Hunting Humans


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

In her latest insane rant, Senator Dianne Feinstein is upset because, while there is a three round limit to hunt ducks, apparently there is no such restriction on human hunting. Therefore, she insists that we limit magazine capacity. After all, why should ducks have an unfair advantage over humans?

Wait a minute…..when did we start hunting humans? Oh, I know, the United States has entered into a treaty with the UN that would allow the UN to dictate what kind of guns we may own in America. So I guess the plan is, for those of us who refuse to give up our guns, we will be hunted down by UN security forces. So, Senator, does that mean you will limit magazine capacity for them as well? I mean, if UN security forces are going to be allowed onto American soil to hunt down the terrible Americans who refuse to be disarmed, shouldn’t you at least make it as fair for humans as you do for ducks?

We all know that law abiding, gun toting, liberty loving Americans are likely to lose their minds any day now and go ballistic (pun intended). We cannot be trusted to own guns without hunting humans. Heck, we can’t be trusted with a 28 ounce drink, let alone weapons of human destruction. Maybe they should limit us all to two rounds and we should all buy double barrel shotguns to shoot through the door at people. That’s what Joe Biden suggests. Oh, but that one guy got arrested for following that advice….well I’m sure Dianne Feinstein will be happy to tell us how to best protect ourselves. Or maybe we can just rely on the government to keep us safe.

All joking aside, Senator Feinstein has gone well beyond the pale in accusing our veterans of all being mentally ill, all affected with PTSD, and not capable of safely owning firearms. I have questioned her sanity many times. Now we must all question her motives. Let me first be clear regarding my stance as regards our veterans.

These are men and women of honor who made a conscience choice to offer up their lives in defense of our liberties. They trained and learned the methods of war and submitted their will to their commanders. They have gone into war zones where their lives were at risk just for being there. They have gone into combat situations willingly, in full awareness of the sacrifice they might have to make; the ultimate sacrifice. These men and women are heroes. They are warriors. They are patriots of the first and finest class.

But Senator Feinstein and her ilk would punish their service with haughty accusations. Why? In the grand scheme of things I think the liberal lunatics have come to the realization that if we end up in a civil war, these fine men and women will not answer the unconstitutional call to arms against their fellow American citizens. Instead, they will stand with the people who are their families, friends, and fellow patriots. They will defend liberty and they will never allow the shackles of communism to chain us. Our veterans will stand unwaveringly with American patriots against UN and other foreign forces, and even against American forces who would endeavor to enslave the American people. And the Communist Party USA, aka the liberals, cannot have that.
“First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew……”
Dianne Feinstein and the liberal left are the ones hunting humans. They are coming for all of us. They want to disarm us. They want to limit and eventually eliminate our ability to protect and defend ourselves. They tell us it is for our own safety, that a disarmed nation is a safer nation. We have proof from around the world that this is not true. We know the real motive. Don’t let them convince you with their rhetoric. Don’t let the propaganda mislead you. Our veterans should know of our love and respect for them and we should all stand up for them as they stood for us.

American military veterans, I pledge my support for you as I support the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and American liberty. I will stand with you and defend you. And I call upon every patriot in America to do the same. May God bless you all.

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  • socrates

    I have contacted our Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and inquired as to why we are not allowed to hunt Humans in Wisconsin. This seems very discriminatory and hopefully they will take action and declare a season.

  • dustyvet

    First of all ducks can’t shoot back,so you have plenty of time to reload.What part of shall not infringe does oath swearing Fienstein not understand?Remember Nazi Germany and Russia just to name two also remember he who forgets History is doomed to repeat it.

    • coastx

      Stop talking. Start doing. 2nd= Security, Militia Guns, in that order. The elite as it were have decoded the 2nd and armed and trained their insurgents on this, so it would behoove every American to take a break from your Brittany Spears repetitions, get a studied grip on the DCBR and seek out well regulated militia BEFORE you arm up. Trouble ahead on your diffidence. They know Americans have become lazy and indolent, otherwise there wold be no problem with liberal presentation at this time. YOU are going to wake up to these monsters having presented in your community overnight, people in no way ready to meet this disaster.

