Bomber’s Mother: America Took My Babies

Jan Morgan

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Just watched the mother of the two murderous bombers say on national television, “America took my baby’s from me”…

NO…. you foolish woman.. You can blame the loss of your sons on your fake god, allah, and the 109 verses in the koran that dictate hate and murder of all non muslims…. You can blame Islam and its 1400 year bloody trail through history…

The TRUTH, mam… is that muslims, like your evil, murderous sons, have killed over 270 million people over the past 14 hundred years….
Islamic terrorists, like your sons, have committed over 20 thousand deadly terror attacks since 9/11…
America has lost thousands of ‘sons’ to Islamic Terror.. They were innocent… Yours are not.

The only thing America did for your underserving sons was provide them with welfare checks and a free education while they plotted to kill innocent people.
You bragged in a text message over a month ago that your son was finally willing to die for allah….
He died alright…. a murderous coward… Your other son faces the same fate…
You should be happy… After all, isn’t dying for allah a muslims greatest honor?

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  • I find it funny how muslims always refer to Sura 5:32 in attempting to call Islam a religion of peace. I have read the Koran, Sura 5:32 was almost plagiarized out of the Torah and is a message meant for those of the Jewish Faith. Sura 5:33 is what the followers of Islam are to take heed to.

    • sherif Mohamed

      what is so funny about it???? you said you have read the Quran..is that true???

      because i doubt that .. didn’t you find any similarity in torah ,bible and Quran.???

      Islam is truly religion of peace its doesn’t say bomb or kill or even hurt Innocent people i wish i can ask these two murderers one thing before they burn in hell ..what those innocent people you killed done to you to deserve this ???what Islam gain from your criminal actions??? nothing but more hatred to Islam.

  • Now take yah dead son home and don’t come back. And oh, by the way ? Go to court and face the judge for stealing cloths from ” Lord-N-Taylor’s ” last year. The Camel Turd doesn’t fall far from the Parent now… does it ?

    • bob

      We will even rub his body with pork fat first

      • Proper ceremony would include taking a pork chop minced with his privates and stuffed down his throat. Then his right hand will be removed and with a quarn shoved up his rectum. Put in a bowing position with butt towards mecca with a large dog defecating on him. All done to the music of AC/DC

      • Aww, bob… you beat me to it!

    • USA forever

      and the best part is A) the young son was treated in a Jewish hospital.
      B) he will become someones Biotch

  • Bitch, Please!

  • Yea right lady…..your “babies” KILLED and MANGLED people…and one killed was a young child. If your bratts had stayed away and not became MURDERERS….NONE of this would’ve happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to your country with your “baby’s” body and DON’T COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • George

      I agree with most of this. However, we should wait until the other one dies also. Don’t let them take the boys home to become hero’s of allah. when both are dead, throw them in the pig pen and let the bacon makers eat them. I want nothing of their sorry asses left on this earth. Of course, momma has to stand there and watch the whole process before her ass shipped out of this country never to return. We will have to put a hold on all of their assets here and give it to the victims.

      • Make sure the pigs are all sows for we know how muslims feel about females, after the sows have devoured their slimy bodies. Slaughter the sows and bury their remains 10 feet down in the Bonneville salt flats where they can lay together for the next 10,000 years.

    • freebirds

      At least she can have the peace of mind knowing that her boys were good Muslims.
      A good Christian follows Gods word closely. We don’t add to it or take away from it. So that must mean that a good Muslim follows Allah’s word closely. So good for us there are not more good Muslims or we would be seeing far more slaughters here.
      So when people say “well there are good Muslims so we shouldn’t put a label on em all” this frankly scares me. A good Muslim is loyal to his Koran and follows it. I got no use for any of em.

      • So does that mean all “good Christians” follow the Bible completely? So since the Bible says that homosexuals and adulterers should be put to death, then that must be what all Christians believe, right?

        • Ronnie – When you study the Bible, you find that it is really a collection of 66 books. The first group is what is called the Old Testament. It contains all the old Mosaic laws which were enforced by the Jews of the day. What was physical death in the OT is now spiritual death in the New Testament. Spiritual death is separation from God. If you or I live in sin, say committing adultery, we lose the relationship with God that is close and personal. Our hearts harden and we deceive ourselves by trying to minimize the sin. Also, nobody is a “Good Christian” because we all still sin and fall short of the glory of God. It is a daily struggle to be free from sin for all those who have trusted Christ as their savior. Yes, the OT was full of God’s wrath against sinners but it was also a foreshadow of the time when Jesus would be the perfect sacrifice for all of us, including you and everyone else who ever drew a breath on Earth. It’s a free gift, this salvation. Only our stubborn hearts keep everyone from accepting it. Think about it. It is a life and death decision for us all. Choose wisely, my friend.

  • Julia

    These hateful words are very disappointing to me. Slandering this mother because she is grieving for her sons is not the appropriate action. She is not the person to accuse for the Boston bombings. It is this bombers that are solely responsible for their own actions. It is so unfortunate that people feel the need to blame the actions of individuals on their parents. What kind of precedent does that set? Society also raises children and creating a more slanderous and hateful society does not create more respectful and responsible children. We raise others’ children as much as their own parents do. If we are blaming broad groups of people, we should blame all of us. Any person who has interacted with anyone has played some role in developing and raising that individual. Therefore, if we are to blame Muslims as a whole and this mother for the actions of her sons, we should also blame society as a whole because we have also raised her sons.

