Police Departments Face Ammunition Shortages

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As local police departments across the country are beginning to find ammunition difficult to find, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered up to 1.6 billion rounds for its more than 100,000 armed agents.

Rep. Timothy Huelskamp (R-KS) has been attempting to get DHS to explain why it is ordering so many rounds, but the Congressman has reported that the department has thus far refused to answer key questions submitted by members of Congress.
In a news report, Police Chief Cameron Arthur of Jenks, Oklahoma says that his department and others are starting to have trouble getting rounds for their officers. Some departments are even starting to barter with each other to fulfill needs because suppliers cannot fill orders.

“Ammunition and assault weapons in general have skyrocketed. In the past, $3,000 would get us several rifles or a great deal of ammunition. But we have seen prices go up 30, 40, 50 percent. In addition… the time to get it could be six months to a year, or in some cases even longer,” Arthur said.

Another report details several police departments around the country that are rationing ammunition for its officers and putting off buying new weapons due to scarcity of product.

Meanwhile, helping drive up costs to police agencies and the public, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has also ordered 25 fully automatic AR-15-styled rifles in .223/5.56 MM NATO caliber with a pistol grip and six 30-round magazines for each piece.

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  • ConcernedCitizen

    I guess I do not understand if this is going on why all of the manufacturers just don’t put DHS way on the back log and only sell to everyone else. Seems logical to keep the government from continuing to become more powerful.

    • CelticGyrl

      Sounds good to me!

    • coastx

      It’s like this guy once did at an amusement park cafe. There was a long line, and he didn’t want to wait, so he begged a glass of water from the front of the line. “Nice” individual standing there let him do it, and when he did, the cheat began placing small orders which racked up a meal plan for a social group of 12, AND it took the rest of us another 40 minutes waiting on line to be served.

      Americans are literal minded. It was NICE of the person standing at the head of the line to acquiesce. It was incorrect to allow this individual to usurp our resources, which in this case was time. In his mind he was being kind, which he was doing this, too, but he was not entitled to extend or time to the man asking for water.

      I dealt with this in a pick-up basketball game at San Juan Capistrano Beach with a group we were letting have the court after our day with it. They wanted my game ball, and this really big Black guy picks up my ball, starts bouncing it and says, “Give us your ball, man!” I stepped up to him slapped the ball away and tossed in on the beach and told him, “go fetch.” He walked off.

      Nice is attitude. Kindness is enforcement. When someone is kindly giving away your resources, that entity is insane, but Americans are programed on this mentality via their investment in statist Christianity, the mechanism for this capitulation on reality which is taught in Genesis. Eve ate her own child, although the literal interpretation of this story begs denial of reality, that fruit is good and that the FORBIDDEN fruit was some form or other of an apple what OTHER meaning could have something to do with reason, but no one’s committed to answering that question, because that would blow the lid off CRYPYO JUDAISM, Fabianism, liberalism and Obama.

      They need you stupid so you’ll go along with whatever they tell you is reality, and most Americans are in this funk with the current system.

      This is one of three institutional ways they control your mind, the other two so horrific you will not believe this is possible.

    • Chicot

      Since DHS says this is stockpiling for a 5 year period you would think that the ammo manufactures would not put their regular customers on hold in order to make that much ammo which covers that long of a period…MAKES YOU WONDER, DOES THE FEDS NOW OWN OR CONTROL THE MANUFACTURE OF AMMO. If this is the case why has it not been made know by the MSM. What the general public should do is get together and find an importer who will import ammo from different countries and distribute to the police depts and general public. If the general public will promise to boycott the ammo companies in the future when all this ordering has ceased from the federal government, then maybe this would wake up the manufacturing companies as to who their bread and butter really are.
      Where is the NRA on all this.

      • Dr. Evil

        You could run a 20 year war on this much ammo. 5 years my @$$. That is 4 bullets for every man, woman and child in the country and they are buying more!

