Beware the Two Headed Monster… That Blurred Corrupt Line Between Big Government and Big Business


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When someone suggested to me recently that the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Tea Party had something in common, my initial response was “No way”! Tea Party Patriots are, well, patriotic. They love their country. They don’t disrespect law enforcement by defecating on police cars. They are well informed, and their complaints are specific and well articulated. Profligate spending, and an oversized and oppressive government are anathema to the Tea Party.

The Occupy Wall Street minions, on the other hand, are perceived by many Conservatives as lazy, misguided, entitlement driven malcontents with a nebulous agenda, and no clearly articulated goals. Big business was the problem, in their eyes, and big government the solution.

I couldn’t see how they could be any more different. The Tea Party opposes big government and OWS opposes big business. The line, however, between the government and the corporate world has become increasingly blurred. There is no longer a clear distinction between big government and big business because they have evolved into a unified entity. Where they were once distinctly separate organisms in a symbiotic relationship, they now behave like two heads of the same monster. Corporations depend on the government for corporate welfare, bailouts, and favorable regulations. The government depends on big business for tax revenues and campaign contributions. They are completely dependant upon, and beholden to, one another.

Although We the People elect those who run the government, it is really the lobbyists who represent business and special interest groups that pull the strings in Washington. Lobbyists dangle money in front of politicians like a carrot in front of a donkey. They manipulate and coerce our representatives into doing their bidding. As a result, government crafts legislation favorable to the highest bidder, and that is usually to the detriment of We the People. It seems the government and big business are the two faces of evil that rule the world.

For example, big banks make bad decisions and risky loans. Government grants them bailouts and tax write-offs. College students, however, are not permitted the same leniency in discharging their debt as banks are, despite the fact that the economy is in such bad shape that graduates cannot find jobs where they can support themselves and pay off their loan debts. To add insult to injury, young people are herded onto college campuses like sheep, encouraged by easy money in the form of student loans, and the admonishment that they will never be successful if they do not obtain a degree. When they graduate, they get a degree, a large debt to pay, and the daunting task of finding employment. Essentially, banks get a pass, but regular folks are expected to honor their obligations regardless of extenuating circumstances.

Another example of this corporate-government collusion is the relationship between President Obama and the CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt. GE dodges corporate taxes with impunity by holding $108 Billion dollars in profits overseas. As a manufacturer of solar panels, GE has profited from Obama’s Green Energy initiatives. The most pivotal moment for Immelt, however was his appointment as Obama’s Jobs Czar.

In return, NBC news, which is owned by General Electric, is known to spin news stories in a way that is favorable to Obama. Having a pro Obama news organization to protect the president’s image very beneficial. If you control the media, you control the message.

The two headed monster benefits from the fact that OWS and the Tea Party have failed to recognize its virulent dichotomy. If they were to realize that big business and big government are two faces of the same oppressive evil, and that they may therefore have some common ground in their crusades, it could spell trouble for the powers that be. As long as these movements remain stubbornly myopic and denigrate one another as “Occutards” and “tea baggers”, they may never realize that they are resisting the same evil. The difference is that one group names their nemesis “big business” and the other calls it “big government”. Yet they are the same oppressive taskmaster. If OWS and the Tea Party have little else in common, they do at least share a common enemy. The ultimate irony is that which divides us is the perception of our enemy, and perception is everything.

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  • LDMartin1959

    Part of the reason for the melding of the two is that “big business” (huge conglomerates, international corporations, mega-corporations, near monopolies, whatever you want to call them) are not — contrary to popular myth — examples of free market “excesses”; big business is by definition socialistic and totalitarian in nature, wanting control over everything in their market, having no competition, having crushed any and all that oppose them so that they can impose whatever demands on their “customers” that they wish. Whatever definitions can be applied to, and behaviours attributed to, socialistic and totalitarianism governments can also be used to define “big businesses”

  • Dan

    Very well said. I wish more people would realize that we have a common enemy here.

  • Nothing should be Too Big to Fail!

  • marineh2ominer

    There is another major difference , the OWS are morons , not from the genetic point of view but from the uneducated point of view . Their teachers morphed , under the teachers unions , into propagandists and instead of receiving educations our valued youth received indoctrination , which did NOTHING for their intellegence quotient . If your adult children are mental midgets , thank a teacher .

    • edc

      No, thank an administraor, teachers teach when they are allowed, but most are only allowed to administrate a curriculum that has nothing to do with real education or practical learning.(esp. American history and science)

      • Caroline_Visser

        This is true. If teachers “go rogue” and deviate from the curriculum they are reprimanded. Many educators feel that admin is always looking over their shoulders and monitoring their every move. Everything in the classroom is very scripted and teachers must adhere to the script or risk violating “academic integrity”.

        • carlcasino

          The only time going rogue is unacceptable is when a conservative news outlet breaks the story.

  • 22 Year Marine Corps retiree

    GE pays no US taxes and is proud of it. On the other hand though, they are one of the top 10 corporate tax payers in China. How can that be? GE is about as un-American as you can get. I hate that my house has GE appliances in it but they were the only appliances that the builder put in. At some point I will switch out the GE appliances for almost anything else.

  • I would rather say that we must divide the goats from the sheep when dealing with those companies that are on the government “pad”. Not all are in bed with Obama and NBC is now owned by Comcast.