    • George Tocci

      Hey Julia, wake up and smell the roses and stop defending mommy and her slimy sons. She should collect her sons body and go home and stay there

      • It is the CULT-ure of Islam, and those ISLAMIC terrorists are blissful martyrs for their cause in the name of their pedophilic, rapist, thieving, murdering, marauding, lying slaver they all love to use as inspriation to kill all of kaffirs, apostates of Islam and any who ridicule their hateful propoganda! That BITCH needs to keep her proud Sunni Salafi ass where she is!!!!!

    • Skipper

      Actually, the mother killed her own son when she raised him a Muslim.

      • granny


    • Coco

      Julia, please do not feel sorry for her. I know your a mom , I am a mom too. but this is some serious bad evil stuff here.

    • Karthurpendragon

      Julia In the Judeo Christian Faith which Islam Cherry picks and uses for honor killings of their children states “Honor thy Father and Mother” Why? Because the Mother and Father teach the children…Teach them the skills of work, the tenents of Faith, How to take care of their Spouse and Children..This Mothfeer did so and validates it in her text message of the oldest Son being the Leader, is ready to give his life for “Allah” She taught them the hate and they took that hate and acted on it…Those who are not muslims fail to understand what the Quran says…It says to kill ALL non Belivers and it also says it is ok to LIE to those non believers and act as a friend but never take a non believer as a friend as long as it furthers thework of Islam in establishing a Caliphate yet the liberals and the PC police say to be tolorant and call Islam a Religion of Peace ignoring the Sharia Law required by Islam to be a muslim which requires killing of infidels beating your wife and allowing for rape. Study the Quran Here is just part of the Sharia Beliefs and Islam Law

      “They say, ‘Accept the Jewish or the Christian
      faith and you shall be rightly guided.’ Say, ‘By no means! We believe in the
      faith of Abraham, the upright one. He was no idolater.'” (Surah

      “The only true faith in God’s
      sight is Islam.” (Surah 3:19)

      “Say, ‘Obey Allah and the
      apostle.’ If they give no heed, then truly, Allah does not love the
      unbelievers.” (Surah 3:29)

      “If you fear that you cannot
      treat orphans with fairness, then you may marry other women that seem good to
      you: two, three or four of them.” (Surah 4:1)

      “Try as you may, you cannot
      treat all your wives impartially.” (Surah 4:3)

      “Men take authority over
      women… As for those who are disobedient, admonish them and send them to beds
      apart and beat them.” (Surah 4:34)

      “Believers, do not approach
      your prayers when you are drunk, but wait till you can grasp the meaning of your
      words…” (Surah 4:43)

      “Will they not ponder on the
      Koran? if it had not come from God, they could have surely found in it many
      contradictions.” (Surah 4:82)

      “Seek out your enemies
      relentlessly.” (Surah 4:104)

      “They denied the truth and
      uttered a monstrous falsehood against Mary. they declared: ‘We have put to death
      the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of God.’ they did not kill him,
      nor did they crucify him, but they thought they did…they did not slay him for
      certain. God lifted him up to him…” (Surah 4:157-158)

      “The Jews and Christians say:
      ‘We are the children of God and His loved ones.’ Say: ‘Why then does He punish
      you for your sins?” (Surah 5:18)

      “Believers, take neither Jews
      nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

      “Unbelievers are those who
      say: ‘God is one of three.’ There is but one God. If they do not desist from so
      saying, those of them that disbelieve shall be sternly punished.”
      (Surah 5:73)

      “The God will say: ‘Jesus,
      son of Mary, did you ever say to mankind ‘Worship me and my mother as gods
      besides God?’ ‘Glory to You, ‘he will answer, ‘how could I ever say that to
      which I have no right?” (Surah 5:116)

      “If you fear treachery from
      any of your allies, you may fairly retaliate by breaking off your treaty with
      them.” (Surah 9:12)

      “Fight against such as those
      to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]…until they pay tribute
      out of hand and are utterly subdued.” (Surah 9:29)

      “The Christians say: The
      Christ is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate
      the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them.”
      (Sura 9:30)

      “Prophet make war on the
      unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be
      their home.” (Surah 9:73)

      “And say: All praise is due
      to Allah, WHO HAS NOT TAKEN A SON and WHO HAS NOT A PARTNER in the
      kingdom.”(Sura 17.111)

      “Muhammad is God’s apostle.
      Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one
      another.” (Surah 48:29)

      “The Day of Resurrection will
      not arrive until the Moslems make war against the Jews and kill them, and until
      a Jew hiding behind a rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: ‘Oh Moslem,
      oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'”
      (Sahih Bukhari 004.52.176)

    • Shane

      The mother trained her children to become fundamentalist Muslims and the Boston Jihad attacks are the result of her fanaticism.

    • Weren’t they already grown when they came to America?

      • Besides, her other son drove over his brother’s body and killed him. Isn’t that what Muslim’s do? Kill each other In the name of Allah!

    • Let me take a wild guess here Julia, you are thinking the surviving bomber is suffering from a host of problems generated by his influential older brother.

      Another wild guess here is that you believe, just like the Shamestream media that our children are not ours to raise but society is.

      People who think like that will get what they want, total government control. Go to Korea if you want that!

    • She bore them and raised them to hate. Society does not raise children parents do. In this case the parents believed in a vile, barbaric way of life promoted by a religion of hate.

      • Wumingren

        Actually, Muslim society is as much responsible for its terrorists as the parents are. That’s what you get with a theocracy. And, to the lib-trolls, no, Christians do not want to create a Christian theocracy in America.

    • Horse shite!

    • speedy7201

      You MUST have missed the part where she was happy that her son had finally chosen to Die for Allah.

    • Julia, wake the heck up! She encouraged them to become terrorists. She, only a month ago, wrote a text message expressing great pride that her son was ready to die for allah. What the heck do you think that means?????? Furthermore, she is blaming the entire country of America for “taking her babies”. Get a frickin’ clue. Educate yourself on the irrational ideology that she subscribes to before defending her. She is far from innocent.

