California Gun Retailer Bails on California… Moves to Texas

For one gun retailer, the Golden State wasn’t so golden.

Shield Tactical, a California retailer and firearms training provider, has decided to ‘get the heck out of Dodge’ — and move to Texas.

John W. Harrington founded Shield Tactical in 2008, but with California’s hard-line stance on gun control, he decided the state was no longer a good place for his business. Harrington, originally from Texas, said it was finally “time to go home.”

“The state of California treats all businesses as necessary evils,” he told Red Alert. “They treat those of us in the gun business as just evil. They make it very clear that they don’t want us there. It’s just that simple.”

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  • TexRancher

    Welcome back to Texas! Leave the land of Fruits and Nuts to, well, the fruits and nuts!

    God Bless Texas!

    • kernelklink33

      I don’t blame you for going back to Texas. I was born and raised in California and although I lived in the Mid-West while going to college, I came back to California and have been back since 1984. We are not all fruits and nuts but I do hear you. I grew up in a different state than exists now and I hate the leftists who run this state. I have chosen to stay and fight to bring California back to a more center balanced state. It will never be a high conservative leaning state but there are still millions of conservatives left here. The high population areas like LA, San Francisco, San Jose, and San Diego have the votes, but the rest of the state (millions of people) still are not what the rest of the country think of when you picture California. I am a gun owner and attend the 2’nd amendment rally’s and pro-gun rights rally’s. The pressure from within is still needed here in order to make this state a great state again and it will be done. God Bless America !!

      • Kent2012

        hope you make it

      • dave

        hope you can do it. pray that you can beat the west california libs

      • Marlin208

        But see, this is how it works. All the cities in these states control the votes and put the liberals in for the “goodies” they give. It is the same way in Illinois too and many many more.

        • Thats how Obama got reelected. 50 Million soon on foodstamps.

      • Tomrad

        Great to hear that! I live in NY on Long Island and it’s the same here, we are always outvoted by the city leftists. I plan to leave soon and am thinking Texas (love my Dallas Cowboys) or midwest maybe. Would leave NY today if I could!

      • violater1

        You know it doesn’t have to be a hard core conservative either just a balanced moderated State getting shed of the queers will be a good start and lobotomize the movie stars that have shown their ignorance! Then incarcerate your Senator frankenfeinstein and that Representative nanny the fanny licker Pelosi! I hate seeing a pornagraphic insult to society as a whole in our Government their is also the idiot incorporated bad scene Maxine Waters now that is a real piece of work as well! So friend fight the good fight for you have a lot cut out for you! Good luck and happy hunting!

      • Whackajig

        Klink says that not all in CA are fruit and nuts. That is true some are flakes. In my humble opinion, anyone who choses NOT to leave there is crazy. Millions of little brown monkey people parasites pouring in and Klink believes he can change the state? Hardly.

      • I’m with you, and you are right about the big cities controlling the state. Just drive thru S.F or L.A and you see so many live In a conservative area, For now.
        But as the Wineries move in so do the liberals. Keep those wineries out of your area. That is a big start of the states problem, besides our schools brain washing our kids. In fact I do not think kids have to pass a constitution test, in the 8th grade like we did. And then we had it in our senior year of high school.

    • coastx

      If gun and ammunition manufacturers concentrate in one region they will be easier to attack and put out of service in one sortie.

      • TexasJester

        Imagine too, when we pull the treaty and revert to the Republic of Texas, if we have all these manufacturers, what kind of control we would have!

        • coastx

          … they would do a no fly zone and obliterate the entire state. Not much control, really.

          • TexasJester

            In TEXAS?? Good luck with THAT.. And have you seen the SIZE of Texas? Simply not feasible. We have enough loyal Americans as well as Texans at the various military bases in the state – not to mention the local boys n girls at the National Guard posts, that a no-fly zone simply won’t fly (pun intended).

          • coastx

            Population 6.5 Million
            Land Area 679 Thousand Square Miles
            March 4- October 20, 230 day engagement

            Population 2,6 Million
            Land Area 265 Thousand Square Miles

            Texas is 1/3 the population and land area of Libya.

            230/3= approximately 76.

            An enemy no fly zone service order would take out the entire state in 76 days, or less.


            You folks had the same attitude at the Alamo. That didn’t have to happen, either. You don’t learn from your mistakes.

