Florida University Student Suspended After Refusing to Stomp on Jesus

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A student at Florida Atlantic University has charged that his professor in intercultural communications class told the whole class to write the name JESUS in bold letters on a piece of paper, then drop the papers and stomp all over them.

The alleged incident happened three weeks ago on the Davie, Florida campus of FAU, according to WPEC-TV.

Junior Ryan Rotela, a devout Mormon, is the student making the charge.

“Anytime you stomp on something it shows that you believe that something has no value,” he told the South Florida CBS affiliate. “So if you were to stomp on the word Jesus, it says that the word has no value.”

Some students stomped; others, including Rotela, didn’t. He said he told the instructor, Deandre Poole, that the assignment offended his religious convictions.

Two days later, the junior alleges, he went to an FAU school official to express his unease with the assignment.

The result? Rotela has been suspended from the class.

An FAU official defended the decision, telling WPEC that the Jesus-stomping was part of a classroom exercise from a textbook: “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition.”

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  • hopinhappy

    That’s a course he doesn’t want to be taking anyway and a University he should transfer out of too! In situations like this it’s good to vote with your feet!

  • GaPatriot


  • Perhaps he should have written the Prof’s name on the paper and then stomped on it.

    • Jim

      Or Obama’s

    • DE Navarro

      Or just write “F you” on it and stomp on it.

    • 🙂

    • coastx

      Better yet, just write “DRAC” on it and stomp all over that. Would have caused the same reaction in this Mormon creep.

  • I double dog dare that professor to write mohammed or allah on a piece of paper and stomp on it in public. Lets see just how long he keeps his job, let alone his head.

    • Karen

      Or gets blamed for the next Benghazi……

    • I suggest any student who faces this persecution, blog, write, put up signs around campus that the professor asked them to stomp on ‘Muhammad’, and let the good instructor explain to their Muslim visitors it was only Jesus, if they get the time.

      • coastx

        Oh yeah, by all means, save drac.

      • billygeturgun

        Now that sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I did…here is MY VIDEO


    • tfitchette

      My thoughts exactly!
      As one with a communications degree I am puzzled by the significance of such an assignment. What greater purpose does the assignment serve? Hmmm?

      • coastx

        She fleshed this little monster out. He’s a DRAC! He’s a Mormon Drac. People are all like, “SHES ATTACKING JESUS!” Incorrect. I doubt Jesus would have a problem with this really. Lil Bat’s a victim for a change, and not much pain involved compared to what these monsters do to their female eugenics victims. Black mass sacrifice, baby! Lots and lots of them. They are breeding down intelligence in the US by taking out the Eve Novus. Been doing it since 1888. Anyone whose savvy on the Mormon church as a national security issue knows this. Otherwise people walk around stupid and don’t know any better. See the Mormon elders roadside and people wave like they were family. Always two of them. Predatory eyes and ears of the beast used to TRIANGULATE on their victims, which is the Eve Novus. They scope them out as children. Abduct/sacrifice as young women in a Fabian mission creep. These are long term projects which is why they are difficult to catch. The victims are a long time removed from the elders that identify them, the former eventually taken in tandem, one sacrificed curbside the other “enjoyed” by the Mormon Elite.

        • Whoever wrote this garbage should be on their knees. What would this hideous exercise prove. Your doubt that Jesus would have a problem with this shows your complete ignorance of the Bible. Your education is as worthless as your opinion. The exercise could have no more significance than to portray Christ as insignificant, something a sadist must do to commit the unpardonable sin. I can only pray you haven’t done this. I am so repulsed by this story, I will assure you this is far from over.

          • coastx

            In your opinion, were Jesus to have witnessed this event, what do you think he would have done, and how is this similar to or different than what Junior Ryan Rotela complained about? I think that’s a fair question, since we’re talking about the resurrected Christ.

            Before we get started, I am going to prove two things: 1) you’re an idiot, and 2) You’re Mormon or proficient with their ODC. Rotella possess this proficiency, too. It’s ciphered in his name.


          • i see youre just a lot on the ego portioning yourself, coastx

          • coastx

            Message? The prof., one black man, took on the entire white race in one classroom activity and has technically exposed the Mormon church as a fraud. THAT’S ego! BTW, your 77 is meaningless in the afterlife. Man is a predator species on earth only. Here you run wild. There you pay your debts.

          • Today it is mormons tomorrow I well imagine it will be hindus

          • coastx

            What, you have an imagination? This is NEW!

          • What is not new is your lack of facts of any variety that make sense. I would say that you are about fifteen on several drugs from school.

          • coastx

            Why do you want to talk about 15 year olds in a blog about a genius professor that chased a deadly bundy snake out of a university classroom? Ohhhhh, I get it. Go turn yourself in, best advice.

          • Again with no facts. I think I hear your mommy calling you in for the nite.

        • doug43

          Coastx, you are without doubt a Muslim and know nothing about the Mormons. And we have learned that Muslims will tell any lie(s) to non-muslims with Momo’s blessing! When you die you may get two virgins for your efforts…..LOL!!!

          • Truth goes 100 MPH

            Most likely 3 goats and a young boy.

          • coastx

            Typical intelligence issues for a home bred American country boy, eh TG? >Ewe!

          • coastx

            Do you laugh compulsively at your own jokes, or was the LOL a mistake and misunderstanding in an argument you were having with yourself?

        • Yeah right he also had no problem with people making his fathers house a barn. You really need help.

          • coastx

            eh? What is this? It doesn’t make sense. Hollander.

          • You make no sense. And I am not from Holland.

        • Professor is a Vice Chairman of the local Democratic/ Progressive party coastx, hardly an “impartial mind of higher learning”. You seem content to blame the student for his actions, but not the “teacher”, why? Are you really that much of a mormonophobe? Really?

      • Thinking yourself wise, you have become a fool.

      • Some Universities like playing this kind of game and allow their resident “pagan” to play games with the class for shock value. Of course this shows what kind of administration they have because you know the Professor did not do this on their own.

        • coastx

          You’re confused. Professor singular.

          • Professors as in more than one or more than one University.

    • Or homosexual or anything else that the liberals have made “holy”. How about dropping the professor and have everyone give him a swift kick.

      • coastx

        AH, jong. You’re a genius. Why can’t you see through this?

        • Again with no point.

      • I’d do it for free, jong!

      • coastx

        One thing you need to be aware of. This professor is not a liberal. I can tell you why if you ask. Or, just sit there and do the stupid act.

        • It doesn’t make any difference if the professor is liberal or not because IGNORANCE can come from any philosophy! There is no justification for this exercise.

          • coastx

            Academic freedom. He doesn’t need justification. I took a C in a graduate class back in day from a professor I didn’t agree with. I had an A in the class. He didn’t like my having asserted my views against this own. A C is a disaster to a 4.0 GPA. I took it with dignity knowing I had won the argument. Who needs a complaint? He can teach and grade however he likes. It’s not a university disciplinary issue. It was a Mormon ego issue. A better way to respond to this would have been for the students in this class to write the professor’s name on a sheet of paper and left these scattered around the hallway. He’d have laughed it off. In reality it didn’t rise to this level of concern for the rest of the class, because they were willing to learn. The Mormon was pressing his own faith against the will of the professor, which if you don’t understand what this means, the student was playing God maker, which is the Mormon prime directive, in a classroom controlled by the professor, stupid.

          • Alfredo

            Do you really want us to believe that YOU have a college education, PLEASE! Run along, Soros is waiting for his B J.

          • coastx

            What are you talking about, nerd?

