Palin: “Feds are Stockpiling Bullets in Case of Riots.”

Jan Morgan

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin claimed the federal government is “stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.” Palin believes such calamity may result from the country defaulting on its obligations.

She claimed the threat of default exists because Washington politicians are not serious about reducing the country’s debt, as evidenced by the drama over the sequester.

“If we are going to wet our proverbial pants over 0.3% in annual spending cuts when we’re running up trillion dollar annual deficits, then we’re done,” Palin wrote of the sequester set to hit on Friday. “Put a fork in us. We’re finished. We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.”

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  • dan

    Civil war looms

  • Nonya

    No wonder they want our guns! Well, they can’t have them, but they can have my bullets… one at a time… to be more accurate… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks5idq69MN4

    • GT

      And accuracy is important.


        QUOTE…….”Due to the Increased price of Ammo, There will be no Warning shots”.

  • Why in the hell are US bullet manufacturers selling to the government ? All they’re doing is helping them (government) kill us !

    • Russ

      Good question to ask the manufacturers. Suggest to them to ration the bullets with the citizens.

    • Money talks! No amount of emails would talk them out of it! 😉


        The way Ammo prices are going right now and everywhere around the country. The manufactures would make a large profit by selling to the citizens only. They Do not have to contract with Federal, State, or Locals Gov’t. This is my opinion.

    • There is an old Military tactic that is still a very good move. Find out where the supply is and then take it awayfrom them.

      • ThomNJ

        I also believe the buy up was two fold – one to prepare for civil unrest and the other is all part of their long thought out strategy of taking away our guns. One avenue is to make ammunition scarce or ridiculously costly.

    • James Brown

      Businesses sell to viable customers, unless they come to terms with sinister motives.

    • artarlo1

      money money

    • James Vetzel

      Does not work that way, They have forced contracts to the DHS first, then the Military AND then to the Civilian Market. Ammunition Manufactures have said that there will be a backlog for their products to the Civilian Market that will last a year or more (It’s a “Sellers Market” right now).


        Please show me where Manufactors have been forced to go into contract with DHS. I’m really interested in this…..Show me a link.

  • I think It’s to keep them away from the citizens.

  • bdcorvette

    I should have been a politician. I said this 2 months ago. Fine with me. I can deliver as I get.

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    I have a question for the local police. If the feds decide to confiscate all semi auto firearms, will you participate in that action?

    • Jim Capobianco

      Most likely if the local mayor supports it and they want their jobs, they will. Where the sheriffs don’t answer to any govt officials, they answer to the people who voted them in. This is what will allow the sheriffs to go against the feds. They truly will be our front line defense against the feds.

      • I wouldn’t count on that 🙂

        • Jim Capobianco

          I pray your right and I’m wrong.

          • Lila Hanson

            I “pray” that you learn the difference between a contraction and 2nd person possessive…..

            There seems to be a common denominator among this crowd of kooks…..

      • ttpog

        Great book – ‘The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope’.

      • absolutely correct our fate is in the hands of our country sheriffs, I would advise you to contact you sheriff and ask him where he stands. The county sheriff is the ultimate authority in his county. If the president comes there the sheriff outranks the president!!!

    • I can only speak for myself (a current cop)…
      I am ready to turn in my resignation, if need be !
      My boss has yet to take a stance, which leads me to wonder about him…
      3 years ago he gave the order for us to copy down serial numbers of any guns we encountered, in any household, and turn it in to our detectives. Needless to say, I haven’t found a single firearm in any house that I’ve been into in the past 3 years.

      • Had you followed his orders in Florida you would have violated Florida law. I am still waiting for Escambia County Sheriff Morgan to take a stance and he is beginning to make me wonder about him as a fellow USAF Retiree.

      • mike austin

        Thank you for your support of the Constitution and America. I would be proud to be your neighbor and have your back.

      • US Navy EOD Vet

        Thanks for your support of the US Constitution. I’m a Veteran and worked in law enforcement for awhile. ALL of my LAPD, NYPD, etc. and active military friends have said they WILL NOT participate in illegally confiscating weapons. They have said it would be dangerous, probably life threatening. They also said they would desert law enforcement or the mlitary and join their families to protect them if something like that, or a revolution broke out. I think any military or law enforcement supperior officer issuing illegals orders like that would find themselves fragged.

      • Rattlerjake

        Don’t resign, we need all the inside information we can get. You are our first line of defense and part of our intel network. Be an Oathkeeper! De Oppresso Liber.