          • TexasJester

            First: we HAVE a militia – called the Texas citizenry. Also the Texas National Guard. And the Texas Air National Guard. We are not a lawless nation like Libya.

            Second, the Alamo may not have had to happen, but you sure don’t know your history.. We were fighting the Mexicans and the Indians at the time. We had finally driven the Mexicans away, and since the fighting had been going on for some time, a number of the men needed to tend to their homesteads (my ancestors included). The Alamo wasn’t a fort, but a mission, and our men had holed up there. These guys were meant to “hold the fort”, as it were.. The Mexicans snuck back in and surrounded the mission. Santa Ana was trying to take us by siege, but when that wasn’t going to work, he attacked – and wound up killing the few people that were a skeleton crew at best, while others were rounding up help and heading their way. The senseless slaughter is what have rise to the old “Rember the Alamo!” cry – was used very effectively in our next few battles with Santa Ana – and led not only to his defeat, but to his demise!

            And the next time you decide to denigrate a person ‘s national history, do a little research first! I won’t hold it against you – much at any rate. This time.

          • coastx

            Texas citizens are not a WELL REGULATED militia, and if a Fire fight breaks out with the federal government, your TNG/TANG will serve the needs of the national service and NOT a wild and out of control Texas population. SURPRISE!

            Also, are you apparently unaware the US had an armed border breech on 2004. DID YOU KNOW SCHWARZENEGGER TRAFFICKED ARMS TO CHAVEZ for this purpose? Yes? No? Maybe? Fast and Furious was cover for this other operation. he got caught, they lofted arms trafficking with Mexico as a diversion. You would know this if you had a well regulated militia, because his is what militia does. It keeps you I-N-F-O-R-M-E-D.

            ALAMO – Who do you think was going to populate an army from Mexico? Americans? Indians? You have no clue. Transnationals. THAT was to have been your insurgency campaign, but you don;t know this, because YOU – DONT – HAVE – A – WELL – REGULATED – MILITIA.

          • Giardia

            You don’t even know what “WELL REGULATED” means, in terms of the time it was written.

          • coastx

            Ah, a Piers Morgan aficionado. GFY.

          • How about the rest of us AMERICANS who will drop everything and join the fight for TEXAS! One thing you forget is Obama thinks he is untouchable, he would never expect a surgical strike let alone Patriots for Texas to bring the war to Obama’s door. You have to remember, all of these Liberals are cowards and don’t have the balls or ability to go against a Patriotic driven war. I live in SC and anyone over 17 is a member of the Militia. The Feds show up on my doorstep I can shoot first and ask questions later. I stand with Texas!!!

          • coastx

            Liberals have legislation and some of the most proficient anti- social geniuses on the planet on their team. We have IDEAS and lots of low IQ opinions on ours, AND our side is lofting firearms no less! No militia, or brains, but lots and lots of guns… FOLKS, SAD AS THIS MAY SEEM, we lost at ideas. The low IQ and guns thing is going to be a turkey shoot. OMG, American’s don’t even understand the 2nd Amendment let alone what authentic militia is. There is no Texas militia, otherwise you folks wouldn’t be over run will illegal immigration.

          • Tomrad

            Maybe because of our Federal govt which fails to enforce the laws of our nation against anyone other than us, IT’S OWN CITIZENS!!! For example: The state of Arizona tried to enforce the Federal immigration laws and was SUED BY THE FEDERAL GOVT for doing so! The feds won! Can you imagine! I rest my case!

          • coastx

            The Federal govt. didn’t win entirely on that issue, but they did get progress on their borders agenda.

            Obama is racketeering legislation directed at repatriation via economic collapse. He said he was going to do this back in 2009. People laughed and giggled. He’s doing it in 2013.

            People don’t have a clue what’s motivating him. Reread the first sentence, emphasis on REPATRIATION. Anti social liberal politicians are a criminal culture unto themselves and intentionally circumvent the rule of law and attack anyone that disagrees with them.

            Like I already said, liberals racketeer legislation favorable to repatriation and their reward for this is their careers are preserved in perpetuity by their monarchy handlers in the UK.

            Liberals cultivate the use of occult protocol taking the lie to unthinkable depths of human degeneracy; they are predatory, will usurp character by replacing those who posses it with those who are otherwise spineless… and Americans are electing them in droves!

