The Two Most Misguided Notions in America


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  • Josiah Victor Hoffman

    I disagree completely…while these two notions are alive and well in America..they by far are not the most misguided. The two notions that are the most misguided are that we have a voting system that we can have any degree of confidence in and in any form. Secondly that we actually have any form or any representation in Washington and have any idea what in the world they are really doing! This in my opinion is mire essential and important than the two of which they site for this article…..being that everything we can do or can trust and can achieve is dependent on those two!
    These are the vehicles that have carried American down the wrong track and ever so more obviously since the Clinton’s walked into the White house even after Whitewater and everything that was exposed about them! Get real people..the problems are much more serious than this! Nothing could possibly be more misguided than to believe in this system and this administration!