Dr. Gosnell’s Madness


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I recall the first time that I read of the atrocities which took place in Dr. Gosnell’s abortuary. (Yes, I realize that is not an English word, but for the purpose of this article, it helps to shed light upon the indiscreet nature of the man and the infanticide madness that lives and breathes behind closed doors). As of this most recent week, Dr. Gosnell is now going to trial for the terrible crimes against human dignity and humanity that were performed in his filth ridden clinic, and thankfully, he is being charged with murder. Here is a link to current situation and all that it entails, from the New York Times.

To be certain, there is nothing more pervasively and inherently evil, than taking the life of a child that survives a botched abortion. Upon first reading this story, something struck the proverbial cord so deeply within me, that, in turn, brought about the gambit of emotions. Everything from anger to sadness overtook every inch of my heart and soul. Dr. Kermit Gosnell was charged with criminal activities, and the revelations that sprang forth in that madness and maniacal story, made the hair on the back of America’s neck stand up and salute. To be honest, this man, is a madman, but what he did makes abortion look like a crazy, butchering practice, beyond the fact that abortion snuffs out life no matter how it is achieved. To say the least, hoarding scientific trophies in his office of those babies that he butchered makes me shudder to my core. The question it stamped upon my mind, though, was this one: “Is this a typical abortion clinic?” Is it? Is this the norm? How do we, as Americans, really know? Have any Americans reading this, ever been to an abortion clinic? I have not, nor do I intend to, during this lifetime, if it can be avoided.

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In addition to this, could the state of Pennsylvania be legally culpable in this matter? I cannot say for certain, but consider this article from American Thinker in 2011. It could easily be said that there is a distinct possibility that they are.

Upon reading some of the articles about this online, several struck me to share. One in particular passed the muster, and here is a link to Michelle Malkin’s article on the subject. Please note that Michelle has posted a complete PDF for download at the bottom to see the full scope of details of what this entails.
Do take a moment to learn more about why we need to end this practice in America. How many other doctors do this and worse, daily? That, would be the question of the century.

When considering abortion and its lingering effects on the lives of those who ‘choose’ this path, I think about certain family members, one of my close friends, and people that I don’t even know, but who are living with the consequences of “choice.” Truly, I think about my friend the most, when thinking about abortion. What haunts me most about that, is the fact that I know, personally, how “choice” has devastated my friend’s life, since then. I think about the constant inner turmoil that dwells within her heart, at times, leaving her unable to forgive herself. I think of my friend’s loss, because now due to “choice,” her life is now limited to only the one natural child she has.

Then, my own Aunt (now deceased) comes to mind, who had a botched abortion at 15 and never was able to have children, at all, after that. I remember the pain that existed for my aunt, and due to her parent’s “choice,” her life was never the fulfillment it should have been for her. The harm done during that poorly performed procedure, was never to be more realized than in a childless home. Her parents forced her into this “choice” out of their own shame and the stigma of that time in our society, sadly.

Then, I think of how many other women must anguish over the same decisions and the forever, heart altering consequences of their own struggles with it throughout their lives. Many, who make this decision, hide in drugs, alcohol, and other methods of escape from facing who they are and the choice they made. Conscience is, indeed, a powerful thing for those who have one.

Often, it is easy to wonder, at times such as this, what it is that leads someone to believe that it is okay to terminate a pregnancy or that it is necessary. The person making this type of decision, intrinsically, already knows that it is wrong in their own heart, yet out of selfishness, they “choose” the self to be more important than the life of the future child. If we could ask, the 50+ million people, who are not here now because of this atrocity, if they would rather live or die, it is certain that life would have been chosen more often than the alternative.

Ultimately, what seemingly goes unnoticed and therefore under-discussed, is the breast cancer risk issue surrounding abortion. Abortion is proven and factually studied to produce a 50% increase in breast cancer risk for the woman who has the abortion. There are several entities that have studied this and are completely behind these facts. This risk is increased with each abortion by the same proportion. I, personally, have witnessed one of my own family members, who had an abortion, also, have breast cancer at a young age. This lead to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a full mastectomy. This is alarming. It is appalling that a pregnancy is not referred to as a life, and it is even more disturbing to fail to disclose all the risks which are health related to the person there, choosing to take a life by terminating their own pregnancy. Here is a link which confirms the claims within this paragraph. http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/The_Link.htm

Clearly, from all of my own personal experiences with others, who have dealt with the grief, the agony, the morality issues, the fears of “Oh no, what have I done?”…..the knowledge that they will never know that other person, because they, themselves, robbed their own personal futures of knowing their offspring, all takes a huge toll on the would be mother’s heart. Ultimately, no one really tells them that they are killing their child. Instead the claim is that it is just a bunch of cells. That is a bunch of hogwash. No one reminds them of the harsh reality of what they are truly giving up, the opportunity to know that other person who is a part of them and will think more highly of them than any other person. Instead they choose to terminate the life, and then are left to grieve and wallow in the anguish, apathetically.

