Why the Constitution Exists…


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  • Bighoss

    Is there something in existence that protects the public from excessive, unexplicated, ideological eructations such as the 10-word broadside posted above? Since when does something that is little more than a right wing bumper sticker qualify as any kind of thought piece suitable for this forum? Yech!

    • K

      Perhaps you should read it again but, objectively this time and without the obama lovin’ sentiment.
      “The 10-word broadside posted above” explains it perfectly about obama and his Communist agenda which is and intended to; bypass the U.S. Constitution.

  • rangerrebew

    Do we still have enough of the Constitution remaining for it to be alive? Politicians on both sides have been shredding it so long, I’m afraid there is a Constitution in theory only.

    • coastx

      Incorrect. There are not two sides. There is only one side called parliamentary corporatism, and this is Fabian agenda driven enterprise.

  • The Founding Fathers would be astounded to see that most of their document is still standing today. I really don’t think that they thought it would be more than a beginning framework for governance.

    • coastx

      I found your 13. Kinda weird looking, but it’s there. When you look in the mirror, do you see an image reflected back? If yes, whew! If no, yikes!

  • William

    I often see comments that we may be too late. Call me naive, but based on some research, it does appear that things voted into law can also be voted out again (as well as the opposite of course). Perhaps a new standard of measuring our elected “officials” should include (must) how many bills each “official” writes and/or votes upon that cleans up the tremendous laundry list of stupidity we collectively face? Perhaps I simplify a bit, but at one point wasn’t alcohol an illegal thing? It may have even made it onto an even larger document set. Patriot Act, 2nd amendment rights, as two examples, can be fixed, although they shouldn’t even gotten this far. Collectively, we have cowered and been terrorized by the federal government under each administration, not just this one. Each takes a bit more from us. The “power” of the white house/president is a relatively new thing in the USA. Power isn’t created but rather taken from someone or something else. We are the United STATES of America after all and at the end of the day, federal employees reside within a state, work in a federal building within a state, and are subject to the laws of the state first? Most are good people who support self interest first as many do. If I worked for the federal government, I’d support many of the programs and laws that would help me and my family. We have allowed this monster to grow, but almost act helpless to fix. Each state has a government. As many states are doing in response to the current federal gun laws, states maintain the power to write laws to dismiss federal law. The federal government is not a collective faceless all powerful entity; it is people living next to one another, attending the same schools and shopping at the same stores as non-federal workers. In that perspective, collective interest would override self interest. We need to stop asking Washington for assistance and instead focus on the respective states to manage. More to follow.

    • coastx

      Check out the nullification movement, Tenth Amendment Center, LaRouche, etc.

  • You all seem to ignore the FACT that President Obama has great support from We The People.

    • K

      NO “John Phillips” YOU are the one with great support for obamination.
      So “YOU” should STOP trying to manipulate people into thinking your usurper has great support from “We The People”.

      • Polls don’t lie. Neither do elections.

        • John Phillips – That’s a laughable statement. Polls are engineered. Elections are rigged.

          • Republican leaders KNOW that this election wasn’t rigged. And the polls were right “on the money” in predicting the outcome.

          • Thank goodness we have you here to tell us what all Republican leaders KNOW! You must have some kind of special power that allows you to see into the minds of people. Come to think of it – that’s how the entire communist process works, isn’t it? Assume that you know what everyone wants, and then force everyone to be that way whether they want to or not.

            Essentially, if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth. That’s how communists/progressives operate, and that’s how this administration operates.

          • You say, “Essentially, if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth. That’s how communists/progressives operate.”
            Actually, that’s how extremist cons operate. They keep saying that President Obama is a Muslim, is a communist/socialist, is going to take our guns, wasn’t born in the US, BLAH BLAH BLAH
            All I know is what these leaders are saying publicly. Ask Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Reince Priebus if the election was rigged. They all know that they got their butts kicked fair and square. Only extremist cons are telling these lies.

          • Yep – you do it just right, Comrade Phillips. Point the finger back at your accuser. You really are a textbook socialist. So, let’s address your “reverse accusations” one at a time, shall we?

