Patriot Special Forces


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  • coastx

    I’m in. Where do I sign up?

  • RC

    I’m in!

  • alanlopez5994

    Count me in. Which way to the recruitment office?

  • Whackajig

    Great idea, I’d like to help in Naples FL. I am 80 years young but there might be something I can do to help.

  • I would love to be a part of it

  • Archangel Operator

    Before you guys start developing “teams” to disrupt the enemies of freedom you damn well better learn a few things. And any of you real SF guys that want to play in this game, where the hell are your brains? You know exactly what I mean because that kinda stuff ain’t your bread and butter.

  • Dante

    This is not the way to do spec ops. No REAL SF would be dumb enough to sign on. You folks have watched Red Dawn too many times.

  • Jmac

    Hate to have to say this, but, here in Los Angeles County, we have a Sheriff that is a gutless coward that can’t even carry a gun due to legal issues he has personally, from what I recall, has to do with some domestic violence issues, this guy will NEVER go along with anything that involve the suggestions in the video here. He just goes along with what the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles wants to do, instead of dealing with the wishes and desires of the County of Los Angeles. In other words, Sheriff Lee Baca, has a yellow streak a mile wide down his back. If there was a Sheriff in Los Angeles County, like Sheriff Joe Arpio (spelling), then there could be a great chancea and likely opportunity to do just what is suggested in this video. I would be right at the front of the line if that were the case.

  • John McIntyre

    This Easter give the gift that keeps giving personal safety all year long an ak,ar,45 or pink grip 32. Make obmass mad that the Bitter clingers still make the Holy Bible the most given book in America and those cowboys in Texas have made Arms the new bouquet of roses. I will write in Raphael Cruz for USSenate against cornut. Two Cruz missiles in dc standing for the Constitution,Original Intent,and the right to keep and bear ARMS. Primary the rinos from governor to precinct chair. Now is the time to nominate and organize against the incumbents like boehnor,cornyn,etc…The Rubio,Lee,Cruz,Paul template works.No whining Let’s Roll. God Bless America and Jesus is Lord! Happy EAster! Oust Straus in 2014 and vote for born again Christians. Respectfully;John McIntyre Reagan delegate 1984