    • Huntrkillr

      Youre part of the problem. Their parents ARE the cause of this. They raised them to hate. This is only the result of their upbringing.

    • paintinc56

      Children are not born terrorists, mommy is a P O S, jihadist mu slim crack. She BRAGGED that her son was ready to give his life for allah. Too bad the cowardly crack didn’t sacrifice HER sorry a s s for her mu slim cult.

    • paintinc56

      BTW, BRAIN DEAD CRACK, I DID NOT RAISE HER SONS, nor did you, SHE did. It was HER influence that got them involved in mu slim jihad.
      Crawl back to your hole, you are obviously too STUPID to live.

      • Your intellectual superiority is clearly illustrated by your masterful grasp of English grammar.

    • James Maxwell

      Julia you speak as a person raised in America who has not been exposed to
      the mindset of those raised in the Islamic beliefs system. It is totally different
      than any thing you can imigine or would want to accept in your own life. To
      them life does not have the same value as we want for our children. They are
      raised in a very harsh and unforgiving society where women can be killed by
      a male member for violating the familys honor? If you were raised in a
      Christian home you were taught to honor thy mother and father, but by the
      same token parents have to earn that honor and teach you right from wrong.
      Being a parent in todays society is a hard task because of outside influences
      that we see on TV, Radio and Movies. We have so called “entaintainers” who
      make whores look respectable by thier dress and actions in public. I do not
      feel any responsibility for how here monsters turned out but I do blame the
      fanatics she and her family followed and were influenced by.

    • The comments on this totally prove the point made here. Look at the internet in general and tell me it’s not a breeding ground for people to take such violent and angry rhetoric to be enacted. I’m a freaking pacifist, but frankly I’d punch a few of you in the face for how you’re reacting here. You probably need it.

      To the people who think they actually know anything about Muslim theology or Sharia, you can’t just “cherry pick” from the Quran and assume that its mandated law for all Muslims. There are various aspects to sharia, including Hadith as well as interpretation from the schools of Islam. Muslim’s apply their faith quite differently across the board… it sounds like a few of you here may be “Christians” but very few of you are speaking the “truth in love” as Paul writes. You’d also argue that the Old Testament law is superseded by the New Testament’s New Covenant. This all require a general knowledge of Christian theology beyond just what verses you can pick out that sound violent. Atheists make arguments against Christians based on cherry picked arguments rather than any substantive engagement with theology. You can’t do the same thing to Muslims then get angry at atheists for doing the same thing you do.

      How many of you have children who turned out the way you wanted? We have individual autonomy as people. Our justice system is based upon righting the wrongs you’ve committed. The mother committed no crime. Her sons did. Luckily we are able to prosecute one of them. The other, as you all would say, got what he deserved. Frankly, we all deserve that same death as he did, but luckily Grace prevails. Unfortunately most of you are only willing to give grace when its before a meal or at church on Sundays. Maybe that’s the real problem with America. We’re so busy pointing out the speck in our brother’s eye that we can’t see the plank in our own.

  • Screw your kids, they were murderers, like all muslims.

    • All muslims are murderers? I don’t know what depresses me more, your idiotic statement or the fact that you got over 20 “up” votes for it.

      • Julia

        Ronnie, the 20 up is definitely depressing.

        • Julia lets hope some govt. “bots” are at work doing propaganda here. Nevertheless, never be discouraged because the reality is that despite the stupidity some people can still be woken up. They are conditioned, in a trance, lied to 24/7. Full of pride and convictions but totally clueless to how the world really works. They want to hang supects without trial at Gitmo? They will suffer the fate of the Germans who followed the Third Reich.

      • Indeed. The fools are rallying like trained monkeys while the obvious FBI connections are flashed before them. If my beloved nation’s people are so quick to believe their murderous government so easily… I guess Muslims are scarier and easier to engage in the Two Minutes Hate with. But Muslims didn’t write the Patriot Act. And Bin Laden was CIA

    • sherif Mohamed

      Shawn..i’m Muslim and i hate terrorism just like you all do,terrorism has no religion ,it doesn’t mean two murderers who happened to be Muslims bombed Innocent people that all Muslims are murderers i’m not defending them or their mother and i believe so much they will not find heaven awaiting for them when they stand between God’s hand they will be in hell that for sure,i also find their mother somehow guilty because she raised them and she should have taught them what is right from wrong ,but in every country in every religion accidents like these happens and i learned one important thing in my life never judge people because they can be better than me.

      • E Pluribus Unim

        The problem is that if a Muslim follows the teachings of their false god, allah, they WILL try to kill ALL so-called “infidels” (everyone but them). To me, then, if someone says they are a “good” muslim, their goal is to kill me and all like me. No thanks, get rid of ALL the ragheads.

  • George Tocci

    Don’t worry Dick, soon all the Dolli Llamas in this country will be sympathizing with Mommy….George

    • A hamburger and road map to Siberia and some nice warm cyanide soup

  • easternnc

    America did nothing to your sons but your sons done a lot to America. Now please stay in your own country. No sympathy from me because I feel that your son got what he deserves just to bad they both didn’t die.

