light and decides to do the right thing.

  • The American Patriot

    Laws creating Gun Free Zones are simply a
    public announcement to criminals letting them know where they can find
    easy prey! That’s why they’re called CRIMINALS… THEY DON’T OBEY
    LAWS!!! But that’s the mindset of the Liberal Lunatics that
    create an environment of fear in order to seize more power and control
    over our lives “for our own safety.” All those gun massacres we’ve
    heard about over the last two decades were carried out in GUN FREE
    ZONES. You think by now Americans would figure that out and ban the
    zones, not the guns! ~ The American Patriot

  • gatorbait51

    Gun Free Zone translated means Target RIch Enviornment with no danger of consequences . It gives Leftists dead kids to dance on.

  • ron

    There just doing it for the big bucks,$1.00 a year is a raise!!!

  • Teachers with CCW’s should be permitted to carry and if they do carry and participate in annual training with the local police on effectively responding to an active shooter scenario, they should be given a small (2% to 3%) stipend under a “safe schools” grant. This is a simple solution to school shootings that is far superior and more cost effective to that of having armed guards or extra police on campus.. cops cannot be everywhere, but trained and armed teachers can!

  • FrankB.

    I live not too far from Dove Creek…Honestly ? You really don’t want to start anything detrimental to kids out here…The kids are awesome(yeah we have our problem kids…Who doesn’t) out here. Most work on their family ranch or the like, so they understand responsibilities. The family ties are very strong, and the community is family…So take that to the bank. Firearm ownership out here is almost a daily requirement, protecting livestock…Hunting seasons, etc. There is support for firearm owners in this country, I say we should start in the COUNTRY…