Eric Holder: Citizenship for Illegals “A Civil Right”

During a April 24th speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Attorney General Eric Holder said that creating a “pathway to earned citizenship” was a “civil right.”

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  • yennikcm

    POS Coward..Commie..semi-cracker

    • There is no way that Holder is even a semi cracker. You must be insane.

  • The mere fact that they are ILLEGALS negates any civil rights in this country -you friggin idiot HOLDER!!!!!

    • wabender

      Right on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The level of willful disregard for our laws is staggering coming from our own government.
    A criminal act is ONLY criminal IF it is done by an American citizen. Please lord help us take our country back from these traitorous vermin.

  • Kevin Stone

    Citizenship for foreign immigrants cannot, by definition, be a right, or else borders would be unlawful and there could be no immigration law. We do in fact have borders and we do in fact have immigration laws, so these illegal immigrants who receive amnesty would in fact be receiving the special privilege of immunity from existing law. Privileges are not rights and vice versa. I believe that the intentional misuse and abuse of the term rights is meant less to expand the status of special privileges than it is to make meaningless the concept of rights.

    • “Just Sayin”

      We have laws, We have a Constitution that has been structured since our founding fathers described them in the Constituttion. Pres. Reagan who I admire tried giving amnesty and what happened was just admission to another 30 million illegas not 11million. Our borders were never secured, thes people come here and break the law and are here ILLEGALLY and if Holder is condoning this illegal act and the devasation it has racked on America, then Who….Who do we have to protect the sanctity of our Immigration laws? Our Countryt?

      “Just Sayin”
      “To respect and protect”

  • TexRancher

    Clearly AG holder is acting as an unregistered foreign agent! He should be canned RIGHT NOW! Where’s our corrupt, gutlees Congress! They should already taken a Tire Iron from Sears to his knees for this comment!

    • mh snider


  • Someone explain to this yo-yo that you have to be a citizen to HAVE RIGHTS in this country..Yes, you are covered with the legal process but illegals are just that, illegal and have no constitutionally guaranteed rights because they are criminals!

  • Daddy Hawg

    They already have a citizenship in their own country. If they want to be a citizen in my country then follow the laws or go home!

    • dufus

      Absolutely Daddy. What in the hell is happening to the people of this country? How stupid can we be?

      • It is NOT We, the People, it’s the politicansThat allow the INVADERS in. they are the ons betraying the USA.

        • dtk1952

          But, Arnold88 is right. The majority voted the Clown Circus back in knowing that he was pro-illegal, ant-gun and anti-American.

          • Uh, not true. The majority did not re-elect him, massive vote fraud combined with destroying or just plain “misplacing” overseas military votes did. This clown would have been lucky to get 50% of the popular vote. Duplicate votes, dead person votes and uncounted votes got him back in again.

      • arnold88

        Apparently really stupid considering who has re-elected POTUS and the jackass he re-instated to head up the DOJ.
        As a point of clarification it is WE, THE PEOPLE; as WE, THE PEOPLE are the guilty parties for returning these politicians to office. Nothing will change so long as WE, THE PEOPLE don’t hold our elected officials accountable, and remove their sorry butts when they fail to represent WE, THE PEOPLE.
        WE, THE PEOPLE will profit more by flooding the Politician’s email with these sentiments from WE, THE PEOPLE; and stop acting like WE, THE SHEEPLE.

      • HadEnuf

        How stupid, stupid as sh^t! The Muslim-Marxist and his henchman E. Hold(card)er both should be impeached for treason and given the death penalty as they both have murder on their hands – Fast & Furious and Benghazi! The only way to stop the jihad by the Muslim-Marxist puppet and his band of merry homo and lesbo communist regime will be a revolution as was required in 1776 to stop the TYRANNY! Freedom doesn’t come free, we have fought for it around the world, now the time has come to fight it in our homeland!

    • wabender

      Absolutely correct, since when does someone from another country qualify for more rights in our country than we have?????

  • Randy131

    Yet Eric Holder says citizenship for a German family who simply wishes to educate their own children, instead of allowing the state to indoctrinate them in a public school, should not be a right or allowed in the USA.

  • lee

    If they are here illegally. Get out and com back the right way or stay in your own country.

  • The bold lie is one of 4 tactics used by the arrogant apostles of utopian secular socialism (which has failed worldwide for decades)…the other required tactics to sell their naturally toxic policies are smears, distractions and demons…they really really really love bold lies and demons….

  • MElliott

    non-citizen=no rights
    What part of NO do you not understand?

  • mrsgunnut10

    Holder is up North, why can’t one of you anti-gun people, up there, slap this weasel faced bastard, real hard, about a dozen times just to get his attention. One you have his undevided attention, show him the exit door. It seems that he keeps going to the Indoor Outhouse door, where Obama is, neither one can find their way out. That’s where all of this S_ _t keeps coming from.

  • Jed54

    Just look at what this piece of garbage got by with….. MURDER !! “Are real enemy lies within”

  • Our very own DOJ and he doesn’t even know the current laws………..

    • CherokeeGuy

      Holder knows our laws well, but he simply doesn’t give a hoot about them! He and Obama have their own ideas and they are being forced upon us now! These are two evil men–both are Muslims!

      • seaofteamerican

        From one Cherokee to another I couldn’t agree more brother!

