Teacher Invites KKK to Classroom

Jan Morgan

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The Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis are making their way onto high school and college campuses across America — but they’re not sneaking in, they’re being invited.

A handful of teachers are allowing these groups into their classrooms in an effort, they say, to expose students to their messages of hate.

It’s a tradition that Worthington Kilbourne High School in Columbus, Ohio, started back in the 1970s for seniors in a class titled “U.S. Political Thought and Radicalism.” The class, which also covers topics such as immigration, environmentalism and abortion, spends a couple of weeks each semester interacting with hate groups, including Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church, the tiny, ardently anti-gay church best known for staging protests at the funerals of American soldiers killed in combat.

School officials insist they do not endorse these hate groups, nor has any student ever been converted to their way of thinking. Instead, the classes are held so students can witness the extreme views such groups espouse and know how to avoid them.

“The kids see through their messages,” said David Strausbaugh, who along with Scott DiMauro, teaches the Worthington Kilbourne class. “They know. There’s nobody — nobody — who leaves and says, ‘Boy, we’ve got to join these people.’ That’s why we can bring them in, because we know the kids are going to see them for who they are.”

The Ohio school is not alone. Across the country, other schools also are organizing classes to give students a taste of the message purveyed by hate groups. At Portland State University in Oregon, sociology professor Randy Blazak said he brings in neo-Nazis to talk with his students about the role of extremism in society.

“It’s a good idea to know what’s out there,” Mr. Blazak said. “They’re not monsters. They’re human beings, wrestling with their own issues.”

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  • agbjr

    But Moses and Christ and the Word of God are banned from our schools. I guess the Ten Commandments are just too radical for these impressionable students to be exposed to them.

    • The 10 Commandments are banned from our schools because of the LIBTURDS in Washington, DC

      • Actually it took place during the Eisenhower admin. Which is odd given that In God We Trust was added to currency and Under God added to the pledge in the same tenure.

    • I am still waiting for the liberal teachers to have a dual visit. Gays and muslims for a double header. It will show that liberals can not get along with each other never mind getting along with the rest of us.

    • Yea, “Moses and Christ and the Word of God” are not banned from public schools. The school just can’t endorse it.

  • catnip24

    it’s alright for schools invite radical muslim groups who want to kill americans then so what if they invite the klan.

  • SFS444

    Nice, we’ll have to fight Socialists of all sorts including Nazis and the KKK. Obamas Amerika is going to he hell to fix.

  • foxxybey

    Christians out, islam in. Many schools are having students be muslims for a week, taking islamist names, learning about the Quran but, No Bible, no prayer, no commandments for students, sounds like Hitler in the school system or is that Obozo?

    • Only strengthens my faith! Proves that satan is petrified of My Lord, and well he should be. For one day soon, the madness will be brought to an end.

      • foxxybey

        I’m with you Sarah, we know the outcome and he and his children sure going to be in a hot climate forever. At least a little over 7 years now and then Christ return for a thousand years, no more wars and no more nazi’s running the world for satan. God Bless:

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    I’ve been saying it for years, especially now that Obama has been elected as President, that more and more mainstream people will be joining groups like the KKK, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacist groups. This because white Americans are being disenfranchised by the corporate government in Washington DC that is so intent on diversity and race-baiting that Americans are being left out of the process being run by radical left-wing extremist minorities.

    And, you will not just be getting so-called “rednecks” joining, but you are finding professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. that will become more and more involved in these types of groups in order to get heard. These groups will be tempered by such mainstream people and become a politically viable force in this country, if the left-wing attacks on the white mainstream majority in this country.

    • billygeturgun

      Me-thinks you are correct. And 1 liberal hates you!!!!!!!

  • Shutter

    The KKK was started by Democrats and neo-Nazis are socialists, so it only follows.

    • So true. The KKK was the strong arm of the democrats. They did the dirty work for them. And Jack Kennedy wire tapped MLK. See…the liberals never liked the blacks but they soon realized that when they could not keep them down, they would appear to embarrass them while actually making them more of a slave than ever. Added bonus was they could get their vote! That propaganda still works today. Sad people think the Christians, the conservatives are the bad guys. It is just the opposite.

