Boston Explosions

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

How many more attacks is it going to take to wake up this nation of people who are living in a politically correct stupor?

This incident has prompted me to change my speech plans today in Tuscaloosa Alabama.
I will still be there at the rally, 5 to 7 pm… speaking to the American people, but the tone of my speech and the topic just changed.

If you do not live in the area and cant make it to the rally, log in to www.janmorganmedia.com or the Tea Party Community Social Media Network and watch the live stream of the rally.

I will be the last speaker up… and….. rest assured, NOTHING I SAY WILL BE POLITICALLY CORRECT. – © JAN MORGAN

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  • CharlesLee

    Of course, at this point, you have precisely NO idea who did this, only speculation.

    • richcarro

      They also pass bills without reading them also. Explain that one professor no it all.

  • marineh2ominer

    It is irrelevant who did this , It happened because we have a weak cowardly president that could care less unless it interrupts his progressive agenda of destroying the REAL America and instituting his fascist communism .

  • Domino

    at this point what have we freedom speakers got to lose? Give ’em hell Jan! the 2nd amendment is about to be lost~tell ’em like it is & the rest be damned!!! God Bless you & yours & God Bless America again!

  • TruthBknown

    Don’t be surprised if they blame this on a right wing group
    or person (like a tea partier).

  • Don’t take your eye off this administration…they will use this attack as a diversion to pull away the attention of the American public to push through their gun agenda, and more…

    • Newhon63

      This is his 9/11, he criticized Bush all day long about The Twin Towers. Let’s see how he deals with this Boston attack.

      • richcarro

        REMEMBER, We were not bombed by terrorists when George W. Bush was President after 9/11. Let’s see how the left spins this. He also didn’t try to make our country a Socialist State and take our Constitution and use it as toilet paper.

      • vigilant

        maj. nidal hasan and the terrorist act that he committed at fort hood was obama’s first 9/11. this is his second. how many more will there be in the next 3 & 1/2 years?

    • Raymond

      On September 11, 2001, 2,749 people were murdered in cold
      blood by Obama’s fellow muslims.

      Obama admits that he’s a muslim………


      2,749 death certificates were filed relating to the WTC attacks, as of February 2005.

      13 people died after the disaster, from injuries received on September 11;
      three of these people died in Massachusetts, Missouri, and New Jersey, and the rest died in New York.

      Of the 2,749 people who died, 2,117 (77%) were males and 632 (23%) were females.

      1,588 (58%) were forensically identified from recovered physical remains.

      The median age for the victims was 39 years (range: 2-85 years); the median
      age was 38 years for females (range: 2-81 years) and 39 years for males (range: 3-85 years).
      Three people were aged under 5 years, and three were aged over 80 years.

      23 New York City Police Officers died on September 11th, 2001.

      People from 83 different countries died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

      The towers were struck by hijacked Boeing 767 jet planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175.

      A typical Boeing 767 is 180 feet (55 m) long and has a wingspan of 156 feet (48 m), with a capacity of up to 24,000 US gallons (91,000 l) of jet fuel.

      The planes hit the towers at very high speeds. Flight 11 was traveling roughly 490 mph (790 km/h) when it crashed into the 1 WTC, the north tower; flight 175 hit 2 WTC, the south tower, at about 590 mph (950 km/h).

      The resulting explosions in each tower ignited 10,000 gallons (c. 40,000 l) of jet fuel and immediately spread the fire to several different floors while consuming paper, furniture, carpeting, computers, books, walls, framing and other items in all the affected floors.

      The jet fuel probably burned out in less than 10 minutes; the contents of the buildings burned over the next hour or hour and a half, according to the lead investigator of the NIST investigation.

      Each of the WTC towers had 110 stories. Tower One (the North Tower, which featured a massive 360 foot high TV antenna added in 1978) stood 1,368 feet (417 m) high, and Tower Two (the South Tower, which contained the observation deck) was 1,362 feet (415 m) high. The length and breadth of the towers were 208 feet (63.4 m) x 208 feet (63.4 m). Although only Tower 1 featured an antenna, the structure of both buildings were designed to carry a broadcast mast.

      Of the 110 stories, eight were set aside for technical services (mechanical floors), in four two-floor areas evenly spread up the building. All the remaining floors were free for open-plan offices. Each tower had 3.8 million square feet (350,000 mª) of office space.

      The complex, located in the heart of New York City’s downtown financial district, contained 13.4 million square feet (1.24 million mª) of office space, almost four percent of Manhattan’s entire office inventory. During the 1990s some 500 companies, especially financial firms, had offices in the complex, including Morgan Stanley, Aon Corporation, Salomon Brothers, and the Port Authority itself.

      Each floor of the Twin Towers was approximately one acre in size.

      When the Towers collapsed they fell nearly ¼ of a mile to earth, and reached a speed of 120 miles per hour.

      American Airlines #77
      Boeing 757
      8:10 am departed Washington Dulles for Los Angeles
      9:39 am crashed into the Pentagon

      1) Khalid Al-Midhar – Muslim.

      2) Majed Moqed – Muslim.

      3) Nawaq Alhamzi – Muslim.

      4) Salem Alhamzi – Muslim.

      5) Hani Hanjour – Muslim.

