Texas Public School Test Requires Students to Blame U.S. for 9/11

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I have repeatedly advised parents to pay attention to what their kids are being taught in public school.
What happened in this case is a perfect example of WHY this is so important.
In this instance, in order to get the answer correct, a student must circle the answer that blames America for the acts of terror that occurred on 9/11.
They are teaching your kids a lie. The TRUTH is, 9/11 happened because Islam is a theocracy/terrorist organization that hides behind the mask of religion in order to achieve its mission of world domination. The TRUTH is that Islam can not and will not ever peacefully co-exist with any culture that does not submit or convert to its ideology. The TRUTH is that Islam’s own holy book commands its followers to hate and murder all people who get in the way of their mission.

* What they fail to teach your kids is the fact that Islamic terrorists are not radicals. They are DEVOUT muslims carrying out the dictates of their quran.
* They do not teach your kids that there are 109 verses in the quran that dictate hate, murder and terror against ALL HUMAN BEINGS who refuse to submit or convert to Islam. Read them for yourself HERE
* These acts of terror have NOTHING to do with America’s foreign policy and everything to do with the dictates of their so called holy book of terror.
* In the 14 hundred year history, muslims have murdered over 270 million people.
* Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have committed over 20 thousand deadly terror attacks worldwide. Details of those attacks, HERE.
Don’t take my word for it. Read the quran. It will open your eyes and help you understand the bloody trail through history that accompanies Islam… long before America even existed.

No…. your kids won’t get that information because muslims would be coming out of the woodwork raging about ‘hate speech’…
Interesting since all of the hate speech… the real hate speech, comes directly from their quran.

I have included the 109 Verses from the Quran below… also here is a brief overview of the Texas school story:
Texas schools come under fire about what their students are being taught. This time, the ripples are still being felt of a mom’s Facebook posting that showed a question from one of her son’s quizzes. The question, and its “correct answer,” concerned her. And this isn’t the first time concerns about lessons being taught in the state’s schools have sparked debate.

On today’s America Live, the mom herself – Kara Sands – spoke with Megyn Kelly about the quiz, which was a part of the SAFARI Montage curriculum. She said that while the manufacturer apologized in writing, saying they were actually trying to create a patriotic message, Sands believes the quiz and the video it’s based on have no place in schools.

“I think they need to pull it,” she said. “My son knew when I asked him about why he answered that question that way, he said, ‘Mom, I know that terrorists are bad, but that’s what the man in the video said, and I wanted to get a 100 [percent].’”

Texas State Senator, Dan Patrick (R), also joined the program to discuss what he and state politicians will be doing in response to the latest onslaught of criticism to controversial curriculum

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  • Liberty Bell

    Funny how Public Schools won’t teach children about False Flag operations either… Things that make you go, hmmm….

  • nunya

    hmmmm maybe you shouldn’t be teaching them to blame islam either. sounds more like a choice of what to believe more than historic fact. i teach my kids to follow their own instincts not popular thought. besides i have seen no definite proof to show either is fact….only things that make you question both. sorry but seems media, gov’t, public opinion, etc will twist everything to get you to believe what they want. i’ll stick with making my own determinations

    • Teach your children to base their judgment on what has actually happened. Their instincts are irrelevant. You are either a moron who cannot respond to this story or you did not read the entire story.

    • Nunya, you sir are a complete moron! If you need further proof about Islam join the military and go see for yourself as they perform sexual acts with animals, commit honor killings of their daughters who were raped, and learn that man love Thursdays are not just an urban myth in their culture. My fellow soldiers and I have seen this, the Muslim culture is a culture of evil!

    • billygeturgun

      If the media were twisting it, it would not have been the fault of muslims, it would have been George W.’s fault, Washington that is. After all, he started all this president crap right?!!!!!!! Hmmmmm, maybe someone didn’t get enough hugs as a child!

  • retiredli

    Get rid of this political correctiveness and teach people the truth. Also the news media should report the news without their own biased crap.

    • TAB

      Good luck w/ that! Just sayin’.

