Feds Spend 1.5 Million to Study Obese Lesbians

The National Institutes of Health awarded a Boston hospital more than $1.5 million to figure out why nearly three-quarters of lesbians are overweight — calling the disparities a significant public health issue.

“It is now well-established that women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic, with nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese, compared to half of heterosexual women,” according to a description of the grant.

The taxpayer money was awarded to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston to study the relationship between sexual orientation and obesity. The project is overseen by S. Bryn Austin.

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  • LaughingOutLoud

    isn’t it obvious!?

  • M

    I guess it’s true.

    You eat out all the time, you get fat!

  • Zepp

    I figured it out. Most men don’t want a heifer. Maybe the government can give me some of that money now.

    • Duncan

      Zepp’s got it right, there’s only so many men who want a fat wife. Who needs a study for this? They’re confusing cause with effect.

    • Ole White Dude

      Zepp thank you for your insightful, blunt observational truth. I haven’t laughed that good in weeks. Appreciate a good common sense view. I did know an ole boy back n Mississippi who was real partial to his lil heifer though. But then you did say “most men”

    • Or they are victims of the nasty “butch” homosexuals. Over weight people have a bad habit of low self esteem. The homosexual “butch” or dominate is more than happy to take advantage of this. Of course the “butch” or “dyke” does not want its partner to regain their own self worth for then they would be out. This goes to the very violent undertones of the whole “life style”

  • Treat the problem. You don’t have to know why or what to blame. Stop wasting our money each person is different this will never help any one.

  • foxxybey

    Zepp, you stole my money, LOL, that is good and Adam and Eve allows the world to grow, Eve and Liz just get fatter and fatter, wonder why that is, must not use enought plastic toys in bed?

  • hongryhawg

    Too many carbs; not enough protein.

  • hongryhawg

    Too many carbs; not enough protein.

    • could equally be the cause of the stereotype of homosexual men bein thin. inspiration for the low carb diet.

  • Dave

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just Rent Rosie O’Donnell’s movies?

  • era

    Another waste of Tax dollars as the country goes into an unconrollable tail spin, Thank you 52%

  • Ole White Dude

    they’re fat and butchy, can’t get laid in a monkey whore house w/ an arm full of bananas, so they get depressed, then they eat, and they get guilty, so they eat some more. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s the only cycle they’ll have anything to do with.

  • 2duane

    Really who cares? If ‘her’ lover doesn’t like the larger woman it’s their problem. Not something that our elected officials should waste money on. This is just another of the totally STUPID ideas Congress has come up with. i think it’s time we cut the fat in Congress not worry about someone’s lover!!!

  • It’s not that lesbians are getting fat, it’s that fat women become lesbian because they can’t get men, unless they choose to date black men. It’s just that simple.

    • Rattlerjake

      Absolutely the best answer. All I have to add is let’s hope these cows die off earlier too.

  • Chained

    Who gives a rat’s arse about fat lesbians. Just more wasteful spending like the study on bovine flatulence. How millions of people are without food or shelter in this country and they wanna waste money on senseless and unproductive studies. Typical of govt.

  • The point is this …. As conservatives why does anyone care about spending money for such a foolish thing as a study on the reasons why American lesbians are overweight? All I know is when I was in college many of the fat and ugly ones often had extremely hot girlfriends, which always ticked me off to no end! In fact one of the hottest women I’ve ever met in my life was dating one, and wouldn’t leave her?

    OH and to you people who confuse being mean for being conservative by disparaging fat women… Well my sister just married at 54 her 2nd millionaire! and yes she’s fat! My friend Mike’s sister is fat as a cow, and last I checked was on her 5th marriage and still has to bat men away with a stick?

    Wake up people being conservative doesn’t mean being mean to fat women, the reason that the government is studying this is because some lesbian in a powerful position wants to know why all her choices are overweight? That’s it because it doesn’t matter to anyone else!

    • Interesting perspective. I would be interested in a study about it too if all my choices were fat and ugly…

  • Why would anyone care?

  • and this is necessary for……? is this a way to figure out how to create low weight, fat free butches? I’m being sarcastic by the way…

  • Albert Bricker

    Gee, I could have told them for free. GUILT over their sin cause stress and stress causes weight gain! Happens in Rape victims, teens who are sexually active.

  • Michigan_REB

    Hillary and Moochelle hate fat lesbians.



  • Why don’t they just have someone watch Rosie O’Donnell show re-runs? What would THAT cost… less than $10 per hour?

  • 3/4 of 0.1% of the population is fat?… hmmmm

  • bless2live

    1 of a million reason to run all of them off of Tax Payers Property! They have siphoned (sucked) billions from tax payers over the last few years!

  • Well its a simple answer really: attractive not obese women are usually picked up by men. The ugly ones are not, so they have to bunch together with other fatties. Their sexual orientation is just a byproduct of their ugliness. I could have saved you 1.5 million…I mean my “research” just now was totally free… XD

  • This is a Classic Government at Work !! Kids need food and Clothing in this Country !! Take some of the food that the Fat Lesbians are Consuming and give it to The Poor Kids !!! 2 Issues Solved at Once !!! How Stupid Are They !!!! And Furthermore Who Cares why they are Overweight ?

  • Maybe we should study why our government is obese,..