Our nation is, truly, no longer the nation that it once was. Why did America take the path of the greater of two evils in the decisions of the courts relating to fetal infanticide a.k.a. abortion? Why has this atrocity continued with no change throughout the course of time? Why is it that quality of life and sanctity of life are not used together in the same sentence?

During President Elect Obama’s campaign, he stated, “I have two daughters and if either of them made a mistake, I wouldn’t want them punished with a baby,” in a newspaper article in the Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) from March 2008. To say the very least, I could hardly believe that he would consider a child – punishment, especially his own grand child. Of course, I do realize that this is Barack Hussein Obama. He believes himself to be a higher thinker, and so burdens/punishment like kids, wow, who has the time? Honestly, it is difficult not to wonder, if each day as Michelle goes through her life as a mother and Barack, as a father, does she/does he feel the punishment of having children, or are they only punishment when a person makes poor decisions out of wedlock, too early?

In Ronald Reagan’s book, Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, written in 1983, with a second printing, the edition available to me from 1984, there is a quote that tells truth. The quote is by Malcom Muggeridge, where he says this, “Either life is always and in all circumstances sacred, or intrinsically of no account; it is inconceivable that is should be in some cases the one, and in some the other.” Mr. Muggeridge hit the nail on the head. The reality is, there are laws that bring about charges for manslaughter or murder for an unborn child, should a person accidentally or purposefully kill an unborn child. If someone murders the pregnant mother, in some states the murderer is guilty of taking two lives, and if a car accident happens, the manslaughter charge is also for two lives, the viable and the inviable. So, how is it only okay for a woman to choose, for herself, to end her child’s life from within her womb? The right to choose should not come after a child is in the uterus, but before conception, through conscious planning. It should never come to the kind of genocidal practices that were being performed in Dr. Gosnell’s office in Philadelphia.

Society is all about saving the species of animals such as the field mouse, or even from climate change, the polar bear. Why, then, is it socially acceptable for a woman to be more important, than her unborn child? Why is it that people push mothers into killing their offspring in order to keep from it negatively impacting the mother’s life? Why is the mother’s life so much more important than that of the helpless, defenseless baby within her? It is not, not by any account, but that is the way that it works. Oh, this is going to ruin ‘your’ life, ‘you’ have to get rid of it, and the sooner the better, is the rallying cry. Why is that? Life is either sacred, or it is not. Women do not matter more than the life they carry, but according to the law of the land, it would seem they do. Success in life, with no strings is not more important than a little human being who needs the protection of our society, instead of a society who is all about killing the most helpless among us.

We, as Americans, are given our rights by our Creator, not by government. God sanctioned life, and babies are a gift from God. Though many in our society do not believe in God any longer, and since this has happened the morality of our society has plummeted to the depths of depravity. The most innocent among us deserve our perseverance on this matter. They, too, deserve life and a right to life.

Meanwhile, there is still time if anyone personally knows someone considering this, there are other options…options that don’t leave the would be mother knowing she killed her own child, and then having to live with that reality from the moment realization sets in hard. There are so many people who can give a child a wonderful life. Please always think of the other soul who is being robbed of life, of the opportunity to offer something to this world, and a chance to love and live and know their family and God.

Our country should never have legislated Abortion. Our nation is not a human, and nations are punished by God, in this lifetime not at judgment. Our Founders knew this well. God’s wrath will not sleep forever. We must unite now, as there is no time to waste.

Well, folks, let that thought rest on your heart, and have a great week, this 4th week of January 2011. Let the God of Founders move you to a new stead, and may their will for our nation settle on your bones, like that of a true Modern Day Patriot.

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  • Dr. Gosnell is a murderer and should be punished as such, and the mothers who had abortions SHOULD be ashamed, how dare them take a life it’s like pointing a gun at someone.

    • billygeturgun

      Did you hear about the 18 month old baby shot in the face right in front of his mother who was pleading for her baby to not be harmed? Happened in Georgia this week and we still have no idea what the motive was. So you are correct in what you say and killing an unborn child is no different that what these animals did to this little boy after shooting his mother twice. It is time those in America who arbitrarily and without any regard for human sanctity destroy those precious little gifts from God as easy as they jumped in the sack with their sexual partner(s) and concieved the life. As a man who has had to live with the fact that he helped create a life in a moment of passion just to have the baby aborted against his wishes, I have been unable to forgive myself, and in reality, the mother who made the choice to abort. I think about him/her all the time. Hardly a day goes by that I do not think of this and especially at the time of year that he/she would have been born. I cannot imagine what pregnant mothers go through after making that choice but as I said, the choice was made for me against my wishes and I still feel like a murderer. Please ladies, please stop making this choice because it WILL scar you to your soul, that is if you even have one. I don’t mean to be harsh but this is a life, not a choice. I grieve for this child and will until I die and then I have to face God for my responsibility in this. I can only hope He can forgive me because I will never be able to.