            The problem isn’t so much they possess savvy political intelligence. They lie, and they are not even good at it. What is happening is Americans have come to identify themselves with fantasy via the entertainment culture, and liberalism strengthens this bond by theatrical presentation.

            One might say the liberal politician is a crisis character actor in a repatriation psyop engineered to convince you of certain fallibility in your own character through plot development on the macabre. If you are principled on the DCBR you learn to hate yourself.

            On the other hand, if you are a degenerate, child molester, rapist, arson, fraud racketeer, sociopath or scoundrel, you are highly desirable for careers with the liberal federal government and they look for and recruit those who, like them, will carry the Union Jack into the collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures.

            EMPHASIS REPATRIATION, but no one’s talking about it, for obvious reasons.

            Degeneracy is the fall of man. It is reason the Satan was able to con Eve into eating her own children. It’s the same problem today. Same Satan. Same Eve. Same funk with human conscience and lack thereof. McDonald’s’ was marketing a value meal product manufactured from pureed human fetus 5 years ago. When the public found out, they did damage control via their international remodel project. People go right back in their and eat. No conscience.

            We covet sociopath leadership because these monsters bear the psychological light that fills a void of darkness in our own souls. They pretend to be whatever we are looking for, and acculturated to entertainment and fantasy, we thus identify strongly with them for our salvation. It’s a lie, but we don’t value reality anyway. Win/win until they genocide. And they are VERY good at that!

            In reality, liberalism is Inquisition.

            Again, liberals are agenda driven from the UK. Americans are enamored with them due to their practiced theatrical presentation linking them to entertainment, which is why America will not vote for a constitutionalist. The latter is a realist. America wants Fantasia.

            Just remember, when the movies over you have to go someplace called home, and in these Twilight Zone circumstances, the theater exits through the door labeled Genocide.

          • Tomrad

            Btw- I think you will be very surprised at the IQ of many of the fed up citizens who will join Texas or any other state that finally stands up to this corrupt govt of ours!

          • coastx

            Texas isn’t exempt from repatriation. NAFTA is going to transform this location. People talk about how the “mighty citizenry” is going to rise up against the horrible tyrant. Not happening. Even Texas doesn’t have a basic understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Actor politicians and image conscious Texans are in the mix for an increase in liberalism. People don’t vote constitution in these circumstances. They vote Fantasia. They believe their salvation is whatever lie the liberal politician promises at the moment albeit delivers hell in perpetuity to save them from themselves. It’s a formula that works. Texas doesn’t know for the better. Done deal 50 years ago. Rude awakening 50 years hence. The Alamo gets replaced with a parking lot, and the Mexican government gets registration information on Texas gun owners.

            … HAHAHA

          • Conservativesniper

            Do you even know what repatriation means? I doubt it.

            You LIVE in Fantasia. You answer no questions asked of you. You probably don’t like the answers to the questions asked of you. They clash with your cloistered, ludicrous view of reality. And, since you have obviously failed to notice, Texas is not a liberal bastion, like say….. New York or Chicago.

            And I don’t know where you get the idea the Mexican government is going to get gun registration information, guns are not registered in Texas. Remember the immortal words of Mark Twain, “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”.

          • coastx

            I’ll do this for you once. It’ll help you get your confidence, but form now on fact check your imagination.


          • PatRiot

            Low IQ?Look in a mirror,maggot.

          • coastx

            You’re proficient with the language. Female. I am guessing 40+ and possibly an administrative secretary.

          • Tomrad

            Hey maybe there is hope for you…AS A CARNY!!! Can you guess weight too?

          • coastx

            What, that was a guess?

          • Conservativesniper

            Do you live in Texas? If you don’t, what are getting so worked up about? Do you even know what constitutes a well regulated militia in the context of the 2nd Amendment? And a war won’t break out because US soldiers know what constitutes an illegal order. Read up on Posse Comitatus.

          • coastx

            I am not going to argue with you. You’re stupid. You have the attitude that uttering the words 2nd Amendment makes you an authority. I will tell you this, idiot. The 2nd Amendment is coded and identifies your enemy by N-A-M-E. You don’t know this, because you don’t think. This code is over 2000 years old. It’s easy to read once you know it, but I can assure you the only ones that understand it at this time are well situated liberals who are watching this go down laughing a the entertainment. People like you make it worth their while. You don’t know what you are talking about. You try to bait education, because you’re lazy. Then you lay back claiming to be an expert yourself, but you are a otherwise a shade tree mechanic and a con. 2nd Amendment. Very powerful in the hands of the fighting elite. An easily broken toy in the mind of dopy minded NBJs. People like you aren’t going to benefit from a defensive fight. It’ll come after you’re been processed into a FEMA camp.