      • dustyvet

        I agree with you to a certain point,there are many groups and organization out here ready to uphold the Constitution,just try to buy ammo the govt wasn’t the only one stocking up.God bless Patriots and God bless America

        • coastx

          Yes, but they are arming up only. No militia, and worst yet, no understanding nor the willingness to learn about national security issues. It’s like bodies with no brains, which is why some people are referring to this as the Zombie Apocalypse. People are going to end up shooting at one another which will produce a greater death fall than anything an enemy could ever do. The elite know this. People are lazy. Talking militia is meaningless. Talking about fighting is meaningless. The 2nd lays this out explicitly, but people are hedging their involvement hoping this will go away. In reality the 2nd has already been opened up and farmed out to transnationals anyway, it’s tactical embed the science behind middle east insurgents. I am telling you people are stupid. They can’t figure this out, not do they really want to. They want to bliss out. That’s it. Live and die, no effort required. That lifestyle is coming is all I can say. It’s not going to go away. It’s going to magnify. It already has.

      • Brian Kelly

        Not sure who you are describing, there, chief. I stand vigilant against any attempt at dismantling liberty. Born free, and die free. Ready to meet freedoms for with the tenacious determination to live free or die. Do not underestimate the will of free men.

        • coastx

          You have the correct attitude, but you don’t have a correct understanding of the 2nd amendment. I am not putting you down. I am stating a simple reality about most Americans. It’s not enough to have that state of mind, otherwise there would have been no need for the 2nd Amendment. Bill of Rights legislation is very specific in it’s presentation, three issues people MUST be competent with to make it work. They have guns and bullets, that’s it, and no amount of going wild in a fire fight against a well trained and armed enemy will match their resources. Americans bluster and bark, junk yard dogs every one of them. Have you ever seen the British in a fight? They’re trained no compromise, and when they set their mind to a target, they are as aggressive as lions. Americans train at McDonalds. We’re out matched with a small insurgency team crossing the border at night, and they have the ability to take out an entire community of 10 thousand in just a couple of hours, the next morning everyone’s gone, they’ve set up a no fly zone, and in a state the size of Texas it’s over in a matter of hours. Americans fantasize about how they would react to such an event. They FANTASIZE. Insurgents are trained out of doors. They have the same colonial durability that won secession from Britain. Again, Americans do Disneyland. Also there’s a very powerful tactical embed in the 2nd amendment. Do you know what this is? I can tell you with confidence you don’t. I can also tell you with confidence your limited resources will be outmatched without this information. You can’t do it, but you CAN bait your own confidence with stormy rhetoric that lofts your ego, for the moment.

          • Brian Kelly

            Well, I have put on a few pounds, but not because of fast food. I also do not dwell on gun ownership. That already exists and is secured.. as far as being ready, my military training and service will allow me to pick up where I left off, with the exception on those few pounds I mentioned. My years as a police officer will allow me to remember how there is a second side to every story. Oh, and also help with my aim. You have some fine points, but I still think you assume we are all inbred hillbillies. Which, by the way, are a smart and accurate group of Americans.

          • coastx

            Cooke and Smith are kicking up a storm in Colorado, which in that location take balls, pardon the expression. I did this little narrative this morning in recognition of these two and Smith’s apparent knowledge of what makes a constitutional republic work: people who think. Fabians would have this otherwise.

            re Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith: “thinking citizens of all… affiliations,” this is the thesis of a free society, the anti thesis of which is Fabian liberal criminalization mission creep, the former our salvation, the latter a Twilight Zone repatriation scheme.

            Cooke, Smith… 2nd Amendment leadership with the intelligence to understand national security issues in connection with gun control legislation. We need more of this.

            Are you stepping up, Brian? The 2nd is a triune. Least people understand this and how this makes it possible for them to think clearly about their circumstances, guns will be no help. Do you know what the tactical embed is in the Jefferson’s second? Do not give it up here. Just think.