          • ricli

            what ever kotex dosh bag.

          • coastx

            American bred farm intelligence: poor spelling skills, preoccupation with sex and the female anatomy and NOOOO brains.

          • He has the right idea and good genes. You however would go after the other hole with the same sex.

          • coastx

            The “hole” thing you folks think about so much… WTF? Oh, I get it. NM. I was thinking you were straight. How embarrassing!

          • doc

            Perhaps you haven’t read that once important document, the Constitution? Let me guess, you believe you are entitled to your opinion? You want free healthcare, cell phones, food, and shelter? Heaven forbid that you might have to study and form an opinion of your own. The bus for communist Russia leaves in an hour. Better hurry.

          • coastx


          • You might want to be on it.

          • all this student was doing was exercising his rights! others in the class also refused. the student who protested was a Christian, would it have been different if he had been a Muslim and was asked to stomp on the name of the prophet, and had refused? it had nothing to do with the student’s ego, it was the professor’s inflated ego!

          • coastx

            Barbara Molly Cowgill, believe whatever you like.

          • btw..the name calling just proves you to be the “stupid” one.

          • Marie Ribeiro

            Are YOU this professor, because only that person could determine whether they would “laugh it off”. Let’s try this exercise: let’s find out what YOU hold dear, like a picture of your mother, and we’ll all stomp all over it, and maybe pee on it, and tell you if you object, it’s just your ego. See how you’d feel?

          • coastx

            Statist Christians hold dear obedience. Reform Christians value self- Mastery. MORMONS aren’t Christians although they’ve hijacked Christian symbolism to make is appear s though they are. You didn’t know this, did you? Mormons are Crypto Jews on a repatriation mission creep for the monarchy. You didn’t know that either, because you’re ignorant, predictably reactive and pathologically naive. They aren’t real Jews but they have been recruited on a racketeering scheme CREATED by real Jews. You’ll deny this, because it’s different and no ones ever told you this before. You won’t research it to learn more about this, because you’re stupid. You’re stupid because you’re literal minded locked in to a Judeo-Christian programming scheme that doesn’t allow you to think for yourself. Intelligence to YOU is being clever and witty, giggling and laughing, and eventually asking yourself why you didn’t figure thou out BEFORE they stuffed your butt in a FEMA concentration camp.

          • and i’m sure the professor was indeed liberal. ive yet to see ANY conservative teacher (being so few of them) desecrate someones religion on demand, allegedly for the sake of curriculum.

          • Mattymae

            I’m certainly NOT conservative but I wouldn’t be disrespectful about another person’s beliefs. Isn’t that what compassion and maturity is all about. Respecting each other and their beliefs//?

        • Alfredo

          I know, why don’t you take your troll a s s back to the KOS where your brain dead ramblings are appreciated? You accidentally stumbled upon a community that can THINK for themselves.

          • coastx

            And the thinking part of your argument? I seem to have missed this.

          • From some of the comments that are posted I don’t think people are thinking for themselves. Not with their brains any ways.

          • coastx


        • If you had information you would have already given it. As you do just sit there and look stupid

          • coastx

            Key word= ask, not smartask, dummy.

          • If you had a point you would have already made it. You have none go back to your mommies basement and sulk that the mean people made you cry.

    • coastx

      HEY, MOOLLLYYYY! (BY cipher) Where ya been?

    • Amen to that!!

    • Amen !
      Susan , there will come a time when this professor
      Is in eternal torment, knashing his teeth , begging
      For death , but he wont find it.
      Glory Be To Our Lord An Saviour !

      • coastx

        Tammy Fae Baker!

        • That’s FAYE! If your gonna spy on Americans, at least get the name right!

          • coastx

            What are you talking about?

    • Ricksduman

      You got that right Susan. No moham stomping that would be culturally insensitive. Hey it’s okay to treat that old Jesus like a gay doormat. But who cares about FAU or FU of A or whatever!

    • RLM357

      It’s a female so she has no Gonads! She teaches because she has no skill. Unlike other Teachers. Commies have infiltrated our educational system since the fifties. ~Rick Magee, FL

      • coastx

        Male professor, idiot.

    • AMEN

    • Susan, I was just about to type this very thing!! Now I don’t have to. I think the students should have done just that. Cross Jesus out, and replace it with Mohammed. Then stomp.

  • How is stomping on the name Jesus, a lesson in Intercultural Communication. Many cultures believe in Jesus, I see this as stomping on many cultures.


  • These days education = liberal indoctrination. I have two young daughters and it’s a shame but I no longer value a college education for them. Why incur that much debt just so the university system can turn them into a couple of Obamabots?

    • Karen

      Don’t send them to college. It’s a huge debt when they come out to find they can’t get a job. And the indoctrination is even worse than in public schools. Not to mention it’s a free for all in sloppiness, drinking, sex and drugs. They’ll have a better chance these days learning a skill. Have you tried to find a plumber, electrician, seamstress, etc. lately???

      • SturJen

        Have you ever hired a seamstress lately? I’ve got the skills and I get complaints when I charge 20 bucks to alter a bridesmaid’s gown. Of course, the “Professional seamstress” that they SHOULD have gotten (who sold them the dress in the first place) was going to charge them $80.
        I’ve got the skills, and so do others, but no one wants to pay them the going rate as well. Heck, I would have altered the dress completely for $60. What she got was my very base $20 job that entails very simplistic fixes.

        • Spyder Dalton

          No one thinks they have to pay for anything anymore. It’s the entitlement syndrome. People call for my services and when I mention the fees they never call back. They act as though it costs me nothing to provide the service.

          • HappyClinger

            They probably can’t afford you, thanks to obama.

      • ArielMalek

        The crafts are find for some, but many are called to higher level skilled works such as business, accounting, law, medicine, etc. So many universities are indeed cesspools of indoctrination and brainwashing into Marxism and atheism, but there are-probably a few-that are conservative and Christian and have good academics and world-views. But would need to research. Christians founded the university system(including most Ivy League schools) in the US but eventually surrendered it to fundamentalist atheists. But I have also heard of others that arranged apprenticeships with eg medical doctors or lawyers then arranged to take the proper exams to get degreed from a cooperative university after which they took and passed their respective state licensing-and did so successfully. Also I have heard of a good online Christian university that is very inexpensive relative to the high cost of standard university brainwashing-but that takes disciple on part of the student So many alternatives-just need to be diligent and creative and think outside the matrix.

        • I agree with most of what you said except the part about the crafts are fine. Try building a house to IBC. Most people would not have a clue. I know many engineers whom draw plans which simply make life miserable for a builder because they know math but have no idea how to build anything.

          • ArielMalek

            Tom what is IBC? Yes, I am sure you are speaking correctly. But again isn’t this part of the problem with current Universities which teach mainly theoretical head knowledge rather than also practical application? EG don’t know if correct, but I heard that in Germany that those in unversities also learn an appropriate trade-eg if architect or engineer, they might learn carpentry. Not sure how true. but makes more sense. But also part of problem is that so many current university grads have gone through public schools which are atrocious with all due respect. Third world students in schools that spend a fraction of the ton of money we throw at schools far out perform American students in things like math and science. Again, a symptom of leaving God and the Bible-the key of all knowledge-out of our educational and every other institution. Which is why our humanistic systems are about ready to collapse.

      • Or start a small business!

    • Send them to Liberty University in Lynchburgh, VA. Or, use their online university. The will not get the dribble indoctrination there.