          • Conservativesniper

            Who’s arguing? I asked questions, you obviously don’t know the Socratic method. You might want to look that up.

            “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Pretty straightforward, if you know what the words mean. For example, the word ‘shall’ coupled with the word ‘not’ makes the statement absolute. There is no C-O-D-E. You don’t know this because you can’t T-H-I-N-K.. OK, so you don’t know what the words well regulated mean in the context of the 2nd Amendment, understandable.

            Where did I claim to be an expert? Or are you just being an assumptive jackass?

            You apparently don’t live in Texas, so that would make you a troll, otherwise known as a hemorrhoid.

            What’s an NBJ?

          • coastx

            Okay, I can see you are trying here. The thing is the 2nd amendment is NOT a Socratic argument. It’s a code. It’s written to the future, and it identifies the entity responsible for repatriation. It’s that simple. You are reaching too far, and doing this your best effort will be diffuse. You’re a level 1 thinker reaching for space flight… with your imagination. You’re trying creativity. It won’t work. You might as well jump up and down saying your lifting off. You aren’t going anywhere, but in your imagination you’re a rocket on a countdown launch. Again, the key words are SECURITY, MILITIA and ARMS. It’s going to take you a couple of months to get this into your head, and that’s only if you stay at it daily. Then when it breaks on your mind you will start calling yourself an idiot. That’s not a bad development actually, because if you eventually break the code you will have spent another two years doing this, the mechanism bringing you out of your stupor a correct self- appraisal of your current attitude… IF YOU STAY AT IT DAILY.

          • Conservativesniper

            My God, you are DENSE. I never said the 2nd Amendment was a Socratic argument. HAHAHAHAHAHA Look up Socratic method. It refers to critical thinking, something which is OBVIOUSLY a foreign concept to you. And the key words are SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

            But seriously, are you taking your dosages at the prescribed times? It seems you may have missed a couple dosing periods.

          • coastx

            Yes, you caught a level 1 error. I already said that. You are having trouble processing at level 2. You are L-I-T-E-R-A-L M-I-N-D-E-D. It’s okay (pats conservative sniper on the head).

          • Conservativesniper

            I am literal minded, I deal with reality. I don’t live in a fantastic creation of levels of errors. Level 2 processing? Is that how I’d get in touch with your ‘reality’?

          • coastx

            Reality is a synthesis of bio-dynamic processes. How far you go with this largely depends on brain density and the structure of the Purkinje layer of the cerebellum. We all have the ability to tap into this, just it’s a little more difficult for some.

          • coastx

            Give me a email address.

          • Conservativesniper

            Give you an email address, for what?

          • coastx

            Active duty militia. I am signing up. Here’s the organization:

            It doesn’t take a license to do this. It takes motivation.


            local 5 member militia units
            field practice are cohorts of six units, 30 individuals
            units coalesce to form district militia on protocol
            APGS organizes county/state
            APGN organizes the regional/national partnerships
            National Militia Association (NMA) is the principle leadership

            unit, 5
            cohort, 30
            district, 2700 (90 cohorts per county)
            state, 60 districts (162 thousand per state)
            partnerships 8,100,000 nationally (12 regions, 675 thousand per region)

            Barely 2.7% of the population. Washington fought with 3%, and most of those were Presbyterians, already acculturated to leadership and VERY focused on God. Today’s 2.7% is focused on the entertainment industry — Wait a minute… Hollywood. Dang.

            … Okay, forget that.

          • Tomrad

            Hey brother this Coastx is a real meathead isn’t he.

          • Conservativesniper

            He seems a little overly impressed with himself and his delusionally convoluted interpretation of reality.

          • JibJab

            Key words also “the right of the people “

          • Conservativesniper


          • coastx

            Regarding NBJ, ask Alex Jones. If HE can’t tell you we’re f*****g domed.

          • Conservativesniper

            We’re domed? Is someone going to rebuild the Astrodome?

          • coastx

            I just proved you are at level 1 comprehension: literal minded.

          • Conservativesniper

            It seems you are level 0. The word is spelled doomed, not domed, you idiot.

