An Open Letter to the Liberal Left Legislators


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Dear Gun Grabbing Legislators,
It is obvious to anyone who owns a gun or supports the second amendment rights of all law abiding American citizens that you are poorly educated on the subject of guns, ammunition, mental health issues, and criminality versus law abiding. It is my hope that I can clarify these issues for you in the simplest of terms, because frankly, I do not believe you can understand them any other way.

You are perpetrating many lies before the American people. The biggest lie is that by taking the constitutionally protected rights of American’s to keep and bear arms, or, upon your inability to achieve that, severely restricting our rights, you will somehow make people safer. Often you extract portions of information from studies done on the subject, using skewed numbers that support your cause.

Case in point; Australia’s total ban on guns has caused gun violence to go down. While that is strictly true, what you completely failed to mention was that since law abiding citizens there dutifully turned on some 640,000 guns which the government of Australia destroyed, the criminals did not turn in their guns. The gun violence that remains is that which is perpetrated against the citizens by the criminals. What you also fail to mention is that all forms of violent crime are up exponentially because the criminal element knows that citizens have no means of self protection. Australians bemoan the fact that criminals are so bold as to invade their homes even while they know the residents are there because they have no fear of being thwarted with a gun. You want to know the devastating effects of the Australian gun grab? Or the Canadian one? Ask an Australian or Canadian. They have sent warnings to America not to give up our guns. At least listen to their stories.

Recently, Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson introduced legislation that, if passed, would force law abiding citizens to take an anger management class before being allowed to purchase ammunition. I suspect that many second amendment advocates will join me in saying that I am offended at the very notion that if I want to purchase ammunition I must be angry. I find it laughable in the face of the liberal angst that produces so many angry and hateful outbursts from gun control advocates. Gun enthusiasts are the first ones to promote gun safety. Within our own ranks we encourage and promote safety and handling classes. We are patriots who enjoy shooting sports and hunting, and we are comforted with the knowledge that we can protect and defend our lives, families, and property. We also know our history and the history of the world and that our right to keep and bear arms is our protection against a tyrannical government. You continue to sell the liberal left on the idea that the responsible, law abiding citizens who legally own guns will suddenly suffer from road rage or other angry outbursts and start shooting people wherever we go. This is an out and out lie. The people who commit those crimes are the same people who suffer from mental health issues and need to be treated. But the party who sells themselves as the party of compassion totally ignores this devastating issue and tries, instead, to blame and punish us. This is not about gun control; this is simply about control.
Finally, in an effort to correct your embarrassingly abysmal knowledge of what an “assault weapon” really is, please do your best to understand this. An AR 15 is a rifle. I can accessorize it and make it look pretty cool, and different people have different ideas about what cool looks like, but the fundamental workings of the gun are not changed. An AR 15 is simply a semi-automatic rifle that is easy to use, easy to target, and makes a great home protection weapon. Someone might want to let Joe Biden know that an AR 15 is a much better option for women than a double barrel shotgun, and that some of his advice to women regarding use of a shotgun was illegal. Shame on you guys for telling people to use guns illegally and for putting people in danger. This uneducated rhetoric from the left is shameful, deceptive, and ill informed. While you’re at it, please inform Reverend Jesse Jackson that an AR 15 cannot shoot down airplanes or blow up trains.

There is so much more we could teach you but this is a good start. Do us a favor and give due diligence to the subject to which you speak before offering advice or legislation. To those of us who know better you just look stupid. To the sheeple who hang on your every word you are offering a disservice and erroneous information. Maybe, just for once, you can put America and truth ahead of your drive for power. Shame on you if America continues to come in second place.

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  • Any sane, patriotic person understands that it is not about gun control but rather PEOPLE CONTROL and as far as I am concerned, this egregious attack on the constitution and “US” is tantamount to TYRANNY which leaves those having tyranny imposed on them the right to resist – got that?

    • Danny Brazeal

      Well said!

    • David, you got one thing wrong. We don’t have a right to resist. We have a DUTY, to resist! Moreover,we have a DUTY, to take proactive action against those who would destroy our Constitution & Bill of Rights!

      • coastx

        Proactive action= becoming knowledgeable about national security issues and forming National Patriot Group militia, NOW! It doesn’t take a license to di this. It takes motivation.


        local 5 member militia units
        field practice are cohorts of six units, 30 individuals
        units coalesce to form district militia on protocol
        APGS organizes county/state
        APGN organizes the regional/national partnerships
        National Militia Association (NMA) is the principle leadership

        unit, 5
        cohort, 30
        district, 2700 (90 cohorts per county)
        state, 60 districts (162 thousand per state)
        partnerships 8,100,000 nationally (12 regions, 675 thousand per region)

        Barely 2.7% of the population. Washington fought with 3%, and most of those were Presbyterians, already acculturated to leadership and VERY focused on God. Today’s 2.7% is focused on the entertainment industry. Wait a minute. Hollywood.