      • mg_lester

        My daughter is a junior at LU on campus. She loves it there and is such a mature young woman with strong beliefs. Her faith is unwavering and she would certainly applaud the students who refused this assignment….as do I.

    • agbjr

      I concur. Best to instill in them God’s Commandments, educate them in the Constitution and how to recognize enemies of their liberty and OUR Republic, teach them a trade, and for their lifelong protection make sure they know how to safely handle firearms.

    • Joe Q. Average

      Get your kids interested in objective hard science/engineering majors like aerospace, electrical or mechanical engineering and find a school that isn’t well known for its political activism. They’ll be fine.

      Oh and talk to them on a regular basis about current events. That’s the simplest way to inoculate them against going lefty on you. It certainly worked on me.

  • I’d sure like to have a ‘meeting’ with the instructor and the school officials…….

  • And America wonders why we keep getting farther and farther behind the rest of the world.

    • Joe Q. Average

      You think they don’t do this crap in the rest of the world? The problem with America is that the idiots among us are slowly adopting this BS.

  • Karen

    Wonder what would happen if they were told to write “Mohammed” on that paper?

    • That, would have made the front page of every large newspaper, and been on every major liberal news network. Obamination would probably even have something to say about that..

  • Scott

    This is fine to do but don’t draw a cartoon of Muhammad or the Muslims will be offended and we don’t want to do that. Another stupid liberal college instructor I am sure. Maybe it’s time that South Park has an episode with Muhammad as a judge of a pulled pork competition?

    • I liked the defense: “the Jesus-stomping was part of a classroom exercise from a textbook: “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition.”

  • ruby

    is this article for real….it can’t be….

  • Scotty-wad

    Now, if it were Muhammad… take that teacher’s head off!!!

  • George

    If this is part of the course it should be dropped from the curriculum and the instructor should be discharged. You can not learn how to accept other cultures by disgracing another one.

  • horseridingplains

    CScope strikes again–get on the e-mails, calls to University–letters to that Congress person-make a difference- make our voices heard that this is an affront to our religious freedom–was the name allah to be stomped on???

  • Palm Beach County Democratic Party vice chair. Why am I not surprised.

  • everthink has change now ,when the name or alooh mohamed will be dealt firmly now .. but not for jesus name,media ,goverment ,and profesor all university has blind now …God forgive and love all

  • Pastor Bob

    As many are in eternity they will regret mocking the name that would have saved them. Pray for these people. We hear more and more stories of this every day. Jesus said it would be this way.

  • ron

    I hope the professor gets bit by a rabid squirrel. Maybe after that he sense of his own self riotousness will leave him and he can see the evil he is a part of.

  • That’s all that’s left of My America.

  • EnemyoftheState

    If the idiot had suggested the kids stomped on the name Mohammad the lawyers would be busy and the college would have been razed to the ground.

    • HappyG

      Obo the Clown would have taken to a podium and denounced it…

  • JamesPF

    idiots pigs fire the whole damn school administration ! I am glad that I am not paying tuition for this crap. Would this jerk professor say write the name ALLAH on a piece of paper and piss on it?

    • Notmyfault150

      Of course not! The lily-livers would be too afraid to do that. Have you ever seen an atheist object to anything Muslim? Has the ACLU ever tried to remove any Muslim symbols or objected to Muslims who use public streets to unroll their rugs to pray. They are too scared to rock the boat with the Muslims. Persecution is reserved for Christians.

  • this is worth a lawsuit

  • NotSurprised

    Deandre J. Poole

    Email: [email protected]

    PhD, Howard University

    Areas of Specialization: Intercultural Communication, Leadership and Communication, Political Communication

    Deandre Poole teaches courses in intercultural communication, ethnicity and communication, leadership and communication, and organizational communication. His research focuses on the role mediated messages play in shaping individual attitudes and beliefs concerning issues of justice and inequality, and examines how leaders, organizations, and other influential authorities dominate and oppress marginalized groups of people. Currently, he is authoring the book, Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero, to be published by the Edwin Mellen Press. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Poole is actively engaged in various community service projects throughout Palm Beach County.

    • EnemyoftheState

      Communist. That is all you need to know.

    • coastx

      Great, probably a Mormon yourself. Mormons are the most prolific abduction perps on the planet. Pool just fleshed one out. These monsters attack women for ritual human sacrifice, a subject you apparently know very little about. Ya S****D F***K!

      • agbjr

        Bigoted wackadoodle, ain’t ya?

        • coastx

          Let’s take a look at your little cipher, yet again:

          The Mormon church is 911. Here’s what you’re doing:

          MORMON ODC
          1171211292= additive sum 9

          1271018= additive sum 11


          F*** you pervert.


          1 agbjr coastx • 21 minutes ago

          Careful … your religious bigotry is showing.

          2 agbjr
          • 24
          minutes ago

          Obviously a bigot.

          3 agbjr coastx • 22 minutes ago

          Bigoted wackadoodle, ain’t ya?

          Research mission creep, fool. It goes both way ya know.

  • You have to deprogram your children when they come home from school ,I did and they don’t believe the government or major news outlets

    • HappyG

      I’m shocked.

  • foxxybey

    This teacher, if he can even be called that needs to be fired period and the student should be reinstated right away. I agree with Susan, they would murder this teacher if it was mohammad or allah. I would have told the teacher to go to hell and walked out of class and if tried to stop me it would be him on the floor that I would be stomping on.

  • Ed

    Need to stomp on professor.

  • GATOR007

    Perfect example of what is wrong with our nation! No respect taught, no respect given!!

    • coastx

      You need to do a little research on the Mormon church. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!

  • Guest

    So this class was “Intercultural Communication?” One of the essential keys to communications is seeking mutual understanding. So how is showing contempt and disdain for the faith of billions of people displaying understanding and enhancing communication? What does not only expressing religious bigotry and hatred, but infecting others to do so enhance communication and understanding?

  • ArielMalek

    So this class was “Intercultural Communication?” One of the essential
    keys to communications is seeking mutual understanding. So how is
    showing contempt and disdain for the faith of billions of people
    displaying understanding and enhancing communication? How does not only
    expressing religious bigotry and hatred, but infecting others to do so
    enhance communication and understanding?

  • TrapRat

    I suggest boycotting anything published by Edwin Mellen Press as racial, radical, propaganda that supports the anti-American Christian/Judeo founding of the Real America.
    Perhaps dr.D’s towel is to tight on his head because he’s certainly not of sound mind only
    subhuman, demented thoughts.

  • James Brown

    I admire the young man for standing up for our convictions, as for the teacher where is the tolerance and diversity she espouses. The University over reacted and if this is part of a computer generated class program, why waste money on a losing college education?

  • SkallyWagg

    it’s not the teacher who was following the instruction in the book. It is the Dean, President, Publisher and Writer that we should inquire. You need to take this to the source of the committed. Bet the writer would be approved for a gun, food stamps and WIC, LOL?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TrapRat

    Anybody been watching the series on tv “Bible” ? It’s fantasic!! Except for the look-a-like as the devil

  • Nikita63


  • HappyG

    Pretty soon officials like these are going to have to be dealt with in extreme terms…Today seems like a good day to start.

  • The Teachers B S is astounding!

  • Marlin208

    Part of a classroom exercise from a textbook? Intercultural communication? Just what the hell does that have to do with stomping on someones religious leader AND BTW the name of the son of God.

    Why is it that these piss ants always do that to Jesus and none of the others? Why not write Budda or Mohammed, hmmmmm?

    These lousy dirt bag professors bring this crap into the class room and always put down the Christian faith.

