Who Defines “Assault” and “Crazy” ???

Jan Morgan

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Senate Dems Push Assault Weapons Ban… Senate Republicans Push Crazy People Ban… Who Gets to Define “Assault”.. and “Crazy”??
Do you really want the federal government, (which has proven to be a colossal failure at every thing it handles) deciding which guns “look” okay for you to own and which citizens in this country have the proper mental capacity to own them?

As Senate Democrats push ahead with a proposed ban on assault weapons and other gun-control legislation, Republicans are still trying to draw attention to what they see as the bigger issue — keeping the mentally ill from owning firearms.

A proposal on the issue was introduced this month by South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who on Thursday again expressed his interest in getting the measure passed.

“I believe that the best way to interrupt the shooter is to have a mental health system that actually records and enters into the database people who should not be able to buy a gun,” Graham said.

He made his remark while voting against a bill passed by the committee to ban assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

As a responsible gun owner, I certainly agree that I do not want guns in the hands of crazy people, however, here is my problem with Senator Graham’s proposal: Who gets to define crazy? If the government has anything to do with it, anyone who has ever been prescribed an anti-depressant could fit in the mentally ill category. The government may also determine that any Veteran who fought in a war, may have some forms of depression and therefore can not own a firearm. The government might also decide that people who believe in God, the Constitution, and fear tyranny, are mentally ill. The government may decide that people who are preppers are mentally ill.

In addition, people who appear perfectly sane today, could suddenly trip out and become crazy over some unfortunate incident in their lives. How is the government going to monitor and control that? Drones? Listening devises in our homes?

Seriously…. Has making drugs illegal stopped drug abuse? The argument could be made that people high on illegal drugs are mentally unstable so should the government start drug testing all Americans daily to declare those people unfit to own guns?

There are over 20 thousand gun control laws on the books in America. There are already laws in place to monitor and regulate the firearms industry and gun ownership. Many of those laws are not even being enforced.

Here is the bottom line: Criminals, Crazies, and the Government WILL ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO AND HAVE GUNS. Additional laws only affect LAW ABIDING, NON-THREATENING citizens who want to own guns simply for self defense and because they have a Constitutional Right to own them. Give the government an inch.. it takes a mile and once you hand over any rights to the government, you can expect it will take blood to recover it.

Lindsey Graham and all those folks aligning with him on this issue need to go back and read what Jefferson said about people who are willing to exchange liberty for the sake of security… Those people deserve NEITHER.

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  • Dr. Evil

    As my father used to say “Everybody in the world is crazy but me and thee, and sometimes I wonder about thee.

    • okdlm

      Me two. Shut up. No you shut up. No you! Sorry, just having conversation with other two personalities!!!!!!!!!!

  • marineh2ominer

    My father used to say , leave crazy people alone and they will leave you alone , unless they don’t , and then you can shoot them . However , as I look around today I am reasonably sure that by crazy , he meant liberal progressives .

    • okdlm

      I am sure you are correct marineh. If not, you should be!

  • Dan

    I think you need to look at your 20,000 gun laws statement. While the point that there are already a great amount of gun laws on the books that are not currently enforced is true, I believe the 20,000 number has been soundly disproved.

    The main point of your article is spot on. I’ve read that somewhere around 2/3 of all people will have issues with ‘mental illness’ in their lifetimes. Things as simple as a short depression after the loss of a loved one to the trauma of PTSD of returning vets. And we do have to carefully look at the push to deny rights to these people. My state of PA has a bill in committee that will bar gun ownership to any person who has been treated for any mental illness, whether inpatient or outpatient. This will eliminate the rights of a HUGE number of people, most of which would be unjustified. Not only that, but you have the collateral damage of people with mental illness not seeking treatment because of these reasons.

    While we do seriously have to look at mental illness as a driving factor of these shootings, a blanket ban will be just as harmful as a blanket gun ban.

    • Ranchman

      If you look at all the non-federal gun laws together with federal laws, there are even more than 20,000. Even if there weren’t, it’s just an expression.

      • carlcasino

        I would venture 20,000 to be on the low side if you consider all the state laws.

    • Robby777

      There are more than 20K laws. That is a conservative estimate, [not by conservatives – use the other meaning] That includes Federal, State,County and municipal ordinances. It doesn’t include HOA silly rules or HUD stupidity mandates!