          • Tomrad

            So much for intellectual conversation. Just like your idol Piers Morgan his favorite words STUPID and IDIOT…when he runs out of intellect that is! have a good day lefty. We are coming.

          • coastx

            First of all, I LOATH Piers Morgan. Second, liberalism is an anti intellectual movement, so I wouldn’t be too eger to bash my intelligence. It makes YOU look stupid. Last, if this little bit of information is that threateneing to you, there’s something wrong with you emotionally. You need get educated on the 2nd Amendment, for starters. This little parable as it were can change your life if you connect withthe message. Most do not, because they fear rationality.

          • Tomrad

            Wow, First: I see you get very defensive when someone disagrees with you…but that’s typical of your type. Second: there was absolutely nothing in your very little bit of information that threatens me. Third; you may want to use spellcheck so you don’t look…you know (stupid). One other note: Conservativesniper is correct…There is no C-O-D-E. Why don’t you get off your self appointed high horse and R-E-R-E-A-D the S-E-C-O-N-D A-M-E-N-D-M-E-N-T!

          • coastx

            Code, yes. Americans able to comprehend this? No. Reason? Literal mindedness. Consequences for lazy, indolent and self indulgent? Absolutely. You’re feeling it now. Will you be able to fight this off? No. you are dealing with genius level social engineers that figure you are expendable, like products. You have a shelf life, and they are getting ready to take dated “products” off the market and warehouse them in FEMA camps. Learn from history? No.

            Sample Lesson #1 in the CODE

            FEMA= Concentration Camp


            They are telling you what they are doing, and they correctly know you will reject this out of mind too stupid to figure it out. Obama correctly stated Americans are stupid. They are. Prove him wrong.

            Prove the equation incorrect.

            You can’t. The math is irrefutable. Just you don’t know the code so you don’t know the math.

            Now go ahead and try to disprove the equation.

          • Tomrad

            First of all there are NO geniuses…only people who think they are one! That is irrefutable. Second: Yes, math is irrefutable but this “equation” is not math so the outcome is neither inevitable or absolute! There are way too many variables for that to be true. We are not in FEMA camps but at least by your own admission people are awakening to the fact that they do exist. The awakening is happening and we can only hope it is not too late. You make some valid points but it’s really not as complicated as you make it out to be. If civil war breaks out people certainly will die…ON BOTH SIDES! We will not be led to the slaughter house like sheep! We learned that from the Holocaust. Remember that…nobody thought that could happen either! So pick your poison my friend.

          • coastx


          • Tomrad

            Sorry, IRRELEVANT! The Branch Davidians were a small group and had no backing.

          • coastx

            Koresh was a psychopath and is the model for most Americans who own firearms but who are also not affiliated with militia. They believe owning a gun makes them such. It’s doesn’t.

            People play ignorant trying to get around the responsibility of militia, and the NRA promotes this mentality, firearms owners using this to set a precedence for a wild a***d custom designed 2nd Amendment.

            What you don’t understand is America is being led to accommodate a liberal policy making agenda that is directed at abridging the 2nd Amendment. In the example given, if America can do this, the legislature can, and they are frame bridging this mentality to change focusing exclusively on gun ownership having diffused issues with security and militia via the NRA, Posse Comitatus and the Fed.

            They have engineered the public to pay very little attention to issues with national security, and militia has been redirected to state and federal organizations which have usurped this power as well. People who correctly read and understand the 2nd Amendment know this. Mainstream America does NOT know this, and simply written as the 2nd Amendment is, for people to not understand this is more force of will than true issue intelligence.

            Americans are lazy. They don’t want responsibility for this, and they are avoiding it by identifying with enterprises like the NRA, Oath Keepers and Hollywood renditions of heroic and epic SYG renditions in abeyance of responsible 2nd Amendment oversight.

            All THREE institutions promote alternative 2nd Amendment agenda less the foundation of responsible gun ownership via knowledge of national security and participation in militia.

            Like it or not, the 2nd Amendment is a triune, it’s three part invocation to study and be aware of national security issues and participate in well regulated militia as prerequisites to gun ownership, the former having been abandon by Americans who without realizing it have thus dropped their defensive shield and are now wide open for repatriation.

            You are hopefully aware Florida is proposing legislation that will require individuals who buy ammunition to undergo anger management classes. You get the picture. You’re just stubborn like 90% of the US identified with BSing your way around accountability.