  • Mel

    Go hang yourself with your scarf bitch

  • greg

    Boston bomb suspects very own mother says on CNN that she saw her oldest son being put into a police car naked!! SO DID WE BUT CNN STOPPED PLAYING THAT CLIP!!
    Ain’t this the same brother that the police n FBI are trying to lie to us about how the younger brother ran him over?? Lying fkin pigs n P.O.S. at the FBI…
    NOW…Bloomberg is on CNN saying that New York was the real target…I don’t think we will be believing much of these peoples lies anymore!! Lies Lies Lies….using CNN TO REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT THE SCARE TACTICS…MY FAT Ace….any yet there is so many people that want to believe this corrupted government who has inspired the hatred of Muslims while lying to “We the American people”!! So why is there so many people hating Muslims while claiming to be American and acting all patriotic? Maybe because they are misled fools and have this hatred in them to begin with because good common sense Christians don’t hate on other people or religions as for the Bible tells us this is not right, especially when not using any common sense!!

    • Delusional much.Lie much.greg?

    • paintinc56

      Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere? Why don’t you go join this crack in Russia or better yet toddle off to Iran, I am sure all those peaceful mu slims will take care of you.

  • The CULT-ure of Islam is responsibile, not just for the mujahideen that your terrorist offspring were a part of, but for the millions that have either died, been persecuted, tortured, oppressed and massacred by that patheticly brainwashed horde of you following that terrorist,
    murderer, sadist, rapist, pedophile, slaver, robber, extortionist,
    control-freak, liar and charlatan you know as muhammad.

  • kurt knight

    Stop teaching your kids to blow up or destroy things like they do in your country… That simple. – More needs to be said, but I have to speak slowly to uneducated terrorists. I will deliver another comment to the mama tomorrow after she absorbs this one first…..

  • loretta

    What did your sons do? It wasn’t spreading love. They got what they gave. Their plans were to hurt even more people. I find it hard to feel anything other than disgust for her and her family.

  • johnkuepublique

    Wait, let me get this straight. We’re supposed to have pity on this woman for “America taking her babies”? Hmmmm…let’s see, gave them the freedom to get an education, gave them the opportunity to live in the greatest nation in the world, gave them government subsidies to live here. And now she’s pissed at us for for taking her 26 and 19 year old sons?

    First off, they ain’t babies. Secondly, it’s becoming very clear that they were here for one reason and it wasn’t gaining a college education and assimilating into the United States as proud citizens. Why not meet this bitch at the airport with a bag of ashes and put her ass back on the next flight out?

    Geeeee….the lib-errorists will have a field-day with this news. We should be kind to her, we should not call her sons terrorists and all the other lib-tard garbage that they spew.

    Yeah, bitch…we took your babies. We didn’t like one, so we killed it and are sending it home with you. Sit tight, in about 30 years after the libs drag this indefinitly thru the courts, you might be able to come pick up the other one in a paper bag, as well. With any luck, his Steel-Bar Hotel roomie may help get him to you a bit earlier. I spit on your son’s grave….and yours.

    • NoTyme4BS

      well said John!! I agree.

    • speedy7201

      John, what are you talkin about, Obama will invite her to the White House to apologize instead of kicking her sorry azz out. He”ll probably let her sleep in the Lincoln bedroom at that. Sad part is, they would have to throw the bed out after that.

    • tenn2113

      well how about sending the son’s ashes back in the scrotum of a pig. untanned
      come back and we just wrap you in the same.

    • Aww, johnkue… you beat me to it!

    • Did anyone notice with all that “weaping” and wailing from mama, there wasn’t a tear to be seen? Not one! I did.

  • Shane

    Jihad took her sons. Muhammad would be proud of her boys for striking terror into the hears of the infidels in Boston.

    • sherif Mohamed

      who told you Muhammad would be proud of her boys,Muhammad you are talking about said a woman thrown in hell because she locked up her cat she didn’t feed her or let her out to go for food, Muhammad said “never frighten or scare anyone even if you are joking with him”, Muhammad was siting when a funeral of Jewish man passed by him he stood up to show respect his followers said “but hes Jewish !!” he said no he is a soul, Muhammad didn’t say bomb or kill innocent people,no one would be proud of these murderers who are a bad example for Islam.

  • James Maxwell

    Is that why she was arrested for shoplifting rather than go back home with her bottom
    feeding scum. Wonder how they would have been treated in Checnya? No welfare
    and under muslim law shoplifting is a very harsh punishment. But since even the
    members of the mosquie they attended ocassionally didn’t like them I have the
    feeling they would have both been used a cannot fodder very quickly.

    • Wumingren

      Yes, very harshly. They chop off the right hand of a thief, because the left hand is for wiping one’s private parts (they didn’t have leaves or paper, but sand and rocks with which to wipe around the rim). When eating, Muslims sit around a pot of food, into which each person dips his right fingers to grasp a lump of whatever. The right hand cannot be used for eating (for reasons stated), and so, chopping it off essentially banishes a person from the community.

      • James Maxwell

        I actually saw that done when I was in Turkey in 1964 over in Istanbul.
        They caught a thief who tried to steal some gold form the market place
        and he was punished there before they hauled him off to jail. As an
        American I must admit I was shocked and did not understand what I
        had seen until I got back to the base and was talking to some of the
        workers on the base. They took the time to explain parts of their
        religion, legal system and some of the punishments that were delt out.
        That was the only instance that I personally saw happen over two
        tours there. But overall I found the Turkish people, at that time, very
        warm and friendly people.

  • She needs to get her head out of where the sun don’t shine, Allah Satan and his religion of peace took her babies, along with obozo clown-in-chief, his wife who is a thief and get one raft, a big one and send each and everyone of these false god worshipping people back to the 7th century.

  • sha49tn

    How does she feel about the younger son running over, & killing, the older brother?

  • Guest

    She should go join her son in the name of Allah!

  • bdcorvette

    Muslim weenie wench.

  • jb80538

    You could have kept your terrorist thug kids in Russia! In fact…you should have!