      • imaalaskian

        Inside intelligence is the best defense. Keep your eye on your boss and the serial keepers. You have taken an oath to protect the Citizens of this country and the Constitution both state and country. Do not fold or resign, you will not be alone…

      • Be careful what you post Mark, big brother…


        Your boss is just like Hilter’s Army of thugs. Thank you for taking a stand against this fool.

      • rekamlias

        Dear Sir do not leave your post. We Patriotic Americans will help you replace your police chief if need be. Your position to stay will forever be in my debt.

    • Son_of_Taz

      No No No. Molon Labe!

    • Jessi

      Since I fall into that category, I will tell you from many discussions with friends and colleagues that not only ‘no’, but hell no, we will NOT violate the 2nd Amendment. My oath is to uphold the US Constitution and defend against enemies both foreign and domestic. My oath is not to a “man”~my oath is to my Country. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone and sadly there are some sheeple in law enforcement, but the majority are conservative patriotic Americans who love the country we are sworn to protect.

  • You do not have to have a degree from Harvard or for that matter a BS from Idaho St to figure this one out.

  • johnhorse

    ovomit thinks that if a civil war could get started then he can go with Martial Law and set him self up as dictator,that has been his plan all along.Before something like that can get started, ovomit and his illegal minions need to be removed.WE THE PEOPLE put them there WE THE PEOPLE can REMOVE THEM.It should have been done sometime in the last four years but American’s are paychent and are willing to go along with politicians to a point.This guy in the White House has been so busy trying to destroy as much as he could, as fast as he could that he hasn’t seen the way citizens have started to realize what he is doing.His Treasonous serial violations of the Constitution have upset the population to a point that WE THE PEOPLE are NOT going to let him continue to destroy out Constitution or Country.It is time for ovomit to understand that his Actions as well as the actions of the Senate and Congress have consequences

    • Larry

      Seen today where he said he wasn’t a Dictator. Wondering what made if say that lol

      • Yeah, and Hitler, in his first speech to the German people said he would leave office after four years.

    • We no longer have a Senate or a House. What we have is a 21st century Reichstag that kowtows to the Fuhrer. I doubt you could cull 36 Americans out of the entire bunch of thieves.

      • Right on! It’s a pattern that is being repeated. BUT, it will fail if real Americans keep their arms and stand up against whatever is thrown at us.

    • Yes, I think the whole thing is sculpted to come to a head about 1 year before the 2016 election, then the timing will allow them to declare martial law and suspend the upcoming election until “the crisis is averted”. Of course by the time the smoke clears they will no longer need to keep up pretenses and we will have a dictatorship.


        O’Zero has already made comment that ” He is not a Dictator, He is the President”. Why would he make that statement if he were not ready to actually call himself DICTATOR. I smell a Rat in DC.

  • 1Sonny2

    I sill just can’t wrap my head around how this guy got elected again. I don’t know what scares me more …him or the level of stupidity in this country.

    • The level of stupidity in the WORLD! they worship him in South America like he is part of their family! And they know NOTHING about him.

    • Larry

      Stupidity, Fraud or he was Appointed.

    • Both things scare me equally. There seems no civilized cure for either disease tho.

    • Rattlerjake

      He was not elected either term. Every bit of this crap is nothing more than a smake screen to cover the actual fraud. Electronic voting machines have been programmed, one of the programmers testified before congress: http: //youtu. be/ t4aKOhbbK9E. And in a 1982 consent decree, the Republican Party made an agreement effectively barring the RNC from “engag[ing] and assist(ing) in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance.” They basically made an agreement with the Democratic Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud.

      • FINALLY someone else is setting the record straight. Bless you-n-me for getting it out there in the public’s eye, bro. No more free, fair elections EVER in America unless………..

      • Dave

        George Soros counted the votes, and he put Oblamer in the White House with his money.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Nope, his company did count the votes but HE is also a tool of the true masters and THEY wanted O back in the WH for their purposes! BTW, for all reading; it’s been the CFR choosing who got on our ballots for about a century now, and there hasn’t been a “fair” election since Lincoln was, IF that one was, even!

      • Dave G

        Rattler: I do not doubt you and the facts are really what pi$$es me off. With the level of fraud and corruption in this country it will take generations to fix it. If it can be.

      • We, the citizens must remove Obama then!!!