  • Jon

    and then slowly but surely they bring in more churches besides westboro to show how “extreme” the views are…

  • marineh2ominer

    Please keep Christianity and Christian values out of our schools , but be sure to let fanatics like the KKK , the Jihadists , the sexual perverts and any and ALL non-American values in , it is the best possible way to continue their mental destruction after their progressive indoctrinations . Wake up fools !!!

    • voncile fullwood

      excuse me the KKK is not doing anything I live in the heart of them,they can not sneeze without someone trying to cause them trouble.maybe they should come out with their hoods again and go after Al Sharpton,NAACP,ACLU these are the trouble makers now always stirring up anything they can to cause a racist problem

      • LIMD

        There’s more harm coming from the black and Hispanic groups. They can and do attack whites all the time, yet if a white person so much as farts around them they’ll be dead or fired.

  • Im not sure this is such a BAD idea.. before you attack me.. look at who they are REALLY calling extremists.. Democrats (KKK) and Neo Nazis ( National Socialists) I just wonder if the connections are made..

  • localsantacruzean

    Why is this so outrageous? We have no problem letting the anti white Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU on campuses to preach their “Anti white” rhetoric. At least the hate is being displayed both ways with the Klan being invited to the party.

    • LIMD

      They have no problem having anti-white studies on campuses or funding black and Hispanic groups with taxes or corporate donations, but white people want to be left alone and have their own clubs and groups? Can’t have that!

  • chromehorse

    white people are getting fed up with the hate whitey agenda, wake up white america!!

    • LIMD

      Yep. Since liberals and minorities won’t allow white people to talk openly about racial issues without attacking them or destroying their careers, the anger and resentment is bottled up and it will eventually come out and in very unhealthy (and dangerous) ways, too. They’ve kept whites silenced and hushed for 50 years with lies and manipulation and those days are coming to end and the anti-white people know it.

      • billygeturgun

        I smell a race war right around the corner. I hope I am wrong because it will be ugly!

  • pointman49

    Are “black hate groups” included in this program??

  • You can bet that it is being pointed out that the KKK and Neo Nazi’s are hate groups that should be avoided. Now are they also pointing out how the leftist hate groups they invite are in fact hate groups should be avoided also or are they depicting those groups as main stream.

  • Do some research and see if any of the recent (school/mass) murderers had ever attended any of these “visits”. I’m curious because everyone of them was either a liberal democrat or came from a family that was (fact).

  • gittyup

    Using their logic, then murderers, robbers, Child molesters, burgulars and whores should be welcome also.

    • I don’t like the word “whore” because there doesn’t seem to be an insulting name for her partner. Go figure!! SHE’s a whore and HE”s a what??

      • Pissed off Vet

        A whore is a whore it has no gender in the eyes of God.

      • bane dropper

        whore hopper

  • Brian P.

    Of course the KKK is allowed in schools. The group was created by Democrats and has heritage with the Democrat party and that’s who has hijacked school curriculumn.
    No, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s true. Look it up. Look at the first movie Woodrow Wilson showed in the White House. See how the KKK was used to intimidate newly freed blacks from owning guns, the first form of Democrat gun control.

    • LIMD

      Now those same people are trying to disarm whites, trying to take the wealth owned by whites and give it to worthless blacks and browns under the guise of ‘battling white privilege’ or some BS for blacks to take white people’s money.

  • And will these same teachers invite the muslims from CAIR so that they can preach their hatred of Americans?? I mean, really. Equal time for the muslims. Show those students what real hate is…CAIR makes the KKK look like kindergarteners.

  • coastx

    Good morning, Jan. Project for ya.


    1.1 Grab an image of the Eye of Horus. Draw a circle over the pupil. Draw an equilateral triangle around the eye. Magnify the circle until it touches all three sides of the inside of the triangle. You will notice the circle fits uniformly in the triangle.

    2.1 Discard your sketches and recreate the circle in the pyramid. Mark the points of contact between the circle and the pyramid. they should be equally spaced on each side of the pyramid. Now connect these points. You should had what appears to be an inverted triangle inside the one upright.

    3.1 Discard your sketches and redraw these pyramids. Label each side of the larger pyramid A/bottom, B/left and C/right. Label each side in the inner pyramid 1/top, 2/left and 3/right. these are sacred occult numbers and are features in Druid and Mormon mysticism, which is not surprising because BOTH of these are a monarchy repatriation confab.