    • Michigan_REB

      An penalize both for failing to tell the truth.

  • Shain

    While I certainly agree that the question and it’s answer are “loaded”. I CANNOT agree with the writer’s take on Islam. I notice that the writer does NOT include any estimate on how many people CHRISTIANS have killed in the name of CHRIST… many of The SAME arguments that the writer uses against the Koran could be used against the Torah, which is the BASIS for modern Judeo/ Christian thinking. According to Leviticus, it is OK to own other human beings, One could come away from a reading of Leviticus with the idea that abortion is ok. The early Isrealies had no issue with slaughtering people in God’s name, nor have Christians throughout history (FIVE crusades, at least three of which were initiated by Christians)….How many wars have been fought with BOTH sides believing that God was on their side?

    • michael fondren

      The Crusades were Europe’s response to the destruction of Christian kingdoms in Africa and the Middle East as well as Islamic invasions of the Balkans and Spain, Muslims always seem to forget those facts.

    • Your faulty understanding of Christianity invalidates your entire argument and makes you sound like an idiot. Christians do not, nor should they, follow Levitical law. The arguments in the Qu’ran and the old testament are completely different. You are clearly an individual who has listened to arguments on these subjects but never actually studied the material being argued about.

      Also, Islam was violent from its inception. The crusades were a response to that violence.

      • billygeturgun

        Well said.

    • Anon

      This is the same tired argument all my liberal friends used. What you either fail to remember or choose to ignore, is that during the Renaissance, the Christian churches had what was known as the Age of Enlightenment, where they realized that they can no longer go about forcing someone to convert. Muslims have not had such an epiphany and therefore continue to follow the Quran, letter by letter. Wake up and educate yourself, instead of spouting out the same old talking points. Yes, your statements were originally based on fact, but omissions of facts also turn them into lies. Nice try, tho. I’ll give you that. You gave out the bottled liberal response almost to the letter.

    • You should read the history of what the Muslims did to the people of Pakistan when it separated from India. You will get an eye opener about their culture. Everywhere they took power, they killed the “infidels” and destroyed their culture.

    • been delusional long?

    • Jesus did not have any wives.

      Mohameed had 963 plus concubines.
      Jesus did not molest children
      Mohameed married alisha when she was 9 and had sex with her when she was 12

      Jesus did not rob nor torture anyone.

      mohameed not only robbed, but cut open the bellies of those he robbed and stuffed them with hot coals.

      There are thousands of differeences between Mohamameed/allah and Jesus/God.

      Should I go on?

      • billygeturgun

        You could go on until Christ returns Ed and some people will never get it!

        • It’s almost over

          Billy you are so so so so right. I was a Dem at one time. But now I see thinks totally different. Neither party is good but the Repubs do have some of the same values as me. The Dems have NONE.

          • billygeturgun

            Can I get an AMEN! for the convert! You are correct, neither party is worth much but at least the Repubs seem to have good values, that is until their son comes out and they jump ship.

          • It’s almost over

            Yeah, that did set us back a bit.

      • Art

        Mohammed married her at 6, and had sex a 9.
        Please correct.

    • First off, Leviticus was JEWISH law. When Christ came and died on the cross, the laws in Leviticus became obsolete. No Christian follows Leviticus. Second, the pope ordered the crusades, and the Roman Catholics followed the order. Ask any Christian outside the Catholic church and they will tell you the crusades were wrong. Stop painting all Christians with the same brush.

    • Bill

      All done in the middle ages. WE have progressed beyond middle ages mentality. Islam has NOT. In fact, the imams do all they can to KEEP muslims in the 12th century mindset. Very poor example and excuse for apologizing for current day Islamic tyranny and terrorism. But then, you are probably a Christ hater from your tone. Seems Christ haters always drag out that tired old argument.

