Mark Levin: GOP Leadership Has Republican Death Wish

On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talk show host Mark Levin said House majority whip Kevin McCarthy, who this weekend claimed Congress could soon pass a comprehensive immigration bill, has a political death wish.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m convinced the Republican leadership — particularly in the House — has a Republican death wish,” Levin said. “When you put these Mickey Mouse types in charge of the Republican Party in the House, what do you get, Mr. Producer? You get mice turds. And that’s what we have here: mice turds from the likes of [Rep.] Kevin McCarthy.”

McCarthy had told CNN “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley that House Republican leaders wanted to “pass bills that will pass the House.”

“I want you to understand what that means, ladies and gentlemen,” Levin said. “What that means is even if he can’t cobble together a simple majority of Republicans, but if he can get enough Democrats, he’s going to pass those bills. This is a direct frontal assault on conservative tea party Republicans in the House of Representatives.”

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  • reelman

    1…U cannot defeat the arrogant apostles of socialism by silence.
    2…U cannot win minds being told by opponents how to describe them.
    3…U cannot win by patty-caking around versus thug socialists.
    4…U cannot win minds without learning how to question/debate.
    5…U cannot win if you fear the national pawn media. (of arrogant dimwits)
    6…U cannot win by voting for “no chance” folks for spite or not voting.
    7…U cannot win w/o boring into the GOP and implanting TP folks.
    8…U cannot win when u cannot define conservatism. (25 words or less)
    9..U cannot win playing defense 90% of every minute every day.
    10.U cannot win following losers at the top concerned only with 35 year careers.
    11.U cannot win with backstabbing because that will be used against us all.
    12.U cannot win by 99 confusing different messages…try 3 daily for at least a week, there is no sin in “talking points”.


    • Get ready to “ROCK & LOAD! You have to stand up to tyranny and these punk^ss communists! There are a lot, a hell of a lot of “US”
      than there are of them! They are wanting a fight and so it is that they should be obliged!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    If John Boehner remains the speaker, the Republican party should just go home. The man has zero guts and is a disgrace to the nation and the people who sent him to Washington. I thank God he was not an officer in Vietnam or that monument in Washington would need another 10 panels. When will he be dumped?

  • Everett

    Except for a few teaparty shining lights in the house Rep. party, I have began to believe that too much of the Repub party is more interested in being well loved than serving the folks that elected them. With the Dumbocrats having already sold their souls for a lot less than a bowl of pottage, it is getting very difficult to have much faith in our congress. They would have to get better to be bad. The alternative is not good, but what choice do we have. You just can’t cure stupid and they seem to have an epidemic of it.

  • greger100

    Those who expect to be ignorant and free, expect what never was and never will be.

  • Jim28threg

    We have no GOP leadership. What we do have is democrat traitors and their lackys. There are a few lights in the mess but they’re not enough to make a difference yet . We should start our own impeachment and when the judge say we have no standing impeach him and when that isn’t possible-not elected – drive the traitor out of town. Not violently !

    when his family go to a store refuse to wait on them same in a restaurant or service station. There are many many ways to make life miserable for traitors . There was once an officer in another state that continued to harass a certain young group. One day as he was on his way to the shop all four tires suddenly went flat and amazingly his wifes car suffered the same problem. That evening after dinner he checked on the cars and all four tires on both were flat again. It was discovered that there was a line of finishing nails driven across the entrance of his drive. One month later OH GEE guess what. Another Chief bought a new station wagon for his wife after firing a well respected officer with the acusation that he had stolen a large amount of cash evidence.NO CHARGES FILED . The brand new wagon was blasted in to scrap iron at 1AM by a substantial group of young men. HE RESIGNED AND LEFT THE COUNTY . No one person needs to be hurt. While there exists other means.