  • dufus

    Haven’t we had enough of these scum bags telling us what we can or cannot do?
    We need to put a pig in with him and send him back.

    • Dr. Evil

      Nah, just a side of bacon.

    • No sweet, little, innocent pig deserves to be anywhere near that murdeous, psycho scumbag.

  • This was all a government hoax. Your kids are back in the old country waiting for you. Don’t you feel stupid withall this whinning.

  • She should go join her dead son in the name of Allah!

    • Wumingren

      Don’t giver her any ideas. She’d be out buying dozens of pressure cookers.

  • AmericanWarrior USMC (Ret)

    With God, forgiveness is always possible even for people like you. Unfortunately for you and your murderous sons, only one has the opprotunity for forgiveness now. No, America did not take you “babies,” your false god allah took your baby and America will take your other baby. You will find out what it is like to look up from the burning fires of hell and see Heaven, but there will be nothing but torment for you and those like you. I will mourn you and your “babies” as I have mourned the Americans your “babies” killed and maimed, but when I reach Heaven, my mourning will be over, but your torment will continue. I’m very sorry for people like you and your “babies!”

    Semper Fidelis

    • It’s God’s job to judge the terrorists… It’s our mission to arrange the meeting! Semper Fi!

  • Terry C

    If you had raised your sons properly, one wouldn’t be dead (run over by his own brother) and the other wouldn’t be facing the death penalty. They would not lhave been out there shooting at police officers and throwing pipe bombs at them. If your parents had raised you right, there would not be a felony warrant out for hyou for stealing. If this had happened in your country, they would have cut your hand off.

  • It is time we clamped down on Muslims. A liberal TV host hit the nail on the head. Stop issuing visas to all requested from the middle east, especially student visas until the agencies responsible can get a handle on those already in the country. And also do the same to China. We educate them and then they go home and hack us. It is time we learned who our enemies are, including the one in the WH.

    • I agree with you Bob. But the problem is, immigration laws and enforcement of those laws has never been our strong point.

  • trvlguy

    America did not take your heartless, ruthless, coward, brain washed children. Take your muslim ass back to your country along with your monster son and never step on American soil again. Good bye and good ridence.

    • and take obummer with you

      • granny

        I love that thought.

      • Michigan_REB

        And h8is WOOKIE wife too.

  • I blame the FBI,and our criminal gov’t for allowing this to happen or their participation in another false flag that went bad,the FBI has been involved in about 17 in the last few years,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LDw7ppLK7w&feature=youtu.be

    • Delusional much……Lie much…….. Steve?

  • Nadine

    Didn’t her son RUN over his BROTHER! I just love how AMERICA is blamed for everything while they sure had THEIR hands out! She’s being told what to say & is looking for sympathy! These people have NO conscience & are mentally disturbed! I wanna know who’s behind all this!!! It wasn’t just these two kids….DUH!

    • Muslim Brotherhood

      • Nadine

        I agree with you…and it sure looks like BO will do anything to protect the Muslims…the HELL with Americans! This guy is really pushing the envelope!!

    • we have no idea who ran over who. the govt will tell you these suspects ate babies. would you believe that too? Who has been caught lying to you a trillion times? Who promised they’d find WMDs in Iraq and Bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2001. Who is lying about the DHS massive ammo buys. Who lied about Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC bombing, 9/11? Was Lee Harvey Oswald guilty too? The answer is no, of course. He was CIA

      • Nadine

        I agree with you that this is all bigger than any of us can imagine! They will tell the public what they want & screw us! I cry in disgust for our true Patriots & Americans who truly love this country! I pray there is a way to restore order!

        • Indeed, we need to speak the truth loudly but strategically and respectfully as possible against the raging propaganda. And pray as well, I agree Nadine. This may be big but so is the sleeping giant that is humanity. We’ve been drugged and hypnotized into a trance that is now breaking. The state can no longer fool all the people all the time.

          • I must clarify: not the state, but the shadow government. The Insiders, as Gary Allen called them in his 1971 book None Dare Call it Conspiracy. Don’t fret Nadine, just keep speaking truth and compassion against the Machine. It is not invincible.

  • Talut

    This story is about hate, a total disregard for religious
    freedom, and an attack on African-Americans who choose to accept Al-Islam as
    their religion. To make these ugly
    statements about Al-Islam, in America, is a charge that doesn’t carry any
    weight. African-Americans are the primary
    converts to Al-Islam; the status quo has never liked that idea. The truth is: we’ve the right to convert to
    whatever religion we like, especially today, and having an opportunity to visit
    other religions. Since our feet touch the
    American soil millions of our people have died and were abused first in slavery
    and now during our so-called freedom.
    Christians and those who “profess” the glory of Christ are totally responsible. How could a Christian make these charges
    about another faith when her hands are clean?
    Maybe, that’s the real problem being a Caucasian “professing” the love
    of Christ. Jesus Christ would’ve never
    done what these people are doing in his name.
    In fact, the ugly things that were done to African-Americans in the past
    and now aren’t about Christianity, it’s about the evil mentalities of those who
    are outside of the religion, but hijacked it.
    After centuries of oppression at the hands of Christians, we are able to
    decide. Since our people were murdered
    and abused under a, false, banner of the church, Christianity has been the only
    religion that we’ve really known. Even
    as African-Americans convert to Al-Islam they are, in most cases, more Christian
    than Muslim.

    • What does this have to do with the Boston bombings? Why are you playing the fecking race card here? With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom of religion does NOT mean put bombs in rubbish bins and kill and maim people running in a race. Some were running for charity and for the joy of accomplishing something they worked their arse off for. Take your race baiting and shove it! You dont speak for all African-Americans, and you damn sure do NOT speak for this Canadian of Black Welsh and Ukrainian ancestry. GTFO!