    4.1 Now separate the sides of the larger pyramid drawing them laying flat in a row and labeled A, B and C in the following manner with inner parts thus projecting upward thus:

    5.1 A/2 and 3, B/2 and 1 and C/3 and 1. What you should be looking at is three Letter Ks laying flat. Stand them up right. Recognize this?

    Don’t go away yet. This gets much better.

    2.1 K= 3DRAS 1 on the ODC, hence 111. K= 11, or additive sum 2, on the English alphabet, hence 222. place in columns and add 1+ 2= 3, 1+ 2= 3, 1+ 2= 3, which is 333.

    2.2 333 is the occult numeric signature for KKK. 333 is the occult signature on the XI-U abductions, the OTHER number 911, which is the Mormon church.


    You are no doubt reading this in disbelief thinking the author of this post is insane. No. this individual is giving you the opportunity to shield yourselves from a transnational monster that having been armed by Schwarzenegger during his tenure as governor of California is about to do the US what happened to XI-U victims, America giggling and laughing is way into oblivion.

    Lacking Jefferson’s triune 2nd, you’ve capitulated to an NRA de facto version of this where your only concern is for gun ownership less the ability to understand what these are for. The triune is national security, well regulated militia and THEN guns. The de facto version of this is guns only. Some people are starting to understand what this means, but they do not sustain past a threat to SYG. they need to restore to Jefferson’s 2nd pretty damned quick.

    People, Jefferson’s 2nd wasn’t a temporary legislation. It’s legislation in perpetuity, and you are giving it up to 911/333, XI-U your future under S1867.1021 and a string of administrations populated by Obama’s.

    For your information, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the successful presidential candidate in 2016 following Obama’s second term, your blissful moment figuring this monster will save the planet realized a misfortune and Corexit begins to have it’s impact on the food crops precipitating a mass starvation die off.

    The Illuminati is not an organization. It’s a Fabian orchestrated kill pass, and those who are lofting this are doing the killing.

  • will the black panthers be invited next?

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Wow! Wisconsin has white kids wearing armbands saying they are privileged. Ann Coulter is not allowed on a college campus. The Bible is forbidden in schools. The KKK is INVITED onto campuses. I guess this is a Democrat definition of “Fair and balanced” What the heck happened to MY Country?

    • LIMD

      the Left took over and white men lost their balls to feminists and nonwhites. Next question.

  • I do not understand the problem here. Before the era of “political correctness” came to be, these groups, and political parties were allowed to demonstrate, and be themselves, this being a free country and all. Most people actually saw what silliness they were supporting and ignored them. I wonder now at all the “conservatives” who actually are having fits about these groups being exposed for what they are. This attitude is on the fine line heading into censorship. If you taught your children well, no amount of teachers or hate groups will turn them into joining them. Bring up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. The attitude supporting keeping these groups in the shadows only adds to the allure of the forbidden. Teach children HOW to think, and weigh consequences of the actions, don’t teach them WHAT to think. Teaching children what to think will only assure disaster and children who cannot make decisions after thinking things through and weighing the pros and cons.

  • Sarge

    As long as they let them in they will get the attention they need. Stop it now no more free advertisement for these hate groups.

    • LIMD

      I agree! Stop giving air time to Democrats, to Tim Wise, to Michael Moore, to the New Black Panthers, to illegal immigrant groups, etc. They all preach hate against white people and conservatives.

  • voncile fullwood

    the KKK is not the only hate groups,stupid teachers what do they think they will accomplish by this,we need to send letters or email to the school in Ohio telling them to bring in Al Sharpton,Jamie Foxx,Chris Rock,the gays,atheist the gang bangers from Chicago,NY,NAACP, then we would see what the students thinks about violence then

    • LIMD

      I’ve heard more hatred from black celebrities than I have from some ‘redneck’ directed at nonwhites. I’ve been around more white people who hate themselves for being white and rip on our ancestors and rip on the Founding Fathers than I have heard some white person using racial slurs against nonwhites.

  • Wonder how many of the loving liberal teachers connect these groups with conservatives/republicans/Christians? Not the way to do it IMHO.

  • It’s no wonder that people in OHIO are so screwed up. You would never have half the stuff that happens there happen in truly red states. We wouldn’t put up with it. I guess our kids talk to us more than those in OHIO.