          • Tomrad

            And there you have it! Finally you cut through all your BS rhetoric and the truth about you has been revealed! My assumptions of you were right on the money. Most gun owners are David Koresh psychopaths according to you. It was nice conversing with you but feed your crap to some retard that might actually buy it – like yourself,Mr. small minded lib. Later!

          • JibJab

            The F & F op was concentrated mostly in Arizona.

          • coastx

            The Al- Qaida order breech was California:


          • Conservativesniper

            OK, firstly, to establish ANY kind of credibility you must master things as mundane as spelling. In the article you cited the word is B-R-E-A-C-H, not breech. A breech loaded weapon is a weapon loaded from the trigger end of the barrel, that’s the end opposite the muzzle. or in the case of a howitzer or naval gun from the end of the barrel opposite the muzzle.

          • coastx

            Piece of cake. I guess I need an editor.

          • dave

            well we will die free

          • coastx

            That’s creative. Your application of the 2nd Amendment triune= gun and die free. It’s not what the 2nd prescribes, but like I said, it’s your personal interpretation of it. People do this, and the 2nd Amendment is thus diffused. So die free: however, the CORRECT application is SECURITY, MILITIA and ARMS, but people aren’t making this connection for some reason. Too lazy.

          • TexasOlTimer

            You have some strange math. I’m not sure why you are comparing the size and population of Texas with Libya. That seems to say that if Texas were to become the Republic of Texas again, that Libya could come over and take us over simply because they have more people and land.

            I’m not sure what the 230 day engagement (the Libyan Civil War) has to do with an engagement overseas has any comparison. There is a major difference between a civil war in your own country and having a fighting force with ships, planes and weaponry along with a supply line to engage in war overseas. Also, simply because a local civil war was 230 days, an area smaller with a smaller population but overseas could be taken over in 76 is not a reasonable conclusion. In fact your whole reasoning is illogical.

            Next, even if Texas were to secede, do you think the rest of this country would allow any foreign country to invade one so close to its borders? Whether Libya, China, Russia, or any other were to invade Mexico or Canada today, there’s no way we couldn’t help defend them. To do otherwise would leave the US vulnerable to invasion by that country.

            THE ALAMO. Now that’s one thing you don’t want to mention unless you know the facts and you obviously don’t have them. Go to the website that Texas State Historical Association has on line at http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qea02 and read about the battle. There’s not room here to set out in context what happened. It wasn’t an isolated event – it was part of an ongoing war with Mexico that had started several months earlier.

          • coastx

            “… do you think the rest of this country would allow any foreign country to invade one so close to its borders?”

            Old man, Mexico is flowing over the Texas border with illegal immigrants, and you’re in denial of this?

          • Don’t forget those flying those planes may see the error of the Feds. Tex may have their own air force with the same planes. Don’t forget many things for the defense department could be made in TX. I do not think it would be so cut and dry.

          • coastx

            No, Texas is under siege from liberalism at this time. People don’t know what this is. Perry is a Fabian, and he’s wishy washy on immigration for this reason. This is not going to reach you in this brief discussion. Just know that Fabians are the ones who are orchestrating the liberal movement coordinated with the Saudis. Texas is NOT going to survive this. What I mean is Texas is no different than California and will fall to the same politics. You don’t have constitutional leadership there, and liberal leadership is the nexus for repatriation. Simple. People don’t get it. Too stupid, AND they have guns!

          • I’m not sure about that. If that happened we might have a real war. because the Federal is infringing on the states rights to leave the states. Other states may not like that either. Where would you stand coastx?

          • coastx

            No one person can fight these circumstances. It takes organization, and people just are not willing to do this. They don’t even understand the 2nd amendment. They have guns but no brains. The 2nd lays our very precisely three elements: SECURITY, MILITIA, ARMS. People are doing arms. Forget national security or militia. They act retarded. Who would want to fight for them? I am going to begin advocating for gun control April 1 if something doesn’t happen to change this before then. People are going to have to wake up now or give them up. They won’t study national security issues because they are preoccupied with the entertainment industry and sports. They don’t want to do militia, because they don’t want to talk responsibility. I’ve had it worrying about these idiots arming up with absolutely no clue about why they have a gun in the first place. I can push this in the other direction, and I am going to do this helping Feinstein make HER agenda a reality on these brainless idiots. Very clearly then, AMERICA, either get the correct perspective on the 2nd Amendment, or turn in your guns, ALL OF THEM! Three weeks left.

