Beavis and Butthead Education


About the author: As “America’s Leading Liberalologist,” Bill Finlay pokes fun at the liberal left while exposing the evil that undermines freedom and faith throughout America. He also provides common sense solutions to bring the United States back into the path of honor as “one nation under God, with liberty ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • billygeturgun

    Makes sense to me. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Cali Patriot

    Common sense solutions! I hope & pray they succeed with the goals he mentioned.

  • Robert Moulds

    While I don’t fully agree with wild Bill none the less I have to admit North American education both in the United States and Canada has fallen behind. A personal experience I knew a Cuban teacher Jaunta she fled from Castro to teach math in Miami Florida and found the teens where three or four grades behind by graduation. Fearful of the teacher union she kept quite.

  • bill you hit it on the head!!!!! this has got to be the dumbest generation this country has ever seen! they don’t have a clue how good a feeling it is to go to work, work hard and at the end of the day, know the feeling that you g=have accomplished something! instead, they want a free ride and they all have a chip on their shoulder thinking we owe them something! i call the the gime, gime, gime, generation, thanks to the OBAMINATOR, this is what we have to put up with now. the most transparent president in the united states has become the biggest liar in the history of the united state. here in texas, we have a big billboard that has a big picture of the OBAMINATOR asking the question “are you embarrassed yet?? i think that says it all!!!!