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  • SickAndTired

    Okay, no green face paint. Okay, no blowing up buildings or people… but only without good reason and strategy. I agree with everything except “Within the Law.” That’s like claiming you’re going to play hard and win a football game while “obeying the rules” – when the other team is not! Or rather, when the other team has MADE and is MAKING all the rules. They are winning because they have no respect for the laws WE instituted 200 years ago. Had they played by OUR rules, THEY’D have lost. But they mean business. They’re not concerned with the law, only with “what’s right” by THEIR definitions. We already obey income tax law, social security law and now the health care law. We will not win playing by their rules. We will not win within the laws THEY instituted. For example, what happens when they outlaw the right to assemble? What happens when they outlaw firearms? Hell, what happens when they start “legally” cramming us into FEMA camps? Still going to operate “within the law?” I’d rather go with “Operate within the laws of GOD,” or “Operate within the laws of WHAT’S RIGHT.” Who determines “what’s right?” Well, we do. Somebody has to… Right now THEY are… and if we can’t trust us to reinstate laws that harmonize with GOD’S laws, then who can we trust? Right now, THEY’RE determining “what’s legal” and that is not “what’s right.” Operate within the liberal law, which is what is in effect these days, and we will certainly lose.

    Now, there is always the possibility that Wild Bill is saying this for the sake of “listening ears.” If so, uh… never mind Okay. Operate within the law. 😉 I certainly am….

    • K

      Very well said “SickAndTired”

      “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
      – Martin Luther King

      The other thing is; obama and his minions have already made it illegal to peaceably assemble;
      Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

      This “so called” law is a blatant bypassing of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which make this “so called” law, illegal and yet there it is.

      If they make it unlawful to buy, own or possess guns, the Constitution will be completely gone. The 2nd Amendment protects all of the Constitution.

      AND, I’m not going to do as most here do by, stating how lazy or ignorant or, how sheeple the American people are because, most posters here already do that and what good does that ever do? No, I’m going to say what “We the People” Damn well better do and that is; “Wake the Hell up” and call your representatives everyday and week and tell them to Honor their OATH of OFFICE, The OATH they took to the Constitution and Not to the President.

      “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

      Tell your Representatives, Governors, Senators via email, letter, petition or phone call to vote against all these unconstitutional bills or you will vote them out.

      In the mean while, hope for the best BUT, prepare for war.
      Tyranny is coming and it means Serfdom or death to us all if we don’t win.

      It’s not letting up because, they do not and will not play fair, they don’t care, they bypass the Supreme law of the land of these United States of American because in order to win, they will have to disobey the rules – the Constitution.

      Therefore, if “We the People”, play fair and it does not work then, in order to defeat them, to keep our Freedom, we will have to “Disobey” their so called laws”. We will still be operating within the law, the supreme law of the land, “The Constitution”.

  • Wild Bill for America

    Actually “sick and tired” I said we were going to obey the “Constitution”…..we may have to cross some un-American laws and defy some un-American judges.
    And if the government forces into open tyranny….all bets are off.

  • You can’t vote them out they own the ballot boxes voter fraud
    has been found in every state that has investigated it after the 2012 election
    but they say after the election has been certified it can’t be overturned. I
    guess if you rob a bank and can spend all the money before you get caught its
    ok. oh you may get a few of the peons but the really dangerous ones keep
    getting back in. obeavis has committed impeachable offenses but no charges have
    been brought against him and vp butthead tells people to break the law buy
    shooting in the air and through doors. The only way to take the country back is
    going to be by civil disobedience

  • Concerned Patriot

    Was anybody paying attention when the government murdered 138 of its own employees in order to slip the AEDPA in on us without our having any say, as in we weren’t allowed to vote on the issue? Of course, what does that matter when the polls are rigged? The government violates the rights of individuals millions of times every day, and that was why they came up with the AEDPA: to eliminate accountability. The government begins its campaign of molesting us with the constitutional rights propaganda when we are unsuspecting and impressionable school children, and then continues to shamelessly lie to us about it even after we know better from first-hand experience. Violate all of our rights individually and nobody cares, but to do it to us collectively ruffles some of our feathers, but not nearly enough of us. That’s what Jan Morgan meant when she so strongly implied that we americans are our own worst enemy. As long as the government rapes, robs and murders other people(and not me) I really don’t care. We don’t believe a halocast can happen to us for the same reasons six million jews didn’t believe it could happen to them. The concentration/death camps are already built for us, and that’s why they want our guns. Obama wants our guns for the same reason Hitler wanted Germany’s guns.