    • billygeturgun

      There is no such thing as an African-American! You are either African or American, you can’t be both. If this race exists, then I guess I must be a German-British-Scottish-American Indian-American. Now how stupid does that sound and how would it be if I demanded recognition as such? You either owe allegiance to Africa or America. And the vast, vast majority of blacks in America have never nor will they ever touch the shores of Africa. Why can’t we just be Americans? And we yearly have to endure all the celebration of Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Week but if we wanted to have Average Size White Boy Day, there would be riots in the streets. What about American Indian Smoke Signal Day? What have we become in the greatest nation on earth, now reduced to a divided nation because of the demands for recognition. What a waste of good time spent on dividing the country.

    • pikemaster1

      You can talk about HATE ??? What the F do you think the whole Muslin agenda is about ??? It’s HATE the Christians and kill as many of us as possible before you go to see allah the fake god. Well , Molon Labe and GOD Bless !!

  • Ron

    the bitch should stay home,we have no need for her in this country

  • Fake god allah…….you got that one, Jan!

    • Thehuntman222

      Allah is “god” there the same thing SMH

  • Icruz101

    So much hate these days. It’s a sad time for the world. A mother who blames an entire country for the death of one son and the inevitable death of the other while not fully realizing the responsibility she must accept as their parent. A country growing to hate an entire religion for its intolerance. Everyone with the belief in a one true god all the while starring into a mirror. We are all of this earth. If we can not learn to accept eachother then we are doomed to kill eachother.

    • billygeturgun

      Tell that to the muslims and to the democrats!

    • agbjr

      I prefer to subscribe to one of the best lines from 1942 …

      “Praise the lord and pass the ammunition and we’ll all stay free!”

  • Zepp


  • agbjr

    As a loyal and proud native-born Constitution-abiding United States Citizen who enjoys God-given personal freedom and inalienable rights protected by the Constitution of OUR Republic I must state here and now … woman, if I could I would grab tightly with my hands the ends of that scarf your wear and pull hard in opposing directions choking the breath out of you until you are dead. THAT is what I think of your miserable attempt for sympathy.

  • tenn2113

    after you spend time in jail for shoplifting (solitary confinement) i hope don’t let the door hit ya in your a$$ on the way out of my country ya raghead!!!

  • DWM

    too bad the other one didn’t die of lead poisoning too.

  • James Brown

    Correct me if I’ve missed something, the woman is a shop lifter, her sons are murdering thugs who injured and killed innocent people. Now it is Americas fault that her sons are dead. She should be dancing a jig in the town square, they died for “their” religion of Peace. What more can Americans do for her?

  • tenn2113

    Oh and watch this it explains everything http://vimeo.com/63749370

  • Savannah

    Evil lurks thru human kind…. This is your example..

  • Of course she is blaming America. No accountability from anybody in this world anymore. They want their jihad and no blame or recourse.

  • Cheryl Marshall

    That whole family needs to be investigated! Murderers, liars, and thieves.

  • Well said, Jan Morgan!
    What an unbelievably, absurdly irrational witch!

  • Godlovingpatriot

    What the Christian people of the world should be doing is praying for this woman and the remaining part of her family. Pray that each of them will find the love of Jesus Christ repent from their sin and sin no more. As Christ told his disciple Peter if one lives by the sword one will die by the sword as her one son has and her second son is very likely to once he is found guilty of the crimes he and his brother committed in Boston.

    America has not taken your babies mam your sons chose to live by the sword following a false doctrine and a false god called allah. The one and only true God Jehovah is a merciful God who will give you and your children forgiveness. You must simply turn from the wicked ways of a false doctrine and a false god called allah. Turn to the one true God named Jehovah and follow him right into a real Heaven were there will be no terrorism, no suffering, no tears, and no hatred. My prayers will be with you mam as well as what is left of your family.

  • No one in America told them to come over here. They should have stayed home and maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Easy to blame every body else for the evil kids you raised

  • Daniel Toole

    And she blames us for what her own son did…
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev died from being hit and dragged 40 feet by his own brother Dzhokhar. The Boston police commissioner has confirmed that the younger bombing suspect killed his own brother by running him over with an SUV while officers were trying to arrest him.

  • RW

    She can blame the loss of her sons on America if she wants but all of America blames the lose of an innocent 8 year old boy and others on her two sons, leave god out of this.

  • h


  • Does she understand how absurd she sounds with those words? Your babies killed themselves when they decided to kill innocent people. Not one single person that they killed ever hit the age of 30. Why should we feel bad that her son is dead and her other son will most likely get a death sentence? They came into this country to sponge off of our system and all the while they hated this country. I don’t feel one single bit bad for her “babies” and we won’t be seeing her in the states anytime soon, there is a warrant out for her arrest. Her shop lifting days are over in this country anyway.

  • Dave G

    Your babies drew first blood,,,,and well,,,the rest is history. Don’t blame the U.S. When people take it upon themselves to hurt and kill, that person has just made themselves a target. I am sorry you lost your son’s but it was their choices that took them from you.

  • Bob

    So does obama

  • Um ???? Muslims, Jews, and Christians all have the same “God”(this is the same religion just different facets of it) and the Christian trail of blood is 1700 yrs and included “Persians” before they were Islamic.

    • Thehuntman222

      Yes someone who understands

  • Robert Moulds

    Mrs Tsarnaev one of your sons died resisting arrest after he committed a terrorist act while the other is injured for resisting arrest. They idea of terrorism costed you your boys and brought shame to your family. If they had committed terrorism in Grozny would they not been seen by the Russians as terrorist. What do you expect if your boys cross an ocean and bomb a sporting event to be seen fighting for Chechnya or simply as terrorist.