      • You ever driven across Texas? Seriously, I get what yer saying. But Texas isn’t the only heavily conservative state; not all will come here. And, with illegal immigration and the real, productive, prospering Mexican-American population soaring, it may not stay conservative for even another decade. We have our work cut out for us, educating our highly successful M-A citizenry to the REALITY that improperly controlled immigration and socialist politicians WILL result – VERY QUICKLY – in Texas becoming just like most of northern Mexico: no money, no jobs, no futures; far too few hospitals. Their hard-earned, hard-won businesses and good-paying jobs LOST to skyrocketing taxes to support a vast ocean of ignorant hungry, sick, addicted, unemployed people (brown, black AND white); and EVERYTHING overrun by drug cartels, their murderous, AK-47-toting armies and mindless, child-gobbling street gangs.
        We BETTER start working together – and soon – or we’re ALL going to lose EVERYTHING…!

        • coastx


    • Big D

      We are on our way, the illegals can have California

      • coastx


    • Chicot

      Yep, welcome to Texas who lets them teach the koran in their schools, makes the girls wear burkas in some of them, and lets the muslim brotherhood hold a meeting in Dallas in which he points out that the brotherhood is above any laws of this land. Check it out before you get too interested in Texas…I lived in Texas for 12+ years while in the military and loved it back then as it was the land of “Don’t Mess With Texas” What has happened, seems they have been enough liberals move in there to take over the schools and are throwing it in the leadership of Texas faces..

      • TexRancher

        If you’ll check it out this crap called SCOPE originates from the federal government! It probably is in the schools in every State under the same or other name!

        • Chicot

          But Texas is letting them do it….Yes there may be some states in the north east and west coast that are allowi ng it…If the state don’t approve of it then tell the government to keep their funds and they out of their educational system…

      • TexasOlTimer

        It’s like TexRanger says – it’s this crap called CSCOPE. However the girls were NOT MADE to wear burkas. It was one school in San Antonio that allowed the girls to make the choice. I don’t like it and I’m not defending it. Just want the facts straight. We are trying to do something about CSCOPE.

        Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are where the liberals congregate – we need to weed those out. However, pretty much the rest of Texas is of the “Don’t Mess With Us” variety. That’s why we have a Republican Governor and both Senators, including Ted Cruz that we just elected from a grass roots effort across the state.

    • violater1

      This writing almost, if I didn’t know what you were saying made me think you were classifying Texas as land of fruits and nuts also! I had to reread it for it to sink in the second time! Thats bad duh! Comprehension 101! LOL
      BUT IF YOU FOLKS DO NOT CLEAN UP THE MUSLIMS INFLUX AND THE MEXICAN MAL INFLUENCE YOU WILL GET A MUCH WORSE RATING! Read the news from over your State in bad education fools trying to destroy your kids! Good luck with the clean up that I hope is in process! Suggestion use these muslims for shark chum, this will improve your fishing industry as shark should still be up there in per pound wholesale and retail!
      Remember the eyes of the nation are upon you all the live long day! Don’t let the immigration kill your economy as these animals will bleed your State and turn you into a freebie State! Good hunting Texas put the Rangers on their assses!

      • TexRancher

        You wrote about some good points that I could have added. Texans are good and accepting people, but nobody should mistake that for stupidity. Cross us or push too far and we can show the other side of Texans.

        A for the Muslims and Messkin Invaders: We can/will deal with them if the feds won’t which looks likely. BETTER THAN MIRACLE GROW!

  • Most excellent!!! I really feel that any company that deals in firearms, guns, ammo, etc should leave those states who have violated the second amendment and move to states, like Wisconsin, who would welcome them with open arms and very good employees. Start leaving those states who are against guns and the 2nd and then watch as their economies get worse and worse and their unemployment starts rising and you will hear such an outcry from the masses that we will defeat these anti-gun people at their own game.

  • marineh2ominer

    When you oen your eyes it is quite easy to se the light . Smart move !

  • Good for them and good business to them. I can understand moving in a bad situation is like have a rabid dog that need to be put down. Only you can do it.