    • dmbunce

      There was rampant voter fraud in his first election and every bit of it went unchallenged by whoever is supposed to oversee this. Well, since there were no repercussions to that first election, voter fraud was the norm in his second election.

      • Hotrod

        It went unchallenged because then it would have been Racist, if anything was said against Obama. The Govt wants to make the people affraid to say anything, just be sheep following him into the gates of Hell!

    • He cheated in 08 primary and he cheated in 2012 He also has the media and Hollywood as his lap dogs.

    • vda

      Well, the situation in the U.S. is still better than that of Canadians where we have the Harper government which progressively proves to be a Stalinist type dictatorship. Our country was bad before, but has become ridiculous since he came into power, and yet he somehow STILL managed to be voted in again (with 36% of the vote!…how does THAT work???).

      • Tembo

        Because the voters are more frightened of the alternatives. It is sad the way we have gone. The choice is dictatorship which ever way we jump. What flavor of social engineering do you prefer?

      • I don’t get y our comment. Harper has led Canada into a low tax, business friendly, capitalist, energy independent powerhouse. What are you complaining about? We are in the grips of a Kenyan born, mentally ill fascist bent on destroying our country. If you like that, come here.

    • kaf

      For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie …. So that they call evil good, and good evil, and do not appear to have the common sense and … He who refuses to receive the truth will at last believe lies.

    • OK, 1. The Popular Vote for Pres. and VP DO NOT elect anyone or anything. It never has. What it was meant to do was give an indication to the electors from each state, that make up the electorial college. who they “should” vote for. But there is no requirement for them to do so, but they always have.
      2. With No. 1. in mind the Obama Cult Machine went to work, over work really, and turned out the voters legal and illegal and rigged the machines where it counted. Thus a fraudulant candidate won/stole an election, again, by fraud.
      3. Yes he bought most of the colored vote with freebies, and promises of more freebies, as he did for the aliens legal and illegal with the promise of Amnesty. As for the female vote and New Voters (ie. the kids voting for the first time, hell they are always willing to vote/rebell against the status quo, we did too at that age) But all these groups together are not enough to insure a victory so you had the count and machines rigged as well.
      And that my friend is how it was done. This person is no more legally my President than Bugs Bunny. All of his actions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL because he is not Constitutionally Legally Fit to be President. If he were there would not be this great fuss over ANY of his records or Any attempt to seal and hide them. And ANYONE who supports him in any way shape or form is an accomplise and equally guilty of all the crimes this “Obamination” is committing.
      There can be no impeachment or trial that will replace him there are too many bought and paid liberals in both houses to allow that to happen, and like I said they are as guilty as he is by association, so they can not afford to bring him down. Short of the Legal Arm or the Military arresting him there is nothing that can be done other then what Obama is pushing this country into; and that will be Open Rebellion against him. For us to win the Military and the majority of the Law enforcement People in particular the Sheriffs must remember their Oaths and then support the Constitution and the People.
      As for tha stockpile of weapons and ammunition? Find out where it is and take it away.

      • 1Sonny2

        Agree…but there is one other factor which contributed…and in my opinion, one of the most disturbing. Over 6 million fewer whites voted in 2012 vs 2008. The hispanic vote increased by approx 2 million, but if the info in the below article is correct…why did so many fewer whites vote in 2012. I don’t have the complete answer, but one can only assume that much of it was due to bickering and dissension among the Tea Party, Conservatives, and Republicans, which just pisses me off. If anyone on the so called “right” stayed home from the polls because they somehow thought they were standing on principle and being true to themselves because Romney didn’t match all of their perfect qualifications in a candidated, well you shot us all in the foot. Look at the fine mess we are in now….can you say this is better ? I get so tired of hearing this “I don’t believe in voting for the lesser of 2 evils” crap. Heck I don’t think Romney was perfect…sure his health care past bothers me, but the irony in that lesser of two evils argument is that you ended up supporting the greater of two evils by staying home. Everytime we hear about Karl Rove fighting with the Tea Party or whatever, Obama is just laughing….there is nothing he wants more than dissension on the right. I am sick of quarreling among ourselves…it is time we put our differences aside and band together and prepare for 2016 (if we make it that far).

        • jpo321

          I’m not so sure I believe any conservatives stayed home. I’ve heard this before but I’d venture something doesn’t add up about that.

    • wildbilz

      That scares you? Hmmm, ya given any thought to the bobble-head in position behind Potus. My friend, that’s scary…

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      He got re-elected because that was what the CFR and their masters intended!

