Gun Control Lesson for Dummies


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  • I couldn’t think of a better way to state it than what the cartoonist did here. The only people that gun control would make happy are the idiot politicians who vote for these laws and the criminal who would ultimately benefit from them. Stupid, idiotic politicians like obama and his ilk.

    • Sly like a fox is what Obama is. He wants us without guns so when the time is right his DHS can round us up and we all know what that means. I wish I did have a weapon and I’d certainly give them a few bullets before they could take me out. That sob should be in prison for TREASON and Clinton too. Murdering communists.

  • Dpos

    If the Dems want no guns then they should lead by example. Have the riflemen removed from the school where Obamas kids go right on down the line. DiFi, all the State Govs, all the Congress and Senators voting in favor of no guns turn em in you hipocrites! They want ours and exempt themselves from the laws they think are good for the country. If they’re good then turn in your guns or quit lying. My gun is playing defense so I’m keeping it. Liars, robbers and hypocrites for the most of them. They think their money can buy forgiveness on Judgement Day? Good luck.

    • jenniewalsh

      Great post!

  • fcsuszka

    This sums it up with a twist. Our government will have guns too and I’m sure they will not defend us unarmed Americans. Every man for himself. Talk against Obama and the thugs, get swept under the carpet or still, be ushered off to a FEMA camp never to be heard from again. I mean after all, the coffins they bought are a one size fits all aren’t they?