  • junkmailbin

    A Muslim thinks it is right to kill kafirs.

  • granny

    Did you ever notice how muslims always want to blame another country for their jihadists family being killed. The jihadists kill & its perfectly alright, but let one of their dear ones get killed and its always the other countries fault. Just like BO…..its always someone elses fault & not his….his favorite….Bush did it.

  • gold star mom

    Well said Jan I pretty much said the same thing to my TV when she made that comment. I lost my son in Afghanistan 1/6/12. She made me so mad. Go back and don’t ever come to America again you would be doing us a favor

  • Guest

    really you mean our government is corrupt and setting people up? I couldn’t tell when they passed all of these unconstitutional Bills like The NDAA….

  • HuntrKillr

    What we need to do is capture some mooselimb terrorists. Line them up. Slaughter some pigs. Dip the bullets in their blood. Execute all but 1 with those bullets and let the last 1 watch. Dig a hole, mass grave, dump the pigs in, dump the terrorists bodies in, pour the blood on all the bodies and cover them up. Then let the last 1 go to tell of what happened at the hands of God fearing Americans. Then we wouldnt have to go to war, theyd quit.

  • Ellen Collins

    She probably thinks that she can cash in on this in some way… And you know what, with the bleeding hearts in this country who actually believe that Islam is a religion of peace, she just may succeed.

  • chann charlie

    get out of here and why should we accept you here, your kids are not innocent at all, they are terrorist plain and simple, if you need help to go home I am sure there are plenty Americans will she you off, ha ha ha.

  • What I see is a woman in denial, a mother grieving her children and unable to comprehend the reality of the situation. I think it’s unfortunate that the media has focused on her for the sake of ratings. They should understand the rage that will be focused on this woman when it should be on the actual culprits and the dangers of Islam. Not a grieving mother. That’s cold.

  • Get out of my country and take your son’s rotten stinking corpse with you. Muslims are not welcome here. We have enough trouble with the Crips and bloods.

  • Beadwindow

    Someone should rape her in a prison garage on a southern prison. Then doused in gas and set on fire.

  • Abby

    Why are we allowing these hateful beings into this country. Why not follow the Koran…an eye for an eye…behead her remaining son and drag him through the streets like the animal he is and publicly burn the body of the other. Enough of the “tolerance” that we are not shown. These people are criminals. Why are they being allowed entry to the US?

  • Yonner Leoni


  • Patriot

    A person of Muslim faith does not belong in America. They do not embrace or believe in what America stands for. They want to change America. It is past time for Americans to clearly state that they (muslims) are no longer welcome in America.

  • Jed54

    America took my babies… ? Your babies were adult terrorist pigs..

  • I worked all my life and it wasn’t to give welfare to Muslims who immigrate to this country to destroy it . I believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and I believe in heaven and hell . I hope your boys get a good drink before they depart this life. There ain’t no virgins waiting for them.
    I think the bigger question is why do we let these people in our country when they hate us and vowed to destroy us.
    Could it be a Muslim leader?

    • Thehuntman222

      Believing in heaven and hell is just as crazy as 72 virgins

  • This lady should not only be ashamed of her sons for what THEY did to US, but she should be ashamed of the surviving son because if he was worth a bag of butt-holes as a muslim, he would have died too. But now all she and her little pig of a son can look forward to is the justice that will be delivered to him through the fine upstanding inmates in a Federal Correctional Facility.

  • paintinc56

    Meanwhile the crack received “transitional” WELFARE benefits when coming to our country & regular welfare benefits for her brood after she settled in here. She also went on a shoplifting spree last year, doesn’t allah forbid STEALING? F U & the P O S politicians that kissed your A S S & let you INVADE OUR country simply because you are a P O S mu slim.

  • paintinc56

    Make no mistake WE, anyone who dares tell the TRUTH, will be labeled bigots, haters, racists, you name it, for speaking out against this crack & her TERRORIST spawn. Chris Matthews, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric & Brian Williams will explain how it is the Christians & right wing extremists that are the REAL terrorists & how poor mu slims are picked on & misunderstood. ObaMAO will join the lament, he & Matthews hinted that it was most likely right wingers that did the bombing right after it happened.
    Then of course we will hear the name Tim McVeigh mentioned upteen times, the lefts poster boy for right wing Christians even though McVeigh was a self avowed ATHEIST & remained one up until the moment of his execution. Not sure how being anti government makes you right wing either since whenever we have a Republican in office the radical left/ALL Democrats become VIOLENTLY anti government.

    • Julia

      You should spell in all caps and say “crack” more. It really helps get your point across.

  • wormhd883

    I agree with everyone this woman needs to take her kids body and go back where they belong , we will send the next one shorty …. But lets not for get who is also to blame , CIA, FBI, Washington was warned that at least the oldest brother was a terrorist , yet they let him come to America.. So i blame HER AND OUR GOVERNMENT for what happened in Boston…

  • Thehuntman222

    All you guys make me sick to my stomach. Yes they did wrong and messes up things but all you guys are just a bunch of racist republicans and most likely Christian yet Allah and god are the same thing and you guys aren’t acting very Christian saying to cover them in pigs blood and ex. Maybe it’s people like you who make these people do what they do and just because they have a different religion doesn’t mean you can disrespect that religion

    • Bryan

      Maybe people have let their emotions get the best of them and have said some rough things. “Maybe its people like you who make these people do what they do”. What? That is an unconscionable and absurd statement. “But all you guys are just a bunch of racist republicans..” thats just as stereotypical and closed minded.