  • pvtvice

    Research and understand Executive Order 13528. He has been planning this for a long time. Baby steps after baby steps and they are almost there.

  • Shoebox


    • Son_of_Taz

      Yes it is, we just need to clean house of the dictator and his minions.

    • Conservativesniper

      Yes, it is. It’s just that now your eyes have been opened. The debt is being run up so the federal government will default on the national debt. This is how Soros and his partner made their billions. And Soros is at it again. Only this time with a bigger bank to bankrupt, the federal reserve.


        One good way to beat Soros is to buy SWHC stock….That’s Smith & Wesson. Teachers Unions are dumping it and Citizens are scooping it up…..

        • Conservativesniper

          I doubt that will have much effect. When the federal government defaults on the national debt, the dollar AND the stock market will collapse. I would rather invest is something besides paper. Like say, precious metals; gold, silver, brass and lead.

  • carlcasino

    You go girl! Telling the truth will only earn you the scorn of the progressives. You need to follow my dear departed Dad’s advice. “When you get a good man down,kick the s*** out of him”
    I don’t have near the ammo the feds have but I do have the heart of Lion..

    • Rattlerjake

      Don’t worry about guns and ammo, when the shooting starts you’ll be able to take all you want from their carcasses.


    The Obama Administration will use Occupy Wallstreet to start the riots and blame these riots on Republicans because of the sequester. Obama will be behind this effort. It will be staged.

  • coastx

    Militia militia militia. Are you doing this? Nope! Still partying in Hollywood and at Disneyland though… AND you’re “talking” about being outraged. It’s like Alicia Jurman described in her holocaust book. People will line up graveside when ordered to do so, but they will not fight back. BLAM BLAM BLAM Next discussion is with St. Peter, and he’s not buying your helplessness crap either, which is why we come back this planet over and over and over. This Twilight Zone is the house of lies and it’s degenerative cascade: the double cross, trauma bond and rendition. People don;t get it the first time around. Check the lie and you check the corruption along with it.

  • Anyone with a brain knows that Civil War II is just around the corner…!!! That’s why Oboozo is attempting to disarm the American People! I hold a Juris Doctor in Law and when you look at the evidence you know what is coming. The man clearly is and illegal, fake BC, you can’t review his College Transcripts, etc…Oboozo is clearly a Communist/Muslim plant (well trained over several years) and he has clearly shown he has betrayed “We the People” and U.S.Constitution”…!!! Voting has been stolen by Boozo Communist/Muslim Programmers (they admitted they wrote the programs that stole the Election for Oboozo in front of the Ohio Senate Committee). They have already declare Civil War II but the American People won’t know it until Oboozo has his Nazi Brown shirts come crashing through their front doors, and it will happen soon…!!! The American People are completely asleep and it makes me sick…!!!

    • lila hanson

      A “JD”, huh? Your numerous mistakes in English syntax, your faulty logic, as well as a lack of references or citations for your loony claims all subtly suggest inferiority issues, lead me to kind of doubt it…..


      • hickhamt

        i was going to say “apparently when you receive a doctorate in law, they dont give a rip about grammar and sentence clarity/structure/punctuation.. “

    • Just a dude guy

      Where the heck did you go to law school?

  • Why is our Government Hell Bent on Distroying The great American People ? . In the End , They Will Never Win. The Greatest Defenders of America is The Ameican People.

  • GT

    I can believe that, at a minimum anyway; it is a believable scenario!

    • Bighoss

      NO. The report is simply untrue. Here is an explanation from the National Rifle Association that should disabuse you and other cretins who don’t do any fact checking of blithering nonsense from airhead, flannelmouth Sarah Palin:

      • Rattlerjake

        You can believe what you want, but this information is what was provided to the NRA by these respective agencies. Anyone who has worked with or knows how these agencies operate knows that 590 rounds per agent for training, mandatory quarterly qualification, and duty use annually is exaggerated; even the average soldier doesn’t expend this much ammo annually. Additionally, these agencies have ANNUAL budgets for these purchases, yet they are ordering and stockpiling 5 years worth (in one year), not taking into account that they will still be purchasing their annual amounts each year, and that they never made these enormous purchases in the past. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see a problem. Bighoss you’re a Bigloss!

        • Dave

          I agree with you. This article from the NRA is from August of last year. The numbers have drastically changed since then, therefore the explanation in the article is stale.