    • LIMD

      Oh, so ‘red states’ are screwed up, but the not the black neighborhoods filled with crime, gangs, out of wedlock mothers, they can’t survive without the productivity of others (aka welfare, affirmative action jobs, ‘minority business loans’, etc), blacks attack nonblacks in their neighborhoods, blacks and latinos can’t run anything for squat,etc. 100 “red state white conservatives” are worth far more than 1 million blacks and illegal third-world scum.

  • You do realize this is the state of the Speaker of the House of Representatives? I wonder if this was planned or is this normal in OHIO?

  • Left wing liberal teachers bringing in left wing radical groups…and this is a surprise to………anybody?????

  • gatekeeper96740

    They then tell the kiddies, “See that is what the Republican party is all about.”
    This is just more Delphi conditioning.

  • Jack

    There is something about this that does not smell right. I really think this nothing more then try to found a way for a fight or a riot to start .That way the goverment can show up and put more rules in our schools and take away more of our freedoms. Trust me this is what the President wants and our goverment and the media who love seeing people divided . They could less if everbody of all races get along.Even though there has been far more people of diffrent races who are married today but you never hear a word on that . Trying to found some way to blame gun owners if any fight or riot breaks out .They falied at the gun laws so next plan get riots started by getting groups like this to show up at schools .Why have you not seen any story of this in the media .It is because they are told by this president not to cover it .The media is just waiting like a bunch of sharks waiting to attack and wanted any fight or riot to get started and have there camera crew and there goverment mouth piece reporters and broadcasters to wait, at these schools to get something started .When groups like this show up.I will not be suprise that many of those stupid people wearing those white clothes and start off there tastless remarks .That they are actress and actors that are payed by our goverment to say those things .That will only be show to the media just to get people in this country all anger and start a riot. This President wants to get a way to start martial law and his bankers friends who help him get,where he is at.This was another plan he and his bankers friends came up with.If these same teachers are all for it .The prehaps they should asked members of the democratic party .Lets have the parents and kids asked that party why did they had the KKK many years that they started to bully blacks into not voted for Republicans .I am sure the open minded liberal teachers will tell the kids that part that is never talk about in history books.I mean they the teachers do want to tell the truth of the history if they are going to invited the KKK ,so why not invite the party that pay them and made them years ago. I love to see that.Lets have the teachers tell the kids that the Democratic party did not support the civil rights in 1964 and if was not for the Republicans that bill would had never passed. Lets have the teachers talk about with the Democratic Party of why they support Robert Bird senator from West Virgina who has a past that any Republican would been kick out of there party.Lets have the kids asked the Democratic party why they never said a word to Robert Bird to leave the party. Let’s also have Al Gore show up and lets have the kids and parents of the kids asked Al why he’s dad didnt even vote on the civil rights bill . I would had love to see the looks on those teachers and Al Gore face if people asked him that.Let’s also talk about former democratic Alabama governor George Wallace and hear what he sayed and his speeches .He is not a Republican and what he said is a eye opener trust me it is

  • Angela Venable

    So no prayer, no bibles, no God in school..but…the KKK and Westboro Church idiots are allowed????? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! YOU’RE FALLING FASTER INTO HELL AND YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE IT!!

  • Jim Lytle

    Why do they invite hate groups into the class exposing the kids to danger. Stupid, stupid, stupid. They are a gun-toting hate group; bringing that into the school when you are trying to keep guns and hate out of schools is incredibly stupid. Do the black, Jewish, and Catholic kids get to opt out. There is a reason why we call them hate groups. If they want to show the KKK to the kids rent a video documentary the way schools have always done it. Release the lawyers and fire the teachers and the administrator involved.

  • pysco

    Hate groups KKK, Muslim Brotherhood, SCLC, Black Panthers…..I notice the article didn’t bother to address the attempted indoctrination the Muslims into schools, their message in kill the infadels, hardly any difference than the nazi’s.

  • beowulf32

    No its the leftwing nutjobs way of brainwashing the kids when there little to hate there own kind and and to preach that white man is the blue eyed devil, some call it reverse discrimination. Blacks think where stupid, but we know there the most racist people on earth.

  • So, when are the Black Panthers,gays and muslims gonna get their turn,eh. We don’t want to leave anyone out,eh.