  • Feinstein’s rationalizations are becoming more and more irrational. No one is “hunting” humans, it’s about self defense against violent attacks, often with a disparity of force. Should police be limited to 2-shot derringers? After all, they are the only one who could POSSIBLY be considered to be hunting humans. What’s the “hit percentage” for police anyway? Maybe 15- 20%? That’s a rationale for higher magazine capacity … misses are likely in a stressful situation. How many felons are stopped with one shot? Perfect placement aside, it’s not that good. If there’s some goon or goons trying to break down my door, I want accuracy, power, and magazine capacity. A light rifle in a round that won’t penetrate exterior walls, with 20 – 30 rounds available, is optimum for home defense. AR-15? Yup.

    • coastx

      She’s crazy as a bat, plain and simple, which makes her a GREAT liberal politician. They covet occult power, the four dimensional lie and BDSM/pedophilia perks they take at will as their reward for their treason. Fabian> progressive> liberal> Agenda 21, in that order, and Americans are doing nothing to stop them… NOTHING! Theses monsters are effectively circumventing the Bill of Rights and killing anyone who disagrees with them, America in denial to avoid responsibility for this. LAZY! PATHETIC! POS AMERICANS are watching their domestic and economic infrastructures crumble around them and are standing around talking about it eating goodies. It’s entertainment for them. Sick.

    • an ar-15 ammo will penetrate walls …It will go through everything in and out of a house. Let someone fire 20 rounds from the front of your house ,,I’ll bet more than 10 will exit the house

  • Old White Dude

    With the disarmament of American citizens, the liberal government growers will have a pivotal brick in the wall of their nanny state. The citizens then HAVE to depend on the Big Bro and HAVE to live with the circumstances and results of asinine policy and social engineering, with no recourse, no way of ever taking the country back toward sanity.

    Can i get an amen?

    • Brian Kelly


  • fideux

    Idiots like Feinstein are too stupid to see the plans that Obama has for taking our freedoms and becoming a “for Life” dictator. Has she questioned the need or drones over the US, armored patrol vehicles to be used in America, the purchase of 1.5 billion rounds of high power munitions that include hollow point round which are illegal to use in wars abroad? And they want to strip of our rights to defend ourselves?

    • Jacques ARMoirED

      Conspiracy Theorist Here…

      I think she and this congress know exactly what the Komander in Thief and his bumbling side show are up to… Since they are exempt from the draconian regulations and laws, they don’t give a damn… And that’s the scary part of this whole staged course of events…

    • larry

      I take it this is why Eric Holder could not give a straight yes or no when questioned about drones being used against american citizens.

  • CJ Grisham

    I’m an active duty, combat veteran that was diagnosed with PTSD. I also own many guns. I wrote this open letter to Senator Feinstein: http://asp.militarygear.com/2013/03/13/an-open-letter-to-senator-dianne-feinstein/

    • coastx

      The PTSD issue is a lie. You have value as militia leadership, which is why they are writing this macabre legislation. This way if you present with militia they can take out an entire organization for sponsoring you. It’s a 2nd amendment infringement at the core and has nothing to do with your PTSD. Let’s get around this pretty quick.

      • Oh, I know the PTSD issue is just a means to their end – complete disarmament of the segment of the population most threatening to their agenda. Troops have been specifically targeted by this administration and Democrats since 2006. Feinstein’s testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee should have shown the country we have children making adult decisions in congress.

        • coastx

          That child-like presentation is psychological paedomorphism. It’s psychotic, but people have been programmed to believe it’s normal. It’s liberal macabre play on reality. People don’t get it.

          • larry

            Using mental illness will be a easy way to disarm many. Somewhere a line has to be drawn between depression and being darn right looney.

  • this THING has the brain’s of a DEAD JACKA$$,,a bag of rock’s and so on..

  • coastx

    This is going to take some getting used to so you correctly understand what you are dealing with. California has turned over it’s legislative process over to a Rhoda Penmark. All facial paedomorphs have this psychopath tendency, and there are MANY of these “floating” around congress. They are over controllers enjoy a specific type of control dynamic involving BDSM and pedophilia and they are doing this and getting away with it on your buck. People doing the stupid act is NOT going to make this go away.

  • that THING and her bunch of IDOIT”S have the brain’s of a DEAD JACKA$$,,a bag of rock’s and so on..A very special kind of STUPID…what part of the DICK ACT of 1902 don’t they understand ??

  • There is a limit on the number of rounds to hunt humans – ZERO! If you hunt humans, your intending to commit murder which is forbidden in every state and territory of the United States.