    Thank God somebody said it in print. Together, there can be amazing change. “They” fear these two groups uniting, so there will be much slandering to keep both apart. Look for the commonalities, not the differences.

    • I agree, but I would just point out the biggest reason why the Tea Party joining with OWS will never happen, (and even if it did it would soon fall apart) is M.O. The Tea Party is WAY misrepresented by the lame-stream media first of all. But more to the point, OWS engages in some pretty unsavory methods of getting their point across. Even if none of the violence, theft and blocking people from getting to their jobs, and the health hazards were there, they still by way of their approach are divisive and derisive, at best. Tea Partiers are more organized in that, for one thing, they actually know what their intentions are, what they’re trying to accomplish. Occupiers are mere ideologues who just follow their impulses as is evidenced by the fact that they have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, perpetrated on them by their own leadership, and that is making them believe that the reason poor people are poor is because rich people are rich. No, I’m afraid the disparity of IQ’s and the decency factor between these two VERY different factions are far too great for any union to be facilitated, or last very long, if it were.

  • Jake

    the author obviously only gets information about OWS from conservative media and not from OWS. One idiot defecated on a cop car, not all of OWS so stop using that one idiot as an example of what OWS stands for. And no, we aren’t lazy morons who think big government is the answer. Try to do some actual research before writing an article, oh wait, you are a conservative so never mind, just make up what you want…

    • Caroline_Visser

      “The Occupy Wall Street minions, on the other hand, are PERCEIVED BY MANY CONSERVATIVES as lazy, misguided….”

    • Allow me to draw a little contrast for you, so you’ll have something new to think about. Read slowly so that you don’t misunderstand and respond with a typical blast of name-calling and non sequitur idiocy. Maybe it was one guy, crapping one time on one cop car. But then maybe it was only one guy who raped a woman, one guy who went around stealing lap-tops, smart phones and food. Maybe it was one fire that got started in one trash dumpster. Maybe it was one guy who physically blocked all those people from getting to their (here comes the “J” word, so prepare yourself) jobs, thus effecting the economy of one city, even to the point of forcing some small businesses to close their doors permanently! Maybe all the refuse that collected in a place where working people pay taxes to city personnel who have to clean up after you morons, because you were causing health hazards, VERIFIED by health officials, was an isolated case too, huh? Maybe a bunch of port-authority workers in Oakland were sent home ONE TIME because of OWS douche nozzle violence….dude I can go on and on, but the point is, it all happened and it happened everywhere around the country. And what were the lame-stream media able to come up with against Tea Party? Doctored photos of Klansmen, neo-Nazi youth, T-shirts with racist comments. And false reports of racist comments being yelled out at rallies and it turned out to be liberal hacks trolling the event. Let’s review, ALL of what was reported about the Occutards, TRUE and VERIFIED. While NONE of what was falsely reported about Tea Partiers could be verified. You talk about only getting info from conservative news outlets, but let’s look at the NY Times or Huffington Post or any other liberal outlet in print or on TV. They’re all sympathetic towards the occupiers, so how would anyone (anyone but you, obviously) feel like they got an accurate report on the events? And please, you do not want to engage in a debate on which side makes stuff up. You may think you do, but you don’t.

  • Finally some light shines on the two headed face of the beast. Collective greed come to “life” in systems unconstrained by God’s Law, be they capitalist, socialist, communist or religious. Evil is spawned whenever the individuals domain is breached, be it for morality, charity or security. When collective decisions are enforced by fear hell is unleashed.

    “Health care” is a horrible example. Corporations sell “insurance” that isn’t insurance but extortion, to people forced to purchase it because freedom was crushed by a multiplicity of federal bureaucracies, starting with the DEA and branching out into the FDA, DOA, SSA, DOE, Medicare, Medicaid and finally Obamacare, the crowning achievement of politicians deceived by the mind of a snake, empowered by sin.

    Government must be the referee, not a player.

    Government must be limited to three functions in order for the society it serves to survive.

    !. Protect individual property. (paid for by a tax on property not wages which is just another form of slavery.)

    2. Provide a stable currency and free markets. (paid for by a tax on commerce)

    3. Promote NOT provide for general welfare. (paid for by individuals who are given credit for what they do.)

    The breaching of these limits opens government up to corruption that will keep growing until economic law inevitably causes it to end.

    The collapse of a nations currency is the end of the government that issued it and ours is spiraling out of control in ever larger segments of society because collective greed has trumped the God given rights of individuals. Both right and left are guilty of encroachment, together they form the wings of the beast. The Tea Party and W.S. Protesters are both victims of the same malfeasance, one filled with people who’s spirit is broken, the other fighting to get free from the trap.


    OWS is not actually a group, but rather a bunch of people who came together for what was known in the 60’s, as a happening. You don’t approve of them, they don’t approve of you, and so on, and so on. Devisiveness, read your history texts. Those resisting change, the status quo, need you to remain ununited, and you may choose to go right along with their preference. Remove the labels, and look for the similarities. If your goal is to “win,” and not simply to be superior, that is what you will do. Divide and conquer, is always the strategy that keeps significant change from becoming a reality, and it always has. The people against change, know this all too well. Your choice…………………….