  • Brett

    Actually the quote about trading liberty for security is from Benjamin Franklin. Otherwise, great article.

  • gemini34

    That’s simple. Feinstein is CRAZY !!


      No bout a doubt it…

    • tazz89103


  • As a PTSD disabled veteran (RVN 1967-68) I`m afraid I`ll be categorized as “Crazy” by some no-nothin bureaucrat in Washington. Trust me..I am way more sane than most of them! PTSD does not equate to crazy, bug-eyed, drooling lunatics who are apt to go on a shooting spree at Walmart.
    There`s no other sector of the population that the gubmint wants to disarm than veterans because they are scared of us. For good reason.

    • okdlm

      Yes William, you are exactly right because with out knowledge, we vets are a threat to their totalitarian intent for the gubmint and they just can’t have us running around with guns. BTW, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. I was not old enough for that one but I was on active duty during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I just remember all the propoganda news stories and the Jane Fonda BS trying to get you folks killed over there in Southeast Asia while you were trying to fight with both hands tied behind your backs.

      • Sarg

        If some of the yardbirds in Washington had served maybe they wouldn’t
        be so scarde of those of us that did.

        • okdlm

          I absolutely agree Sarg. I have always thought, at least for the Commander in Chief, that military service should be a requirement for eligibility. After the last few weeks of nobama slamming the military at every turn and the legislative branch jumping on board with him, it should be required for any elected official in D.C.

        • Robby777

          Yeah, but look who’s Sec’y of State now? A person who put himself in for a purple heart because of a little scratch he accidentally caused !

  • Jan, thank you again for your patriotism in this era of men and women striving to destroy our great nation which was founded on the belief that ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL. I have a question, What kind of deterrent can we offer to prevent illegal possession and use of firearms, and distribution of illicit drugs? I believe that in the case of firearms AND weapons found in possesion of a criminal (past, present, and future) should result in stiffer mandatory sentencing. The same for distribution of illicit drugs. Another thing, our prisons need to repeal the “pleasures” enjoyed by prisoners. I do not mean to revert to uncivil treatment, but take away the television, magazines, radios etc… Feed them PBJ’s, give them water. Make it an unbearable place to be, then we might see less crime committed. As it stands now, they have better meals than most of our poor, and they have a place to sleep that I know is much better than our homeless veterans enjoy. Thanks for letting me rant. Love your writing and ideology. Keep it up.

    • Actually, you would lock up everyone associated with the CIA then, because the CIA is the biggest distributor of illicit drugs. They started it with their mind control experiments of the 40s and 50s, and carried it on into the 70s… where do you think the hippie movement of Height-Ashbury in San Francisco started? It was at one of the universities near there that was under contract with the federal government (CIA) to do experiments with opening up subjects’ subconcious minds, using psychotropic drugs, to implement mind control. It’s called “MK-ULTRA”. Go look it up… Stanford University was one of the universities used, nationally, for these experiments, and they had paid students who volunteered to be subjects. Timothy Leary was one of these volunteers, and he stole some of the LSD out of the lab, and started selling it outside. That’s what started the drug culture of San Francisco, and the hippie movement. Go google “Cathy O’Brien” and see her testimony about being a mind-control victim of the federal government (CIA). It’s very, very frightening how the federal government has used us American people as guinea pigs, and how they have dumbed down the population to accept their control. They are now nearing the end of their total control of the population, and the country.

      • carlcasino

        You left out the military personnel in trenches for the first atomic bomb tests.

  • Shutter

    “Who gets to define crazy?” has been my argument. Liberals think conservatives are crazy, and visa versa. Atheists think Christians are crazy, Christians think Muslims are crazy, and Muslims think atheists and Christians are infidels and should be executed. When you talk about politics and religion, everyone goes crazy. I agree sociopaths don’t need to be packing, but the term “crazy” is way too broad and subjective. As far as the term “assault” goes, anything that is used to assault another is essentially an “assault weapon”. Scary looking doesn’t make anything more dangerous.

    • okdlm

      Shutter, I resemble that last remark cause I am really, REALLY scary looking! But as I always say, God doesn’t make junk so he must have had a reason for me being this ugly!!!!!!!!!!

      • BigUgly666

        Got ya beat!

        • okdlm

          Well, they say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world!

          • carlcasino

            I pity my twin.

