Father’s Guns Confiscated/Concealed Carry Permit Revoked Over Son’s Water Gun Commment

The idiocy continues.

A 10-year-old suggests a bully should be shot with a water pistol, so the police confiscate his father’s firearms and the State revokes his concealed-carry permit.

It happened in New York, a State that is notorious for the difficulty it causes its residents who want to legally carry a gun and that recently suspended the U.S. Constitution and passed draconian gun restrictions. The father posted news of his plight April 1 on the Longislandfirearms.com forum.

As much as he’d like it to have been a bad April Fool’s joke, it’s not. In addition to having his guns confiscated and his license revoked, John Mayer’s son was suspended for two days by the Hauppauge School District following the March 1 incident. When Mayer inquired the next day about when his license would be restored, police told him it would be restored when his son turned 18 and moved out of the house.

Mayer has sued the school system and the Suffolk County Police Department in Federal court. “It’s completely absurd,” Mayer’s attorney James Murtha  said. However, Murtha does not find the case surprising. He said that Suffolk County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ gun privileges.

“We’ve been involved in cases and situations where police have severely injured or hampered someone’s rights,” he said . “We see enough wrong doing on both parties to be going toward a federal cause of action because of the civil rights implication.”

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  • i think the kid should have been suspended longer but the father should go after the state taking his guns and revoking his permit was wrong

    • Bill

      Suspended for what a squirt gun LOL

      • I guess you agree with suspending kids for drawing a picture of a gun, biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun, or tearing paper to look like a gun too. are you really Obama using an assumed name?? Come on, admit it Barack, it is you isn’t it???

    • OldDocBen

      The child should be suspended longer? You voted for Obama, didn’t you? You think gun owners should compromise but you won’t give an inch for your chosen amendment. You need to reevaluate whether you are a real American or a serf wannabe?

  • Jim

    just shoot the cops. seriously, it’s time to put a stop to these jack-booted thugs and their assault on our liberties.

  • stevenaquinn

    There’s just no end to the lunacy that is New York. Bottom line, they keep voting those idiots into office so they’re welcome to live with the result.

  • beattyc5

    @Joe Hill – what? Longer for what? You should be shot with a water pistol gets you suspended? That is about as absurd as saying I hope you get struck by lightning. Wise up.

  • I will never understand all these heavy handed so called solutions that are imposed upon the people who are law abiding citizens. At any given time, we have all expressed frustration by saying something that we know full well we would never do. A kid saying he wanted to squirt a bully with a water gun in no way means he’s going to become Adam Lanza & just because they took his dads guns does not insure that he won’t. Madness!

  • Jim, shooting the cops may just “accidentally” kill one. I don’t think you want that. Cops only enforce the laws of their precinct (jurisdiction). You need to vote the liberal, left wing-nut out of office and hope for something better. Next best option: move to another area.

    • K

      Enforcing a “so called” law that infringes on the peoples 2nd Amendment rights and God given rights is a violation of the law, the police enforcing it are violating their oath of office, their oath to the Constitution and that makes them Criminals, that makes them no different than the Nazis working for Hitler.

  • What a bunch of bullshit. If I were President I would withhold any aid to NY until they made their laws conform to the US Constitution. While I agree the states should govern themselves, I think they should also have to keep the core US Constitutional rights as their base of all laws and work from there. No Core rights should ever be violated or denied an American Citizen.

    • John, he’s probably giving them extra credit for stomping on the constitution in new and creative ways…

    • yes, true stay within the constitution but the way you see fit for that area and amount of people so on. BUT thats just a dream……..we have lost our country from the way it was set up and the founding fathers wanted it. Now it belongs to the Lib’s and the Socialist, We are just in there way now. but I blame us for that. We are to lazy and to busy to get involved to keep our country safe. Just like the bull crap with Newtown. and all the new gun laws they want, It has nothing to do with protecting our kids, They could of done that a long time ago if they really wanted it. This is about killing the 2nd Amendment, Plane and simple … Wake up people.

    • Magnum05

      Yeah John, but you aren’t President. Obama is & that Communist Muslim is all for taking guns away from USA Citizens, but gives Military Planes & Tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood. Our republican members of congress are not ny better, otherwise they would have kicked the Illegal S.O.B. out right after he was fisrt elected the first time, then they let him run again. Most of our elected officials (BOTH PARTIES) are nothing but corrupt liars !!!