  • Dave HC

    And I just wonder if the teachers pointed out to them that the KKK and most of these extreme groups are directly connected to the Democrat Party. My guess is absolutley not. Why on earth would they expose themselve in such a manner. I wouldn’t need to bring a hate mongering group into the school population in order to educate minds full of mush what they represent. As an ex-teacher/coach, I would love to sit in on the classroom and see how much indoctrination is going on, how many lies are being told and what textbooks are being used. Maybe just maybe, I am wrong but I don’t think so.

  • Go to the KKK websites. Read what they have to say. You will see that they are extreme conservatives just like you all here. Do you really think KKK members voted for President Obama????

    • SFS444

      The kkk were and are Democrats you rock. David Duke, the grand dragon is a Social Democrat. You prove everyones point here, you libs are duh umb, silly John. Go smoke some more dope you dunce.

    • Hate much, John?

    • LIMD

      Who cares? Lots of black bigots and liberals bigots. The ones calling for a race war and killing babies were New Black Panthers; not white conservatives. It is young blacks who go around and gang up on lone whites and beat them to death; not white conservatives. It’s blacks and browns who are getting taxmoney to run their groups; none of that money is going to the KKK or the Northwest Front or any white group. 93% of blacks who voted in the 2008 and 2012 election voted for Obama, so if it’s ok for blacks to vote for a black person don’t whine about whites not wanting to vote for a black guy.

  • Ought to include the New Black Panther Party in that list of hate groups.

  • Hum they didn’t mention an invite to the new Black Panthers. they need the exposure as well. after all isn’t there suppose to be a balanced exposure that shows racism is in each race.

  • Zepp

    No difference in the kkk and Islam. Islamists just have the wool pulled over the liberals eyes

  • ed

    Most people do not know this, but the KKK was founded by Southern Democrats. It is very likely that that is still their main core membership, especially since the democrats show themselves daily to be the real racists. this includes the black as well as white democrats.

    • LIMD

      But the point is that if black bigots and Tim Wise types and the countless number of anti-white academics are free to go spew their hate against white people and make entire programs and careers off hating white people, it’s only fair if you allow the other extreme to come in, right? While you’re at it, stop playing the “we’re not racists like those liberals are” because you’re playing the Left’s game, the Left hates white conservatives no matter what we do or say, and you spend more time proving you’re “not a racist” than you do combating these liberal cultural marxists.

  • cliffcarusa

    …in the last days… men will call evil good and good evil… WE SEE IT NOW and NOW WE ARE LIVING IT. Our Federal and yes, local, Educational systems (TEA) are bastions of indoctrination perpetuated by radical leftist, social democratic fascist.
    Win the battle of the minds of the populace and you successfully conquer the heart and soul of a nation. = for liberty’s sake

  • Did the teachers expose that it was the Democrat party that created and was the KKK? No
    If the black would honestly look for the truth they wouldnt be blindly following that party as they do now.

  • Redneck in AZ

    Won’t be long before they’re inviting Redneck Right-wing Gun-totin Christian “Extremists” to the party. Oh goody. I’m not goin!

  • Nadine

    Wasn’t it the Democrats who started the KKK!!

  • Texas3Step

    Fine with me if schools invite in such groups, as long as they also invite Communists, anti-Semites, etc. If you want to expose the students to multiple viewpoints, to help them understand the political and ideological differences that drive and divide this nation and its citizens, then cover the whole spectrum.

  • Well, they don’t have any problem with members of the NAACP going to schools. It’s amazing how the Klan is called a hate group but none of the Black or Muslim related groups are called hate groups. I guess if it has Whites in it then it’s a hate group and all other groups are treated like pacifists that love everyone.


    If they will also welcome Christian and Jewish groups and it’s done as an even handed educational experience it may be okay. At least 30 or 40 years ago. In today’s education environment, I’m not sure. I assume Muslims are invited in any event.

  • This is just part of the Muslim-Marxist’s and his band of merry lesbo and homo communists plan of creating what they hope will end in a racial war, you know, the divide and conquer technique!

  • I think it’s a great idea, otherwise these kids will only know what real hatred is by seeing it on the news, and none of them watch that anymore.

  • NewHampshire

    And why not? The gov’t schools are run by the same people with the same philosophy…. they are an arm of a hate group.