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  • jenniewalsh

    Evil does destroy itself by the return of karma unto the evildoers.

  • I don’t believe in Karma but, the Bible says in about the same way that the things men do will return unto them.

  • BigUgly666

    I really wish they would!

  • Sagebrush6

    Jihadis training in your neighborhood?
    Investigator describes setup as infrastructure for attack
    Where’s our news media on this one ? Hiding ? Check out WND report.

    One of the investigators who worked on a report about terror training camps operating inside the United States describes the network as no more or less than an infrastructure for attack.

    WND previously reported on a documentary called “Homegrown
    Jihad: Terrorist Training Camps Around the U.S.,” and how it offers evidence
    that “Muslims of America” operates a series of training camps in the U.S.

    Jason Campbell is project manager for the Christian Action Network,
    which was behind the training camps investigation.

    He described for WND
    some of his visits to the camps, which have been located in New York,
    Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, South
    Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma Michigan, Colorado, California and

    “The one that really gets you concerned is in Georgia,” he
    said. “You go down a road and all of a sudden it’s just woods, and there are two
    roads that go straight down to the camp. It’s dark because of the trees. And one
    of the roads is named Mecca and the other Medina.”

  • You say the “government can now take my stuff”?? Well, they’ll have to “find it” first.

  • TestTickle

    obama’s policies are doomed to fail; just ask anyone from china

  • TestTickle

    farrakhan saying that RACISTS could target obama is far more realistic than saying that liberals would. farrakhan did not demonize CONSERVATIVES, especially for an assassination that never happened. how absurd is it to demonize someone for something that never even occurred? and yet that is just what this manipulator is doing; he is accusing liberals of a hypothetical assassination that never even happened.

    who do you think is more likely to target sarah palin, a liberal or a conservative?
    according to wild bill, it would HAVE to be a conservative. who would benefit the most from making palin a martyr? the answer is a no brainer. the conservative right would be the big winners. the propaganda media would immediately blame the liberals. the tea party supporters would immediately believe whatever they’re told because that’s how they’re programmed.
    so, lets hang the tea party for the hypothetical martyring poor victimized sarah, a patriot and child of god, for a crime that, altho it never happened, would have to be done by the tea party because they keep the company of the devil.
    is this man stupid, crazy, twisted, or what?? how was this nutter ever in law enforcement? i guess he was fired for accusing someone of committing a crime that never happened because he thinks, without any evidence, they they would be the likely suspects if the imaginary crime had occurred. how is anyone dimwitted enough to be taken in by this manipulation of non-facts?