    If it is so great to be of another faith than move to a country that practices that faith and teach your crap there.

  • Gotcha, well so long as its an exercise from a book, its ok!

  • CalvinTalks

    This is a LOT more serious than you realize.

    Many people aren’t aware that in the 1600s, Japan had a thriving Catholic community. The Japanese government eradicated them. How? By a practice called “fumi-e” – requiring suspected Christians to step on a picture of the Virgin Mary or Jesus.

    Continuing from the Wikipedia article on fumi-e: “People reluctant to step on the pictures were identified as Catholics and were sent to Nagasaki. The policy of the Edo government was to turn them from their faith, Catholicism; however, if the Catholics refused to change their religion, they were tortured. As many of them still refused to abandon their faith, they were killed by the government.”

    This college professor is practicing fumi-e on his students. Since he can’t torture or execute anyone, he is having devout Christians suspended. This is not “intercultural communications”; it is a practice directly linked to historical religious persecution.

    • TexasJester

      Interesting bit of history.. I hadn’t heard this. Thanks!

    • Thank you.

  • Ultimately if you take any argument between Liberals and Conservatives down to it’s base root you will find Jesus Christ as the pivotal issue. It’s funny but the Republicans are supposedly looking for that key issue that is keeping them from approvals at the polls, and I will tell them it isn’t a key issue they need it’s a key they have forgotten. The idea that conservatives will now become ‘fiscal conservatives’ is a ridiculous way to say “we are the new Godless Corporate leaders of America”. America didn’t become a superpower because of the great financial skills of Corporate leaders, it became a great and blessed Nation because of Her God.

  • why is the practice of satanism being pushed in the universities and by our goverment servants.satanism is a religion,don’t let anyone tell you it is not and it is being pushed hard .

  • boccagalupe

    I know some people that would have dropped prof. Deandre Poole on the floor and then stomped a mud-hole of the prof and then walked it dry. Secondly if that is a part of the book the school is teaching from, the school had better get some different books.
    Is FAU a state university? If so the taxpayers should question the state.

  • This will not go away and persecution of Christians in this country will become more and more acceptable here in the US, Pray for that professor; that he will come to know Christ before it’s too late.

  • I strongly advise this student/his parents, and any other students/families that believe we should respect people’s religious beliefs, to promptly withdraw from this university and take your tuition dollars ELSEWHERE. I would not support this institution at all.

    • boccagalupe

      I understand your feelings about this Ms. Patterson, but a larger thought is for the citizens o florida to see that this sort of crap is not taught nor will it be tolerated at a publicly funded university. No taxpayer should allow this nonsense to continue.

      • I completely agree with you, however, it seems as though those in government today (at all levels) do not care what the taxpayers want anymore.

  • DE Navarro

    Professor went with it, school backed it, anyone have a spare tactical nuke sitting around – I don’t think this place should exist.

  • coastx

    I think setting Jesus aside for a moment, the idea of orchestrating writing anyone’s name on a sheet of paper and stomping on it in an is an act of hatred. That almost seems like coerced militia and is a good example of a misapplication of Milgram.

    I don’t care what the text book says or who authorized it. In my mind it’s mission creep in acculturation to anti reason and the paradoxical lamp-lighting and blockbusting tactics of Fabianism. Blockbusting can get the school sued.

    I am no advocate for Mormons either. Their own organization is culpable of far worse circumstances. For example, Thomas Monson was directly involved in the abductions of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner with absolutely no accountability to the church. This organization is largely philanthropic hiding it’s involvement in the black mass sacrifice with victims numbering in the hundreds of thousands between 1900 and 2000 alone. That’s Ra. Their philanthropic enterprise which is engineered to hide this is Amen, and the propaganda mechanism is Toth (Thoth). They are breeding down intelligence in the mainstream taking the Eve Novus to their own eugenics operation, hence the stupid American. You’ve been bred to it folks via the Mormon church. Those little missionary… predator eyes on the streets ISO guess who, THE EVE NOVUS!

    This guy shouldn’t be feeling do bad, really. If the circumstances had been reversed, he’d have been female, there would have been two, one renditioned/murdered curbside stabbed in the neck a couple of times and the other taken into captivity, tortured and raped by the Mormon elite and sacrificed 9 months later full term delivering the “Satanic” infant moments after mom’s heart had been removed, all with her fully awake and aware of what was happening to her. Psychotic split on the mom, minimally. So whats the problem really? Go ahead and feel the moment for this little drac. I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of sacrifice young women waiting for him to cross over so they can have their days with him. Certainly, America’s been bred too stupid to even know what going on.


  • Charles Smith

    May the wrath of GOD be with that professor the rest of his days on earth.

  • Lowell

    Fight brainwashing and value destroying colleges every chance you get. In the meantime private school whenever possible. Our nation is under attack.

  • Folks, this has gone too far! It is time to start uniting and arming STATE MILITIAS as our constitution permits “US” to do in order to fight tyrannical government which we now have!

  • While this is interesting, we’ve just brought up the textbook mentioned in a pdf format and NO WHERE is there any reference to writing any name on a piece of paper and stomping on it. So at this juncture, I call B.S. on the school’s support on the event.

    • coastx

      Or an opportunity to expose the Mormon church, which was brilliant on the professor’s part.

      This guy shouldn’t be feeling do bad, really. If the circumstances had
      been reversed, he’d have been female, there would have been two, one
      renditioned/murdered curbside stabbed in the neck a couple of times and
      the other taken into captivity, tortured and raped by the Mormon elite
      and sacrificed 9 months later full term delivering the “Satanic” infant
      moments after mom’s heart had been removed, all with her fully awake and
      aware of what was happening to her. Psychotic split on the mom,
      minimally. So what the problem is, really, Lil’ Bat (Junior Ryan

      Scary, eh?

  • This idiot shouldn’t be teaching,if it was up to me he would be fired!!!Not one person could stop me from praying or taking up for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !!!

  • brandon

    What an awesome assignment. Makes me wonder why I bothered with all that math for my engineering degree.

    • coastx

      Do a statistical application. Null hypothesis: There will be no statistical difference in the number of people who support this professor and those who do not.

      Stop complaining. Go for it.

  • BULLET904


    • coastx

      Will you settle down. My god, you are going off like a giant horses banana. If you’ll follow the blog a little you’ll learn this may have been a heroic move on the part of the professor. This guy she’s fleshed out may in fact be something akin to a Ted Bundy. Mormons are expert BSers, and their elite behind some of the most notorious abduction crimes of the past century. THINK!

  • Suqa Mydeek

    Give me the professors name. I’ll make sure he never does anything like this again.

    • coastx

      Think outside the box for a moment. Maybe the problem is with the Mormon. there is a very good chance this professor did this to loft a reality issue with the Mormon church that people are just not seeing no matter how much in their face it is. Occult rendition and child abduction is Mormon staple. Do your homework.

  • ruby

    Wow that’s what’s wrong with our schools now they took prayers out what else will they take now from our.children

    • coastx

      This is unbelievable. This entire thread is going wild on the professor, but what he has done is beat out a drac. He’s working on your interest not against you. Do you think Jesus would mind if you used his name to flesh out a monster? I doubt it. The Mormon church is a MASTER eugenics project in perpetuity. This SSO does the black mass at 3000+ renditions per year and has been since 1888. Not the Saville version of raping children, the sacrifice of a full term pregnant version, the babies oft these women DNA linked to Thomas Monson. You people are fools!

      • agbjr

        Careful … your religious bigotry is showing.

        • coastx

          Let’s take a look at your little cipher.

