And … the Winner of the JanMorganMedia AR 15 Give Away is … :)

Jan Morgan

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Congratulations to Gary Ashmore from Hanover, Maryland!! Gary is about to be the very excited owner of a new AR 15 from Jan Morgan Media!

It took us days to track him down because, as those of you know who entered, all we requested to enter was your email address. I contacted the winner with nothing more than an email address. I did not know the name or any further information. I told him in the email that he had 48 hours to respond before we drew another name.

In the meantime, our web guy, Ted Slater, got busy and using the email, did some fancy internet tracking work. He was able to match up the email with the name and we then made contact with Gary by phone. He had been sick and not checked his email for days.

Imagine how sick he would have been if he had discovered he won the rifle, but lost out on the win for missing the contact deadline!

He offered to allow me to share with you his facebook page info. You can look him up and give him a thumbs up on being the single name drawn out of 50 something thousand entrants! Congratulations to Gary Ashmore, Sr.!

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  • Congrats Mr. Ashmore! (shucks….)

  • Another righteous patriot ready to defend the Constitution

  • Lon Downs

    Drat!…I was really hoping to win this fine weapon, instead of using my Brother’s, out on the farm…(he makes me pay for the Rounds!) LOL!…But, congratulations Gary!, I’m sure you’ll take good care of this piece!!…

    • Wumingren

      With limits on the number of boxes per day per customer, you might want to buy your own ammo. Your brother may not be able to keep up when shortages and rationing are in places.

      • JibJab

        Unlimited ammo available in all calibers,just start looking,it’s out there,but expect to pay,it aint cheap.

        • Wumingren

          Not the case in Boise, Idaho. My brother was talking to me on the phone today as he approached the checkout counter with 5 boxes of 8 mm Mauser at $33 a box of 20 cartridges. I heard the clerk tell him he could only buy 3 boxes a day, so he had to put 2 boxes back on the shelf.

          • daisykmt

            Remember when Bush was pres, how gas went up so drastically & quickly? Lots of flack! Then when Obama got in, it started inching back up, but no flack. (Hmmm) Now, it’s ammo. Doesn’t this seem to be a lot of “experimenting” to see how the country will react to different govt. pressures & regulations?

    • fcsuszka

      Don’t give up. There will be other contests to enter…

      • violater1

        Yea maybe for the kelly bubble gun then I want be able to go to kindergarten again and of course you can tell from my posts I could use it! I’m just a wild and crazy guy! Yahoo!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations Gary

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Congratulations Gary. Now, you need to get the he!! out of Maryland and move to PA where you can actually use that weapon before O’Malley and his goons force you to register it, and then confiscate it. Hey, I can slam MD because my family and I used to live there. Unfortunately, I still work there but luckily it is no where near Baltimore City and the Communist areas!
    Have fun firing that bad boy and maybe you can join Hopewell Fish and Game and let er rip!

    • BD

      Born & raised in Md,tried Fla on discharge from Army in 1966,wound up in S.Central Pa,still here.Shall issue state,no declaration,good Castle Doctrine law,property taxes suck.

    • I moved to Maryland 8 years ago, what a mistake, we’ve got idiots wrecking the way of life. mikulksi, hoyer, cardin, sarbanes all worthless drones who serve obama instead of the people. i’llbe moving the hell out of here first good chance that coems around.


  • Congrats on the AR.

  • Is he allowed to own that in Maryland?

    • violater1

      I say no and he is giving me first dibs cause I asked first! So butt out eddie nanny nanny boo boo go stick your head in that which rhymes with boo boo! Just funnin ya Ed!

    • Billy Hill

      Not for long.Soon as a rat reads this article,Gomer O’Malley will be knocking on his door with a ram.

    • Aristophanes

      Of course he is “allowed” to own it anywhere in the USA!!! Second Amendment is still in effect.

