Obama: “Replace Your Facebook Pic Our Gun Control Sign”

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President Obama’s grassroots campaign organization is pressing supporters to switch out their Facebook profile picture with a black and white gun control sign.

Organizing for America is distributing the digital signs that read: “I am one of the 92 percent of Americans who support universal background checks.”

In an email, OFA said, “There’s another simple thing you can do right now to show the overwhelming support for universal background checks: Take this sign and put it somewhere folks will see it — in your window, on your desk, or maybe upload it as your Facebook profile picture.”

The move comes after the Senate Judiciary Committee, on a party-line vote, OK’d expanding federal background checks. Foes don’t support a universal background check, claiming that it would eventually require all Americans to register all of their weapons.

Read more at The Washington Examiner

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  • This A~whole is all for background checks, unless its a background check on the Fraud-In-Chief, himself.

  • Joe

    The lies are outrageous. Universal background checks don’t have anywhere near 92% support.

  • Fraud and outright lying to the public again……….show me the 92% that agree with him on anything except him being a communist, tyrannical traitor.

    • act

      Islam is alive in the WH.

  • LibertysSon

    I support background checks for Presidents!…:o)

  • BadBoy

    You First Obama

  • Bozo_Profundo

    Background checks on Der Fuhrer.

  • jamohio

    Nothing done at the Federal level of government to restrict in any way our rights guaranteed by The Second Amendment is legal!! That would also include taxes on guns and ammo since that could create a burden on some citizens exercise that right!! Registration is simply another over reach of government into We The Peoples lives and is prohibited by The Constitution and Bill Of Rights!! Without The Second Amendment all other rights fall!! Don’t be fooled America!!

  • Russell Smith

    We should all take facebook pictures with our weapons and then shove them up his ass. Russell Smith USMCX VET RVN

  • Spyder Dalton

    and I suppose “universal” means it will cover all the illegal aliens in the country that have guns in gangs that are causing 90% of the gun crimes? Really?

  • Russell Smith

    oops there should not be an X after USMC Russell Smith USMC VET RVN

  • Spyder Dalton

    Does this mean we can open all of Obama’s records that have been sealed from the public ?

  • JoeFratz

    If I knew enough about computers, I would change it to read, “I AM ONE of the 92% of AMERICIANS WHO DO NOT support UNIVERSAL BACK GROUND CHECKS” If the obamation can stretch the truth, I can use one that is closer to the truth.

  • BigUgly666

    When Obama opens up his entire “background”, then, and ONLY THEN, can he check mine.

  • first lets get a background check on Obama to see where he was really born

  • CJ Grisham

    Where does this fictitious 92% number come from? Probably the same place Saddam Hussein got his 100% re-election votes.

  • Pick up your rifles and dig in……it’s time to take a stand. Our Founders knew this time would come, that is why they put The Second Amendment in. They knew evil men and tyrants alike would someday try to gain absolute power over the citizens of this nation. The time is near my fellow brethren. Molon Labe!!!

  • Stand for something, or fall for anything.

  • JF5

    Yeah, you first, Communist oriented scumbag!

  • This goes to confirm liberals are full of excrement. I haven’t found anything from librturds that I agree with.

  • hongryhawg

    All it tells me is someone is worried.

  • dodie1990

    The universal checks will lead to a national registry, then confiscation.

  • Michigan_REB

    I support universal bakground checks of all Politicians. starting with Obama.

  • Michigan_REB

    try this

    • K

      AWESOME!!!!! Thank You “Michigan_REB”

    • Except for this minor modification:

      • coastx

        Did you know that little moon is actually affiliated with the Vatican via the Pope and Caesar? It’s a modification of the 13 stars surrounded by the 19 sun discs that sit atop the American eagle on the federal seal. These collectively represent the Vatican.

    • coastx

      hahaha… Change the color scheme to red white and blue! That’ll de Fabianize the message, and they will stalk you in perpetuity!

  • larry

    Ok if you show us all what you have been hiding from the people

  • Take you sign, fold it and “stick it in your broom closet”!

  • rhondajo3

    FU you anti AMerican, American flag burner, traitor….

  • rhondajo3

    Yeah, we’ll get a background check right after YOU get one that we know already that you can’t pass, because you are not a legal American citizen. YOu were born in Kenya, which is why, the birth record that you have presented to Amercans is forged. That is why you had to get a FAKE SS number when you were trying to go to college, because you were not able to get a real SS number because you didn’t have a REAL birth certificate!!! As Clint Eastwood so famously and correctly said, you are the biggest fraud this country has ever had sitting in the WH! You need to step down you freaking fraud! You have LIED to the American Public, you are a LIAR!!! You have NO BUSINESS being in the highest office of the U.S. GET THE F OUT!!!

  • Independentrd

    The feds are panicking to stoop the far.

    We should develop a pro gun poster and one that is anti-registration

  • conservative

    I have a great idea where they can put this sign!

  • we need TERM LIMITS for all elected officials, who really “NEEDS” to stay in office for “Life”

  • americansonlyhere

    He must have surveyed the Demoncrats to get 92%

  • Jack

    Every TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT resorts to PROPAGANDA and MEDIA CENSORSHIP to try to manipulate the thinking of the masses. LIES MORE LIES! and then more lies!

  • Jack

    Run a complete background check on Obama! Now Hawaii Officials finally admitt there was NEVER a Birth Certificate for OBAMA! EVER. Not witnessed by one single person at any hospital in Hawaii! So what ever they try to push on Americans should certainly be done to elected officials first. Now lets play reverse/reverse psychology. Because this is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing.

  • I am an NRA Pistl Trainer & I Disagree! This will lead to Owner Registration, which is Always the fore runner of Confiscation !
    Read your History People !

  • coastx

    Post to Facebook:

    I am one of the 2nd% that opposes government sanctions on a Bill of Rights privilege that from a tyrant’s point of view although may present in the imagination as a wet dream, on OURS it presents as a national security, militia and arms issue.

    Oops, I did it again!

  • Kim Ciara

    I think it’s a mis-print… it SHOULD read: “I am one of 92% of Americans that support sending you back to Kenya.”

  • coastx

    Forget the de facto 2nd playing Americans for stupid promoting gun ownership in abeyance of becoming savvy on issues of national security and the need for a sustained well regulated militia.

    Gun ownership singularly does not satisfy the 2nd Amendment invocation of a protective shield against tyrannical government. Unified 2nd.

    Light the fires and kick the tires, but do this intelligently via your active involvement in learning more about issues of national security, meaningful involvement in a well regulated militia and practiced knowledge on how to use your firearms.

    Two if by land. If you don’t see this coming at you at this time or are pathologically unwilling too, enjoy the hellish rein of terror that’s descending on you. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, yours.

  • Let’s put our own version on our FB pages.

    • I totally agree that this Obamanayshon should be background checked and then tried for treason and sedition against the Constitution and the AMERICAN CITIZENS

  • jb80538

    92%…I think he’s pulling numbers out of his rectum!

  • The only 92% obama has is ‘How many WANT to impeach him

  • Soldier of Fortune

    President Obama‚Äôs grassroots campaign organization is a lying sack of horse manure! There is nowhere near 92% of the citizens of the United States that supports UBC’s. They are either creating that figure out of thin air or from the result of push polls, wherein the questions are asked in such a way to get a response that supports the position of sponsor of the poll.

  • So this means Obama is campaigning against the constitution he took an oath to protect? Does conflict of interest mean anything here?

  • My facebook pic is the one here. It states my feelings and beliefs much more clearly.

  • What about the liar & chump Kenyen fraud!

  • like mine much, much better!