    Feinstein is not an idiot; she’s knows exactly what she is doing. The idiots are our fellow American citizens who keep voting her into office!

  • Good lord why did we ever think that we could protect a species against their own stupidity. Feinstein is just such a animal. It can not provide for itself and would whine and cry if you even mentioned it. If returned to the wild it would die as it would become victim to just about any other animal. In captivity it runs its mouth to no end with idiocy that it can not defend with facts and or logic. I say we return her to the wild and see how long she lasts.

    • Brian Kelly

      Where’s the ‘like’ button on here?

    • coastx

      DF is a psychological paedomorph. The reveal is their facial characteristics. They are the scoundrels and bad seeds of society recruited to politics for their sin nature. That squinty, tight child-like facial expression is hard wired to immaturity they have no way to develop. It even comes through after plastic surgery. Obama for example. They are natural control freaks, and they get a lot of satisfaction from lying, BDSM and pedophilia. That’s a f*****g fact. The paedomorphic face is neurologically linked to a non-redactable predisposition for hatred. It’s not sociopathy or psychopathy, it’s RAW hatred, and people love’m for it. Harry Reid is a facial paedomorph. There are dozens of them in congress.

  • Michigan_REB

    Who would want a trophy asugly as Feinstein hanging on their wall? But, I do support open season on traitors and politicians.

  • LarryD2

    Senator Feinstein definitely misses the point. Those who hunt ducks obey the law and limit their weapons to 3 shells. Those who ‘hunt’ humans do not obey laws and will put as much ammo into their weapon as they can. I feel sorry (sort of) for the ducks but don’t limit my ability to protect myself from the hunters.

  • bigD

    Her problem is that she thinks that civilians can hunt other humans (WHICH IN ITS SELF PROVES THAT SHE IS A MORON AND AN IGNORAMUS) but she wants to reserve that right to the police,military and other government agencies. (FBI,ATF, CIA,DHS. etc etc. In the words of Buggs Bunny What a Maroon,What an im-bessel!!

  • bigD

    Now that I have thought about it maybe Di Fi is in the beginning stages of alzheimers or dimentia.

  • carlcasino

    Feinstein is a perfect example of why we need term limits.

  • Joe Lettieri

    Why doesnt somebody shoot her,maybe thats why she is so down on guns,she is worried that some of her constituency may take matters in to their own hands.,and eliminate her.

  • Never trust the government! Just ask a veteran or a Native American.

    Feinstein is a good example of why you shouldn’t

    This can be backed up by the millions of dead Jews from the Holocaust

    I wonder if her bodyguards have 3 round Magazines?

  • Lloyd

    Ducks geese and other wild game don’t use guns. To date, their have been no signs that any kind of wild game is planning a military overthrow of the Constitution or take over of the U.S. government, or the people. Can anyone say the same about this administration or homeland security? It would appear that the people have very good reason to maintain their 2nd amendment rights, and keep their “assault rifles and high cap mags”.

  • “Hunting Humans”????
    Does she mean like THIS?: http://blackgenocide.org/photos.html

  • Charlie

    History has already seen all of these politicians, history has already seen what haappens when the citizens of a country get disarmed, history does repeat itself and it is trying to do so now. There fairly large group of our servants in our government of our country that are highly confused on what their role is in our country. These servants are also confused on what our constitution states. Simple words like “shall not” seem to go right over their heads therefore these servants are far to stupid to be sitting in our seats of our government.
    Examples of stupid keep coming from the same group that includes: Fienstien, Boxer, Reid, Shumer, Leavey,McCathy,Obama and pretty much all of the radical liberal servants that are in our seats of our government of our country.

  • Gretchen

    “They want to disarm us. They want to limit and eventually eliminate our
    ability to protect and defend ourselves. They tell us it is for our own
    safety, that a disarmed nation is a safer nation.”