  • Robert

    He chose to allow them to violated his God given and Constitutional (2nd Amendment) right to “keep and bear arms” so, I feel no sorrow for him. If this illegal confiscation continues, “We the People” will be no different than the 160-170+ million people that died in the 20th century because, they let their Governments take their guns.

    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    – George Santayana

    Those that do not fight for their 2nd Amendment rights will either become Serfs or Dead!

    Not fighting because one has a family (IMO) is no excuse for not fighting but rather, all the more reason to fight. Tyranny is coming fast and strong and we either live free or we die trying and, to die fighting is still being free.

    • Robert, you are so right. “We the people” have sat back and watched our rights going out the window for the last fifty years. LBJ started it when he declared war on poverty. What he failed to say was that he was on poverty’s side. Slowly things have turned around for The United States. George Bush took more freedoms away from us that any other has with the Patriot Act. Travel restrictions, privacy, and being secure in our homes. Police write their own warrants, SWAT kicks down a door and fires 90 rounds from several automatic weapons, based on a drug addict’s tip. An innocent man was murdered and his wife and child traumatized and nothing happens to any of the the officers involved. I thought SWAT was the best in a department so I can imagine how stupid the rest of the force is. We are fast becoming a police state and more innocent people will be killed unless we put a stop to this NOW.

  • The best option is for everyone that lives in New York State to move to another state. Leave the entire state to the liberals. It won’t be long until NY would be totally bankrupt, both financially and morally.

    • Yeah unfortunately we’d be on the hook for bailing their sorry asses out…

    • Richard

      The economy and the housing market is SO bad, folks up there can’t give away their homes (almost). I got out of NY some 40 years ago and moved to Texas …. ahhhhh, FREEDOM.

      • dsinchrg

        Coming to join see ya cali

    • Nadine

      I agree!

      • I think I agree too, but eventually Libs follow and recontaminate utopia. Hmm! I wonder if that’s how new cities are born.

        • they cant stand seeing people happy for the most part, they need to tell you how to live, or they are not happy


    • Just like Chicago, only the poor unarmed would be left to fight each other. I think the goal is to keep ppl moving and unarmed to initiate the NWO and sustainable housing.

    • This is a good ideal, but. If everyone moved where would they move to. It appears if all the Conservatives moved out of California that would leave no one to pay the bills. I have thought about this some. Maybe what we need is to have one state for gun people, another state for religions people, another for homosexuals, another for people who do not want to have a gun, etc. But then some or later someone from another state would move into one that did not want them and that one person would start changing things. I think we need to stand and be counted where we are. Like finding a perfect church. If we did we would join and it would soon become imperfect. I would like the ideal of putting people in different states who think alike but they would soon displace each other. They would be like gangs and soon tire of each other and go into other areas. I think we should have stopped all of this nonscience in the 60’s, but we didn’t. Most of us were to busy making money and living the good life to be involved in politics and we also thought it would stop with that one act, but it didn’t.

      • gfsomsel

        They could move to Guam, but perhaps the island would flip over 🙂 (Remember, some idiot Democrat Congressman from GA said something like that?)

        • James Brown

          The idiotic statement was made on 1 April, apparently the only place where April Fools Day is observed is D.C. Even Georgia congressmen take advantage of it


      • you get what you got coming, to lazy yr’s ago to put a stop to it, And all these people who say Oh I can’t stand talking about politics, I don’t want to hear it I don’t care. Well now how do you feel? Still don’t care? if you say yes ,Please pack your bags and get out of this country now because you should not be here,Move to England or someplace like that.

    • At a recent meeting held by Assembly man and Republican leader in NY State assembly, there was a unanimous demand that he should introduce a bill to convert NYC into another state. Was given him as a direct order of the citizens who voted for him. So lets see what happens next! Another demand was for every person opposed to the attack upon the US Constitution, to make a phone call every day to shell on Sliver, (Excuse me Sheldon Silver) the Democratic Leader, and also Governor Coumo. The Amount of calls needed must shut down the telephone service into the offices every day. We will allow that we are going to take a collection to get huge funding to support a person who opposes them next elections. This will make a bigger impression then just bothering them

    • It is already morally bankrupt

    • I left, along time ago but glad I did, I can’t live in these Communist mined states…..