  • Ranchman

    And yet Diane Feinstein has a CCW, politicians like Schumer and Bloomberg have machine-gun toting bodyguards, and even Obama, a man who has forged his papers and fraudulently ascended to the highest office in the land has an army of Secret Service at his disposal? Can anyone else see the total, utter hypocrisy here or is it just me? Does anyone else agree that it is way past time the American people physically stood up and forced Washington to cease and desist their completely dishonest and unconstitutional control over us? They have been pushing us to the point where someone, somewhere will do something out of pure frustration and anger. This will give them their long awaited excuse to declare war on the American people. They will not rest until they disarm us, period. We will ultimately have to fight, in the streets and cities of this nation, to retain any of our inalienable rights. It’s their plan and we all know it, many are preparing for that day. Are you?

    • okdlm

      Only those who are crazy Ranchman! But then again, the Dems think all conservatives are crazy and if we are white, male, go to church and own guns, that still labels us as terrorists in the eyes of the Terrorist in Chief!

      • Katharine

        There was a time when “left wingers” were considered terrorists because of the political unrest of 1968.

        • Now it’s the Fox guarding the Hen House!
          in other words, the Lunatics are in charge of the Funny Farm.

          • Robby777

            Yup !

        • tazz89103


        • LittleMoose

          Left wingers haven’t changed much since 1968, have they!

          • Robby777

            Nope !

    • edc

      That name is pronounced “feen stine” as in being a “gun grabbing fein” and relative of Frankenstien.

      • Katharine

        And please…..she is very picky about the spelling of her name… That’s Dianne- with two n’s.

    • carlcasino

      To answer your question–YES..

    • tazz89103


    • Ranchman, I hear you and I agree with everything you said. Everything. What we need is a leader who is committed to the retaking and restoration of America. Then we need to organize. We need numbers. A revolution is never successful without proper leadership and that’s something we are sorely lacking in this country. The problem is, we have been patient for so long, waiting for our government to right itself, to show us that they are really on our side. They have failed and now at this late date it may be too late. They’re grabbing up the guns, the ammo… None of this is because they want us to be safer. They know an unarmed populous is easier to control and less likely to revolt. They also know that the most “gun free” areas in the country, like Chicago for example, are the most crime-ridden, violent places in the country. Additionally, there are a number of International laws, from the U.N. and fostered by our own government, that have superseded our national sovereignty. At this point, I think all we can do, because we waited too long to do anything, is to gather as much firepower as we can, stock MRE’s and other food stuffs, hunker down and brace for impact. Hopefully when the smoke clears there will be enough pieces left, and enough good people like us, to build a new nation. That’s all I got right now.

      • Robby777

        Until elections are not rigged and voter ID is the rule of the land, there is little hope. Guess who fought against voter ID? -the chief crook – the highest lawyer in the land. The one and only liar – Eric Holder. This post isn’t long enough to list all the known irregularities in the last election…

  • It should be as plain as the nose on your face—The government’s definition of crazy IS anyone who disagrees with them.

  • carguy427

    Liberals think that those that want to have firearms are crazy. Therefore, if you want to have a firearm you are by definition crazy and can’t own a firearm per the Liberals. Simple.

  • Concerned…B. Warren

    The President, Congress, or any person who believes legislation can stop evil is delusional, ignorant, and just simply stupid, and has no place in a position of authority that can influence the lives of people they have a responsibility to serve.

    • Ok Concerned…B. Warren,

      They are in a position of power,are delusional,ignorant,crazy,stupid and border line retarded.And I’m talking about the local politians in your area. The main line polititians in washington are delusional,ignorant,crazy,stupid and border line insane along with dancing on the edge of satanic at this point. Most of them have no business being anywhere near power,let alone driving a car. We need to put them down now(maybe like rabid dogs)with elections as soon as possible.

  • granny

    I think banning mentally ill people from owning a gun is good. The doctors know by how many pills they push for “depression” & other symptoms of an equal threat. I had to get a doctors letter to get my “right to carry”. No person just trips out and decides to kill someone. Family members know when somethings wrong…..they just don’t tell.

    • BigUgly666

      No “doctor” in the country has the “right” to restrict anyone’s RIGHT to own or carry a weapon.
      Read the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to the Constitution – What is therein detailed is the ONLY way that a Free Citizen may be deprived of property of Rights.

