Individual Liberty and Due Process


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Individual Liberty and Due Process — Due to All Created

If individual liberty is granted by the Creator and not by the State, then due process is deserved by all human beings, otherwise their individual inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are transgressed. Our founders recognized this hypothesis to be foundational truth.

What sets the United States of America apart from other nations is the codification and protection of our natural, inalienable rights in our Constitution. This enabled America to become the bastion of individual liberty and freedom since our founding.

What many forget, however, is that these same inalienable rights are natural to all human beings, regardless their place of birth. Those born in China, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, or North Korea, for example, have been granted their inalienable rights by the Creator, just as much as those born in America. Yet, Americans are blessed with the U.S. Constitution, again, that protects this fact. Those born in China, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, or North Korea, are not so fortunate.

The taking of a human life — murder — be it by the State or a criminal, is the ultimate transgression upon someone’s liberty. Their rights to life have been stolen. Permanently. As such, the taking of a human life, outside of natural, inalienable laws, is against God and against all that is good.

It follows, as well, that if the military or legal policies and actions of any nation, America or another, transgress upon these natural laws, then those that do so, as leaders and as nations, are transgressing the laws of nature and the laws of the Creator.

Given the aforementioned, this is why our elected officials must act within the framework of the U.S. Constitution, and above all else, protect these natural, inalienable rights — not just for Americans but for any citizen in any other nation. Even if regimes in other nations do not recognize God’s laws, America must, or else we deserve the natural outcome of our folly. Once we are willing, in other words, to selectively apply these natural laws, we do not deserve them, ourselves.

Now, this is where each citizen is also responsible to hold their elected officials, to account — in order to deserve the protection of these natural laws, ourselves. Since America is a Constitutional Republic with a democratic electoral process, each citizen’s vote combines with the whole to elect our representatives. We were exhorted by our founders, and are also compelled by the common sense laws of nature, to hold, therefore, our elected representatives to their Constitutional oath. We are the final say in holding our nation accountable to the laws of nature and of our Creator.

This is why we all must understand that when our President or any elected official is attempting to bypass these natural laws and to subject Americans, or any others, to the ultimate judgement without due process — that being the taking of one’s life (be they American or a citizen of any other sovereign nation) — that we are complicit in the destruction of our own liberty, and the theft of others, if we do not act to prevent same. This is what Sen. Paul Rand understands, as do I.

In a case where an American citizen is suspected of any criminal activity, or that of the ultimate criminal activity, treason, all reasonable attempts must be made to apprehend this citizen, present facts that demonstrate factually their guilt to an impartial judge and/or jury, and then to prosecute them to the full extent of our law if found guilty.

This is essential to protect the much more important and most valuable principle — our inalienable rights vs. one criminal event — regardless how devastating the potential or real impact of this criminal event may be. One event will pass, even if with much grieving. Yet, a nation will never recover from the permanent loss of liberty for all.

Therefore, a POTUS, or any elected official, cannot arbitrarily order this alleged criminal or traitor to be executed, but must ensure the suspected criminal’s natural rights to due process are respected. If we allow arbitrary prosecution and execution, without proof, any future POTUS or elected official will be able to systematically murder anyone who objects to their ideology and policy.

In the case where a nation or enemy is suspected of planning an attack, or we believe they have attacked, our nation, our leaders must also make any decisions to act on a factual basis, as well. Our Congress must act to authorize the act of war against that nation, as per our Constitution, i.e. that another nation must be factually planning or carrying out an attack upon our nation.

This is essential to protect the much more important and valuable principle — that all other’s inalienable rights, even if their nations do not respect them, must be respected by America. For if we transgress upon the individual liberty of even one person, regardless their nation, we are transgressing against the Creator, in addition to that sovereign nation, and that individual, if they are not, in fact, truly planning or guilty of an attack upon our nation.

These are principles of an integrous, principled nation, related to criminal, treasonous, or enemy due process.

Now, once a criminal or traitor that is a U.S. citizen has been found guilty, either in a court of law or by the obvious clear presentation of immediate lethal threat, the State, or we as individuals, must act to interdict this threat to protect our own individual, natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Once a nation has been found guilty of conspiring to attack, or of attacking, our nation, our Congress must authorize the appropriate use of force to defend our nation, to protect our national sovereignty and each citizen’s natural rights.

When these principles of individual liberty, due process, and authorizations of force to protect individual rights and national sovereignty are understood, respected, and protected, they enable great freedom and prosperity. When these same principles are misunderstood and encroached upon, only tyranny and destruction can follow.

Support Liberty. Fight Tyranny. Understand Inalienable Rights.

David M. Chaney (C) 2013 “Thoughts on Liberty”

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  • Whether they take OBLs’ son to Gitmo or NYC doesn’t matter, so much, as they Must interrogate him fully, in order to ascertain, not only the facts of his involvement in the various terrorists acts against our Nation, but his Fore knowledge of what may be in the works, already.
    I simply Don’t Trust Obama/Soetoro/Bounel( or Whatever his Real Name is) and Holder to act in such a way as to Protect Americans, as opposed to merely acting in their Own Self Interests!

  • marineh2ominer

    Individual liberty and due process are just empty words in this progressive fascist justice department .

    • BigUgly666

      Simply because YOU ALLOW IT.

  • Concerned Patriot

    Yes, I agree. And isn’t it tragic that America was too busy amusing itself to even notice when our government abolished our 4th, 5th, and 14th amendment rights to “due process”? And what ever happened to our “right” to be able to vote on the laws that abolished these fundamental, God-given rights? Anerica hasn’t noticed or questioned that either! NOW, our great good government wants very much to abolish our second amendment right to be able to protect ourselves from them, the ones who keep lying to us about abolishing our “due process” rights without our having any say in the matter. The USSR had a “Constitution” that was just like ours, but it was just as worthless as ours for the same reason: the government’s refusal to abide its own laws. I LOVE YOU AMERICA, so please, please: Wake up! The halocast happened to people just like us, in “free” countries just like ours. You don’t think it can happen to you for the same reason six million jews didn’t think it could happen to them. American needs to wake up, before it’s too late. As for me, I’m getting a passport, and getting ready. I’m paying attention. Are you?

    • BigUgly666

      Unless a Constitutional Convention was held, and an Amendment to the Constitution made that removes those other Amendments, they are still in force AND they are still the Highest Law.

  • Stephen L. Dean