          The Mormon church is 911. Here’s what you’re doing:

          MORMON ODC
          1171211292= additive sum 9

          1271018= additive sum 11


          F*** you pervert.


          agbjr coastx • 21 minutes ago

          Careful … your religious bigotry is showing.

  • Dan

    I’m agnostic, but I’ll support this student 100%. That sounds completely, absolutely offensive.

    • coastx

      HAHAHA… He’s a f*****g little DRAC! You epople are amazingly naive. Disneyland naive. Mormons are the most prolific abduction organization on the planet, you M****!

  • What kind of stupid textbook is that? If that were my kid I’d be raising hell at the dean’s office… and if it is a state sponsored school (I don’t know if that one is or not) my state representatives and senators would hear about it.

  • agbjr

    The student should have written OBAMA and stomped on it! Indoctrination specialists like this “professor” should have their heads stomped on until they scream for Jesus to save them.

    • coastx

      NO. NO. NO. OMG! You are missing reality completely. You think being Mormon makes people special. It makes them drac special.

      … hahaha

      • agbjr

        Obviously a bigot.

        • coastx

          Let’s take a look at your little cipher, again:

          The Mormon church is 911. Here’s what you’re doing:

          MORMON ODC
          1171211292= additive sum 9

          1271018= additive sum 11


          F*** you pervert.


          1 agbjr coastx • 21 minutes ago

          Careful … your religious bigotry is showing.

          2 agbjr coastx • 24 minutes ago

          Obviously a bigot.

  • Firefightermp6

    That professor needs to be fired and oblama needs to be impeached and college needs to be discredited.

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    I think we should require
    that the professor stomp on a picture of Mohammed and post it on the internet
    or resign his position.

  • Multiculturalism or respect for religious diversity and freedom only cuts one way these days.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Let’s see if these pukes are willing to stomp on “Muhammed”, and then have their addresses published in the newspapers. I’ll bet dollars to donuts you won’t have any takers. They know full well they can be smug about degrading Jesus, but would be in mortal danger of offending Muslims.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    If this exercise truly is part of the curriculum, it is time for a new one. Just one more example of our educational system chipping away at the morals of our youth.

  • TexasJester

    I am not a Christian – I have my own faith. That being said, what this “professor” – democrat official in his district – offends me no end!! As long as your religion is peaceful, and harms no one, you should be allowed to practice it and not have it denigrated – that includes Christianity!

    Islam, however, is another story – it is a violent religion, demanding death on those that won’t convert to Islam, and for those that leave Islam. It demands unquestioning and demeaning servitude by women – how a woman could willingly join Islam is beyond me (and I know a couple!!). A woman can be accused of adultery with no evidence, and stoned to death , on her husband’s word. Heck, a woman can’t even go out of the house without her husband or male relative, in the stricter areas! Islam SHOULD be stomped on, NOT Jesus!!

    • coastx

      Jesus is a myth. This myth was invented by the council of Nicaea as part of a change process through which the Roman emperor was transformed to a Pope, the idea being to refocus an otherwise diffuse polytheistic culture to one of monotheism, the product of which was Christianity. Roman leadership knew religion worked to motivate people and figured out how to use this to control them. It worked. Rome didn’t fall. It reinvented itself through Christianity.

      Stop acting like an idiot and have some balls. The prof fleshed out a drac, like it or not. The student who made these allegations was suspended because he threatened the professor afterward. HE THREATENED HIM. Make sense? Are you awake, and if your are, what lofts this to the level of a threat?

      You would do well to do a background on this church my friend before throwing yourself into the argument hackles raised and nipping wildly at the individual you THINK is the perp. It’s actually quite a bit different than what are aware of albeit an opportunity to open your mind if you can.

  • rcfrt

    In the 1600’s in Japan Christians were given the choice of stepping on a cross or dying. Symbols have meanings and stomping on the name of Jesus in that atmosphere is just as bad as stomping on any other symbol of Jesus. I don’t care where that assignment came from….the professor should have more sense than to do something like that. He should be sanctioned, not the student.

  • You have got to be kidding me.

    why don’t we all write Deandre Poole on a piece of paper, and then stomp the heck out of it?

  • Wow I looked at Prof.Deandre Poole Facebook and he says one of his favorite books is the bible!

  • Time to sue. As a Christian I feel that this is a hate crime. I feel threatened by this, I feel my first Amendment rights are being violated. Where can we sign up for the class action lawsuit?

  • Laird

    Can you just imagine if the name was Muhammad and not Jesus?? What an uproar THAT would produce!!

  • saynit

    That professor and the school officials need their arses kicked severly.

  • SickoftheBS

    How about if he had them write Obama on a piece of paper or better yet take a picture of Obama and stomp on that. This country is rapidly going to hell with the aid of many Liberal Morons instructing at our Universities. Why not take a picture of the professor and Pee on it. Think that would be all right with the school?

  • I guess it’d be appropriate then to make Muslim students eat some bacon.

    “Intercultural Cuisine: A Contextual Approach, Pork Edition”

  • matt

    And they call colleges schools of “higher” learning? How can that be when the teachers have such low intelligence. Sending kids to such schools will more than likely prevent them from becoming smart enough to find their way in life. There are professional students, and there are those who are intelligent enough to not need some educated idiots teaching. I believe from all my experiences, “if you can’t do it, teach it. If you can’t teach it, supervise it. If you can’t supervise it, put them in charge of the whole project. Obama is an example.

  • Mischa

    Maybe someone should just stomp on that professor’s picture, just saying…

  • Deandre Poole is vice chairman of the Palm Beach county
    democratic party.. He is writing a book “Obamamania” supporting Ovomit. His reviews by students is in the crapper

    If you would like to make you displeasure known about Mr. Poole’s teaching, here are some contacts for Florida
    Atlantic University

    Mary Jane Saunders, President [email protected]
    Ron Bulger Executive Administrator and Director of
    Board Operations [email protected]
    Lill DuKate Senior Administrative Assistant [email protected]
    Andrew LaPlant Coordinator, Board of Trustee
    Operations [email protected]
    Erin MolloyDirector of the Baldwin House and
    Events [email protected]

    • coastx


      It is recommended that someone carry this forward to the White House as a nomination for the Presidential Citizen’s Medal on behalf of:

      Deandre Poole, VC, Palm Beach CDP
      Professor, Florida Atlantic University

      1) Impact on challenging the status quo mentality of racial supremacy which promotes that race singularly.

      2) This individual knowingly placed himself in harm’s way to loft a reality check on the status quo and it’s faith based ideology which prohibits the development of the sharing of resources equally among all people.

      3) Presentation was far reaching and in fact caused to be manifest the hostility of the status quo what ideology was effectively challenged by this individual’s work.

      4) The impact of this individual’s work is sustained in revealing an attitude of hostility and hatred engendered by people of a certain faith who have no tolerance for those whom are considered below them, Christians and Mormons.


  • pysco

    When I was attending UC Santa Cruz, I ran into several professors like him, the student should have written the name of the Professor on a piece of paper. Spit on it, then stomped on it.

    • Or wrote the professor’s name on it, used it for toilet paper, and then turned in his “completed assignment”.

  • http://books.google.com/books?id=uxynfqkwYe4C&pg=PA214&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false
    Show me where in that book does it suggest this exercise…Perhaps this college and the “professor” can do this excersise with Muslim students using the name of Mohamed on that paper and see how long he lives.
    Our country is in the toilet as is our education system. This started with the removal of God from our schools and elsewhere in the country.

  • Lift Jesus higher.

