People’s House Closed but Feds Spend 227K to Study Magazine Pics

Some of the toughest sequester spending decisions involve taxpayer-financed research, where funding today can produce huge benefits tomorrow — but can the government really afford to spend $227,437 to study pictures of animals in National Geographic magazines?

That is one of the 164 grants the National Science Foundation approved last week as it sought to balance its research mission with less funding that means the independent agency will award about 1,000 fewer projects with taxpayer money this year.

The federal government is a major source of financial backing, including $140 billion for research and development alone this year, spread across everything from astrophysics at NASA and defense technology from the Pentagon, to political science from NSF and the latest biomedical research from the National Institutes of Health.

But now, many of those on the receiving end are preparing for cutbacks, and those who do the spending are trying to figure out where to trim.

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  • Fed up with Obama

    Yet Obama claims that teachers, fire departments, etc. will have a massive layoff if the spending bill isn’t approved. But they are spending a quarter of a million dollars to read through some magazines. Ludicrous.

  • First lets cut that which is not needed or should have never been. Dept.of Energy, EPA, Dept of Ed. Federal law with States making sure they are enforced and ones that make sense. Next the fat of others such as 12% off the entitlements. The Seniors, Vets and the Truly Disabled will not be harmed at all. Obama care of course would have to go as a duplicate program to Medicaid/Medicare which need in it self to be reformed. Of course those on generational welfare or are shaming will be sol. Then again they had no business in my wallet for their decisions to begin with.

  • verncba

    I can think of many alphabet depts that can be cut…

    ATF, IRS, DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, EPA, god the list is long…

    • vernabc

      Playing with your food again I see.


    Obama is cutting back on every thing from public safety to the military. The military hired all those civilians to do things the military used to do, like cutting grass, painting, etc. Fire all those civilians and once again put the military to work doing those things instead of sitting around all day with nothing to do. Cut Obama’s salary in half, and deny him and Michelle all those vacations taken at taxpayer expense! Tell Michele Obama that her chonga kids are not ‘staff’ and they she has to pay for their vacations out of her own pocket! Obama is a devout Black Muslim Communist, criminal offender, and a traitor who should be indicted, tried and convicted, and then executed for his high crimes against America!…

  • Charlie

    One would expect anything when corruption is the name of the game.

  • Dan

    I honestly think that promoting R&D is one of the more important things that government should be doing. More important than Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare at least. Just look at all the benefits we received from the NASA programs.

  • Doc

    They have to look at pictures to see if the underground conservative movement are sending secret messages to each other.