  • Stealth

    There are many GUN MANUFACTURERS refusing to sell to the Feds, and any organization that is anti-2nd amendment and/or has recently adopted draconian laws- so any manufacturers of ammunition should do LIKEWISE!!!

    • Dave

      Also, all distributors and manufacturers of all products related to firearms and other self defense products.

  • John C.

    Our govment buying up all the bullets so we don’t have any.

    • 1Sonny2

      I went to Fleet Farm today..the ammo shelves were almost empty. Citizens are stocking up as best they can

  • k m

    It is now time to do as our forefathers did to build this country, sacrifice our wealth and our lives, so that our children will be able to live in a country that we were able to grow up in. a free country, with Liberty and Justice for all!

    “United We Stand!”

  • That’s alright. There are millions of veterans like me who are itching for a good fight with these socialist bastards that are trying to destroy our beloved America. WE’ve also got millions of licensed hunters that will join our ranks too!!! I say let the games begin!!!

    • Rattlerjake

      Yeah, who says AR15’s can’t be used for hunting? I’m just waiting for the season opener!


        News Flash!!!!! “Open Season On Commie Socialist” coming to a city near you soon…………………….. But you will never see that in print.

    • Donny Cotten

      You do realize that a civil war is just what Obama wants right? Then he can call in the UN troops and kill everyone that wont lay down their weps and bow to him as a dictator. A very large percentage of the US military will not fire on the American people and he knows it so he will call in outside troops to try and crush us into submission

      • Rattlerjake

        Never happen! Obuthead doesn’t want a civil war, or he would have immediately pushed the gun bans, registration, and confiscation. Right now he’s waiting to see what happens in the states, like NY, that are introducing strict laws. Besides, if the UN troops even make it to our shores, our fellow countrymen and soldiers will act quickly. Remember, if a civil war happens, Obuthead will have NO control over the military, law enforcement, militias or gun owning Americans and those blue helmets and white vehicles will be great targets.

      • He won’t need the UN. We Americans can handle it.

        • Molon Labe!

          Phillips you are no American. Commies are not Americans no matter where you are born.

    • Lila Hanson

      That’s pretty tough talk from an old man…..take an enema, granddad….

  • Like it or not there may be an extended hunting season this year or the next at the latest. There is a certain type of varmit that seems to becoming over dominant across the country. It is very good at raiding stored crops in open bins. When I was a kid my Uncle had me go out and shoot those coons when ever I found them, and I was visiting the farm. Now they can be found in the urban areas too. You know a pack of coons can ravage a grain bin over a season and totally destroy any value that was saved up there. They are worse than rats and a lot harder to get at.

  • SPER2482

    What is better way to get gun control than to horde the bullets. They expect to loose the gun control fight so let the citizens buy all those new guns. They are only clubs without bullets.
    Instant gun control and not a single gun is banned or restricted.

  • Who the H says we have to let them keep them, let alone have time to use them?

  • Bighoss

    Let the National Rifle Association explain this. The explanation is a simple one. The NRA has prepared a brief discussion on the matter–brief enough for even the most cloddish gun nut to read without loss of attention and with sufficient detail to have dissuaded even the airheaded Ms. Palin from blithering out her nutterance on the subject, had she bothered to do a little research before flapping her ignorant motormouth.
    There is no gummint stockpiling of mass quantities of ammunition in anticipation of some kind of domestic Gestapo initiative. Read the truth:


    • Rattlerjake

      Believe what you want, but this information is what was provided to the NRA by these respective agencies. Anyone who has worked with or knows how these agencies operate knows that 590 rounds per agent for training, mandatory quarterly qualification, and duty use annually is exaggerated; even the average soldier doesn’t expend this much ammo annually. Additionally, these agencies have ANNUAL budgets for these purchases, yet they are ordering and stockpiling 5 years worth (in one year), not taking into account that they will still be purchasing their annual amounts each year, and that they never made these enormous purchases in the past. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see a problem. Bighoss you’re a Bigloss!

    • Dave

      The numbers mentioned in this August 17 article, from last year are stale, as more gov’t orders have since come to light. Do you have anything more recent on the subject?

    • A voice of reason here. This site is all about spreading hatred and ignorance. Thank you for some enlightenment.

  • They have bought almost 2 billion 40 caliber hollowpoint bullets. We only have 312 million Americans. That’s enough to shoot everybody in the country 6 times. Not to quibble but once, everyone is killed, what are all the extra bullets for?

    • Canada.