  • Jim28thReg

    Many schools are getting text books from a Muslim owned manufacturing firm. Operated under the the Muslim Brotherhood. This has been going on for years and the indoctrination has been slow but steady. They offer textz just a little than others and have gradually taken over most of the business. The purchasing department of many school districts are more interested in money than content. This is how most of this communist crap has permeated our education system.

    This scum though should be tied to a post with these books piled around and burned HOWEVER that’s not for us -Jesus will deal with this. The people must demand this class cancelled the teacher fired and those books destroyed. If this is not done then all participants and administrators are guilty and will be held liable.

  • Really he thinks we have to respect everyone else’s
    religions but not when it comes to God? He should lose his job.

  • Contact ACLJ

  • Hey… can we change the headline to Florida ATLANTIC University?!?! And good for the student!

  • coastx

    Don’t do reality, folks. Throw yourself out there guided by your ignorance and your fantasies. Mormon priesthood= Lil’ Bat. What a bunch of liberalized fruits. OMG!

  • Joe Lettieri

    Whats happening to our country ??That pitiful excuse for a teacher should be fired.

  • Kels

    I agree with Susan Leach and applaud the students that did not stomp on the “Jesus Paper”.

  • What would happen if you wrote Muhammed on a piece of paper and stomped on it…..probably the University would have been burned down.

  • coastx

    @Admin Will you please stop audience segmenting!

    • coastx

      STOP! Dang!

  • Don’t believe it.

  • Why would this student want to ever go back to that intolerant teacher’s class? He/she should be fired or at least rreprimanded for demanding such a blatantly anti-christian act.

  • Mike_Travis

    Every day the communists and muslims become bolder. Soon they will be killing us when we refuse to go along with their instructions.

    What will it take for Americans to wake up? Would 6 million murders of Christians help? It is coming people and the time is running out. Soon every American will be faced with a decision which is to submit to the government and become a slave or refuse and face the consequences.

    Why do you think the “government” wants to steal our weapons??? Does no one remember Hitler, Stalin, and Mao? One of the first things those three MURDERERS and dictators did was steal all weapons from all civilians. Once they did that they were free to begin to MURDER all who disobeyed, refused to comply, or even disagreed.

    So why do you think it CAN”T happen here when it happened in “enlightened” societies in Europe, the very same societies that Ovomit admires?

    The time for talk is over. The time for “asking” our elected SERPENTS pretty please is over. The time to restore our Constitutional Republic is here. If We the People do nothing, America is finished. The options are few and they are all ugly but the cost of doing nothing is much worse, at least to those of us who believe in God and our Constitution.

    A very brave Patriot once said “I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” I now know what drove him to make such a dramatic statement, and I pray more Americans will soon come to the same conclusion.

  • Michigan_REB

    this kid needs to sue the school for violating his 1st amendment rights and win one demand is the book be removed from the curriculum and the teacher be removed from teaching.

  • soccerfan

    I don’t care if it was part of a textbook assignment. It was/is wrong. I agree with Susan Leach. Have that professor write mohammed on a piece of paper and do the same exercise. You’ll have the ACLU all over you!

  • I am without religion but even so, I think this is going way too far. We all know Mohammed would have never been the assignment. It’s annoying to see Christian bashing left and right (not Jewish or Muslim). It’s like they are intentionally trying to take away religious and family values in America. This is not an isolated case. The media, Hollywood and schools are all doing a great job.

  • Mark

    The professor would probably be fired if Allah was the name written on the paper, or Muslims might negate the need for him being fired. Just another example of anti-Christian bigotry. The professor should have been fired instead of the student being punished.

  • English Teacher

    How much more detached will our centers of education get from the world they occupy? I trust the professor and the school official are looking for employment.

  • Wesley Faulkner

    Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. Sounds like this school is suffering from a severe case of this.

  • Susan

    Oh—a textbook designed by Billy Ayers so it is “good”. We are allowing textbooks to be written by creepy Marxist/ pagans/Satanists. We need government OUT Of our schools and give local control over to parents. These elitists who throw out Reason and Virtue need to be ejected. They are promoting stupidity and division—exactly what Marxists want.

  • G W

    I hope this brave student gets Pro Bono help and sues FAU, the “teacher” and school administrator who suspended the student. This whole episode reeks of blasphemy against Jesus Christ and extreme intolerance against Christian students.

  • billygeturgun

    Here is an exercise, try jumping up and down as if the floor you are standing is actually a bottomless pit of fire and brimstone and satan is standing there welcoming you to hell. That should get the ole juices flowing!!!!!!!!!!

  • dsinchrg

    Fire his ass NOW !!!!! show the outrage

  • Steve

    A school of higher learning . That’s a joke If you can’t stand up for what you believe then what do have a people who will follow anyone . Not what I want our young people to learn .They have a right to stand up for what they believe.

  • Brett

    Since when was not doing an assignment grounds for a student’s suspension? If that were the case, my classroom would be empty.

  • Dodgerzz

    This makes my blood boil. I am an atheist, but I believe in the Constitution and respect towards religious beliefs. If this school gets any government money that needs to cease. I also hope they sue the crap out of that school and get whoever enabled that preposterous assignment gets fired. Come to think of it, though, suing the school won’t necessarily be beneficial if they get stuck with a secular, religion-hating activist judge.

    • I have a very hard time believing you are an atheist and yet were too emotional to get some actual information on this story.

  • The bigger crime is that this exercise was in the text book that they are learning from

  • Seano

    I hope he sues the school for all it’s worth, for violating his religious rights!!

  • extremistfred

    One wonders if the exercise would be carried out if it contained a Muslim prophet.

  • Laity1

    I hope this drives negative reviews on Amazon and other places where the book is sold.

  • jb80538

    Now if it was hayzues, the kid would have been all over it!

  • Lesson learned? Don’t go to FAU. Good for that kid; there are better Universities out there.

    • coastx

      By any chance are you in some way associated with Rotela?

  • RLM357

    SUSPEND the ‘TEACHER (?) ” Not the Student. Nest that Broad will run for President. ~Rick Magee, FL

    • coastx

      Male professor, and I’d vote for him!

  • bnchy

    This piece of crap professor needs to be fired

  • Craig

    It always amazes me how liberals are only open minded to their own beliefs

  • unclebarry

    It’s all about CONTROL people. It’s what Hitler with the Star of David. Stomp on it once, twice, it gets easier and easier. A lesson in communication Of disrespect. That lesson needs to be burned and thrown out to sea.

  • SandyLester

    Any parent that pays for their children to go to this school should be charged with child abuse.

  • Not a xtian but that is stupid.

  • jamohio

    Another liberal professor with no moral convictions. More disrespect of anything Christian is ok in academic circles!! Its a sad time that we live in!!

  • melissaf

    Id like to know what the point of the exercise was supposed to be, like what goal was the instructor trying to reach….Im sure it wasnt JUST to degredate a group of student’s God….but it would be interesting to know….Im sure suspension was a bit of an over reaction though….

  • Chief47

    The residents near Florida Atlantic University should storm the campus, lay that professor down on the floor, and let every student who doesn’t believe in terrorism, Allah or Islam stomp him. Tit for tat.

  • Jim Lytle

    If stomping on something means that you place no value in it then the students who place value in the name of Jesus should have been given the option to write something else on the paper to complete the assignment, the name of the teacher perhaps?

  • Okay, stop! If this is true I want to see the class action law suit of all parents against the university. If they don’t, so be it right? What ‘was’ the purpose of this assignment by this Professor?

