Choosing Facts or Self Delusion


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There is no mind so confused, naive, self-deceived, or delusional as the one which believes that taking away the tools necessary for self-defense from individual or State tyranny will somehow make them safer or the world a saner place. There are no facts to support this fantasy. There are, however, hundreds of millions of facts to prove the antithesis.

We can only conclude that those who believe this fantasy, or worse, want to forcibly disarm others to align with their fantasy, are either self-deluded or deceived, or they are complicit in varying degrees in desire or plan to enslave others to their ideology and tyranny.

Now, some might feel this judgement harsh. However, if one reads the Genocide/Democide chart in the graphic, understands how gun control leading to confiscation preceded the deaths of over 100 million souls in the last century alone, and they still want to take other’s means of self-defense away, then we can only draw the conclusion stated above.

If one understands that areas and cities with greater gun control, see increased violent crime, not decreased (posted many times before) and they still want to take other’s means of self-defense from violent criminals, away, then we can only draw the conclusion above.

If you still, after understanding individual criminal and State tyranny statistics — facts — want to pursue attempting to take law-abiding citizens only means of protection away, then we can only conclude you fit one of the categories above.

Now, I do not doubt the sincerity of many who want to resolve individual violent crime, or State tyranny. I am right there with you — I fight to rid ourselves of both, daily. However, we must act based upon fact, not mis-guided emotions. And sometimes the only way to combat the latter, is to present cold, hard facts, and confront others with reality.

I hope you see these facts and understand truth, as a way to ensure yours and your family’s security and liberty, into the future. Our founders understood criminal and State tyranny well. They lived under it for 169 years prior to the Revolution. Do you understand it?

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  • goyaathle

    I do not see how these laws will make us any safer. I am in my sixties and have owned guns since I was eight years old. In fact I still have most of them. In all this time not one of my guns has ever in my hands or in my children’s hands have ever shot another human. On the other hand the guns that the government issued me (loaned Me) in VietNam were quite effective in killing people. Vermont which has had Constitutional carry as long as it has had a constitution averages seven murders a year. Chicago with it’s stringent antigun laws averages that in a half hour period. Switzerland which requires it men to spend two years in the military and when they a discharged they take the weapon home with them. Twice a year they are required to show their proficiency with said rifle in a local competition. It is a family affair with entertainment for the whole family. Switzerland has almost no gun crime.
    I am half Apache and half Italian, the white government has almost exterminated my mothers people since they took our guns and our way of life. If you think they will not do it to you, talk to the Mandan, Lakota or my wife’s people the Creek.. Just a warning.

    • Welcome Home !

    • Alex M

      Switzerland has almost no gun crime.

      The UK has possibly the most stringent gun control laws in the world. Switzerland has over ten times the firearms homicide rate of the UK.

  • Fischenbach

    Just the facts, please. Thank you!

    • The article stated the facts quite succintly… Was there something you needed help understanding?

      • Fischenbach

        Got it the first time, thanks. That was for my few liberal friends who ask me to quit clouding the issue with facts. Sorry i didn’t get the right emphasis on my sarcasm. I need to work on that.

  • Excellent, wrt general gun crime, vs. democide/genocide focus of this post:

    Formerly anti-gun “Professor David Mustard has stated in an article for the University of Pennsylvania Law Review:

    ‘When I started my research on guns [at the University of Chicago] in 1995, I passionately disliked firearms and fully accepted the conventional wisdom that increasing the gun-ownership rate would necessarily raise violent crime and accidental deaths. My views on this subject were formed primarily by media accounts of firearms, which unknowingly to me systematically emphasized the costs of firearms while virtually ignoring their benefits. I thought it obvious that passing laws that permitted law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons would create many problems. It is now over six years since I became convinced otherwise and concluded that shall issue laws—laws that require [gun carry permits] to be granted unless the applicant has a criminal record or a history of significant mental illness—reduce violent crime and have no impact on accidental deaths.’ ”


  • coastx

    THE PROBLEM Anti social liberal leadership, oppositional contravention of the rule of law and willingness and practiced attacks on anyone who opposes them.

    THE SOLUTION Well regulated militia and leadership with balls. America, YOU DON’T HAVE WELL REGULATED ANYTHING LET ALONE MILITIA.

    AMERICA RESPONDS Lets let Bruce Willis handle this.

  • Alex M

    The interested observer may notice something unusual about the constitution of the list at the head of the article, which may of course reflect the title.

  • goyaathle

    Thank you Rocky, but everyday it seems less than the home I left to fight for. When people who do not know me believe they can tell me what I need and don’t need. Whether it is obama care, or a type of weapon I can use to defend myself and family. Soon if it is not stopped now we will turn around and discover that we are now a suburb of China.

  • coastx

    REALITY: Anti- social liberal leadership contravenes the rule of law and will attack anyone who opposes them.

    FANTASY: Shake your finger at them to correct this.

  • Dave G

    Why are they even questioning the actions of the various forms of government that want to take our guns. The answer has come out and it is simple. The government buys tons of ammo and light armored vehicles to use against US. If we are armed then it is harder to win over us.
    That is like starting a war but you get to mandate your opponents are not allowed to have weapons,,,same damned thing.