The Green Panther Pervert Jihad Party


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  • A little bit of fun absolutely. How about a gay pride parade and gathering in Dearbornistan MI. After they kill each other we can auction off the property to Christian Arabs in the area. Not all Arab there are muslim and they are badly abused.

    • Whackajig

      Dearborn vs Detroit fight to last man standing and who gives a chit who wins.

      • And then we can get to work rebuilding a once beautiful city.

  • Junk Bin

    time to get into the local party office. Take control and you have the county and state. Have the state , you have the state officials and can kick butt in nationals. It taKEs , TAKING THE LOCAL LEVEL TO DO THE JOB. for ALL YOU BIG ARSED COUCH SITTERS THAT GRIPE. you HAVE TO GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND GET TO THE LOCAL OFFICE TO MAKE YOUR GRIPES HEARD

  • coastx

    116 8MAR13 Liberal antisocial humanitarianism appeals to those who are motivated to control others and are otherwise principled on racketeering and fraud. The Bill of Rights gets in the way, so they incrementally declare this a terrorist manifesto and attack anyone who disagrees with them. The flip side of the liberal jackass dollar is it takes people willing to be controlled to allow this to happen; we know for a fact Americans have chosen the latter in abeyance of an otherwise intelligent confrontation with this agenda driven repatriation scheme. The 2nd Amendment should have prohibited this, but like everything else the liberal politician does, a system was put in place to prevent this what acculturation by the public reformulated this on gun ownership (NRA, Pose Comitatus, Fed) thus dismissing the need to be savvy on national security and well regulated militia. As a consequence, we don’t have either, and our guns will thus be meaningless against THEIR national security intelligence and highly trained and well resourced armies. If you think police and sheriff won’t back them up, you are getting a taste of this in Texas at this time. We’re currently under martial law, these entities fully engaged in preservation of their income and those who regard this mentality highly valued by their bosses who they themselves kowtow to their liberal comptrollers, enter CATCH 22, or the double cross. While you may be willing to give into their pressure to capitulate, you will find liberal anti social humanitarians are increasing their confrontational posturing with the public nonetheless, because they don’t really care about your attitude one way or the other. What they value more is the fight they want and the opportunity to genocide about 40% of the US population. The way our of this is the 2nd Amendment and a correct application of it’s triune invocation SECURITY, WELL REGULATED MILITIA and ARMS. Embedded in this little gift to the future is also the identity of the entity you are dealing with, but people won’t acknowledge this let alone stand up for themselves in a manner prescriptive of constitutionalists. Instead, America capitulated with Fantasia and has been lost in a wonderland of entertainment ever since.