            1) Obama is a Muslim
            Proof: He has Indonesian roots – Muslim or not, he’s clearly out to destroy us from within.

            2) Obama is a communist/socialist
            Proof: Bill Ayers. Nothing more need be said.

            3) Obama is going to take our guns
            Proof: http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/Obama-guns-executive-orders/2013/01/16/id/471689

            4) Obama wasn’t born in the US (a slight variation on the theme that Obama isn’t Constitutionally eligible to be the POTUS)

            Proof: Regardless of where Obama was born, his father is not and never has been a citizen of the United States of America. This, by definition, indicates that Obama is not a Natural Born US Citizen, which indeed does disqualify him from the office of President in accordance withArticle 2 Section 1 of the US Constitution, which states: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;”

            You really should start paying attention to what’s occurring around you. It’s not just Obama at this point – it’s the entire establishment in DC that are trying to destroy us. Between our fiat monetary system and the socialist policies that are being enacted by both partys, I fear that we have little chance of survival in the world as we now know it.

            Your blind support of Obama and his socialist/communist policies is disheartening – and even having the gall to suggest that Obama isn’t a communist – scary.

          • You have no real proof whatsoever here for your lies. Apparently you don’t even know what a communist is. You’re really not worth my time.

          • John – Again – textbook. Call me a liar again, tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, and then let me and everyone else know that I’m not worth your time. I’m tired of your story. It’s the same over and over again from “you people”.

            Demand proof, discredit, move on to the next. I have to admit – you’re good at that game. It’s too bad that people are catching on. I just hope it’s not too late.

          • coastx

            You’re on the right track. He’s Fabian. They’re entire political agenda is Fabian, which is why they are promoting a de facto 2nd Amendment.

            I’ll do this here for fun, but the message is an extremely important one.

            ORT: What are you doing?

            JEM: I’m thinking, and you’re making it difficult by pestering me. Go bother someone else.

            ORT: Thinking? You’re scribbling little pictures and wasting a perfectly good sheet of paper. People like you are why we have problems with the ecology.

            JEM: Good grief. MY paper. I paid for it, and I don’t have to give YOU an explanation how I am using it, comprendo?

            ORT: Not really. I try to make it my business when people waste our precious resources.

            JEM: This paper is a precious resource? Are you feeling okay?

            ORT: Of course, now stop arguing with me, sociopath, and stop wasting that sheet of paper!

            JEM: S-O-C-I-O-P-A-T-H?

            ORT: You read me correct, Hellboy.

            JEM: Ah, I remember now. Literal minded. Thoughtless. Self aggrandizing, short, meaningless narratives usually loaded with sexual innuendo directed at humiliating females. That’d be you, correct?

            ORT: You’re a jerk. I was trying to be helpful.

            JEM: Uh huh, and your concept of helpful is a gun in the face, do what I say or I’ll shoot, correct?

            ORT: Literally? No. Figuratively, I have a problem with complex reasoning. It’s a handicap, but I live with it.

            JEM: At lease you’re aware of it. Most aren’t.

            ORT: What do you mean?

            JEM: I mean, regarding guns, most people are simple minded about guns.

            ORT: Gun are our rights. That’s the 2nd Amendment.

            JEM: You’re also literal minded, which the 2nd Amendment was designed to help people over come.

            ORT: Are you making fun of me, NERD?

            JEM: No. I am communicating with you regarding your literal mindedness.

            ORT: Okay. So what’ the point with the 2nd Amendment? What are you talking about it was designed to help people overcome their literal mindedness? What’s being handicapped got to do with our right to own firearms?

            JEM: Well, being that you just described the problem, I’ll take it from there. The 2nd Amendment is a triune most people have been programmed to regard it singularly as gun ownership, a phenomenon that the supreme court has seized upon to acculturate a de facto 2nd which likewise regards gun ownership for home protection and hunting only.

            ORT: You got a problem with that, nerd?

            JEM: The problem is figure your coffee without water or the cup. You have the right to coffee. You’re taught to celebrate it, covet it and you own many different kinds, but try and drink it. Without a cup of water you can’t, but you OWN it. Protect your home with it! It was meant to be drank the same way the 2nd was meant to be used to fight tyrannical government, but let’s don’t go there for this discussion.

