Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban Loses Steam

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said on Monday that a controversial assault weapons ban will not be part of a Democratic gun bill that was expected to reach the Senate floor next month.

After a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Monday, a frustrated Feinstein said she learned that the bill she sponsored — which bans 157 different models of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines — wouldn’t be part of a Democratic gun bill to be offered on the Senate floor. Instead, it can be offered as an amendment. But its exclusion from the package makes what was already an uphill battle an almost certain defeat.

The ban is supported by more than a dozen Senate Democrats and the White House, as well as gun-control groups.

“My understanding is it will not be [part of the base bill],” Feinstein said. “It will be separate.”

Asked if she were concerned about the decision, Feinstein paused and said, “Sure. I would like to [see the bill moved], but the leader has decided not to do it.”

“You will have to ask him [Reid],” she said, when asked why the decision was made.

Reid’s decision highlights the tightrope walked by the majority leader in governing the gun control issue. Trapped between the White House and rank-and-file Democrats who support broad gun control legislation following the shootings last December in Newtown, Conn., Reid must also be mindful of red-state Democrats up for reelection in 2014 who favor gun rights.

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  • Bill

    Feinstein is a moron….the only gun control that needs to be changed is LESS control. Let the law abiding citizens carry anywhere a criminal MAY threaten their life and we’d be a much better society….period!

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    Hmmm, Congress will vote on (and likely approve) universal gun registration and a reduction in magazine capacity for citizens, while the Obama Administration is busy buying billions of rounds of duty ammo for civilian law enforcement. Do we have a conflict coming??

    • I certainly think so. What amazes me though, is that the large magazine ban also affects law enforcement officers. Officers are already being referred to as Barney Fife in some circles. So when law enforcement can’t even carry the ammo they need to fight crime, and we the public can’t either, what does that leave when crime skyrockets because its open season on the public? a Police state run by our own president and his military. Then the fun really begins (sarcasm)

    • Just ask British cops.

  • They took it OUT of the whole “package” so the rest would pass.

  • agbjr

    Gun registration is also unconstitutional as it infringes upon OUR right to own and bear arms.

    • So is registration of ammunition infringe on the 2nd amendment.

  • foxxybey

    That is the greatest news in awhile, the other would be obozo resigns.

    • Clint

      The biggest mistake we could make at this point would be to let down our guard. We must increase our vigilance now more than ever.

      • foxxybey

        It is the end of the age and America is near the end as a powerful nation Clint, the best thing is to know who God is and ask Him into your life and then look up, our redemption is near, not long now with the islamist in charge.

        • Clint

          Thanks, I have been a born again Christian, Pastor and preacher for many years. You are right we must put Him first but He also expects us to persevere while we are here, standing up for what is right and righteous in spite of difficulty and persecution. Our nation was founded by people who trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ and as a result we were given a nation, by the God of this universe, and a government where we were free to worship our God as the Bible instructs and our conscience dictates. We find our freedoms being slowly stripped away and it is our responsibility as Christians and patriots of this nation to fight against these tyrants who would keep us from teaching the younger generation that there is the one and only one God who loves us and gave us freedom.

          • foxxybey

            God Bless you Pastor; I also am a Born Again Believer and have been a evangelist all over the world by the grace of God and now, a Bible teacher of OT and NT two times a week. Mostly on prophecy and wish more preachers would learn and preach it as the end of the age is near. I go to a fundamental church who believes the Bible is the very Word of God and the Holy Spirit is the best teacher of all. I do believe we should be involved, I was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 04 in New York, spent two weeks there witnessing to others and staying with a Brother in Christ in Brooklyn and attended his church while there. Was swamped by reporters where ever I went, even at the church in Brooklyn, see I was once a lost democrat and held positions in the party and they wanted to know why I changed parties. I told them “What God is for democrats are against and since I had come to have a relationship with Him I could no longer fight Him” made most the papers in the U.S. They also couldn’t believe a taxi driver could ever get elected to be a delegate from my state as a Republican” LOL, all Gods plans, not mine. Was a evangelist in the taxi and by the grace of God lead many to the Lord who would never darken the steps of a church, hookers, pimps, drunks, homosexuals, atheist and those in the various cults for almost 20 years. Had a radio spot 5 times a week from the taxi. Got to go to store openings and speak at various places. So God has been great to this sinner who is now in Christ. I believe God told the apostles to buy a sword because He knew of the things to come for telling people about Him. I was a Marine for 12 years and a pretty good shot and believe if we need to fight with other then the double edge sword we might have to do that at some point, we have become the terrorist in our own country and the terroris who hate us aren’t allowed to be called terrorist according to our dictator-in-chief. So I agree with you, the Double Edged Sword first and by other means if it comes to that. God Bless Brother, Your Family and Friends: ps, look up our redemption is near.