  • Anthony Radway

    While I agree with you Jan about Islam and its stated agenda as well as many other things… 9/11 was an inside job/ false flag event to continue to the deliberate removal of our freedoms. There is no war on terror. There is a distinct difference between supporting the troops… and supporting mission.
    – – 9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rw397VbRyM
    – 9/11 – Loose Change 2nd Edition – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbXQ_I81pYk
    – – Zero Investigation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XRMrMdn0NQ
    – The Obama Deception – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw
    – Wake Up Call – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&v=yT1GavDtiwM
    — Dick Cheney should be laying awake at night in prison for war crimes wondering, “Is Bubba going to have his way with me tonight again?”. The fact that he and Bush are free is a complete travesty of justice, gven the crimes they committed. The blood of 4000 American soldiers and countless Iraqis are on their hands for lying about the war.

    • agbjr

      Fifth columnist, ain’t ya? Must be sitting in a cubicle at the Ministry of Propaganda in Havana.

    • JennieWalsh

      Yes, the truth IS coming out and I hope that true justice will be done to the murderers in the 9-11 attacks, the Illuminati.

    • I am willing to bet you are an anti-semite. You probably think “the Jews” had a hand in this too. You are an embarassment to the US.

    • You are using youtube to attempt to prove your point?

      OMG………….. next you will tell us you are a WIKI scholar!

      • billygeturgun

        Baaaahhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa! Now that’s funny!

    • billygeturgun

      Dude, you need to put down the crack pipe and quickly back away! That is some bad #*$& you are smoking!

  • yennikcm

    Islamo-Communist propaganda………in American Schools……….

  • Ross Fortificacion

    Public schools are now simply communist indoctrination centers and Obama campaign managers.

  • Evermyrtle

    US decisions may have negative effects on others, look at the billions of dollars we sent to enemy nations every year and we have so much poverty in our own nation.We are doing all that we can to trash GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST How can that affect other nations favorably.

  • Freedom2013


    • Rosie46

      The liberalization of education, the dumbing down of students in government schools started before Obama. It has just expanded since then to include the indoctrination on the Muslim religiton and all the PC teaching of all sex preferences. Get the feds out of the schools and education back in and some of this could be reversed — otherwise home school.

  • JennieWalsh

    The Illuminati used Osama Bin Laden as their patsy to blame 9-11
    on, just like they did to Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James
    Holmes, Adam Lanza and all the other evils, massacres and assassinations
    that were actually planned and executed by the Satanic Illuminati
    Globalists. They use mind control drugs,hypnosis and super high
    technology to literally get away with murder and frame others for the
    crimes; so that they can further their One World dictatorship, Agenda
    Bush & Cheney and their Illuminati cohorts had already planned to attack Iraq, but they needed an excuse, so the Illuminati carried out the 9-11, false flag operation.
    The Satanic Illuminati is using American military as their war
    machine against the middle east. Syria and Iran are 2 of the very few
    nations that are not under the international bankster-gangsters’
    tyrannical control of the world economy. The Satanic bankster-gangsters
    are determined to take them out & make them financial slaves, also.

    SEE: forbiddenknowledgetv.com/video…
    SEE: youtube.com/watch?v=bCw-oWp1wf…

    The Illuminati (secret organization of the servants of Satan)
    is behind the 9-11 attacks. MANY USA governmental officials are
    members of the Illuminati. Their goal is world takeover. United
    Nation’s Agenda 21 spells out their plans for a New World Order
    Patriots and all who love freedom, God-government, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are targeted as “terrorists”.
    The satanic big brother tyranny army is on the move. Putting 2 and 2
    together, it is obvious that anyone who objects to the New World Order
    Tyrannical dictatorship is in for some very serious opposition. Go over
    their heads and pray for all the destructive creations and evils of the
    EVIL ONES to be returned back into themselves for their own
    destruction. Have no fear, God (ALMIGHTY, VICTORIOUS, MIRACLE PRESENCE,
    OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT GOD) is here, there and everywhere,
    always and forever.

