Florida College says Campus Christian Clubs Can’t Have Christian Leaders

Rollins College has determined that a Christian student organization is in violation of the school’s nondiscrimination policy because the group requires its leaders to be followers of Christ.

The college’s board of trustees voted unanimously not to exempt the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from the policy – meaning the Christian group will no longer receive funding and will not be recognized as an official campus organization.

“The principles of the nondiscrimination policy, which are at the heart of the educational process, are inconsistent with allowing exceptions for student organizations,” the college said in a statement. “Such exemptions would be inconsistent with the processes of learning and growth that the College seeks to foster.”

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  • This is so opposite of nondiscrimination it’s ridiculous. It’s the height of discrimination and exclusion.

  • Cultural Diversity
    Asian American Student Association (AASA)
    Black Student Union (BSU)
    Caribbean Student Association (CSA)
    Cultural Action Committee (CAC)
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Ally Alliance (GLBTA)
    International Student Organization (ISO)
    Latin American Student Association (LASA)
    Muslim Students Association (MSA)
    Native American Culture Club
    People of Indian Origin
    Voices for Women (VFW)

    Clubs currently on campus.. do I even need to pose the rhetorical question? Oo
    No way this place would get a dime of tuition money from me.

    • william C

      You have said it best!

    • Carol Elaine Donaldson

      Christians should join all these clubs and demand that they not discriminate against them. Active Christians should join the Muslim Student Association and demand their nondiscrimination rights.

      • dmbunce

        Let’s be fair About this. The college leaders cannot be college graduates!!

      • Shagnasty1

        Good advice. Also maybe real people should become members of their board of trustees and overturn this nonsense.

    • Shagnasty1

      Sounds to me their equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment have been violated which is for Christians is par for the course in today’s culture.

  • Sassy3000

    Are Those leaders of that Florida Campus on Drugs or something? What is wrong with them? That is completely insane. They need to be fired!

    • Shagnasty1

      No, they’re LIBERALS. But then they might be smoking some of Obama’s chume.

  • I think the ACLJ should get involved in this… They should file a lawsuit against the school and start setting things right.

  • Vicki

    Nondiscrimination policy should not be at the “heart” of the education process; preparing to go out into the world with skills and knowledge is the “heart” of the education process. Whether it’s to get a job or to be an entrepreneur, being educated in the “how to” is the priority. This social nonsense takes up too much of the time that should be spent on the skills and knowledge.

    • boccagalupe

      Vicki, this school has no desire to give these people an education. If the people they are warehousing for a period of time ever got an education, they would cringe in fear that they (staff) would be found out as to the charlatans they are. These people are being warehoused for the duration that the family money runs out or for the duration of the student loan. Education? Not on your life…. warehousing is what it’s all about.

  • Vicki

    Now for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship not being exempt… For them to not receive the exemption just because they require their leader to be of the same thinking, knowledge, skills and belief as the group so that the group is kept intact in those beliefs is ridiculous. Therefore, the head of the college should not have specific requirements and should be open to anyone that wants to lead the college regardless of their thinking, knowledge, skills and beliefs.

    • Carol Elaine Donaldson

      Yeah, if they make the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship require their leader to be of the same thinking, knowledge, skills and beliefs as the group, the next thing you know, they’ll want a US President to be a US Citizen, and defend the US Constitution. It’s just not “fair” to demand such ‘silliness’ … is it? /sarc

      • boccagalupe

        Lady, Those are my thoughts exactly!

  • US Navy EOD Vet

    Smells like a law-suit to me for discrimination, since they have other religous and sub-culture clubs. The First Amendment trumps whatever this vapid, hypocritical “institution of higher learning” thinks. There are Supreme Court rulings that crush this kind of mindless nonsense. But it won’t go there because it will get overturned or they’ll be much poorer.

  • How did it get this far????????????

  • docwobbles

    So am I to assume that the head of the chess club should not be a chess player, or that the Home Economics instructor should have no cooking experience? OR maybe their Tennis Coach should be a crane operator?

    • Carol Elaine Donaldson

      I think someone without a college degree should apply for a teaching job … bring the media with him/her … and DEMAND to be hired. Colleges are about useless if they’re not lead by educated, intelligent people.

  • FL G8R in SC

    Ashamed to be a “Tar”…. Rollins B.S. (Honors) 5/83

  • Nisan5702

    Oh, let see …. a new KKK club is forming on campus, and it must have a black student as president. Oh, that’s a winner too !!!
    OH, non-discrimination clause goes into affect.
    The Jewish club must have a Nazi thinking gentile president, just to be ‘fair’.
    Where did these Dumb-sh’t professors get education … ‘Rollins College’ …. there goes future enrollment or maybe not ….. “Floridians” …..
    “Political Correctness”, the catch-all for liberal wisdom ….???

    • Carol Elaine Donaldson

      Up in North Georgia we called them “Floridiots” … do you understand why?

      • Rattlerjake

        It’s not native Floridians, is all those POS northern, new england liberals that move there; and the reason I never went back after I retired from the military.

  • I wonder if the college admin would follow their demands and apply the
    same criteria to their staff leadership. Would mean that ANYONE but
    professionals will be allowed to lead the college.

    • Carol Elaine Donaldson

      Apply to TEACH at the college without a degree in the subject you want to teach … and demand that they hire you simply for the “diversity” you bring to the College.

  • Carol Elaine Donaldson

    Simple solution … Christians join all the other clubs on campus and gain a majority and then take them over. Problem solved. Anyone complain … just yell ‘discrimination’ … anyone else complain … say “it’s not FAIR” … you want fair? If life were fair I’d be 5’10” tall, weigh 125 lbs and have long dark blonde hair.

  • william C

    an obvious violation of the 1st amendment.

  • Sandra

    Having been on the receiving end of InterVarsity’s discriminatory and humiliating actions, I very much agree with this decision. Rollins College is a place of inclusion, not exclusion. The practice that InterVarsity has of evaluating their leaders is not in line with values of the College. The ruling does not require that InterVarisity have a non-Christian leader, but rather says that it cannot discriminate against people who want to be leaders within InterVarsity. These aspiring leaders are people who are so passionate that they want to devote their extra time and energy to spreading the Good News. Do you think many non-Christians are lining up for that? The thing that many of you do not realize is that InterVarsity groups are discriminatory in the way they evaluate members for leadership roles. In the name of Christ, they judge the authenticity and devotion of their members–with no regard for the trust those members put in the staff or leadership. This can and does have detrimental effects on the emotional and academic lives of the members. I know this because I lived it. I thank Rollins College for standing up against this, and I am proud to be a Tar!

    • Iraq Veteran

      Stop drinking the liberal kool aid. When did it become so vogue to be anti-Christian? Everyother group is permitted but more and more idiots like you make it so that Christians are on the verge of being persecuted. In this country now we have muslims leaders calling on their followers to wage jihad against us. When they start their jihad, which side will you be on?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The Communists have succeeded in their desire, expressed long ago, to take control of America’s education system.

  • Junk Bin

    ban all clubs and funds going to them. These freeloaders are their for an education not hooking up with same minded bigots and perverts

  • Vox Rationis

    It appears that those outraged below have only bothered to read the (sensationalist and inaccurate) headline. The body of the article states the group is “in violation of the school’s nondiscrimination policy because the group requires its leaders to be followers of Christ.”

    That doesn’t mean that none of the leaders may be Christian; that means that the leaders may not require one to be Christian in order to be eligible to hold the post.

    Whether or not that is just is another issue, but if one is going to be outraged, he might as well be outraged and informed.