  • According to the marxist in the White House and in Congress yes I am crazy. I am a combat vet and very dangerous to them.

  • foxxybey

    I’m sure after 12 years in the Marine Corps, I would be crazy by the nazi’s in charge.

    • carlcasino

      8 years in Subs says I was nuts before service.

      • foxxybey

        Wow, thanks for your service caricasino, something I couldn’t do for sure, no baseball playing or football, basketball and volleyball. Can’t stand being in a small apartment, LOL. Just heard from my daughter and her husband and they finished the Ironman in good times in Mexico, I got tired reading about it. God Bless Friend and enjoy being top side.

        • carlcasino

          My Service ! I was blessed to live in a country that gave me the opportunity to serve with some really great people, and Admiral Rickover was a brilliant individual and his ideology shaped a lot of my life. I would not recommend anyone to serve under the present administration.

          • foxxybey

            I agree with all you said friend, God Bless Friend:

  • Jan Morgan on the government’s efforts to fine tune our lives. I wonder what makes whackos like Diane Feinstein, Obama, or Schumer think they are qualified or competent to do so even if we were in agreement with this form of tyranny.

  • I am retired military, according to Napalitono, I am a terrorist. According to one of our Colorado senators and Diane Feinstein , being a Veteran, I am incompetent to own a firearm. So I am a Right Wing Extremist, gun toting, bible loving, nut case!!!! I love what my (and I use that term loosely) thinks of me after 20 years military.

    • I think you missed the word “government”. Not that it mattered all that much considering the crowd you are talking to. We are all potential terrorist’s in their eyes Craig, because we love freedom and the constitution and they HATE THOSE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DemBasher

    I think………I KNOW the Demoncrats are crazy. So, given that revelation, I am going after them when the SHTF.

  • BigUgly666

    It is really quite simple.
    The CONSTITUTION has already done all of the hard work for us.
    The Second Amendment states “shall not be infringed”, so, no matter how “they” define anything, it is not within their mandate to restrict what or how a Free Citizen may deal with weapons.
    The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments take care of the “mentally ill not having firearms” issue. No one may be deprived of property or have ANY of their God-Given Rights restricted or removed save by a lawful hearing in a Court of Law, before a lawful Judge, DECIDED BY A JURY OF THEIR PEERS.

    See! Isn’t that just so simple?
    The Constitution IS OUR LAW.
    What part of that does anyone fail to comprehend?

    • carlcasino

      95 % of elected officals?

      • BigUgly666

        Frankly, I would have thought 99.5% at least.

  • catnip24

    i’m sure obama will create mentally ill people gun czar who will decide the fate of gun owners.

  • horseridingplains

    Me thinks- control bullets=contol guns= contol the populace=control food supply=control the money(bank accounts, IRA”S-gov knows best how to handle)=total tyranny and dictatorship
    Welcome to his ‘Fundamentally change America”

  • Vtor

    If they BAN all the Crazy people, there will be a BUNCH of Seats open up in Congress AND Senate

  • Sarg

    It’s not that hard to define Crazy,just look at some of the Senate Dems.

  • Call me crazy, but… OH Wait! That was just a figure of speach!
    Now I will never get that permit, or be able to by a new Biden 12ga special.

  • MH Snider

    You mention 20,000 gun laws already on the books that are not being enforced. What part of the 2nd amendment are you willing to throw under the bus? You have said that there are currently 20,000 UN-Constitutional laws currently on the books that need to be removed. I guess even you have been somewhat brain washed.

    • MH Snider

      You “Should have said” sorry, typo

  • tenndoug

    Absolutely correct. The government Psych will determine everyone that wants to own this gun or that gun is a paranoid delusional. Soon it will be all guns and no one can own any gun. Sorry Joe not even a double barrel. If I lived next to you I would move anyway.

  • Michael Nellett

    “The right to bear arms shall NOT be infringed”. How much clearer could the Constitutions, Second Amendment be on our right to own firearms? If our politicians don’t understand this then it must be the result of public school education!!

  • Susan

    Giving government power {or their trained goons (psychiatrists–“Whores of the Court”)} the power to declare “who” is mentally ill or not, wreaks of Stalinism and the NWO. That soft “science” is nothing but a “guessing game” and paid whores—and politics will determine “who” is sane or not…….those who disagree with the State are mentally ill.