  • Randy131

    More proof, besides Obama’s gift of F16 fighter aircraft and M1 Abram tanks, that the Muslim Brotherhood is winning it’s war against the USA and Israel, which their goal is the complete defeat and annihilation of both. Infiltration, supported by Obama and the Democrats, has now put the adversary in our own ranks, through the indoctrination of our children by this sinister propaganda, which when told enough times to our children, will become their truth, no matter how much we deny it and explain what the truth really is. One must decide which are children will believe, the truth of their parents, or Obama’s propaganda truth, causing his promised ‘CHANGE’ in the USA to become effective?

  • morefandave

    Clemenceau said that war is too important to be left to the generals. This demonstrates yet again that education is too important to be left to the educators.

  • Joe Lettieri

    What does it take for Americans to get it ???The entire school system in this country TEACHES IDEOLOGY!!!!or SOCIALISM OR BOTH.Very little else.The idiots obliviously keep sending their kids to these indoctrination camps and listening to the liberal media propaganda unaware of what is going on.Better wake up pretty soon dummies.

    • Rattlerjake

      Absolutely fact! The entire subject of evolution has been disproven yet they are still teaching it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vZY-GB-lxo&feature=share&list=PLRZBaSOM4YvatDP7MOwFvvFVOmt_KI7_t

      • Alex M

        “The entire subject of evolution has been disproven”

        It would be interesting to see this “disproof”. There’s certainly nothing in this video “seminar”.

    • Rudy Tidwell

      Yes, Joe! The public schools have become essentially that indoctrination camps with their ungodly teachings. It was in today'(3-26-13) news that a public school teacher taught that Americans were to blame for 9/11/2013, for the attack of Muslim terrorists and the attackers were noble people who were defending themselves against us. One student refused to do so and was expelled by the Principal. And we pay these enemies of our land(Publci schools) with our taxes! May God deliver us!

  • The company that makes the quiz and the video now says the questions was “an oversimplified” answer and they will remove the question from the quiz. BUT, when they say that “this quiz question is being removed from the program on SAFARI Montage,” they are not in anyway addressing the content of the video. It sounds like they are saying that the video will still remain the same and will blame the US for causing the terrorist attacks on 9/11 because of decision we have made in the US and how that effects others in the world.

  • First I would tell my child the truth and tell him/her to refuse to answer that answer and then write a note to the teacher/school explaining my position. then I would try to get other parents to inundate the school with letters, emails, etc, or even gather en masse at the principal’s office to show our strength and solidarity in opposing this kind of teaching.

  • Will people elected to govt EVER get it right?

    No, all they care about is their own welfare.

  • That’s not right….

  • Texas is leading the USA in many catagories, most of them to the good. Unfortunately, their school system seems to be leading in the opposite direction. Between teaching students out and out lies and promoting the despicable Islam the Texas school system needs some major overhauling.

  • ogFrag

    Blowback. 9/11 was at minimum a repercussion of western interventionism and the US Government was at minimum actively negligent in preventing it. At the other end of the spectrum it was an engineered event.

    • billygeturgun

      Sniff sniff! Keep huffing the paint fograg, you will see the light some day!

  • billygeturgun

    Why is it so difficult for these educated elitists (in their own mind have you) to understand that you can’t change or alter history and get a different outcome. Simply, if you can’t teach the truth to our impressionable youth, the quit teaching! It used to be at the college level that this indoctrination took place but it working it’s way all the way down to kindergarten. Next thing you know, we will have to face a muslim in the bedroom when we concieve trying to tell the fetus about how evil America is and how good islam is!!!!! DAMN1

  • me

    I would like to know when Muslim and Islam became the same? I am a Christian and only believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but this article is wrong in so many areas regarding the Muslim and Islam faiths. To say that every Muslim follower is a terrorist is racist, prejudicial and full of hatred.
    Yes, the test question is out of liine and wrong and if they are teaching about 9/11 with it being the USA’s fault, that needs to be adressed and stopped immediately.

    • Rattlerjake

      Muslim is NOT a faith as you put it. The difference is: A Muslim is a person who has dedicated his worship exclusively to “God” in Islam…Islam means making one’s religion and faith “God’s” alone. In other words Muslim is the person and Islam is the religion!