            ORT: I am having trouble following you. How can someone drink a cup of coffee with out the water or the cup, nerd?

            JEM: Exactly. You can’t, but owning it gives you a sense of connection with coffee, God only knows what you have in mind how to use it.

            ORT: Too much information, nerd. You are still confusing me. Coffee isn’t coffee with out the cup. What is your point?

            JEM: Let’s imagine Jefferson’s 2nd is this coffee were talking about. Let’s take a look at what this looks like revised. Here’s’ the original line:

            A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

            JEM: Here’s what it looks like as a cup of coffee:

            A well regulated cup being necessary to the water of a hot beverage, the right of the people to keep and bear coffee shall not be infringed.

            ORT: That’s blasphemy!

            JEM: Maybe not. Now let’s whittle it back to a de facto 2nd, thus:

            The right of the people to keep and bear coffee shall not be infringed.

            ORT: That doesn’t make any sense.

            JEM: Thanks for pointing that out. Now lets take a look at what the National Coffee Association is doing to promote the de facto 2nd:

            Forty four states have ‘Right to Keep and Bear Coffee’ provisions included in their constitutions.

            ORT: What good is it to have coffee if you don’t have the danged water and a cup to drink it?

            JEM: Uh huh, now let’s restore to the 2nd de facto re right to bear arms:

            Americans have the right to keep and bear arms.

            ORT: Missing the water and the cup. That’d be national security and well regulated militia. Is that what you are trying to say, nerd?

            JEM: Yes.

            ORT: Well WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY IT? You brainy types have a long way of getting around the hill.

            JEM: Well, okay, so if you had a choice then, what makes more sense, Jefferson’s 2nd or the de facto version?

            ORT: Obviously, Jefferson knew to drink coffee you need water, a cup AND the danged coffee. Why am I feeling agitated, nerd?

            JEM: Because you’re used to being literal minded. Remember what I said about Jefferson writing the 2nd to help people overcome this?

            ORT: Yes, and I think I’m starting to get the picture, God forbid I start talking and acting like you.

            JEM: Okay, well what a triune does is it increases your ability to think critically, because you’re processing three levels of information, which taps higher intelligence. Literal minded people thus become agitated when they encounter this in their problem solving activities.

            ORT: That bothers me, because the more information I think about the more agitated I get. Are you saying that’s normal?

            JEM: I am saying that’s not only normal, when you reprogram your mind to think it will be non normal for you not to think.

            ORT: I got to process this. I’m feeling tired. Is that a part of this, too?

            JEM: Yes. You’re starting to exercise your brain, and that will make you tired briefly until you get used to it. Then you’ll start looking for more challenges. To be perfectly honest with you, literal mindedness is a form of depression most people default to avoid circumstances that were they to think more deeply would be very unhappy. Literal mindedness is a way staying stupid so they don’t have to think consciously about their circumstances.

            ORT: Are you saying I have PROBLEMS, NERD?

            JEM: I’m not saying that. I’m saying literal mindedness is a coping mechanism, eh?

            ORT: Coping with what?

            JEM: Don’t think about it that way. Just think about Jefferson’s 2nd the way it was written and if you like the de facto version.

            ORT: I don’t like the de facto version, but I have to get used to what this is so I can be more detailed in my thinking. It that your point, Nerd?

            JEM: Yes.

            ORT: DAANNNGGGG!

            JEM: Dang, correct!

          • coastx

            He’s Fabian.

        • That’s pretty much the funniest and most naive thing I’ve seen you say on here. Why don’t you tell Karl Rove that polls don’t lie? Why don’t you tell the people who have recently confessed to voting multiple times that elections don’t lie? Are you going to say now that you don’t lie? Because this was a whopper.

          • Of course polls aren’t “exact”. The bottom line is that President Obama has enjoyed approval ratings from the upper 40s to the lower 60s during his presidency. Do you have any proof of this widespread voter fraud? I have seen nothing in the news about this. But then I don’t watch Fox News. Or MSNBC for that matter.