    • rimpy

      I am torn on this suggestion. They WANT only them there. I hate the thought of them getting ANYTHING they want…
      But on the other side- asking Americans to remain under the thumb of evil slime democrats is asking a LOT.

    • Turfguy

      no thanks; they can all stay in new york

    • Cinci Jew

      New York State is already morally bankrupt and heading towards financial bankruptcy as well.

  • Name

    IF the Sheriff of the County he is in is doing his/her job…the police department would be under investigation and likely suspended. There was a case where this happened in Spring Lake, North Carolina.

  • BillofRights

    Move to a gun friendly state and leave all of the rest to fed for themselves. Police won’t even respond in time to do anything but bag & tag the body anyway.

  • billy jack

    Any or no excuse to disarm citizens and turn us into dependent serfs. Big Mistake. I still carry the blood of my forefathers who fought and died. There will be a reckoning.

  • Jim D

    What ever happened to those three oh, so special words? “Get a warrant!”

    • George Bush took away the requirement. I am waiting for the lawsuit to go to the Supreme Court, maybe they will stop the madness.

  • He had property taken without due process of law?

    • Obama’s dream state. He says the Constitution “constrains” him. He forgets that his primary function is to defend the Constitution, our borders, and enforce the Law of the Land.

  • RummRunner

    New Yorkers get exactly what they deserve. It is they that elect these moronic politicians. This is why New York is the most OPPRESSIVE state in the nation. Too bad so sad…

  • I see three violations of Constitutional rights here:
    2nd amendment: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed
    4th amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
    5th amendment: “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

    • And now try to teach that to the DNC. The only way I see is to do it A La A Clock Work Orange.

  • I understand starting next Monday you will have to call the police to get permission to use the rest rooms.

  • That this can happen in this country infuriates me in a way I can’t describe. It is insane on so many levels. The omnly way this can be stopped is to sue the ones involved into bankruptcy and for all public officials involved to be removed from office including the policemen involved for carrying out an “illegal order” Damn this stuff makes me mad.

  • Just goes to show that the police in New York are nothing more then little babies that get the piss scared out of them by a water pistol.

    • pikemaster1

      Probably sent in 3 swat teams with dogs to take the kids squirtgun ? and maybe even a copter or two ?

  • Centurian2010

    Liberals steal freedoms. They have never provided any freedom, only God can do that. A liberal takes and simply redistributes but never frees anyone. Therefore I expect more of this under the insanity of the obama crusade to destroy our Republic.

  • Nadine

    Everyone should move out of NY and let the illegal gun owners run the place…see how Bloomy would like that!!

    • Like the movie–“Escape from New York” except put a fence around the whole state & keep the insane people in there.

  • Dowhatsright

    This is what our government has come too. They think that
    they can do what ever they want and we can not do anything about it because of
    the cost in fighting City Hall. Maybe it is time we made the states furnish a
    Civil Right attorney like they do for the criminals. Our government officials
    have deteriorated to the level of a used care salesman. He is like a salesman
    that fills the crankcase with sawdust and then sells someone the car. Then
    instead of feeling bad about how he cheated a person he brags about being
    smarter and getting away with it. We have to make these people pay not only
    when in office but after as well. We have to make sure that their character is known
    where ever they go for employment or business.
    We must quit showing them any respect and instead show contempt. Social condemnation
    works really well.

  • OldDocBen

    Does the father deserve this? Well, he lives in NY where they elected all the far left liberals and allow them to walk all over them. So yes, the people of NY deserve this. And until they start standing up and acting like men (rather than sheep) this will not only happen again but get worse. They are now confiscating guns from people based on (illegal) searches of their medical records; and the sheeple let them. This will spread like a cancer until we stand up and say with a resounding and loud NO MORE!

  • twhditto

    Please – if you do more to the SOUTH, especially to Arkansas, leave all of your liberalism up north!

    • twhditto

      Sorry – MOVE to the SOUTH…

  • However, Murtha does not find the case surprising. He said that Suffolk County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ gun privileges.<<< PRIVILEGES?! We are slowly being transformed into a people who live by the leave of the ruling class in a society where only state sponsored violence will be tolerated. Dangerous times.