    • coastx

      The power of the use of symbolism.

  • Lloyd

    Teaching something and is one thing, but exercizing an offensive act to teach is quite a different story. To require a student to violate a religeous conviction just to teach a concept is totally wrong. Something like this is called indoctrination not education. It makes me wonder when they will condemn that student to ther gulag. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.. I just wonder how much longer before the populace will say enough, and then do something about it.

  • Well than, let me wipe my ass with the Koran .

  • I, as a Christian, am getting really fed up with the blatant displays of disrespect of my beliefs, and watching the beliefs of true infidels elevated over mine. It seems that academia find it acceptable to disgrace the name of my God, while not even daring to attempt to challenge the beliefs of others. Time for taxpayers to stop funding this kind of insulting action from our “elite” centers of “higher learning”.

    • coastx

      Jesus is a myth modeled on Horus. This myth was invented by the council of Nicaea as part of a change process through which the Roman emperor was transformed to a Pope, the idea being to refocus an otherwise diffuse polytheistic culture to one of monotheism, the product of which was Christianity.

      Roman leadership knew religion motivated people and figured out how to use this to control them. It worked. Rome didn’t fall. It reinvented itself through statist Christianity.

      People don’t have a divine right to statism or any other political organization that predisposes one individual to rule over another. In this regard Christianity is a racketeering scheme, and in the hands of the Mormon church Fabian mission creep in the proliferation of black mass eugenics.

      That’s not to say Christianity didn’t improve itself via preliterate acculturation. In fact, once the bible went into mass production and the Masons lofted on the wizardry of the King of England, Christianity subsequently evolved a conscience in the form of the Protestant reformation WITH THE HELP OF THE MASONS AKA G7R in direct contravention of G7E, the latter the sexualized/Satanized Masons that are the negative core of the Fabian movement in the US.

      While Jesus is a myth, in the hands of G7R it is too powerful to control by it’s creators, which is why G7E decommissioned the New Testament via Pope Benedict in November 2012. If it survives, it’ll be G7R that makes this happen, albeit people will also slowly be awakened to the idea that Jesus is in fact a solar deity myth principled on Horus, the difference between this new concept and the old being the understanding that the planets and every life form that inhabit them are in fact a creation of the Divine and not the will of Nicaea or it’s Fabian presentation exclusively.

  • ok, so why don’t they have them stomp on the name Mohamed instead?

  • nam_vet6869

    The young man should be proud, he stood for his beliefs. The professor should be reprimanded but it already shows the leadership of the University is behind the exercise so nothing will happen. If I were an alumnus of the University I would with hold any more money until the student was reinstated and the course cancelled, as well as any other anti religious course taught. Susan Leach I agree with you and you will never see that happen. Maybe Christians need to go back to days of the Crusades.

    • No one was forced to step on the paper. It was an exercise designed to facilitate a lesson on the power of symbols. This student was actually suspended days later and from what i’m hearing from another student in the school it was for making threatening statements toward the professor over this assignment.

      • nam_vet6869

        If that is the case it explains why only he was suspended. He got what he deserved. Thanks for the additional information.

      • coastx

        Good report, AW. Keep up the reality sorties. These are monsters, and they do NOT tolerate the light.

  • Alfredo

    Where are the CHURCHES? Do they EVER come forward to DEMAND their Constitutional RIGHT to FREEDOM of religion? Where are the PARENTS, is everyone a brain dead, leftist hippie? WHY isn’t this crazed, radical, leftist “professor” being charged with a hate crime? That is what would happen if a muzzie was offended.

    • No one was forced to step on the paper. It was an exercise designed to facilitate a lesson on the power of symbols. This student was actually suspended days later and from what i’m hearing from another student in the school it was for making threatening statements toward the professor over this assignment.

      P.S. Stop making my name look bad 🙂

  • rick

    Blasphemy cut the teachers head off.

  • I would have to start to question the value of the education from a place that would allow and defend such absurd methods of teaching. My education & my dollars would be better spent at another university. It’s clear that one is no good.

  • James Maxwell

    Personally I would have cold cocked the POS, no one said he had to believe, pray or other
    wise acknowledge my religious convictions or beliefs but that does not grant nor give him
    the right to desecrate the name that holds significant value to Christians. He want to
    stomp on something let him try it with Allah, Mohammad or some other deity that hold
    value to religious groups. I have the feeling he would be in fired and in hiding for a very
    long time.

  • pwm

    Nazi training in our schools-except it is Christian principles being trampled on-but you must embrace islam. BS to the max. I would have told the instructor right then and there, in the classroom that it was not right. I would have said, put your mothers name on the piece of paper and then stomp on it. make it personal to these liberals and then the light comes on. I cannot believe that is an actual textbook exercise in “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition.” if it is about communication-you don’t stomp to talk to people you talk to them. how ridiculous. this is what is wrong with our universities they are doing away with God and Jesus yet loving islam. in turn confusing all the youngsters.

  • Gietsrfarher

    Instead of writing Jesus on the paper, I would have written Allah on it, held it up to show the instructor, then stomped on it.

  • wishonastar

    Teachers are the
    most demonic ignorant leftist people in our country. They are helping bring
    America down. I use to respect teachers, I no longer do. I used to mentor
    football players at a large university in Florida, whenever a football player
    was having problem, we were told to push them towards education
    degrees/classes, by far the easiest courses at the university. i should have
    realized what a bunch of morons were taking these courses just to get a degree,
    usually the drug culture and the lazy…very telling.

  • I am not a religious person but that would offend me as it would anyone of any faith. Jesus would probably have forgiven and maybe so should man in his example. But the “teacher” should have known better than to be “teaching” disrespect for any religion. Even if the text book tells you to do this. It is wrong! What ever happened to common sense? The college should be questioning their curriculum and their teachers.

  • His first mistake – taking any course with the word “intercultural” OR “multicultural” in the title of the course.
    It also begs the question, is there also an exercise where you write the word “mohammed” and stomp on it? I think NOT!

  • puzzled

    They suspend a student for standing up fir his belief yet let students walk in with military weapons. hmmmm….. Another thought, 5 trillion other words to stomp on and it couldn’t be compromised with a different word. What kind of teacher is that.

  • I will read no further since Susan has responded so perfectly!

  • This kid should have put obama’sname on there and saee what would really happen

  • Doc

    Ok, America, let’s all go to the store, buy some beer and chips with our EBT cards, come home, flop onto the (oversized) sofa, in our subsidized apartment, and do as we usually do; NOTHING! The fact that the only response to this kind of “teaching” is this article tells me we lost the fight for liberty. The Muslim-in-Chief has won. He has taken once proud Americans and turned them into disgusting fat, slovenly, lazy, entitled blobs of discontent. Shame on you America. You are a nation of cowards.

  • Patsy Asher

    Revenge is mine says the Lord, I will repay. The Lord will take care of the teacher and the school.


    Today a college education and those who teach there are all NAZIE ‘S and would be right at home with the SS, I believe a college education is worthless. It’s better to be in a trade or do your own business. COLLEGE HAS NOTHING OF VALUE ANYMORE.

  • reggiec

    I have heard that the instructor, Deandre Poole, is an equal opportunity religious hater. I heard the instructor has desecrated the Koran by spitting on it, ripping out pages and stomping on them too. I wonder how much pressure the idiot might recieve if the Koran thing became well known?