          • agbjr

            So you are obviously uninformed. Listen much to Radio Havana?

          • coastx

            For YOU JP devil man:

            Obama= Brief Analysis of the Book of Mormon
            export BAOTBOM
            export BAOM+ TBO
            reconfigure OBAM+ TBO
            TBO= English alpha letter/number corresp 226= additive sum 1
            TBO= ODC letter number corresp 226= additive sum 1
            11= ODC letter A, hence
            OBAM+ TBO; OBAM+ A; OBAMA

            Obama is a Mormon false flag Domestic terrorism project.

            You think I’m kidding.

            You’re a national security risk, my evil friend.

          • coastx

            Lie is old school. The NEW paradigm is the OCCULT lie. It looks like this: lie, double cross, shock and awe mitigated trauma bond, rendition of the will. It’s a package deal, and Fabians are GOOD at it. They created Obama!

          • K

            Becky; “John Phillips” is nothing more than an obama minion troll of these boards and nothing we say or show as proof of what obama really is will ever get through to him.

            Polls are as faked as are elections and the proof is the Communist Muslim desecrating OUR White House. YES obama is a Muslim;

            Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

          • Why doesn’t Karl Rove just call it for Obama? Has he done that yet?

    • Speak for yourself. But I’m curious to know – you are on this site reading articles and making contrary comments all the time. Since you believe exactly opposite from most everyone else here why do you keep coming back? Is it your thought that you can sway people here to like Obama? Or are you simply trolling?

      • Obviously I am not going to sway anyone. I just feel the need to speak up when I see obvious lies. And yes, I am beginning to tire of this site. I should have better things to do.

        • agbjr

          Yes, please speak up when you see obvious lies … like those that come from Obama daily. Have you spoken up about those lies?

        • Yankeewatchdog

          Why? Are your unemployment checks coming to an end?

    • agbjr

      You really DO believe the propaganda, don’t you? The truth is obvious but you and the Obama minions refuse to acknowledge it: Obama is a Marxist sonofabitch.

      • coastx

        He’s Fabian. People are confused about this. He’s definitely Fabian and SSO pledged to the monarchy. So is Dr. Ben Carson. BEWARE!

    • coastx

      QUESTION: Is Barack Obama the Devil?

      Answer: Obama is delivering a deceptive, solipsist and pretentious repackaging of American culture, so yes, he fits the description of the Satan.

      On the other hand, America reciprocates with DELIGHT, THRILL and MYSTIFICATION, which confirms people’s desire to be repatriated to hell by this sociopath, so what the problem is?

      We already know what he is capable of. The council of Nicaea wrote him into existence in Genesis 325AD, a phenomenon most Christians will deny outright, albeit they have no rational explanation of Eve’s capitulation. She ate her own child (forbidden fruit) conned by such a monster. What’s not to understand?

      Five years ago MacDonald’s proved this to be a correct assessment of the state of mind of Americans when it test marketed a value meal nugget product manufactured from pureed human fetus. Worried? Giggling now?

      Obama eats dog with little or no outrage from the American public, so again, what difference does it make? Americans giggle and laugh like little children themselves at such transformation of humanity principled on the ideal of HOPE and CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, they missing the point of their own capitulation that such behavior is viewed as childish by this monster and they are likewise therefore also considered a delicacy for the Dracs palate. Let me help out, America: te he he. Obama correctly described this problem with the following remark, “Americas are stupid.” They are indeed!

      The History Channel is doing service to American gullibility. People are stupid, and´╗┐ no matter how much reality you feed them, they will vomit it right back up their TRUE diet one of a lust for the blood of their young, their own child-like demeanor a feigned attitude of helplessness for which they are rewarded for selling themselves to whatever devil presents with an erection. We used to label this behavior perverted. today it’s Fabian fashionable and Crowley-esque. You like pink and blue? So do they.

      Is THIS a national security issue? Are you missing your children or pets? Not yet? Still giggling? Obama is.

  • coastx

    Anti reality
    Agenda driven

    Occult propaganda
    Anti reason
    Absence of accountability