  • carlcasino

    Congrats, Gary. Went to my local gun store today and said I wanted 4 AR’s and a 1000 rounds of .223 .. They laughed me out of the store. I did pick up a box of fragmenting 12 gauge slugs though. $70.00 + tax.

  • Bstevens

    Congrats to the winner… but I really wanted that gun!

    • violater1

      If you hurry you might be able to whip him for it as he has been sick and he may not have had time to buy ammo for it yet! We will warn him you are coming to whup his fanny for it! LOL! From the looks of his picture that may be a task of some undertaking! However if he fights like their Terapins play football particularly against Florida State University he will be a real whimp and even an old fart like me can whup him! hahahahahaha!
      Look out Gary they comin for ya buddy!

  • Incredulous_one

    Attaboy, Gary, you lucky dog! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • J. Willis

    Congratulations tom Mr. Ashmore. Now if I could ever figure out how to win one of these contest since everyone is going nuts and buying everything up. I’m mother gonna lie I am extremely jealous but not a sore loser.

  • squaredeal


  • 0Carol500

    He’s a Maryland Resident. Won’t Governor O’Malley confiscate this “assault style” weapon? O’Malley appears to be anti-gun, anti-death penalty & therfore, pro-criminal element. Enjoy your new “protection device” & use it in good health. [It’s not a gun/rifle; it’s a prophylactic for crime.] 😉

    • violater1

      Say who?! What!? Where!?How!?

    • Billy Hill

      O’Malley is also pro homo

  • BW

    So you went around your own rules………….. thats nice but I would rather draw a different name

  • awflytiredofit

    Son of a GUN…..Like I don’t have enough! But you can’t have too many ARs can you? Best HOME DEFENSE RIFLE on the planet. I’m happy for ya Gary.

  • Kevin McCall

    Congratulations, Gary!!!

  • Bob Schulz

    Now all he has to do is try to find ammo for his AR 15.. Around here there is none and hand gun ammo is even harder to fine.

    • JibJab

      You have a computer,start looking,its there.But price has more than doubled.

  • tstory

    Congratulations you lucky stiff! To say that I envy your good luck is a no-brainer! Enjoy the new rifle as I certainly would!!!

  • Congratulations man, and happy hunting.

    • violater1

      I wonder if he will apply for the new O’Mally hunting permit! It allows one O’Mally bag limit per season! Good news though is season is several years long!

  • marineh2ominer

    Maryland is a communist state , so they will soon be banned there , he will have to move out of state to keep it or he will have to sell it . Just saying !

    • So true Marine. Furthermore, Governor O”Malley (MD) wants 2 be GOD, sry a slip, President.

  • Gary: If you need a place to store her, I made room just in case I won {:{)} Remember to shoot straight & Check-6. Congrats.

  • Way to go Gary! Now all we have to do is get the turkeys in Annapolis to reject O’Malley’s stupid and unConstitutional gun law.

  • Patriots4Freedom

    Awesome..Well deserved to a fellow PATRIOT fighting to protect our Freedom ..Do you share ? lol

  • Jason

    hopefully he can sell it quickly before they get banned in Maryland.

    • JibJab

      Let the bidding begin.

  • Michael Czajka

    Congrats Gary !!

  • Lloyd

    Congratulations Gary. Hope it doesn’t ge confiscated. I didn’t enter. Don’t believe in gun registration, as required in my state. Stock up, and keep your powder dry.

  • violater1

    Ah! Shucks, I protest had you redrawn I would have won!!Just joshing! LOL!

  • violater1

    Lets see Maryland! Latest news all sorts of gun grabbing attempts in action in your State as we speak I even wrote to a Maryland official recently! Congratulations Gary!
    Should you feel that they (the Maryland maurauders are coming to take your new weapon) get in touch I volunteer to take care of it for you and will gladly drive up to pick it up! Thanks keep me in mind if you know you feel a little squemish about having a weapon that the gun grabbers feel should be outlawed! Just looking out for your mental health you know!LOL ENJOY GARY THIS POST WAS ALL IN FUN!

