The New Fbook Warning for Conservatives.. :)

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • John Smithson

    Hi Jan, hope all is well: What do you do about FB, after 3 bans & now 3 more warnings, Jan you know the story. Just keep pluging away. Quit isnt in me, so I’ll fight. Everytime Im banned I go to another lap top, different ID, password etc, Remember this has been going on for some time. Im keeping tabs on you, all your speaking at rallies, gun traing shows, Chicago impressed me, muslum o’s back yard. Youre a wonderful gal Jan Morgan, thanks again youre a true patriot. God Bless

  • They must censor the truth or they fail!

  • Would FaceBook really be that great of a loss?

  • Thank You for the heads up on Facebook. I’ve had an account for some time but haven’t been able to use it because of OS/brouser compatability problems, and was considering buying a new computer for that, but not anymore. Thank You again. Anyone else with Vista Ultimate and IE9 having problems uploading and posting on Facebook? Perhaps I’m already banned, but haven’t been told yet?

    • The deeper you go with Microsoft software the less compatible you will be with certain computer language drive websites. Somebody told me to download Foxfire or whatever when I was having problems with a website I needed to use and I will do it sometime this year.