  • billygeturgun

    Actually folks, we are to blame for 9/11. If you think about it, Clinton has bin Laden in the crosshairs but did not have the stones to take the shot. And that, friends, is precisely why 9/11 happened. Besides, if we had not created bin Laden to begin with and kept out nose out of Afghanistan and the USSR’s business, we would not be in the mess we are now.

  • Chief47

    The residents of each state need to take matters into their own hands and tackle these issues head on. In cases where the curriculum of the school if this offensive, they should stop paying any form of school tax, refuse to allow their children to participate in extracurricular activities (many of which are money makers for the schools) and school fund raisers, and attend every board of education meeting in numbers that would get the point across to these so-called “educators”.

  • The nazi’s in charge of the school house and only teach propaganda these days. Revised history for the plantation slaves of all colors and races.

  • Jim28thReg

    So what are you going to do about this. We don’t have this traitorus crap in our school . If it were those books would be sent back a refund demanded and if any teacher tried to push that crap he/she would go the same rout that athiest family did.

  • Bill1966

    I had a similar incident with my son at the public high school teaching incorrect history. They CLAIMED that JFK was in fact a member of the Mafia and the FDR was a card carrying communist. FDR Enacting the Hoover plans, and once the country was back on its feet the CCC camps went away. They did however have a posative impact on our entry into WW2 as we had troops that had already gone through boot camp. My Grandfather was one of them. I confronted the school about this crap and was told it was only being used for debate. My son BELIEVES IT though, as most of the current generation are spoon fed this crap. I hate to say it, but this country is headed for dictatorship soon. Amazing how this crap continues and no one is doing a damn thing to stop it.

    • It’s almost over

      The CCC camps DID NOT go away they went underground. They’re now called the Progressive Movement. It seems you don’t know enough about history, Billy!

    • wolfd

      Read up on William Mckinley, gold standard, keepin the banks at bay, and how FDR clown married in to the fed reserve and caved to the banks, and gave your grandfather a war to go to…. Read IG Farben

  • Danny

    I could believe N.Y. or California…but Texas. Wake up people , we’re being destroyed from within.

  • Rudy Tidwell

    A few months ago I wrote about the threat of Islam in my weekly column. I received a lot of backlash, even from the Auburn, Alabama Ministerium(Pastors) who disassociated themselves from me and what I wrote. So many rebuked me, saying that they had Muslim neighbors who were sweet, gentle and neighborly, and were no threat, therefore I was wrong to write what I did. But I was grieved at so many supposedly trained who had no knowledge of the Quran. I stated that if they think their friendly neighbors will remain friendly, just wait until Islam fills and subdues America. Their “friendly neighbors” will join the conquering Muslims and become just like the rst of them. I reaffirm that the threat of Muslims will be the last great war. In fact, with Bible study about the last days (I believe the total Bible message!) when the Antichrist comes and establishes a worldwide religion, I am personally convinced that the one religion will be Islam, since for a Muslim the greatest glory is to die in a jihad(Fighting for the faith) they are guaranteed paradise and 72 virgins, therefore they will not “give up” their faith. I believe the people who are left on earth will give up their religion in order to save theit lives. I deeply believe that Islam and the Antichrist will join forces in attempting to conquer unbelievers and establish the rule of the antichrist and the one faith of Islam. I wonder if Islam will look upon the Antichrist as being their Lord who delivers and established them.

  • Terror from Pennsylvania Ave.

    The most interesting thing about the quran is that it also teaches that it is okay to lie to your wife or fellow believer to prevent conflict. It also says that you are to lie to non-believers about the doctrine to protect it.

  • Buckeye8

    Get a life lady as the Bush Adm. was involved up to their necks. In May Dov Zakheim said they needed a Pearl Harbor type incident to incite the American people to declare war and Bush immediately appointed Dov as comptroller of the pentagon. Gee Whiz less than three months later we got our Pearl Harbor type incident and guess where Dov had been working and what his specialty was. Look it up as it was rigging 747 airplanes to run by remote control. The rest has been somewhat covered up.