    • Your implication is that we won’t kill many if not most of them. Many Americans are armed and know how to kill anything/anybody in their quest for freedom.

  • Darius the Mede

    Palin is absolutely right. First, the ammo that DHS is buying is hollow point. DHS says it is for target practice. Well, you don’t use hollow point ammo for target practice…..you use regular solid point. Hollow point ammo is used for one purpose, and that is, shooting at flesh, whether animal or human. So, stop lying DHS

  • Lloyd

    Sarah is probably right about the bullets being for use against us in “civil unrest” . But the civil unrest may not be caused by what she is thinking. It will probably be for a much bigger reason. The people are used to fighting to stay above water. The people are not used to having their rights systematicly stripped away, and their jobs and rights being given to our enemies. All this effort to take our guns, allowing illegals to cross our borders in droves, destroying the economy, and aiding and abetting the enemy is scaring the H out of people and making us angry. The government having all of this ammo is not a good thing, but their efforts to get it is a good indication. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said. “When the government fears the people, we have liberty.” Now all we have to do is keep the government from getting all that ammo, or the tables could turn. “When the people fear the government, we have tyranny.”

    • 1Sonny2

      I agree…I could be wrong but I think the DHS stocking up is in preparation for gun confiscation. They are anticipating a revolt. We all know their gun control plans have nothing to do with school shootings. The schools are just a propaganda tool to gain support. The real interest is in stripping citizens of all power, so they can move forward with their agenda and not have to worry about resistance

    • Rattlerjake

      Remember that when our country revolted against the British, they had very little in weapons and ammunition supplies, plus the weaponry was dated. Our countrymen assaulted the British through intelligent guerrilla warfare and accumulated the weapons, ammunition, and supplies from the enemy. It will work this way for us also, besides the fact that these government lackies are no comparison to those well trained British troops. For many of us it will be a “turkey shoot”. As far as the civil unrest, it is more likely to start when the economy falls apart. Obuthead and the administration are scared to death of legal gun owners and the fact that a large percentage of law enforcement across the country will refuse to enforce, otherwise they would not be taking so long to pass their far reaching gun control. Soon the first massive wave of layoffs and cuts to entitlements will put people in desperation mode and the mobs and rioting will start.

  • I thought the government was stockpiling ammo to create a shortage so the citizens can’t stockpile ammo.

    • Donny Cotten

      That is surely possible but if you have been asleep up to this point you are probably doomed anyway.

  • James Maxwell

    The more bullets the government buys for the fools in DHS, EPA and the rest of
    oscummers “private civilian army” just means that the more ammo I and other
    Americans will have when they drop them and run home to thier cities to hide from
    the wrath of the American people when we rise up to restore our nation.

    • Rattlerjake

      That’s right. You only need enough ammo to score some more. These morons will just be targets of opportunity. Besides, for every 500 rounds they shoot, I’ll only need to shoot one.

    • Our miltary is the best in the world. Good luck with that.

      • James Maxwell

        John, you are right about the United States Military, it is the best in the world
        and I was proud to be a member of the AF for 23 years till I retired. I still
        remember and honor the oath I took when I joined. But the peopel that are
        buying the ammo are not military members but oscummers private army of
        civilians who for the most part do not have the trainign nor discipline of
        military members. At the first sound of fire being returned many of them
        will either die or flee leaving weapons and ammo behind. Just because
        a group has weapons and ammo does not qualify them for combat against
        anyone but it does put them at grave risk and possible loss of life.

      • Our military wont help Obummer, I was in the air force for 24 years my dad for 23. If my commander ever gave me and M-16 and told me to go door to door and confiscate Americans guns. I would have shot my commander!!

  • marineh2ominer

    Sarah Palin STILL knows the score and has the courage to speak up about it , this should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the mass media that persecuted her .

    • The only thing she would be good for is a piece of tail and maybe not even that. Her time in the spot light is over.

  • knowitall

    My income tax refund is going to buy whatever ammo I can still find. Molon Labe

  • I tell you what Jan not only is it going to be civil unrest, but full blown civil war if they start confiscating guns.

  • They can stockpile as much ammunition as they want. We’re ready.

  • Time to buy a reloader John if you haven’t already.