        … Okay, forget that.

    • coastx

      Bud Rickert will do the color rendition on YOUR version of Fantasia, the Sequel: Loft Your Guns! Kewl!

  • Teresa

    Thank you, Becky Kress, for writing this letter that so many of us wish we had. I just hope it gets read by the people who need to read it.

    • fcsuszka

      And the people who need to read this are?

      • Clint


  • Is referring to the liberal left redundant?

    • coastx

      The liberal left is our bicameral system. It’s a single party parliamentary entity masked republican and democrat what mission creep is Inquisition and what outcome will be genocide. The 2nd Amendment identified the entity responsible for this, but people are not cued to this coding system, so they are ignoring it. This is going to be a disaster. Very sad. Repatriation. And people don’t understand this either. Bob Dylan described America perfectly in hit hit song, Idiot Wind. He was describing the US.

  • This has nothing to do with education or any thing else…this has to do with the Obama and his handles Communist/Muslim agenda, period…!!! We the People are about to get hit, and hit hard…2,017 Civil Tanks (DHS), now over 2 Billion round of HP Ammo that we know about, 7,000 M16 to the DHS that we know about…and on and on it goes! Prepare, be ready and be mobile, and get with other of like minds…!!! God help us all please!

    • coastx

      I think God gave us the ability and need to meet this crisis already. People rejected it out right. 1) 2nd amendment… they abridged it so they didn’t have to work, hence no militia, and 2) Ron Paul, a practiced constitutionalist, but he wasn’t sick or image conscious enough to win the confidence of the American public whose ideal is Fantasia alternative to reality, hence the Obama phenomenon.

  • Irwin

    Is it not odd that the mass shootings have been done by democrats(liberals) or their children. is it me or should we maybe take away the democrats guns and thus make the world a great deal safer for the rest of us.

    • dogone

      true..the last 5 mass killings were done by registered democrats. amazing. well, one was not old enough to vote but he killed his mother and stole her guns.she was a registered democrat.

  • It is interesting to note that one thing unites all the killings. Mental illness. From Columbine to Arizona to Sandy Hook. Each one of the killers was known to have real mental problems that were apparent well before the act. In Arizona Giffords whom I wish had died instead of the little girl or the judge. Why?? Because she knew for a fact that he was mentally unstable(also his college had tossed him out because of it) and still invited him(and yes he was a liberal). What is effecting our population?? The lack of morals and ethics in other words GOD.

    • coastx

      Liberal politicians are by their nature mentally ill, so you are correct. They covet power and visibility, racketeer legislation favorable to repatriation and attack anyone who disagrees with them. They are the anti constitutional republic nemesis of the universe, and yet people flock to these sociopaths for salvation. Know why? Because people not wishing to think for themselves are promised whatever they desire will be fulfilled by these monsters. The liberal politician lies of course, and a degenerative cascade sets in occult protocol from which issues a Pandora’s box of double cross, trauma bond via shock and awe sorties and rendition of the will if not your body parts put to use to keep these humanitarian science minded individuals alive in perpetuity.

      • And any argument based upon unethical or immorality is doomed to failure because it is a “untruth” And as far as I know taking the head or staking out the heart(if you can find one) on a liberal is still the best way to make sure that they dont come back. Quoting the great philosopher Tony Sapprano “filthy blood suckers”

        • coastx

          Ah, you just touched on an illness that manifest during the middle Ages what presentation was sleepless nights and an unusually high sex drive. They buried these individuals decapitated.

          Staking was attributable to the Prince of Wallachia, and unchecked access to sex one of several features of what later institutionalized as the SSO debauchery pledge via the EU Masons (1500), a British conceived alternative to the Vatican City State.

          Put these together and you have what is otherwise understood to be the model for the liberal culture club that recruits and conforms it’s membership to the macabre practice of genocide.

          Believe it or not, the 2nd Amendment was designed to throw this off in the US, but having dropped responsibility for oversight components of national security and militia, they are about to pay a price for their diffidence.

          Americans been conned into a passive state of mind by a Drac that came in through the bedroom window while they have been asleep, and this liberal SOB has every intention of doing the harm he presented for.

          Think of the symbolism when you imagine the liberal, and you get the correct idea:

          mentally ill, debauchery pledged to repatriation under threat of death in perpetuity for redaction, headless (mindless) and psychologically buried in fear, away from and out of sight of their constituency, staking and making examples out of ordinary Americans in shock and awe sorties engineered to trauma bond the public to their macabre politics and worst of all, heartless/compassionless, which is programmed into their SOP.