  • Andrew Abraham

    Slight error in the article. The police didnt confiscate his firearm they stole it. I’m not sure it matters about his concealed carry permit as the second amendment *was* and still is his permit

  • jenniewalsh

    Many police are secret members of the Illuminati’s globalist organized crime syndicate, also known as the Kingdom of Satan. Pray to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing. In this case, they are obvious. As the Illuminati gain more and more power, control and wealth, they are becoming more and more obvious and bold. Take Obama, for example.

  • goku vegeta


  • Keep it there~!

    You Yankees want this kind of stuff…don’t move here and do it to the rest of rhe country!

  • Proud_to_be_American

    Do you hear the sound of jackboots marching down Main Street U.S.A!

  • Lloyd

    Next stop is the gulag.

  • -Spence

    Heaven forbid someone address the bully issue in the school

  • Nuts

    What can we do to help? We may be next. This is a shark bump, If we let it go what will they try next?

  • Moboy

    When they want an excuse to get your guns; any will do, no matter how ridiculous.

  • RedMeatState

    gun “privileges”??? the entire concept of self government is that we don’t need permission FROM THE GOVERNMENT!

    They RIGHTS GRANTED BY GOD, NOT PRIVILEGES granted by the State!

    • “God” hasn’t been proven to exist, but you’re correct.

  • RedMeatState

    your neighbor down the street came home drunk, so we’re confiscating your guns!

  • New York is now Nazi Germany, nothing more or less, move out of the Nazi State and be free and let the little Nazi mayor, pound dirt and all those who think their brown shirts makes them little gods, the whole state sucks.

  • Native

    This is absolutely ridiculous………..they will now use ANY excuse to grab people’s guns. They just don’t seem to get it that people are NOT going to turn in their guns, and there are more guns that people in this country; and there are more of US than THEM. They just don’t get it.

  • Nuts

    He should have called the county sheriff to defend his rights

  • dsinchrg

    America has become the
    spiraling water as you flush the toilet

  • Spread the word far and wide – GUN OWNING DEMOCRATS – VOTE REPUBLICAN. It’s not about loyalty to a party, it’s about loyalty to the American Bill of Rights.

  • I hope this guy wins his case ASAP. That, and the police officers involved and their superiors are fired, tried and convicted for malfeasance.

  • The 10 MILLION MAN MARCH on DC., needs to take place sooner than May 25th. Every liberal dimwit and rino should be dragged out and thrown in Fort Leavenworth stockade and scheduled for miliary tribunals! Maybe New Yorkers should plan a MILLION MAN MARCH on Albany!

  • Rob M.

    Every firearms owners should file lawsuits for infringements of they’re rights and just tie up the NY court systems. Seems to be the only thing makes these idiots perk up is when you hit them in their pocketbooks which pops their heads out of their asses.

  • Americans freedoms are being taken away and were are the Repubican Congressmen support for us and our Consitution.

  • colleenf

    New York state and city need to be renamed: New Nazi state.

  • Chris

    Sue the school for allowing the boy to be bullied in the first place.

  • James Brown

    Did all the responsible adults retire and move to Florida?


  • Stupidity gone astray! WTF? I think it’s time to reel in NY.

  • Ross Fortificacion

    Liberals have no problem suspending the Constitution of the United States. Do you still think that your freedom is not under attack? They have concealed carry in Panama.

  • EnemyoftheState

    Land of the Free (no more) and Home of the Brave (no more).

  • Move to a new state with personal liberty’s and freedoms!

  • Ole White Dude

    Get a nice Jewish boy who happens to be an ACLU / Civil Rights shark and sue their britches off. The phone book is full of em in Long Island. In recent U.S. Supreme court cases, the robes reversed the laws of municipals to violate the constitutionally held position guaranteed in the 2nd amendment. Also, get National Association of Gun Rights to get you in touch with their legal aide people or you can Call NRA/ILA. I think they have a legal dept. which can help. Either way, take em to court. It’s a no brainer they’ll lose. Violates your civil rights.

  • The only problem with you people moving out is you come to paces like SD and Tx and such.And start trying to make all your stupid rules here. We then name you rejected transplants