  • carlcasino

    Wisdom sometimes takes awhile settle in. Had a meeting with some of my fellow gun nuts and we don’t think we have a problem in rural—–. We took a tally of the 15 of us gathered and counted 70+ semi-auto rifles, 150+ shotguns, 75 handguns, and over 100,000 rounds of ammo. We decided to search for a way to increase our handgun population. bty we even have some of those evil AR’s. not our choice of weapons we prefer 300 and above(-:

  • hongryhawg

    That may turn out to be a bad move, except for the tax situation. Texas is attracting so many liberal ayholes and parasites who usually follow freedom to feed off it. It may very well be the next California. The left is targeting it right now, from what I can see.

    • Rattlerjake

      It’s not the states themselves, it’s the big cities. Cities like NY, LA, Chicago, Denver, Vegas, Austin are predominantly liberal, and these cities have populations that often outnumber the rest of the entire state; these cities also have the strictest gun laws and the highest crimes. Let’s destroy all of these major cities (we don’t need them) and this country’s problems will be 75% solved.

      • Tomrad

        “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we
        shall become as corrupt as Europe.”
        — Thomas

    • TexasOlTimer

      If you avoid Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and, of course, Austin, you’ll find the majority of the folks are good ol’ down home conservatives (once called your average patriotic American, now known as ‘domestic terrorists’). It’s the big cities where the liberals move to ’cause they’ve got more welfare and other benefits that we don’t cotton to so much out here where you kinda have to work for a living (but local folks do help each other when they need it).

      • TexasJester

        And if Katrina or Rita had taken Houston apart, you won’t see my heart bleed any!

        • Conservativesniper

          As a Texan, I wish no ill will to any of my fellow Texans. Carpetbaggers are another matter entirely.

  • Doc

    Welcome home brother. Texas is proud to bring her sons home.

  • Rrett352

    California is getting hard to live in for sure. I was born and raised in North Dakota but so many things have changed there. Texas has some friends I was in the NAVY with that I may have to consider.

  • Sagebrush6

    When you consider that California is the ” LAND OF NUTS, FRUITS & FLAKES” you are probably better off anyway if you are a self thinker.
    Can you say SHEEPLE ?

  • Al


  • John

    The Wuss coast is no place for gun people.

    • Are you talking about Kakafornia? Home of the socialists and commies…. They are all in lockstep with Jobamy….

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Or intelligent people for that matter.

      Fence the borders and let the rabble kill themselves off, but keep them OUT of neighboring States.

    • Conservativesniper

      I beg to differ, Oregon is a pretty gun friendly state. Remember the sheriff in OR who sent an open letter to Barry Soetoro saying he would not enforce any unConstitutional federal laws in his jurisdiction?

  • dave

    This is great, just hope the limp wristed people stay in California, we don’t need any of their liberal ideas here, just wish the liberals that live here would move to california, or any of the crazy lib blue states

    • Conservativesniper

      Well, some good news, the two butt pirates that live across the street from me are moving to California. But, not all of California is bad. I lived in SoCal for about three years total, in between Oceanside and San Clemente.

  • Marlin208

    Thank God. More and more should do this same thing. Hey California doesn’t want businesses that bring in money and employment but they love giving free stuff away. Just said they were giving smart phones to people on the dole.
    Now that sounds about right, doesn’t it.

  • I hope more gun dealers take this action over the anti-second amendment stance this state has taken….Matters not that all of their gun legislation is unconstitutional. It appears they have an agenda. Our right to keep and bear arms means nothing here in California. If I can convince my wife to move we are out of here…

  • Doc

    Waiting for weapons related manufacturing companies to do the same.

    Bring your company, your welcome in Texas.

  • buckofama2010

    Welcome home and may more businesses leave the marxist blue states and come to freedom

  • jay

    Welcome to Texas….

  • Whackajig

    The decent people of californicate, mexifornia should leave the state and move to Texas or Oklahoma. Those left will be food stamp receipients who will hve a hard time figuring out who will provide the funds for their food stamps, cell phones, section 8 housing etc.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Well what do you expect from a state were a majority of the people voted for a Conan who speaks in broken English even though he has been living in America for 30 years Arnold Schwarzenegger . He banned Barrett 50 caliber guns in California and bores people about infrastructure gee maybe he wants das autobahn Osterriech ( Austria) wrong country Euro muscle queen. That’s why Barrett won’t sell guns to the Californian police or national too bad for them the Barrett M 468 is a great 6.8 auto rifle better than the M 4 current in national guard but heir Arnold insulted Barrett so too bad.