          Liberal politicians are among the sickest animals on the planet, and yet people will flock to them for their salvation. The reason for this is they lie and are willing to tell people anything they want to hear which promotes their candidacy, although they are pledged to repatriation and will redact on their oath soon as they are in office. It’s an automatic process, and they addict the public in a subsequent degenerative cascade using the double cross, trauma bond via shock and awe sorties and rendition, or capitulation as it were.

          • So in essence we have a sheep with rather long sharp teeth like a wolf(Fabian Society)

          • coastx

            You’re bright. Progressive= Fabian= liberal think tank. Just bear in mind this comes into service the same way the Mormon church did: the mission is repatriation, and they recruit people with a strong sin nature to this enterprise. Think how Shakespeare came up with just about every human character flaw imaginable to populate his theater with an audience, and you have the correct idea. Were talking racketeering and fraud of the highest order, NOT character principled on the DCBR, and they have their “chosen ones” proven worthy to the Iron Triangle long before they ascend the DC power structure, the model of which is Ted Bundy. Americans need to get out of their normalcy bias funk pretty damned quick.

          • However there are several flaws. First this will recruit people that think like Obama and he can not have any competition for in his mind there can be only one. Stalin was very much like this except for one point that will damn Obama in the long run. This nation unlike Russia is armed He can certainly try however, he will in the end not succeed. But, that does not mean it will not get very very bloody.

  • coastx

    @Becky Kress

    The 2nd Amendment is a triune. It was written with three key elements in mind: security, militia and arms, in that order.

    When people talk about their 2nd amendment rights they generally only refer to gun ownership, which is only one element of the triune.

    Guns singularly exports the third element of this little group neglecting the other two and laying waste to an otherwise powerful tool for shielding ourselves from repatriation, and let’s be perfectly honest here: we are talking about liberalism. We pay attention to guns, less attention to the need for militia which was to have been an institution before guns and absolutely NO attention to national security.

    In fact, security has been hijacked by the alleged war on terrorism, and thus presented has displaced the 2nd Amendment and our responsibility to SYG in this issue as well.

    Preoccupied with firearms as home protection and for hunting purposes, we’ve accepted these alternative uses in abeyance of the reason the 2nd Amendment was written in the first place: to throw off tyrannical government. Guns singularly do not do this.

    Bearing in mind our first priority is to the security of the homeland, militia was to have evolved from this need, armed and thus prepared to defend same in perpetuity. We ended up with guns, no well regulated militia and very little understanding about national security issues.

    When we began to focus solely on the ownership of firearms we lost sight of the 2nd amendment and the purpose for which it was written. At the present time, and lacking a militia that could act as a regulatory entity, people are buying guns and ammunition out of control and there are predictable consequences for this.

    People are not savvy on national security issues, nor are they well regulated in the use of firearms. They want to own them, tangible little artifacts of our heritage, but they don’t want to take responsibility for that ownership, and I believe this is incorrect to the meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

    I’ve had this argument often with people. They do NOT recognize security and militia in the 2nd Amendment. They argue universally that the rights to bear arms is the sole invocation of this amendment against the reality that it is embedded as a function of a three part triune, the other tow of which are national security and militia. The 2nd Amendment clearly state we have a right to all three, that they are related and that they are likewise hierarchical in order thus: SECURITY, MILITIA and ARMS.

    The dictionary presents a word people are not aware of, coaction. Coaction is a ratio of the relationship of human conscience to it’s coefficients, impulse and restraint. This is an impelling or restraining force of reciprocal action. It is also a triune. Let’s take it apart.

    Let’s do impulse irrespective of restraint. We get all sorts of trouble. The entity goes virtually anywhere, does virtually anything. There is no constraint on behavior. There doesn’t have to be. It has the right to be impulsive. Recognize this problem? David Koresh and most child rapist. Bother you?

    Let’s do restraint irrespective of impulse. We go nowhere. Do nothing. Vegetate. There’s no impulse. There doesn’t have to be. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Welfare state. People by the millions.

    Now let’s do conscience. It’s a state of mind only. No impulse OR restraint. We do nothing. Become nothing. We’re not even here. Sound familiar? Narcotics can produce this state of mind.

    Gun ownership less the influence of the knowledge of national security issues and a well regulated militia is an inevitable genocide. The correction for this are American Patriot Groups composed of militia in training but not armed without tangible, reliable and practiced leadership.

    In reality, militia forms the core of an administrative authority that tackles such issues as restrictive legislation much the same way the NRA does regarding gun control with the caveat that the national organization, the National Militia Association is not linked to Posse Comitatus or the Fed. It doesn’t have to be. We have a constitutional right to form militia both locally and nationally without interference from the national government, but we’re not doing this.

