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You remember how a few weeks back there was that whole brouhaha from that manic militant midget, Spike Lee—that half-pint angry, privileged, anti-Semitic Holocaust-belittling, anti-white raging racist—who was foaming at the mouth (yet again) about what he felt was film maker Quentin Tarantino’s excessive use of the word ‘nigger’ in his latest movie, “Django?” As Spike always does, he kept ranting about how the movie brings the slavery episode front and center again. He’s not alone; so many other black men and women in this country, many of them out-and-out racists themselves, continue to play the slavery card at every opportunity—like they’re the only race who has suffered in history, or the only group of people to have slur names for their race.

Well, I came across a quote today from a character in one of Spike Lee’s movies. The character, Monty Brogan, in the 2002 movie, “25th Hour” said the following (and all the writing was done by Spike Lee himself): “F— the uptown brothers. They never pass the ball, they don’t want to play defense, they take five steps on every lay-up to the hoop. And then they want to turn around and blame everything on the white man. Slavery ended one hundred and thirty seven years ago. Move the fuck on!”

Yeah, Spike… take your own advice and move the F on.

I think that for one full day—let’s call it Slursday—every where we go and to whomever we speak, all Americans should refer to each other as Spic, Kike, Gook, Nigga, Honkey, Chink, Greaseball, Mick, Raghead, Polack, Cracka, Dago, Guido, Jap, Nip, Gringo, Camel Jockey, Uncle Tom, Heeb, Yid, Russkie, Flip, Kraut, Limey, Whitey (and if I omitted any race, nationality or ethnicity, I meant no offense). Then, we can get ALLLLLLL that slur BULLSHIT out of our systems … you know, take the ‘edge’ off … de-stigmatize, de-sensitize, and dis-arm the Dems who encourage and exploit that shit … and then get down to the freakin’ business of working TOGETHER as Americans to save the damn country.

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  • That’s tellin it like it is ! Bravo !

  • Scotty-wad

    I’m not so sure I believe the 6 million Jews figure either. The “gas chambers” didn’t have proper seals to contain gas, and the ventilation chimneys weren’t high enough to keep the gas (if there was gas) from settling down over the camp and killing the Nazi soldiers. It doesn’t make sense, and furthermore. I’m sorry, but I’m forced to consider the signs that point to Israeli involvement in 9/11–it explains the paradoxes and unanswered questions (Unquestioned questions, you know? It’s like the media puppets don’t have brains, don’t even ask the same questions you have. Why the explosions if it was only planes? Why was jet fuel impossibly able to travel down elevator shafts and stay lit, burning people inside the elevators? Why aren’t the explosions, heard by everyone inside and outside the buildings, never mentioned in the Commission Report?). It also explains how Hagel was forced to redact his statement on Israeli aggression. Israel is proving to have more control over our affairs than ANY other entity. Israel kicked us with 9/11, whipped up a frenzy over some strawmen, and got a knee-jerk reaction to invade Israel’s enemies.