Chavez ‘Celebrated’ at SEIU Offices in New York

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) local 1199 in New York City allowed a celebration of the life of the late socialist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to be held in their offices Friday.

The event, organized by the pro-Chavez Bolivarian Circle of New York, was held last Friday at 6:30 PM and promoted on Facebook.

“Those who die for life can not be called dead,” the announcement reads.

“A Celebration and procession for the life of our comrade Hugo Chávez extraordinary human and revolutionary. Your energy, love and example will not be forgotten. The revolution will continue until there is liberation for all,” the announcement reads. ”QUE VIVA CHAVEZ!!”

SEIU Local 1199 could not be reached for comment.

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  • Of course they forget about the murder,chaos, and poverty that he caused in his nation. Like any good little marxist. Of course Obama wishes he could be just like him.

  • Makes perfect sense; Communist front celebrates the life of a Communist. The same slimy anti-American traitors that brought us Obama. None of them believe in America, the Constitution or the republic.