  • Anthony Radway
    • I just reviewed both videos and what I find most astounding is the comment captured below:
      {“lhorvei” 4 weeks ago
      to quote henry rollins, “kathy ireland is an utter moron” ….. i just say she is a stupid bitch}
      Regardless of your belief, your moral aptitude, or lack thereof, you can disagree with the thoughts, but after listening to what she said, how can she be described as an “utter moron” or a “stupid bitch”?
      Quite frankly, she appeared to be quite intelligent and well spoken.
      My point is that you can disagree with the message, but why to the far left activists insist on personal attacks on those on the right? Is it because they have no truth or fact on their side?
      Just sayin…

      • billygeturgun

        It is called self justification Gordon. They can’t find their soul and conscience so they have to lash out at someone to try to lower them to their own level so they can feel justified in their lunacy!

  • I find that 40 million killed would not have escaped anyone. Compared to PPH Hitler was a piker and we all know what he stood for and what we stood for. Why should we be any different today???? We need to take this and make it what it was suppose to be and that was bad enough. It was meant for women that were raped or that it threaten their health. Now it is a way of life for many being abortion on demand. You can have sex with multiple partners with no regard for anything or have the baby and get more money from the taxpayer. My solution is to wear protection or not have sex. Unfortunately both morality, ethics along with personal responsibility have left the building.

  • To call this a woman’s choice is absurd, immoral, and no different from Hitler, Slavery, Armenian Genocide, etcetra, etcetra, etcetra…
    This country has already entered the gates of Hell and we are all slowly burning.

  • This much I do know: AMERIKA is and will be punished most severly for electing Godless ghouls as their leaders! Abortion, homosexuality, and soon to be allowed and enfoced euthanasia make up this culture of death that this luciferian regime is cultivating, very successfully I might add! Bye bye America!

    • coastx

      What punishment? These monsters invented the bible. Jesus was modeled on Horus. There’s no divine punishment, because there’s no divine rite. Quality of life and morality is what we make it, which is why people are so pathetically apathetic in these horrific circumstances. They are waiting to be told once again what the new paradigm of anti reason will be perfectly suited to whatever standards are thrust upon them by their Fabian masters who, buy the away, are actually a neo version of the same entities that lofted the Tea Act.

  • If abortion was to keep the population down, then why did we let 11,000,000 illegals into this country???? Can’t the democrats buy another election??? They need illegals to help them???? How much welfare and medical care do 11,000,000 illegals cost???? Well Pelosi and Harry Reid, how much is the cost????

    • coastx

      That’s Fabian engineered transformation of the proletariat. Out with the old, and IN with the new! You and Jong are proletariat. Leave peacefully please so us Mexicans can have what’s now ours under the new rules of communitarianism. We voted we could take your stuff at a humanitarian meeting, so give it up! I AM NOT F*****G kidding. Out of the way, white boy, or we send in Schwarzenegger’s transnationals to MOVE you out of the way, eh effy?

  • If you have trouble with the links to Michele Malkin and American Thinker from my article above, please try these. Thanks. ~ Rebecca



  • TY all for the very supportive commentary. I see much to agree with among such wonderful patriots.

    • coastx

      These are patriots? Are you KIDDING?

  • Ralph

    This is a message that the whole world must hear! These are the same things that created people like Hitler, Stalin and other butchers that history have shown to be pure evil. Thank You Jan for posting it.

    • coastx

      Yeah, and what are you personally going to do about it? Blog?

      … HAHAHA

      • Well, for one, I am sharing thoughts with 350K people, what about you?

        • coastx

          Yes, of course, by all means, talk about your thoughts and inspire others to talk about THEIR thoughts, too. Do a thought buzz, buy “THOUGHTS OCCURRING HERE” stickers and share your special thought moments with 35 (not 350K) other people who, like you, are sharing THEIR thoughts too! I’m SO excited to do this! So here’s my special thought: Eve was either retarded, or she was in the tank with Crypto Judaism. How am I doing?

  • coastx

    The politics that promote this monster is liberalism. The ideology is Fabianism, and the rationality which permits this horrific enterprise is communitarianism. All of these are the degenerative cascade of neo politics, and there isn’t an institution in the US that is not serving this SSO agenda at this time, including the entertainment industry.

  • Renee

    This story should have been addressed the way Sandy Hook was… Front
    page & center everywhere – including a response from the president!