  • I want to see how many states stand up to or roll over to obamas gun control bills. a lot of good states have already come forth and told him to get lost. why is ct one of the states not caring what it’s people want. we know it was the mothers fault 100%, on why these poor kids and teachers got killed. it is because she would not lock up her guns and gave her mentally ill son access to them, why does every gun owner in this country have to suffer. I believe it was a planned control of the government so they could take the guns. lets face it before that gun control was at a stand with states passing good laws to keep them and carry. now the dead are coming out of the ground to lie and take your guns. can’t you people see the writing on the wall or are you really that stupid???

  • Ron Obvious

    Palin once again demonstrates that she ISN’T as dumb as the Liberal Media/Karl Rove crowd would have you think. Sounds like Sarah isn’t afraid to state the obvious. I am not saying I want her as president, but she would be a giant step up from either Obama, Biden, McCain or Romney!

  • Chilly Willy
  • SatanicVerses

    Find anything that eliminates Obama from the perfect fit for the Antichrist…I have searched and am unable to eliminate him. Daniel describes his rise, his associates, hit ideas and his pride perfectly. Daniel Chapter 11:36-45 gives a picture of the Arab Spring. He fits… Watch him closely…He’s a Deceiver’ and ‘The Destroyer’.

  • Chris

    He wouldn’t win a fair election. Voter fraud played a big role just as it did in the 2008 election and in the democratic primary against Hillary prior to that.

  • The government wants to take our guns to prevent mass killings but are stock piling bullets so they can kill millions of us if necessary. Does that sound about right?

  • Kent2012

    Sarah, they are stockpiling to deny us access to ammunition and to have enough small arms munitions for the ensuing attack on politicians and bureaucrats….

  • Dave G

    I have seen a lot of negative action take place in this country mostly within the Obama administration. I am mad as hell about that alone but I have to lay a lot of blame on the spineless members of congress that have done nothing to thwart it. We all know Obama and his entire crew are corrupt thugs but if congress sets by and does nothing then they are as guilty of the destruction of this country as Obama is. Obama did not win the election and we all know it and I have heard about the Republicans giving that type of action a go-ahead as Rattlerjake has posted below. It is not the first time I have heard it. I guess the republicans should be called the, bend-over-and take- group. Nice going guys. Lets not forget that Obama is not only destroying the country for the republicans he is destroying it for the democrats as well,,,and the blacks,,,the Hispanics and the gays.

    The only people that really like what he is doing to this country are the Muslims and the idiots that can’t see past their noses.

    And we don’t need a lot of ammunition to fight this mess, we just need to be better shots.

    • HOW do you know that President Obama didn’t win the election? Why is this “great truth” not all over the national news?? Why are not Republican leaders calling for an investigation??? You people are IDIOTS!!

  • You people are a bunch of old drunken fools. I DARE YOU to get your guns out and start killing Americans. WE The People will kick your ass. You will be dead or in prison.

  • obama and his goons at the dhs are planning on to do to America what hitler did to Germany in the 30’s. Make no mistake about it, first your rights to keep and bear arms is restricted then your guns are confiscated and next your Free Speech is taken away. Obama has already said the American Constitution is outdated and he is going to “overturn” it by executive order. That is the only reason the dhs is buying up all the ammo and ifyou haven’t noticed, the Guns as well.

  • Pat

    Every person with an ounce of commonsense knows that Obama is a bogus fraud. Just as importantly, in my opinion, has even buffaloed those who think they rigged the elections for their benefits. I think that this Muslim is a plant for radical jihad. His continues support of countries that promote Sharia Law, the Muslim Brotherhood, just to mention a few. It makes me think even more that his dedication is not to the U.S. Just like the mentality that the terrorists had on 9/11 when they took down the Twin Towers, the buildings that represented the financial power of America, Obama has mortgaged this country to the max with China, using taxpayers properties as collateral in an effort to bring us to our knees. Even the homes we live in are up for grabs by the Chi-Cons. Think not? What do you have to prove ownership of your home, a deed or a title? Look up the difference. Then ask yourself what happens when you fail to pay your taxes and who comes knocking to take possession of your home. A government agency. No, Obama planned to sell us down the river from the git go and knows that there will be major resistance to his follies and will probably inject Marshall law to squelch any uprising. Thats why the build up of ammo and the attempts to disarm law abiding citizens. Too bad he doesn’t know that the largest army in the world is the American sportsman/hunter. Plus the millions of military both active and non-active retiree’s, we have not forgotten the oaths we took as soldiers. We WILL defend OUR country from all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC. When it comes down to it, for all those who doubt this and stand with the fraud, to take a phrase from G.W. Bush in reference to 9/11 and those around the world, “Either you’re with us or against us, its up to you”.

