Feeding Obama’s Addiction

Obama’s Spending Addiction is like a crack addiction… It takes more every day to meet a need that will never be satiated… and the longer the addiction lasts, recovery becomes impossible.
I just hate it that my money is paying for it. © 2013 JAN MORGAN

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  • jenniewalsh

    Obama should be impeached, indicted, tried and executed for treason.

  • At this point I’d settle for locking him up with Lindsey Lohan in a padded room!…

  • fcsuszka

    He needs to kiss my ruby red nose.

  • Tomtom

    Why is this Muslim Traitor living in our White House ?????
    He belongs in jail for TREASON……..BENGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What did you expect when WE THE PEOPLE elected him, TWICE? Or should I say “we the sheeple”?

  • What is holding true Americans back anyway?? It is high time we took some action other than polls and elections to get the country back on track. How about flooding your representatives and all the elected and tell them either get rid of Obama or we’ll get rid of all of them.

  • Patrick Flanagan

    So many people are looking for someone else to take up the battle against our current administration?!?!? What are you waiting for? Get up off your collective a**es and do something! Form a local group, send multiple letters to the Jack-asses you elected, let them know how unhappy you are. Start petition groups, find any celebrity you may have a connection with to add support! All of these things are what the liberals have done and it has worked quite well for them, hasn’t it. Let’s get this party started and beat them at their own game. See what happened to Diane Feinstein RIGHT????