    Excuse me??? Who are “THEY” to tell me what is SAFE for me and what is not?? The last time I checked, I was responsible for my actions and my decisions. These stupid lefties need to stop worrying about regulating how many bullets a magazine can hold and focus more on getting these sick people help! Disarming good American citizens and “regulating” our weapons is NOT going to solve the problems our country is facing! Bad people will continue to do bad things, regardless of whatever “laws” are passed. Instead of punishing the good people for things that the bad people do, why don’t they focus more on how to change the bad people into good people? Or at least get them off the street? The regulation of methamphetamines hasn’t stopped the druggies from making meth…..it just makes it harder for them. They’re still gonna do it. And obviously we’re not focusing on the southern border and illegals from coming into our free country anymore….so what good is border control? WTH is this country coming to?? I am an American. Our soldiers didn’t fight for our rights just to have them taken away by some ding-dongs who think disarming us is “for our own safety”. Try telling the women who have been gang-raped that they can carry a weapon, but can only have 3 bullets in their magazine. These coo-coos need to take some of their own advice: let’s change the Constitution to regulate their length of term in office, see how they like their rights being taken away. Molon Labe.

    Read more: http://janmorganmedia.com/2013/03/hunting-humans/#ixzz2Nca6fSXe

  • Jim28thReg

    Every EVERYBODY needs to get the highest heavyest caliber muzzel loader you can possibly handle then when IT STARTS we’ll use them to take theirs LEADERS FIRST WITH EXTREME.
    Always wondered why fireworks were never shown to work against parachutes or munition depots guard locations and all that sort of stuff. Just a thought rambling around in the empty space.

    • Brian Kelly

      I thought it was.pretty good.

  • brabbie2002

    Do we need a license and can we start with libtards and Feinstein? What is the per day limit?

  • vernabc

    “Wait a minuteā€¦..when did we start hunting humans?”
    Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook…

    • That isn’t us (law abiding citizens), that’s the criminals and lunatics we keep telling them are the problems.

  • And now…. from The Idiot File, comes a story of unbelievable lunacy from the Liberal Zombiecrats!!! Diane Feinstein is among the most brain dead and evil women on the planet. She’d be a good match for George Soros…both traitors of their own people and America! Her rhetoric and determination to ban guns is going to result in the Second American Revolution… another Civil War. God help us! Great article Jan… Keep up the great work! We’re with you all the way.

  • Hmmmm…WHO are the domestic enemies??

  • Diane Feinstein is an American hero. She is not fighting for some selfish imagined “right” she is fighting to protect our children and all American citizens. You all keep talking about some kind of “civil war” to protect your gun rights. The fact is that if this “civil war” happens in the end you will lose your guns and maybe your lives when the Chinese take over our broken country. It has been said, “We shall all hang together or we will all hang separately”. NO ONE is proposing to take away your right to have a gun for protection or any other legal use.

    • Selfish imagined right? How did we “imagine” the second amendment? Or what people like Tench Coxe said about it? Or what has happened to nations around the world that have disarmed their citizens? How does disarming hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens make children and citizens safer? Do you simply refuse to look at the massive amount of proof to the contrary? A domestic enemy is someone who infringes on the liberty of American citizens and includes those who shoot up schools and movie theaters. What you seem incapable of understanding is that those people who commit such atrocities are crazy and need to be treated as such. What you fail to see is that the people you are trying to take guns from are the people who would never commit these atrocities and who fight to protect and defend their fellow citizens. What is clear to me, after reading the comments you inevitably make, is that you do not believe in the constitution or America but you have a great deal of faith in socialism and the communism that must follow it. It’s a shame, but at least there are millions in this nation who will defend your right to be ignorant. Don’t worry, I am well aware that you have no appreciation for us. Fortunately, we are not patriots because we expect people like you to appreciate it.

      • The right to own a machine gun is an “imagined right”. This has been the law for years. And it has been backed up by the Supreme Court. You all are not fooling anyone. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can order a kit on the internet and convert their AR-15 to a fully automatic machine gun. And who can afford these weapons to begin with? Certainly not the common man. These weapons cost around $2000 today. You people are not “patriots”. You are just pissed off because you all lost the election.

        • I would love for you to show me where to order this kit you speak of. Shame on you for perpetrating such a falsehood. As for the election, we all lost that one. And I suppose you consider yourself a patriot because you support the usurper in chief? The fact, John, is that we are all Americans and we have not been this divided since the Civil War. You people? Are you not an American too?