    • When you say that President Obama is a Muslim you just don’t have any credibility.

  • Eric Coddington

    We the People need the lies to stop. Going around costing US Millions to tell Us
    Lies to make your self look better. That destroys trust in leadership. Shock Us by making
    laws against misleading Us, be men of your word. It would not cause Civil unrest if
    you only let people lead who have what it takes to get job done, and so if We lied like
    some leaders racking up massive debt in jail We would be….

  • Eric Lockshaw

    It will be terrifying in the Peoples Republic of California.The state is broke ,overrun by criminal aliens,drugs,gangs,detached politicians,mentally unstable liberal population,zeaous fascistic mayors.The so called gov. in Sacramento wants to register firearm owners like criminals,so when the time arises they can call on theyre unions & illegal criminal goons to do theyre bidding when eveyrone is unarmed they can put us on trains.In cattle cars.& ship out the law abiding to replace with criminals,like in Venezuela,Villairaigoza=Chavez..

  • Eric Lockshaw

    The Commies won this countrys done

  • Eric Lockshaw

    The Peoples Republic of California will dissolve into a seething riot of biblical proportions,many people will die & get arrested by the “Cadres”

  • Byamukama Levi

    Hello, am Levi the director of Byamukama Levi Foundation a non profit organisation. I request for partnership. Thank you.

  • Bonnie Parker

    I just read an article this weekend that said that the drones Obama wants permission to use against Americans who could be participating in terrorist groups have the capability to see if you’re carrying a gun. Couple that with the stockpiling of ammo, and it’s beginning to sound like Germany under Hitler – with a modern twist.

  • Time for pitchforks and torches, people. Pitchforks and torches.

  • carlcasino

    My FRIENDS and I don’t have anywhere near 1.5 billion rounds, If we pulled the entire NW portion of the state together we have a very sizable inventory and we know the territory?

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Not “in case of”; but because they’ve been working at engineering such “unrest” since O took office, quite systematically and deliberately!

  • JustThinking

    THOUGHT: He loves being compared to Lincoln! Is he trying to induce the same fate, to enhance the ‘glow’ of his so-called ‘legacy’? He promised the Blacks FREE everything. He promised the ILLEGALS amnesty. He promised the gays MARRIAGE. Oddly, where oh where is any promises for the working class White Americans? No, Seriously! There is a BLACK Caucus, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People), Black Entertainment Television (BET), BLACK History Month……..anyone seeing this trend????? But, if one even suggests the idea of a WHITE anything (YES, ANYTHING), then you are INSTANTLY branded as a racist! And that isn’t REVERS racism folks, as there is no such thing! It is simply RACIST, and our POTUS (Piece of Trash Ushering Socialsim) is the largest contributor!

  • mark1949

    Question arises who do I believe? All the rumors running amok on the I-net? Palin or the president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation?? In a letter I received from the NSSF last week, that association president stated the absence of ammunition available to the public is panic driven by the public. Further states, all ammunition manufacturers in CONUS are and have been running at full production, 24/7 but still cannot keep up with this unprecedented demand. These same manufacturers facilities just simply are not adequate enough to fill the orders. If Americans would abandoned this rush of fear, the industry would catch up w/demand and prices would return to normal. From what I have seen, I have no reason to not believe him.

  • mark1949

    A case in point on ‘panic ammo buying’ of the public. Locally, we have an Academy Sports Store. This store is a large chain in the Louisiana-Texas region and caters heavily to shooting sports. Yesterday I attempted to buy a single box of 22 caliber rimfire ammo. Not available, sold out~!~I asked when delivery was expected & was informed of numerous trucks arriving this week. Store employee told me that panic driven buyers are camping in the parking lots awaiting these deliveries. Once the doors open for the days business, the same folks rush in and the ammo is purchased while it is still on the shipping pallets. The ammo is not reaching the store shelves before it is gone & the cycle just repeats & repeats.
    As I was discussing this at the gun counter, a young man was completing his purchase of a pistol. The same sales clerk informed this buyer he is not allowed to purchase another firearm in that store for 7 days, store policy. Amazing, they control the number of firearms purchased yet do not follow suit with the ammo.

  • They are not stockong ‘in case of civil unrest’ they are going to create it.

  • I’m afraid your naiveté is showing again ma’am. On the other hand, if you’re playing politics rather than saying what you really think, it’ll COST you around us savvy fans… Think on it, ok?