          • Clint

            God bless you my brother. I was a Navy Corpsman fro 12 1/2 years from 1961 to 1974. Semper Fi.

          • foxxybey

            Wow Brother I went in July 4, 1961 and with active duty and reserve time got out in 1975. I got along real well with the Corpsman everywhere I was stationed except once when they lost my shot card when checking out on leave. LOL, and even they were great. The Corpsman over sea’s had their own hut’s and I use to visit them quite a bit, I was a mail clerk and they didn’t get their mail unless I personally brought it to them, so we had a good relationship. One got most of my dental work done and he and I were good friends, he served on a carrier before Okinawa and the 3rd Marine Division. The Corpsman did a good job of patching me up after the many fights in town, those were sure sinful days back then for me but, by the Grace of God, He allowed stupid to be fixed. God Bless Pastor, see you the air or over there, save me a seat at the table:

          • Clint

            When I got out of basic in San Diego I was sent to Camp Pendleton FMF, and this was before I had gone to Hospital Corps school. I certainly didn’t understand why, but later I discovered on my enlistment papers the recruiter lied and had me listed as HR/HS. I had no idea what that meant. I found out from personnel that it was my rete and specialty. So, what it amounted, unknown to me the Navy had decided that I would be a Hospital Corpsman even before I got on the plane in Montgomery, Alabama on 13 Sept 1961. When I was about to graduate basic we were told to request three different duty stations we would like to go to, assured that out of the three we would get one of our choices. I asked for Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer. About a week later they posted our new duty stations on the board, and mine said FMF with Division etc., Camp Pendleton. My first reaction was, I thought I joined the U.S. Navy!!!! There were quite a few of us, designated corpsmen, waiting for openings in Hospital Corpsman School, San Diego. We were at Camp Pendleton about 6 months in a section called 15 area, whatever and wherever that is. We weren’t even dry behind the ears, ha ha. For 6 months we got screamed at, dug up imaginary rocks, marched until I thought my boon dockers were going to wear out. At that time my impression of the Marines was, lets just say, less than stellar. I went to Corps school and then 1965 to Aerospace Medicine school in Pensacola, Fl., then to the USS Wasp for a short time. I had been on the Wasp for about 6 months when 3 of us got orders while we were out to sea. Two E6’s and me an E5. They read their orders out first and both were going to Vietnam. That read mine next over the ships intercom and I was going to Naval Air Station, Agana, Guam. I had never heard of Guam, and had no clue where it might be. Being Aerospace medicine, I was always sent to either air stations, aircraft carriers, or squadrons. I ended up spending about as much time with Marine squadrons and MC Air Station Santa Ana, Calif., (connected with MCAS El Toro, Calif.., as I did with the Navy Air squadrons, Naval Air Station’s or Navy squadrons.
            One of my best buddies is an old Marine Sargent that served in VN who lives close by where I live in south east Alabama. I also had a good relationship with the Marines and enjoyed the duty except my first experience at Camp Pendleton, ha ha. Lets keep in touch (brother, in more ways than one). Semper Fi Marine.