  • pysco

    PC at its best……..Let me see are there other ones…Its a girls fault if she’s raped…..Its people fault when the get carjacked (They shouldn’t own a car)……Its peoples fault when they get robbed (They shouldn’t carry cash). The SAFARI Montage curriculum, is for idiots, or leftists……

  • horseridingplains

    CScope strikes again–it seems–this needs to stop–fire the teacher who handed out this test- get rid of the principle who allowed it in their school—
    Texas-land of the Alamo–kind of ironic
    And we continue to let this happen- why aren’t parents banging down doors- refusing tripe answers from their schools

  • Doc

    I have said it before but what are you people with children in public schools doing about this? Answer, nothing. It’s just too HARD to home school. I don’t have the time. I can’t afford it and a million other excuses for not taking responsibility for raising your children. So when the day comes that they turn you in to the “authorities” for having a gun, speaking out against the government or any other “crime” their propaganda experts have taught them; just lay down and whimper. It’s all you are good at. I intend to die fighting.

    • Kilmarley

      I wish people would see how NOT difficult it is to homeschool. Most people spend a couple hours a night with their kids doing homework anyway. My kids are now 11 and 13 and get most of their work done without me. We go over it, make sure they grasp it and move along at their own pace. Plus we are closer as a family. I pulled them after seeing all the crap in their history books and seeing all the “social drama”. They have plenty of friends and outside activities, THAT is one of the biggest myths. I agree, we have to take our country back and it starts with kids understanding God and country.

  • Concerned Patriot

    Thank you Liberty Bell. Hopefully the readers who don’t know what a false flag operation is will be curious and concerned enough to find out, but allow me to provide a hint: It is an evil deed one government does with the specific intent to blame another, and for the specific purpose propagandizing the citizens of the world.
    Note that our military now has a ship made from recycled world trade center steel. That same steel that supposedly melted from an oxygen starved, kerosene and office furniture fire. I wonder if our government is subliminally persuading us to believe that a sailor’s dropped cigarette could sink the ship, so as to provide credibility for something on the agenda. Something like our great good government did to our own USS Liberty?
    The thing that irks me the most is that public schools are still teaching our children that our government is trustworthy and responsible. I am also strongly opposed to public schools molesting our childern with the propaganda that we Americans have civil, human, and due process rights, just because our constitution says we do. The Soviet Union had a constitution that was just like ours, and just as worthless for the same reason: the governments refusal to abide the law of our land: the constitution. Our government forcefully creates a position of special trust, and does so with the pre-meditated intent to violate that trust. There is a name for that course of action, a single word that begins with an M and ends with a t.

  • Tru

    Actually, Islam is not that violent a religion. There are two main movements of Islam, the sunni and the shiite. The Shiite are the ones that are prone to committing terrorist behavior and Jihad.
    I’m all for standing for truth, but let’s be truthful on all accounts and do our research before making overtly generalized statements.

    • Bill

      The 9/11 hijackers were ALL Sunni. Osama was a Sunni. Wahabbism is Sunni.
      Both Sunni and Shiite want world domination and Islam as the only religion, but the Shiite believe in a Twelfth Imam (copy cat Savior with Jesus as his lieutenant) and that Shia is the only pure Islamic religion. Other than that, they both want the same goals, view westerners the same way, and both support and fund terrorist organizations.

  • Lloyd

    Makes one wonder wher the college Professors come from.

  • exactly what obama wants…dumb down students. it isn’t just world, political or religious issues, a large percent of graduates cannot read or write. they are just pushed thru school and then cannot hold a job or fill out a job app. so then the welfare rolls keep getting larger and larger. their agenda is to tear down allegiance to flag and country, leading to a mind set to accept communism and socialism..