  • Americanmeltdown

    Contact the university with a complaint about Deandre Poole and the students suspension for acting on his personal faith beliefs! Thank you
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Dean of Students 561-297-3542

    FAU Main Number 561.297.3000
    Boca Raton 561.297.3000
    Davie 954.236.1000
    Dania Beach 954.924.7223
    Fort Lauderdale 954.236.1000
    Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute 772.465.2400
    Jupiter 561.799.8500
    Treasure Coast 772.873.3300

  • coastx


    It is recommended that someone carry this forward to the White House as a nomination for the Presidential Citizen’s Medal on behalf of:

    Deandre Poole, VC, Palm Beach CDP
    Professor, Florida Atlantic University

    Mr. Poole has:

    1) pressed a lasting impact on challenging the status quo mentality of supremacy of a race and a religion which promotes a highly volatile and reactionary ideology,

    2) knowingly placed himself in harm’s way to loft a reality check on the status quo and it’s faith based ideology which prohibits the development of the sharing of resources equally among all people,

    3) conducted appropriate and correct education far reaching which in fact caused to be manifest the hostility of the status quo what ideology was effectively challenged by this individual’s work, and

    4) sustained his dignity against sweeping retaliation for revealing an attitude of hostility, hatred and prejudice engendered by people of a certain faith who have no tolerance for those whom are considered below them, White Christians, and in particular the Mormon community.


  • hayrake

    Rotela got suspended because he went to a school official and complained about the assignment on the basis that it offended his religious convictions? I guess none of the other non-stompers complained, since he seems to be the only one suspended. Good for him. A young man of character, unafraid to take things to the next level where his religious convictions are concerned. Colleges going to the liberal dumpster.

  • James Sager US Army/Retired

    Oh – It’s ok to be disrespectful to any Christian and his/her beliefs, but don’t you dare make lite of a Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religious belief. That is just not right, right? So the religious rights that my ancestors, my son, my grandson, and I fought to protect is only ok as long as it’s not Christianity. I feel sorry for your school and those who teach there. Oh – and also do not expect me to protect your rights when you disrespect mine.

  • seaofteamerican

    Can we ask that this bastard that we taxpayers pay salary for be fired and exiled to a Country he might like say maybe Egypt, Iran,Syria! I’m sure he’ll fit right with their teachings however I don’t think he would last long. This Viet-Nam is sick of these wimps unlike anyone elseI didn’t serve for him I served for real Americans!

  • Me

    Why did the student get suspended? Religion and everything else aside, if the student didn’t complete the assignment, give him a zero. I personally think the professor could’ve used this opportunity for some beneficial dialogue, especially considering the source of the assignment is “Intercultural Communication.” There MUST be more to this story that isn’t reported here.

  • This kind of thing does not surprise me a bit, for the bible tells us that these things are to come. I admire the student for standing for his beliefs, not many people willing to do that anymore. Seems you can offend Jesus these days but not Mohammed! The king of kings is coming and this professor will bow with everyone else to the one true king!!! Jesus Christ!!!

  • I bet there’s more to this story than is recounted in this article.

  • Abby701

    Could you do that if the word was “Mohammed”? I rest my case.,

  • Abby701

    All funding for this “schoool” of higher education should be withdrawn. This assignment was an assignment of a hate crime. Why is it being tolerated?

  • Eloha

    The professor should be fired immediately. I believe in religious tolerance, but what he is teaching is hate and disrespect. I applaud the student who refused to “follow orders”.

  • Origin

    The real name of the Christ is YESHUA and not Jesus.

  • The teacher and the course need to be suspended!

  • Mattymae

    That professor is not very bright.

  • Cryptic Conversions

    I emailed Dr. Poole and his supervisor and told them that I thought he should be fired.

  • coastx listens to hisself way to much

  • I have done a little research and have found the synopsis from the text book that details the exercise itself

    “Have the students write the name JESUS in big letters on a piece of paper Ask the students to stand up and put the paper on the floor in front of them with the name facing up. Ask the students to think about it for a moment. After a brief period of silence instruct them to step on the paper. Most will hesitate. Ask why they can’t step on the paper. Discuss the importance of symbols in culture.”

    It is apparent from the exact wording that the students are meant to get to the point of hesitation and then discuss why they hesitated and what symbols and sacredness mean in culture. The problem here is that the professor sucks at his job and didn’t stop but tried to force his students to stomp on the name of their god. When stories like this break it’s common for some people to blame academia and say that colleges are out to destroy people’s faith or some such thing. Incidents like this are atypical and for a textbook to actually demand that students defile the name of a religious figure would be even more atypical. The reality is that this textbook had a somewhat poorly thought out exercise in it and the professor handled it very, very badly. In follow up stories it has also come to light that the college has since apologized to the student, will no longer allow that exercise to be done, and has denied having suspended anybody(they might have though).

  • Burt

    how about stomping on the professor instead

  • SandyW

    I have never in my life. Who in their right mind would even use this as a class activity. I am so offended by this action. I previous post asked “what if Jesus saw this?” Let me tell you something…….Jesus did see this and I am quite sure He is not pleased, nor should He be. This type action is walking a real fine line of the unforgivable sin. Be very careful. We serve a VERY POWERFUL GOD.! Don’t ever forget that.

  • I’m a professor and I think this is a made up story.

  • Jack

    Perhaps we need to stomp on the professor….can I get an AMEN?

  • why doesn’t this professor ask his students to stomp on the name Mohammad, the prophet? or on the Koran? I agree with Susan Leach, the prof. might lose his job and his head! this professor is a coward.

  • I would have written the teachers name on the paper and stomped on that!

  • lyn

    I think the disrespectful attude to Christiantity is appalling but I think theres also a much darker lesson ,I do not think that the the religion of the student is the important issue ,the fact is that they refused to do something because they felt it was moraly wrong and were punished for it.wether right or wrong they were recorded as having christian belifes and should therefore have been within their rights to refuse to do something which could be seen as offensive,the lesson the class learned was stand up for what you belive in and get punished for it .It also seems an extreemly flawed syllabus if it cant see this might have been a problem ,,I would also suggest some muslims would not have performed this excerise either as Jesus is an honoured prophet in their religion.

  • San Juanita

    Cannot believe that the professor didn’t get stomped on —the professor needs to be “Fired” NOW not after he dies. My hat goes off to Rotela. GOD BLESS YOU-ROTELA -THANK YOU FOR BEING A LEADER AND NOT A FOLLOWER LIKE THOSE THAT LISTEN TO A SICK PROFESSOR AND CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

  • Hmm….posting policy says there’s no tolerance for racism here. So…coastx….”Mormon drac”, “home bred American country boy”, “American bred farm intelligence”, “Hollander”, “Nerd”, “Black teacher versus white students”, Susan’s sympathetic to a murdering cult and Barbara and Susan’s middle name is “Molly”. These comments are racist, bigoted, vulgar, religious persecution, discourteous and just plain old fashioned bullying. Hit the button people! He’s never going to get it and he doesn’t need to be spreading his hatred here.

  • rj stephens

    Sorry not seeing the connection between stomping on a name and communication in a university setting..interestingly he picked “Jesus” as the name and not his own.



  • Mark N Starla Traina

    OBAMA’S AMERICA is looking more and more like COMMUNIST CHINA!

    How low can the OBAMAISM of AMERICA GEAUX!

    Try STOMPING on the KORAN and see how far the MUSLIMS will let you GEAUX!



    FACT: STOMPING on a BIBLE at an NAAWP EVENT would be LIFE THREATENING, because we have NO TOLERANCE for that kind of “BULLSHYT”! By the way, STOMPING on the KORAN could also be a LIFE THREATENING event at the NAAWP!~