          • foxxybey

            Pastor was at MCRD just across from you guys from July to Oct 61 Pendleton in Oct, 1961, then El Toro Air Station after that for awhile and then 3rd Marine Division until June of 1964, then in the Reserves for 9 years. Was at Pendleton before being shipped out to the Division. Got discharged a MCRD in San Diego. I didn’t have a MOS when I went in, was shocked to end up at El Toro in supply. Liked it there, had a beach house in Newport Beach with two other jarheads, had a blast every week end, only $175.00 a month. the guy who owned it, didn’t want to mess with rent, so told us put the check in the mail and if you break anything, you pay for it. Two of us worked the hotdog stand in Laguna Beach on the boardwalk after hours and some week ends, stayed at the owners house on a hill in the canyon, slept on the deck, LOL. Use to get written up all the time for not having a hair cut at the main gate. Got to know the commanding officer well because of it. You must have been at the Lighter then Air Base about 7 miles from the Airwing? We were about a like in other ways, grew up with my grandma and a younger brother because are parents were drunks and split up. After I was saved my mother was one of the first people God allowed me to lead to Him. My younger brother days before he died from injuries in Nam.

            I never dropped out of school but at times I wish I had, went to Roman Catholic school for 12 years. Was only 4’11” but played all three sports on varsity and again in the Corps. In division football and basketball and captain of a volleyball team that won the far east championship in 63, the only enlisted man on the team, nice being over all those officers, LOL. I went from 4’11” and the smallest Marine in 61 to 5’7″ and a 160 lbs by the time I got out of Infantry Training at Pendleton, went home and nobody knew me?

            I’ll look forward to meeting you, until then we will keep in touch and may God Bless your ministry and flock, Family and Friends and will keep you in prayer every night. Semper Fi back Sailor:

          • Clint

            Yeah, I was over at the base where the huge blimp hangers were, now no longer a military base. The Roman Catholic school kinda prepared you for the Marine Corp, huh? ha ha. If you wish you can send me your email address at [email protected] . Please let me know in what state you live. I talked to my Marine buddy maybe 45 minutes ago and he was thrilled. Semper Fi Jarhead, Doc.

          • foxxybey

            Will do Brother, most of my Marine buddies have passed, still one or two I contact from time to time. Semper Fi Swabbie, just joking on the swabbie, LOL.

          • Clint

            No offense brother. I’m glad we just “happened’ to cross paths.


    feinstein is a idiot

    • granny

      Thats Mrs. Frankenstein to you. lol

  • Awww, did poor widdle diane feensteen get her pet bill kicked out of the Senate? Ha Ha Ha! She doesn’t realize that more than 3/4 of Americans and legislators don’t want this P.O.S. bill passed. She should just go home, smoke some more dope and reminisce of when she was a hippie back in the 60’s protesting all things American. Reality is too much for her to handle.

    • Ann Rand

      I am beginning to believe that she was part of the Manson gang. Just about as stupid..

      • I think she went by the nick name of scuzzy broad.

  • hongryhawg

    Incremental Disarmament. Nobody thought all this stuff was going to
    pass. The plan was to throw out a truckload of proposals, have everybody
    raise heII, and then back off of everything but the issue they really
    want; universal background checks, ergo, registration for later
    confiscation. While 2nd Amendment lovers are patting themselves on the
    back for “defeating” the liberals, the liberals are patting themselves
    on the back because they see victory in the background check. That’s the
    thing about these traitors; they don’t mind waiting until the next
    freak-out so they can pass one little item, moving closer and closer to
    their goal; disarmament and the further flushing of the Constitution.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Feinstein is the biggest hypocrite there is. When she and her body guards give up their assault weapons with 100 round clips and Obama gives up his body guard and all the rest of the snakes that in charge of the Government trying to destroy we the (White) people, I still will never give up my gun and I have raised my children never to give up their guns and NEVER TRUST A PRESIDENT OR ANY CONGRESSMEN OR SENATOR, Or the BUREAUCRACIES, THAT RUN THE GOVERNMENT, because they are out to destroy the USA and our FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of course Harry is only looking after himself as Nevada is a big pro gun state.

    • granny

      AND……there are States that are following suit.

    • Ann Rand

      He should be in the bottom of Hoover Dam… Wouldn’t want to take the old crab far from home .. Wake up Nevada. !!

      • Or perhaps have just one more nuclear test

  • hmm

    we always knew that it would not pass, it always was a red-herring (go for pie in the sky) and we won’t feel so bad for the end result that will finally be imposed upon us maneuver.