  • vik

    So, am I understanding what you are saying? The American government never makes decisions that either inadvertently or purposefully had a negative impact on another country causing them to dislike the US and leading to terrorist acts? I guess I don’t take the question to blame the US, it think it means that not everyone will like the choices you make, even if they are the right ones for you, and sometimes those people will try to bully you into changing your behavior. And like a bully, we should allow terrorists to dictate how we handle our business. Not our fault that some people don’t like what we do, we’re looking out for our own.

    • vik

      Ooops, typo. I MEANT: “And like a bully, we should NOT allow terrorists to dictate how we handle our business”.

  • It’s not like the US is innocent. Would you like to have a troop of soldiers invading your home country raping your daughters and wives? Thought not.

  • wolfd

    The truth is , it was an inside job…..

  • lostproton

    It is past time for all you posters to read about Islam in the Mamluk Dynasty form the seventh to the sixteenth century that includes the Crusades, which it appears you never studied in school. Islam during those times did not have the Internet or any means of international communication that they have today. Islam made it to Spain in the sixteenth century that is evident of a mosque there that once was a Catholic cathedral in the fifteenth century.

  • Mr Kennedy

    Is “B” really the correct answer the school wants?

  • Wellit doesn’t always stick then, all 3 of my children are Conservatives. Big Time!!!!

  • the child was absolutely correct in his answer.

  • Created by geniuses and ruled by idiots.

  • OMG! This article is so misleading! On multiple levels!
    First, this test question has NOTHING to do with the attacks of 9/11 and EVERYTHING to do with blow-back from aggressive, preemptive war and the supported destabilization of sovereign nations that pose no imminent threat to the US! The practice of bombing brown people, destroying cultures and literally killing millions of innocent men, women and children is going to cause instant hostility for America and its Western allies, even if you are stupid enough to have been fooled into hating people different than yourself, there’s no way of getting around that! What kind of moron gets off assuming likewise? http://www.examiner.com/article/pnac-moving-to-syria
    Secondly, imbeciles bashing 9/11 truth is no different than bashing the plurality of 9/11 commissioners themselves, six of the 10 agreeing, look it up for yourself, the original investigation was a hoax and the people deserve a truly “independent” investigation… Something that has yet to have been done. Denying reality doesn’t make it go away. http://www.examiner.com/article/wmd-truthers-vindicated

  • James Maxwell

    I would like to know which school used that test, there are a few Texas Senators who would
    also like to know so they can correct the problem with the liberal school board and who
    ever made the test up in the first place. We have one here for sure who is on the
    Texas Education Board, Senator Dan Patrick, he also ownes AM 700 KSEV radio, and
    gives update when he is not in session as to what is happening in the Texas Senate and
    other issues when in session. Issues such as this come up from time to time and when
    they are brought up we generally hear about them in short order and what has been done
    to correct this problem. There are far to many liberals low lifes who constantly lie to
    promote thier own adjenda of corruption across the land.

  • Eve

    Hope there are teachers as well as students that stand against this!!

  • TRUTH is 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB by BUSH/CHENEY Israeli MOSSAD & British BANKING.. 12 years later If you still believe the offiCIAl story that 4 planes were hijacked by men with BOXCUTTERS and flown into the MOST heavily GUARDED AIRSPACE in the WORLD causing 5 disaster sites, maybe you should seek PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLING. See PATRIOTSQUESTION911. com, AE911TRUTH. org, or NUCLEAR-DEMOLITION. com for the EVIDENCE of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION @ “Ground Zero” (TECHNICAL TERM meaning site of NUCLEAR DETONATION) duh..?

    • Alex M


      Can you say what this evidence is for controlled demolition?