  • Centurian2010

    Congrats Gary! I am jealous though. 😉

  • rockin 76

    Congrats to Gary – I’m happy for him and a tad envious, too! LOL

  • congrats Gary

  • Justin

    Congrats Gary! Hey, wait a second…are you even going to be able to ‘legally’ use that thing in Maryland?

    • Rustytruck

      I hear a lot of you people complaining about Maryland not allowing Gary to own that weapon, I say you all need to go after your politicians and make them shut up about gun control. Stand firm on the 2nd ammendment and refuse to allow them to pull that crap on you. This is America after all, make them listen, they work for you not the other way around. Actually I think we need to organize a National rally to support the 2nd and to throw Obama in prison while we’re at it. “These truths are to be held self-evident that all men are created equal and our Creator has allowed us certain inalienable rights to not be infringed upon. ” We have to stand our ground Brothers, we can not allow other men to undo what God has given us, freely.

      • Justin

        Agreed, and my remark was meant in lighthearted envy. We don’t have much to worry about here in Texas; nevertheless, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not calling or emailing my representatives demanding that they NEVER fold on the 2nd Amendment – it’s the only thing that stands between ‘We the People’ and ‘We your subjects’.

  • Nizzera Kimball

    Congratulations Gary….. Hope you’re feeling better!!!!!!

  • Congratulations, Gary! I’d much rather it had been me, but I’m sure you know how that goes. Enjoy your prize, & remember…”Aim small, miss small” (Mel Gibson in “The Patriot”).

  • I am happy for Gary.

  • Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations Gary, glad you won. I like AK 47s.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Good stuff Jan Morgan…and Congrats to Gary Ashmore !

  • Are you telling me that Maryland allows ownership of AR15s? ;-D I am sure they will change that shortly!

  • An AR enters the confines of communist controlled Maryland? The commies won’t like that.

  • 2egypt

    Congrats Gary…glad you won even tho I still think being a woman I deserved it more.

  • Congratulations Gary. Enjoy your new weapon.


    Molan Labe! Congrats Gary

  • sonofakrick

    Congrats Gary!

  • PatriotAmerican fortheUSA

    Congrats Gary, I was going to win it, but I just purchase a sweet custom. Unfortunately I live in the other terrible land of California. The weather is great, but the 2nd Amendment supporters just as much Satanistic anti gun as apparently those in the Baltimore area. Either way, good going buddy and hope you are feeling better.

    Keep those emails from JanMorganMedia coming our way. Your team does a great job. Thanks for all the work. A Patriotic fan…… 🙂

  • USArmy

    Congrats! Naturally I am very disappointed that I didn’t win. I can’t afford one and loved the M-16 I used during my 30 years of military service. AR-15 would have fit in nicely.

  • KenNamVet

    Congratulations Gary!

  • Tater2

    Congratulations Gary !!!

  • congrats brother, as a former subject of the socialist state of maryland i say with all sincerity to watch your back now that the state knows you are using your god given founder earned right of protection.

  • richard

    Funny part of this story, he lives in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, they just passed a new law and he will not be allowed to take possession of his new rifle. According to the homosexual omally (their governor) that AR is an assault rifle).

  • James Maxwell

    Now to get some ammo stockpiled if he can find it. Went to the local Academy store
    yesterday and they were out of .223 ammo. But called Dirt Cheap and they have it
    on hands as of yesterday. Ordered some to replace what I’ve used up lately. Also
    found a guy at the range who reloads at a very reasonable price per hundred.

  • Congratulations Gary. Probably not a better person to win it, besides me that is. LOL

  • Newhon63

    Grats Gary.

  • That guy

    Glad you won dude. Now good luck finding ammo for it…

  • Bud

    Congrats, Gary. By the way, if, for any reason, you decide to GIVE the gun away, I will be glad to take it off your hands. 🙂

  • Darin

    Congrats… Someday I’ll be able to afford one. lol