America Needs a Good Cup of Tea!


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If there were ever two people who needed to sit and listen and take a lesson from Rand Paul, it was the two old gas bags, Gramnesty and McShame. They really are two POS–-Pathetic Old Souls. Even if they truly felt the way they spoke, they just couldn’t keep their pie holes closed. Even in an otherwise grand and historical moment, a rallying event for conservatives and Tea Party loyalists, they had to show their disdain and true colors.

These sorry excuses for Republicans need to get their heads out of Obama’s ass and start acting like men. They are just two of the cancer cells that have morphed into the one big tumor that is affecting our Congress and turned it into the disgrace it currently is. They, and the other “Karl Rove Republicans” are the reasons Obeyme is in the White House again. They are the epitome of everything that’s wrong with the Republican party, the GOP, that Gang Of Pussies.

And when Lindsey Gramnesty said, following his dinner with Obeyme: “This idea that we’re going to use a drone to attack a citizen in a cafe in America is ridiculous,” my reaction is: Is a United States Senator who is standing up for due process for Americans ridiculous? Is the idea that the government would use a drone to attack someone in a cabin on Ruby Ridge, ID, or a compound in Waco, TX, so ridiculous, Senator Gramnesty?”

Gramnesty and the other feckless, weak links in the Republican party who didn’t cancel their dinner with the president and who didn’t rally around Rand to support his courageous effort, need to be counted … and remembered by their constituents. Both he and McCain have had their days in the sun. For the good of the country, they should step aside and let the young lions, the true American patriots like Senator Paul, attempt—I say ‘attempt’ because at this point success is not a given—to wrest this country from the grips of its O-hole wannabe dick-tator. And to all the great Americans in South Carolina: Senator Gramnesty is up for re-election in 2014. You know what you must do.

Every single RIN-Old fart who has loooooooooooong overstayed his welcome and usefulness needs to be replaced either by resignation or removal at the ballot box.

Then, they need to be moved into ‘assisted living’ facilities—because, let’s face it, without the long-term addiction to the government perks and paychecks, and with no skills to do anything else EXCEPT disregard their oaths and their constituents over and over again, they’re GOING to need ‘ASSISTANCE’ in the normal day-to-day tasks of life of ordinary citizens—where they can be helped into their jammies and slippers and nice comfy seats with blankets across their laps, positioned in front of televisions in the activity rooms where they can watch REAL CONSERVATIVES, patriotic, Constitution-loving conservatives, on a 24/7 loop, as they sip on nice warm cups of STFU.

What America needs is a good cup of TEA.

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  • Centurian2010

    Agreed. That must have been some lunch date with Obama! McCain and Graham need to be voted out. They should just switch parties already and be done with it; at least that would be the honest thing to do.

  • Well Jan, I gotta’ say your contibuting author gals certainly got some spunk. I like it. Keep up this good work and I’ll do my part to keep linking to all this quality stuff. I’ve really been desiring dumping Face Butt altogher but I’d lose an audience that I feel that I need to continually irritate.

    • loriboxer

      Hey now, Michael … what do ya mean by ‘some spunk?’ Heck, I have A LOT of spunk! 😀

  • agbjr

    I posted this comment elsewhere today but it is relevant here …

    “Rush described it well: while the old folks were out to dinner the youngsters educated the nation on the Constitution and demanded answers. The GOP oldsters are no longer relevant; they continue to believe they can make nice-nice with a Marxist ideologue and truly can not comprehend OUR liberty and OUR Republic are on the verge of destruction from within. Paul, Rubio, Cruz all live in the REAL world that exists outside DC. They KNOW the bipartisan “good ol’ boy” ways are what have brought us to this brink of big-government socialism. The preservation of the Constitution and future of OUR Republic lay with the conservative youngsters NOT the GOP elders.”

    I suggest we all send our older GOP senators a box of tea!

  • TKOP

    So true! Those old POS just need to sit back and watch the Young Guns take control!

  • Jim28thReg

    I think yall done forgot the traitor from Tennessee jenny flexin every time the Monkey Mqn passes gass. He must be jealous of all the rewards Mctraitor is a gettin. Maybe he should check out what happened to the Indian tribe in the Grand Canyon and and ahh well it wouldn’t work here take to long now. Sides they would be so easily decieved.

  • Zepp

    Rand Paul 2016!

  • I just listened to a ‘Conservative’ talk show host (Lars Larson) tell all of his listenerswhat a good idea drone strikes are, and that drone surveillance will catch a lot of pot growers so it’s a good thing to warrentlessly search peoples homes with drones. I tried to call into the show but the show was over before he took my call. I was shocked to hear him say that the drone strikes were not in violation of Habius Corpus, or the fourth amendment,…and even though Federal troops will be using the drones that this is not a violation of Posse Comitatus. OHHHH Bullcrap! One thing Lars Larson, McCain(who I always thought was a loser), and Graham don’t seem to understand is that eventhough this is already tyranny on a platter, it will only take a tweek of the definitions to have the greatest democide program in history.
    I call it the Wile Coyote rocket syndrome. Just like Wile Coyote’s ACME rocket which had a selector that went all the way from ‘rabbit’ to ‘roadrunner’, the drones have operators that are driven by assignments, that are driven by definition of target, and definition of target determined by evil dictator. So yes Lars Larson, McCain, and Graham, the drone may be tuned to ‘turban wearing, AK 47 toting, Muslim terrorist’ today, but the drone will be tuned into ‘Fundamentalist Christian,Gun owning,Constitutionalist, Patriot’ tomorrow In fact there has been talk from Eric Holder(a real criminal) about defining Right wing ‘Patriots’ as domestic terrorists, so don’t tell me this is just a harmless way to catch terrorists. Which by the way the fourth amendment violating TSA hasn’t caught one terrorist in the twelve years of the evil ‘Patriot’ act.

    So though I totally want to cram a copy the the United States Constitution right down the throats of New World Order ‘Conservatives’, I think this should be a wake up call to all the Conservative people of the United States of America. Are we going to sit back and watch the Stupid Bowl while sucking down gallons of beer and condeming Politicians for outragious spending while our own personal credit is overextended(guess the politicians arent the only hypocrites), or are we going to wake up, stand together and begin to do what it takes to get our Country back? America does need a good cup of tea, hell the tea party was over something like a 2% tax on tea, how do you think our Forfathers would have reacted to New Yorks modern day 75% sales tax on tobacco products? So yes do we need new blood in the Legislative offices, yup we do, but remember it was you and me that put the old blood in office while wearing digital camo, clutching and American flag, with tears steaming down our ignorant unvigilant eyes. It’s time for Americans to wake up stand together, and stop expecting someone else to get it done.

  • Spot on Jan!

  • Yukon454
  • Graham has always been a RINO way back to Reagan’s time. However, just remember all those that voted for Hagel. That includes Paul

  • Rockriver556

    Time too flush the RINO’S