  • “The first element of ALL warfare is DECEPTION!” The Art of War, Sun Tzu. Criteria of a Conspiracy, 1. Immediate BLAME. 2. Destruction of EVIDENCE. 3. Who BENEFITTED? If an event or scenario fits this SIMPLE/CORE criteria, a conspiracy was PRESENT, whether anyone likes it or NOT is IRRELEVANT…..! s#@ 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, time for lots of folks to CANCEL their CABLE, do some research and LEARN to count to 5. What happened to WTC #7 that housed offices of CIA/FBI/DEA, Securities & Trade Commission’s EVIDENCE against Goldman Sachs for BANKING VIOLATIONS. The 2-3 Micro Nukes detonated UNDERNEATH the WTC, incinerated over 1,600 vehicles within ONE MILE RADIUS of “GROUND ZERO”, registered 2.9 on the RICHTER SCALE, 300 miles away and left puddles of MOLTEN STEEL @ 1600-2800 degrees, over 8 weeks LATER… that ain’t NATURAL…

  • Albert Bricker

    Where they not the ones who said that your a conspiracy nut if you blame it on America. I remember reading all these comments from atheist and liberals.

  • the TRUTH is muslims with boxcutters couldn’t have done what they supposedly did. The Bush family and others within the US Govt did it. I speak with no shame as my family has shed its blood for this nation.

  • so in some ways the US was to blame. This quiz is total bullshit however. Period.

  • Joe F.

    What kind of story is this? You put a headline that sparks interest and then barely breeze over the story in the headline?! This was unfortunately no more than a way to get someone’s blog put out as news. No wonder people have a hard time believing any views that differ from their own. How about we just stick to the facts and let people make up their own minds. The truth can stand on its own.

  • jenniewalsh

    The Global Satanic Illuminati which have their puppets and patsies in every government in the world, is responsible for 9-11 and all the other false flag operations and attacks throughout the world. They profit tremendously from wars with their military-industrial complex. They get their victim nations to kill each other off. They use America’s military as their war machine against the middle east. The Islamic nations are not members of the Illuminati’s globalist banking rip-off and tyranny system so they have to be conquered and enslaved by the New World Order crime syndicate.

    SEE: forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/big-oil/wwiii-is-coming-soon–heres-why.html

    • Alex M

      “The Global Satanic Illuminati which have their puppets and patsies in every government in the world, is responsible for 9-11”

      It ought to be a surprise that such notions still do the rounds, though sadly it is not. There’s always a coterie of people who’re prepared to subscribe to outlandish conspiracy theories, in spite of all contradicting evidence and reason. I can imagine – with no satisfaction at all – that there’s a group of terrorists and terrorist sympathisers who have watched not only the catastrophe of September 11th, but laughed themselves hoarse at the notion that there are some Americans who believe that their own government is responsible for what they, the terrorists, have plotted and carried out. Patsies indeed.

      • jenniewalsh

        If I didn’t know this for certain, I would not have made such a statement. The Illuminati has their claws in every facet of every government throughout the world, every organization, every religious institution, every educational institution. Your response makes me wonder about your affiliations. The Illuminati defends their own. They use ridicule as one of their methods to discredit the actual truth.

        • Alex M

          “Your response makes me wonder about your affiliations. The Illuminati defends their own.”

          One of the characteristics of conspiracy theories is the way in which contradictory or confounding evidence is ‘subsumed’ into the fabric of the theory, to turn it into confirmation instead of refutation. This is exactly what is at work here, we see. Someone who questions, becomes part of the conspiracy! You claim to know the “actual truth”, but not a word about it and how it came to be known and ‘verified’.

  • fideux

    I used to think that when we move the hell out of this horribly Liberal state (California), that we might make Texas our new home. I’m rethinking that idea and looking elsewhere!
    Let’s give credit where credit is due; America didn’t creat the terrorists; those people in the Middle East are just crazy. Too much in-breeding and or too much sex with camels!

  • UnAmerican school, teaching unAmerican doctrine; close it.

  • Sagebrush6

    I see a teacher that needs desperately to be fired. Who has the guts to do it ?

  • Sagebrush6

    Lying to students should be a criminal offense.

    • Alex M

      What are the lies that you see here?

      • Sagebrush6

        I can explain it to you, but I can’t comprehend it for you. You’re too thick.

        • Alex M

          Try me. If you can explain it, I’ll do my best to comprehend. If it’s easy to see, it should be easy for you to explain.