    All this gun “control” is unconstitutional. Our Rights are unalienable.

  • gfsomsel

    While I also would not wish to have the government relying on a nebulous determination that someone is “crazy”, I do think it would be advisable for anyone who is on a regimine of psychotropic drugs should not be able to possess a gun until he has be free of the medication for a prescribed period of time (6 months after he is no longer taking the drug, for example). Such a restriction would be clear and not open to subjective judgment—you are either taking a drug or you are not.

  • liliq

    According to Dianne Feinstein and Big O, anyone who actually wants a firearm is crazy and must be prohibited from owning a firearm, and an assault weapon is anything that actually shoots bullets

  • doug43

    Maybe I missed the point. How does Government separate people that kill others, rob others, drive byers, and all those currently committing crimes differ from crazy?, and why haven’t those in every police department across America ( world for that matter) been unable to get the guns out of their hands? Or maybe it is simply the Honest, Law Abiding Citizens that would be considered Crazy, and since it is easier to take their guns away, Washington will violate our rights…for reason I have yet to understand!

    Every Nation That First Took Away the rights of weapons to defend…have take away the citizens rights in general. Millions killed by Various Governments when citizens lost their weapons!!

  • In my opinion, the senate is trying to use bulldozer tactics to push this bill because they’re about to run out of money, and they know there will be a run on the banks worse than in 1929. They know that the people have had enough of the government stealing our money, and that they’ll do what they have to to protect it.

  • Raymond

    Homosexual Advocacy of Pedophilia

    A shocking aspect of the homosexuality-pederasty-pedophilia nexus is the
    public “gay” advocacy and glamorization (or rationalization) of sex between
    adults and children — mostly by homosexual men but occasionally by lesbians
    and radical feminists.


  • The idea of a mental health requirement for gun ownership is just as crazy as those who shoot up a school or theater. Psychology and psychiatry are terribly inexact sciences with very low cure rates for such problems as alcoholism, drug addiction, personality disorders that lead to criminality, etc. If every case where some rights were denied to a person on the basis of non compos mentis had to go to court, I doubt if the shrinks could prove but a tiny percentage of cases.

  • Crazy is easier. Definitely not the beaurocrats or the politicians! A certified MD/Psychiatrist and then you should be entitiled to both a second opinion and a jury trial. (I’ve experienced the court appointed hacks who will say anything they are told).
    Assault again is for State legislators not the Feds to decide. I might add that it needs to be monitored as special interests will influence law makers to obscure and expand the definition. Needs to be realistic and specific. Not generalized so anything fits the definition. (i’ve also seen that happen in court of law when laws are too broad and vague. Peoples rights are abridged because of this).
    Feds need to stay out of the definition business especially this area of Consitutiionally protected rights.

  • BigUgly666

    Read the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to the Constitution – the only way to have your Rights abrogated is by a jury of your peers, in a Court of Law.

  • I think that the difference between the insane and the aggressor can be determined by the concept of Social Work and Psychology
    But this does not change the nature of the weapons, but the goal of the conditional use some laws
    But the disparity between these concepts so great that with the appropriate argument have the opportunity to use arms
    The simplest Hua doubt
    Personally I think the main reason is the sense of insecurity or fear of the future
    Most fears come under the name of ignorance and paranoia
    But no matter how many fears does not prevent the production of weapons for just an idea
    It is a means complex manufacturing or someone masterpiece
    And can be used for the public good, but if in the right hands!!!
    The solution is to make the right hands, education and gain increased awareness or increase the concept of security or peace
    In order to keep the human is: –
    The key to everything
    Such as drugs or weapons from this point with the same point of view based on veto
    But with different psychological factor and search cases
    It’s like the disease and medication
    Both pure and development but the patient suffered a lot
    Making the case to say the best: –
    Life struggle all the money you earn only sincere smile
    Comment is a personal view based on some of the constants of sentences and supported
    Utterances of public figures, and a little friction tangible reality that difficult to change, but under the concept of
    Teamwork Who miss him just to search for self
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  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein
    2985 Vallejo st.
    San Francisco. CA. 94123

  • Michelle Bachman = CRAZY

  • James Brown

    Assault and crazy should be defined by the Senate, inlieu of the facts that they have more experience than we,mere mortals.

  • Robby777

    Ol’ Ben Franklin made the quote about liberty and security..