      • thehuntman222

        but most likely true. most the people on here are probably republicans. and “Christians” only show hate to other religions especially Islam and atheists.

        • Bryan

          There are some intolerant christians out there but hating other religions is not in our charter like it is in islam.you must be a liberal seeing how you like to group people together so much.

          • thehuntman222

            im not when it comes to money and war but i am when it comes to human rights. and as a atheist i get looked different because i don’t believe in a “god”

  • No, we will not defile a corpse no matter what hes done. They may be worthless but we as a nation are better then that. Burn it and be done with it.

    Now if we an get a leader that has a backbone and wont kneel to the brotherhood

  • Blame the US for what Islam has done. That’s the way to do it. Taxpayers let him sit around on his sorry butt and collect welfare and yet it’s our fault his religion wants him to do such things. Yeah, Dems are probably a lot responsible for putting anti-American thoughts in his head, as well as the people that live in his neighborhood. But it was his religion that gave him the final ideas of doing what he did. Oh, I forgot that Islam is the peaceful religion that will leave you in several pieces for disagreeing with them on their religious ideas.

  • I wonder how long before Obama steps in and save him???

  • I knew the kids had been taught so-called American History out of Howard Zinn’s book, “The People’s History of America.”. Really the book should be called the Socialist Prisoners I hate America book. I didn’t realize their mom was a student of the same I hate America history class. But considering the kind of Public Schooling they got in Mass, It sadly doen’t surpise me that they hated the country that gave them all the free hand outs. Well actually not, they COULD have been angry that they had to vote for Libs to GET the hands outs……

  • Mrs.Capton Obvious

    Go JAN! My sentiments EXACTLY!

  • violater1

    Lets see you demented female dog (bitch)! How does it go your son is now getting his brains banged out bye 72-400 pound each female dog virgins! While rolling around in pig excrement laced with fermented honey!
    Get this the coroner cut his head off on the table and they found it to be identical to yours empty and devoid of brain matter!

  • Indeed they took her baby’s , the world’s top murder took her babies.
    You Will feel what they tell you too. Hollywood at its best.

  • The phrase “fake god” is redundant. All gods are fake, and at one time or another, all gods have been used by humans as an excuse to conquer and murder. Millions of people have also been killed in the name of christianity.

  • No tolerance for racism or discourteous behavior, huh? If that were true, 90% of the comments here would have been deleted already.

  • mrsgunnut10

    I’ve got news for this Female. We didn’t take your sons because we Don’t want this slimey kind of filth here in America. If you, and people like you, don’t like the United States of America, why in the hell do you come here?? I would guess you are here for Obama’s Freebie Programs. Once Obama is removed from office, the Freebie Programs will, in all likely hood, be cancelled and those Freebie Dollars returned to the People that actually earned them over the years.

  • DMA

    The writer of this article, as well as the ignorant commenters of it need to go educate themselves about their own religious values before speaking about any other religion in ignorance. There are crimes committed everywhere within all faiths and no matter what faith a person is, their death and loss is equally upsetting. Grow up, people, open your eyes wider, shut your ignorance up, and go get a life…

  • rhblommel

    Momma America did not take your babies, YOU sold them to Islam!

  • horseridingplains

    What a [email protected]#@#- America gave her sons a basic free ride–and they thanked America by trying to kill a lot of people and then calmly walking away–I’m not sorry the [email protected]#hole is dead–if they believe in terrorism against us- I wish the same toward all–and the woman helped to teach her sons to hate–not sorry for her either.

  • Just like the LEFT when it comes to the SLAUGHTER of the UNBORN and defenseless, RADICAL ISLAM has so much INNOCENT BLOOD on their hands that they could go swimming in it!!! 🙁

  • NO DOUBT, she will want to invite Obama to the funeral, so he can BLAME AMERICA right along with her…..and the same for that U.N. JERK who thinks that Boston DESERVED what they got!!! >:(

  • I hope that the prison where the surviving terrorist was taken cooks BACON and PORK SAUSAGE for breakfast everyday and that the smell stays in the air all day long!!! It will drive him up the wall, no doubt!! HA HA!!! GOOD!!!!

  • Joe Lettieri

    One of these days its going to be open season on muslims.Then and only than will we be rid of this koran inspired plague.This race of cockroaches must be exterminated before they. destroy this country.You dont destroy them by kissing their a$$ either bleeding hearts.

  • I agree!

  • AND you’re next you dumbazs muslim bitch….. Just shut up and crawl back in your hole and die…..

  • Darius the Mede

    The United States DID NOT take her so-called “precious babies” away from her. Her “babies” made the choice to engage in destructive behavior and attack the country that gave them an education, gave them Food Stamps and other benefits. They were and are responsible for their choices. We might say that their belief in their false god, allah, encouraged them to murder those who refused submission to their false beliefs. So, Ms Raghead, Look to yourself, your “precious babies” and your fake god for the reason one of your kids is dead andt he other is awaiting trial as a terrorist.

  • The Shredder

    She ended her statement by saying, “LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!”

  • junkmailbin

    to the bombers mom, hope your hubby is a good practicing moslem an beats your ass daily

  • Cinci Jew

    Human sacrifices did not go away, they only followed the original terrorist handbook called the Koran. This subhuman Muslim sow sacrificed her children to the so called allah and that’s what took her piglets away by scraming Jihad.

    What about the innocent people her piglets murdered and maimed?

    This is one of the worst examples of Islamic arrogance.

  • To those of you who believe this tyrannical government and can’t wait to hang the final suspect without trial: bless your heart, you poor fools. To those who doubt the FBI/DHS/CIA establishment that funded and directed Osama Bin Laden, congratulations, you’re waking up!