      American Airlines #1 – 1Boeing 767
      7:45 am departed Boston for Los Angeles
      8:45 am crashed into North Tower of the World Trade Center

      1) Satam Al Suqami – Muslim.

      2) Waleed M. Alshehri – Muslim.

      3) Wail Alshehri – Muslim.

      4) Mohamed Atta – Muslim.

      5) Abdulaziz Alomari – Muslim.

      United Airlines #175 – Boeing 767
      7:58 am departed Boston for Los Angeles
      9:05 am crashed into South Tower of the World Trade Center

      1) Marwan Al-Shehhi – Muslim.

      2) Fayez Ahmed – Muslim.

      3) Ahmed Alghamdi – Muslim.

      4) Hamza Alghamdi – Muslim.

      5) Mohald Alshehri – Muslim.

      United Airlines #93 – Boeing 757
      8:01 am departed Newark, New Jersey, for San Francisco
      10:10 am crashed in Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania

      1) Saeed Alghamdi – Muslim.

      2) Ahmed Alhaznawi – Muslim.

      3) Ahmed Alnami – Muslim.

      4) Ziad Jarrahi – Muslim.

    • HongryHawg

      I hate to think it, but after Benghazi, I wouldn’t put this past the communists running this country to pull this off for their own evil agendas.

  • Zepp

    Obama will find some way to blame this on gun owners and law abiding citizens and you can bet if this is a terrorist attack by a Muslim it won’t be called a terrorist attack.


  • Bill1966

    Take a LOOK at the videos! Just WATCH how the emergency personnel are acting. Emergency personnel are trained to rush in, not just stand there. Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy person but this just looks wrong.

    • celticwaryor

      It appears that you know nothing about how emergency personnel respond. The very first rule, is SCENE SAFETY. If they are standing around, it’s because no one has secured the scene.
      From an EMT/Firefighter

  • manfromthemountain

    Give them heck!! We are behind you Jan!!!

  • Newhon63

    They will blame it on a right wing group. They will do anything to shift blame off their party or King Obama. Where are the calls for impeachment from the masses? Where is the call for accountability for both the diplomats that were killed in two separate parts of the world? Where is the attention, enforcement and outrage at the flagrant deregarding of our Constitution? Is it people asleep or are they feeling there is nothing they say will have any effect? I feel like our Congress members have not a care in the world what we think, on either side of the aisle.

  • Lorraine E

    I wonder if they (Big Brother) are going to blame Christians for the explosions. Maybe they can come up with some Christian patsies. Also I wonder if Nero is getting the lions together for Christian terrorists?!?!!! It happened before. I’ll bet the lame stream media loves our new label. Remember PC doesn’t really stand for politically correct, it means pure

  • K

    “Boston Explosions” are just more BS by the U.S. Government agencies to get the Sheeple behind Gun Control. I don’t believe anything coming from the Government But, I do believe the Explosions were NOT by Terrorists unless we have to start being politically correct in saying that the U.S. Government is the Terrorists of the American Citizens.

    I also have no doubt, this “Boston Explosions” were the work of the U.S. Government because, their UnContitutional/Illegal Gun Control isn’t going their way or fast enough.
    AND, it doesn’t matter what the Government considers a law, if it’s UnContitutional, infringes on our 2nd Amendment Rights, it’s Illegal, null and void and “ANYONE” that complies with any of the UnContitutional laws is violating all the other American Citizens rights by aiding the Government in their Illegal Criminal activity!

    • I said that EXACT SAME THING to my Gran just a few hours ago!

    • Steve j

      I was expecting something more along the lines of another mass shooting.
      Interest in gun control is waning. Time to re ignite the passion of the sheep with another slaughter of children.

  • Ross Fortificacion

    What would happen if there were boom boom in Mosques at prayer time across the country? The FBI is protecting these people and not the American people.


    What were the 1st and 2nd things that you thought when you heard of the Marathon bombings news was seen?
    Oh, you too.
    Big sue-prise.
    I sure hope its not what we think it is…again.
    Now the job of the media is to call this “sports place violence” or find some demon to blame.
    I hope the OzBama-ites change their attitude after this…
    following the Hassan mass murder soft pedaling baloney.
    Will OzBama-ites stop student visas from cult-run nations?
    Will OzBama-ites come to earth as far as who are the real intolerant haters?
    Will OzBama-ites accept the fact the world mission of the cult is to kill as many Americans as they can and this is only the first of dozens of these terror attacks?
    They mean what they say…they are serious about murdering.
    The only research of mosque preachings indicated 80% of the cult mosques were spewing forth the same ole cult hate as thinking people knew about overseas! Wake up OzBama!

  • cz777

    its the agenda given to the socialist/progressive ways and means !

  • I heard the bomber was and anti-gun anti-fracking left wing environmentalist extremist.They were supposed to point both pressure cookers toward the street but had never cooked with gas so they did not know which way was up.

  • JDH

    Have you stopped to think about how much this incident in Boston has disrupted the US economy? It is bad enough that it gave us 150+paraplegics to care for, but these two little weasles have essentially closed down the entire Boston area for several days. Whoever ran these guys(even if not recently)knew how to make them create the maximum amount of disruption to our economy for the least cost. This scenrio was not orchestrated by beginners.