    We are going full impulse ahead with absolutely no guidance system, no interest or effort to understand why we are doing this and with NO chance of survival against a confrontation with military entity what presentation would rightfully be to disarm us. Why? Because we are entirely misrepresented and illegal armed and removed from our concurrent obligation to also be responsible in the use of our firearms via knowledge regarding national security and well regulated militia.

    Koresh wasn’t militia, and he shielded his ambition with children. Welfare is useless without action planning that improve the individual increasing self-sufficiency. Gun ownership is meaningless less the components of the knowledge of national security and militia which are coactive to it’s purpose.

    The 2nd Amendment is a triune. Americans do not want this responsibility. the loss of the ownership is thus an inevitability.

    • Becky Kress

      I agree with you and have made the point many times that we constantly complain about what is happening to our nation but we never do anything about it. I have asked, why are we not planning for this inevitability? Why are we not forming militia and survival plans? I recently saw a story about a sheriff doing just that. While I haven’t had a chance to really look into it, this looked promising.

      Meanwhile, please not that the article can only be so long and that I mentioned that there were many other things they needed to learn but that they should start with some research on the points I articulated.


      • coastx

        Thought provoking article. I should have said this up front. Opportunity for debate at my end, otherwise thank you for this excellent article.


    Good letter to the leftist. The only problem is they won’t read it. They could care less about how law biding gun owners feel. I know I spent most of my adult life in the military defending the jackasses that are trying to destroy America’s freedoms. I’m so sick of their lies and gun grabbing tactic’s. I have discussed this with my entire family and we have all agreed to NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN WHO DOSEN’T HONOR AND UP HOLD THE CONSTUTION. I took an oath when I entered the military and I promised to defend this country against all enemy’s foreign and domestic. I think the Democrats are more of an enemy than North Korea. Why are these people so dead set on disarming everyone? They may have a problem when it comes to disarming the Vets. I know I won’t lay down and roll over like a puppy dog. AND WE VOTE AND WILL KEEP VOTING. After almost three months of gun grabbing tactic’s and in most States it isn’t looking to good for them. They are just starting to mention MENTAL ILLINESS, Yea they are just barely beginning to get on the right track. But the DEMOCRATS and the LIBERAL LEFTIST MEDIA have pissed me off so bad they will never get my vote again.

    • coastx

      Just don’t vote for someone with a record of lying. Vote constitutionalist, regardless of age. Problem solved. in the meanwhile, could I interest you in APG?

  • I think you meant guns turned “in” not guns turned “on”

  • This letter is spot on. The sad thing is, half the country is brainwashed by liberal kool-aid. They’ll believe anything their lord and master or their handlers tell them. The other half of the country is not even close to having the motivation needed to win. Dems can’t lose elections due to lack of motivation by their opposition. Conservatives, especially southern conservatives are to fat and lazy and too busy stuffing down bacon-cheeseburgers to form the needed state militia or civil defnse against the federal government. That’s why I’m just hanging on and bracing for impact. Hopefully, there will be enough pieces to build something with when the dust settles and the fires are out.

  • coastx

    I found this and though it would be worth repeating:

    Liberal antisocial humanitarianism appeals to those who are motivated to control others and are otherwise principled on racketeering and fraud. In the US, the Bill of Rights gets in the way, so they incrementally declare this a terrorist manifesto and attack anyone who disagrees with them.

    The flip side of the liberal jackass dollar is it takes people willing to be controlled to allow this to happen; we know for a fact Americans have chosen the latter in abeyance of an otherwise intelligent confrontation with this agenda driven repatriation scheme. So, how is this important to politics, eh?


    Colorado House Approves Lowering Tuition For Illegal Immigrant Students, While Army Cuts Tuition Assistance To Soldiers

    Maryland Lawmaker Introduces Bill After Pastry ‘Gun’ Suspension

    School Confiscates Cupcakes Decorated With Toy Soldiers

    TSA Allowed at Least 11 Airport Employees With Criminal Backgrounds To Receive Security Badges

    CIA Director Sworn in the Absence of the Bill of Rights

    Florida Bill Requires Anger Management Class to Buy Ammunition

    ABC Admits to Presenting the News Slightly Inaccurately

    Entertainment Icons promoting Korean Leader Who Just Declared War on America.

    That was eight issues today only. Multiply that times 365 and throw in another 100 items for Obama and we get a STAG-gering 3020 liberal acculturation events per year, which is a VERY low estimate. America’s response: buy a gun.

    Americans don’t know crud about national security or militia, but they have lots and lots of guns! They don’t know that the key language of the 2nd Amendment is SECURITY, MILITIA and ARMS, but they know Charlton Heston’s famous saying, “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand.” Knowledge and understanding? No. Practical experience and skill in the field in the use of weapons and tactics? Duck blinds. Guns? Oh yeah, lots of them. HUGE collections of guns and bullets and absolutely no idea what they are for.