        • Chicot

          Dr. Evil, I believe I said STOCK PILING over a 5 year period. That is what the DHS spokesman told the news media. Yes that ir enough ammo for a 20 to 25 year war. If you will check that is more ammo than has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan since those wars started. Check out your comments before posting…

  • coastx

    This isn’t surprising, Maybe police will wake up and do the rater to get a fix on where they stand in CJ’s acculturation to communitarianism agenda. “YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED” applies to EVERYONE.

  • Jeff

    I happen to own two of the most popular calibers of handgun (40 S & W) and rifle (.308). Not only is it difficult to obtain this ammunition, you would almost have to have the pay of a congressman to afford them! I think this is just one of their many plans to eliminate the ability of the electorate to defend themselves. I think we will see many federal and individual lawsuits against weapon and ammunition manufacturers, backed by special interest dollars to help further the agenda of the United Nations. I have never seen so many Communist and Fascist interests in my 51 years. You must admit, their agenda is like chess….weaken the opponent and then dominate their ability to defend themselves. Eventually, in my opinion, I think they want a “Check-Mate.”

    • I keep hearing about the orders but not a single word of who is supplying the ammo or when and where is it shipped. If there is actually no ammo being bought/stockpiled, where is the supply all going? What companies are actually filling the orders? If no American manufacturers are actually supplying the feds, where is all of their ammo, if not on the shelves?

  • I believe that the shortage is planned. Police depts, by and large, are manned by Oathkeepers, and as such, will DEFEND the CONSTITUTION against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. “Homeland” (Motherland) Security? How VERY Nazi German like, yes?

  • Politically Incorrect

    Welcome to the real world. Not considered a conspiracy anymore is it?

    • Dave G

      Hello P.I. I was wondering when conspiracy theory would end and conspiracy fact would take over. It is happening right in front of our faces and the DHS lies and say’s, we are buying in bulk to save the tax payers money. Now that is mighty nice of them,,don’t you think?

      • Patricia Bennett

        NO!! Me thinks not. Napolitano doesn’t know her a$s from a hole in the ground. How the hell did she get elected to a governor? These liberal dumbacrats are showing their true Fascist colors, like that of a turd.
        Fair warning to all who helped Ob get his newly found kingdom. He will forget you when you are no longer useful. look at Hitler’s ways when he was done with you, you die. ask a WWII vet if you can find one.

  • poptoy1949

    It is all the Fault of the Obama Administration. I think Obama is looking for an excuse to Declare Martial Law when the Law Enforcement cannot help itself.

  • JimLane

    They’re killing two birds with one stone. They buy massive amounts of ammo and at the same time it keeps us from getting any.

  • Dr. Evil

    Congress should just defund DHS and give them all pink slips.

  • Janettamc

    What part of gun control is not understood?

  • I know of many companies that have all of my ammo and the major ones are just black marketing their ammo to make more money. Just after Newtown, there were 270,000 new applications for guns and with many fearing the AR-15 ban, they were flying off the shelves so many dealers admitted holding back many and were tripling the price to make a huge profit just like the ammo. There are hundreds of companies that supply the military and have for decades and can produce ammo for anyone, but everytime they say the word gun control, dealers triple their prices. Now everyone is getting a FFL license mostly as collectors and can by any kind of gun and get the ammo at half the price it would be for relaods!

  • Dave G

    It has become obvious that the Obama Administration knows that various local law enforcement will side with the people rather than his private army because they are American too. So it makes sense to starve out all the potential foes before something hits the fan. As insidious as the government is I also don’t doubt they have threatened the ammo manufacturers into working for them first if not completely.
    Unfortunately the ammo manufacturers are American and some day they may come under fire from the very private army they have manufactured ammo for. Really,, nothing surprises me.

  • shannon853

    only right answer is choke off supplys to law enforcement at all levels. gun and ammo makers move to states that are friendly to them.

  • Will Eric H give these guns to Mexico drug cartels?