    • Clint

      We must keep our guard up. Don’t trust any of those in D.C., because they do not care about the citizen patriots. They care only for self. If you doubt it, watch their actions over time. They make decisions that will benefit them personally. Look how many of them have been caught in all kinds of fraud, sexual misconduct, etc., etc. at the expense of their family and the citizen.

  • granny

    She just talks to hear herself talk….. Trust her words even less than BOZO’s & don’t trust his at all.

  • Joe

    These people siting in their plush office’s have no clue as to what the American people want,need.Congress/Senate are but a group of tax payers parasites,they are at the top of the welfare ladder.With self induced pay increases,taxpayer funded pensions,health insurance and life long pay check when they are out of office.They should not be able to make a life long career out of doing NOTHING!!!!!!They are a non productive union.

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    this is just a feint to the right to make us not pay attention. Congress will still vote in universal registration and limit magazine capacity for law abiding citizens, while at the same time, Obama is buying up billions of rounds of duty ammo for DHS and all other civilian law enforcement. Do we have a conflict coming??

  • Please do Not feel victory when “any” registration”,any infringement on our rights AND our Privacy is unconstitutional and must Not be permitted!

    It’s another “ruse” by the tyrant,his disciples to divert their intention dictate,persecute everyone who they consider a threat!

    So,they bob and weave thinking we are stupid and getting what they want through the back door.

    This is about domination,control,tyranny you mustn’t forget.A list with all of our names available to the Constitutional criminals,the quasi Socialists,Fascists,totalitarians is a key to your life,where you live,who you are,what you own to be used whenever,for whatever the “thugs” desire!

    Governments with lists,with records,with portfolio’s to persecute when they wish is like leaving your life,your rights your inalienable rights for those who would take them!

  • pysco

    The people have spoken, no more weapons bills, no weapons registration, enforce whats already on the books. Conservatives vote no on any weapons bills, no deals, the liberals are just chipping away, at total gun ban, preserve the 2nd Amendment.

  • Mutley

    Reid was smart. He knew he could never get any gun control bill passed with Feinstein attached to it. She just lost all hopes of being anything more than a shadow in the Demon party. Course Reid is not that smart. He thinks he is doing us a favor and expect the backing of the Republican Party. We shall see where the waters flow now.

  • Chief47

    Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo, Dianne. You don’t get your way for a change. Gonna sit down and have a big pity party? Your bill is not going to move on but, for the good of the entire country, it can’t be too soon until you move on.

  • 15 round clips bans a lot of weapons old colt AR’s came with 20 round clips

  • jimd1

    Reid is smart as he is going to let the UN firearms control treaty that Obama is going to sign
    do it for him and he, Reid, will have clean hands for the 2014 elections. And Feinstein will get mostly what she wants also without a fight. Politics rules as usual for the politicians not We The People!

    • Clint

      He’s cunning, I’ll give him that.

  • reggiec

    The blinds are being pulled down right in front of the American people. There is the gnashing ot teeth, speaches and petitions flying all over the place about attacks on The Second Amendment. Even if most of the attacks are fended off one or two of the so called less egregious laws or regulations will pass. It will probably be some type of “universal background check”. Many from both the right and left are already saying this is acceptable. The problem is that any information needed for a background check will be retained forever and is in reality “universal gun and citizen registration”.
    Liberals will moan about all the other regulations that the right defeated but will giggle behind their hands knowing they got a long desired prize. A list of gun owners and what guns they own.

  • PatriotAmerican fortheUSA

    Feinstein, Boxer, Obama, their all made out of the same mold. Cold, Selfish, and want to be their own Hitler’s in our time. Nothing but Communist, Socialist ideas and desire to keep the American people below them. Take one thing at a time, and that way we come back to them with our tails between our legs…..Dear God, give us patience, knowledge, and let’s get them out of office. Wake up AMERICAN’s, before our American DREAM is taken from us. And get Reid out of there too, as he is just O”bum”a’s puppet.

  • Dodie1990

    Be careful. This is a smokescreen. The real effort is the national registry, then the ban then confiscation. Look at New York, or Colorado and see what this will lead to.