        • bruning42msncom

          From a Chippewa to 2 Cherokee’s – it’s time to sharpen the weapons of War and to remember our history. As a people of many sovereign nations, we need to re-establish our native rights and refuse to participate in the actions of a tyrannical government.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Then I guess if “ILLEGAL” people can have civil rights, then we can all stop paying our taxes and claim it as a CIVIL RIGHT.

  • Where does it say in the constitution that citizenship is a right for illegals? Citizenship is a right for American citizens, either born here or naturalized through the legal process. Holder is an Ass of the first order, not to mention impeachable as to high crimes and misdemeanors.

    • Bill, they are ignoring our Constitution……they are getting away with too much and must stand accountable for it….the people must rise up if our elected officials won’t.

  • I guess no one every told him the difference between a illegal and a citizen. I hear he has problems with guns to.

  • Breaking our laws is now a civil right? TREASONOUS!

  • TC

    And this is the same ass that sent illegal guns across the Mexican border.

  • Dan

    What is wrong with our system today that they can’t become American citizens like almost all of our ancestors did???

  • RedMeatState

    Once they gain citizenship they will lose all those special rights they’re getting now!!

  • RedMeatState

    Evil men in government!


    To Holder: Enforce the laws on the books, not just the ones you choose!
    Criminals have no rights. People who have sneaked into the
    U.S. are criminals! We love immigrants and have for many
    years. They all worked to become citizens following the law.
    You should be fired.

  • 1Sonny2

    Holder and Obama are too daft to realize it but they are sending a dangerous message to all that you don’t really need to obey laws…in fact you may actually be rewarded. Now I know what both of them are thinking…that they are only making an exception to our immigration laws…and they want people to take all other laws seriously, But it doesn’t work that way…it’s a dangerous road they are going down. When broken laws go unpunished..you are promoting anarchy.

  • Conservativesniper

    An AG who doesn’t seem to understand that his job is to enforce the law, not make it.

  • traitorhater

    Maybe holder thinks this would make he and obama citizens of this country.How can an illegal be a citizen of one country and come to the USA and be a citizen here also?

  • bull57

    This man actually attended law school? The more he speaks the More he shows himself as a Marxist, communist and lefty loon. How does this man remain in office, with the obvious hate he has for our constitution and country? I believe to be in Obama’s administration this attitude must be a prerequisite!

    • liliq

      Affirmative Action made certain that AG Holder never had to bother with test in law school

    • sreynolds

      EVERY SINGLE one of abama’s appointments have been left field communist wacko loons, pedefiles, and out right P’s OS. God help us to get rid of this cancer liberalism……….

  • Darius the Mede

    An illegal alien has no right to citizenship in this country. There was a pathway to citizenship, called Immigration, but they chose another way, the way of Invasion. They invade our country and expect all the benefits that belong to citizens, BUT they are not citizens and do not deserve the privileges of citizenship unless they obtain that citizenship the way that is legally prescri bed

  • It’s all about creating 11,000,000 New Democrats voters.

  • liliq

    AG Holder can impose civil rights on Mexico to make every US citizen entitled to citizenship in Mexico so that no US citizen will ever again be discriminated against by Mexico’s restraint that specifically prohibits anyone who is not a Mexican citizen from buying real estate in Mexico within 50 miles of the ocean.
    Let us demand that Uganda make AG Holder a full citizen and then make him perform mandatory duty in their military.

  • liliq

    Does AG Holder demand a civil right to be made a citizen of the Congo, or maybe and hopefully Somalia?

  • John H

    Once again proving that the Constitution has no place in this administration.

  • What a total, moronical bonehead Holder is. It’s like Bertolt Brecht is POT

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    must be an overbloated ego thing…..

    On the other hand, he has yet to do any one thing that proves he has enough sense to blow his own nose.


    Do you really think he is capable of thinking with flash cards to lead him?

  • I guess that I missed that part in our Bill of Rights, or did Obama and Holder rewrite our Constitution and forget to tell us?

  • People, people, people….your not thinking outside the box…..This is intentional to break our county so they can have a excuse to devalue the dollar even further and bring in their one world currency….our leaders are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing but rather then everyone calling them out on that for fear of being called a conspiracy theorist, every one stays willfully ignorant and the leadership get to complete their plan while everyone stands with hands in pockets. Under estimation is the mother of all f-up’s. They have gutted the financial systems of most other countries and we are next on the list. Wake up!!

  • sreynolds

    Complete MORON, that comment coming from AMerica’s top cop, says all we need to know about this administration. CLUELESS!!!!

  • pauline

    They do not even want to call them Illegal, If I break the law That is Illegal.If they jump the border and come into our country that is against our law That is Illegal.. If they get a visa and come over to use America for their own good and do not go home when they are supposed to That is breaking our laws, I am at a loss to what the question is if they are not Citizens they do not deserve what the Taxpayers of the USA have, Why not enforce the Laws that are on the books? DUH

  • Shadow_58

    Holder, your presents in the U.S. Attorney General Office should be a crime. You’re nothing but a da*n Socialist.

  • dtk1952

    When is America going to wake up and get rid of the likes of this Clown Circus?

  • Where did Odumby find all these communist idiots.

  • Robert Moulds

    Eric Holder would have done better if instead of pandering to Mexican American lobby groups to apologize and resign. He ran operation fast and furious selling guns to drug gangs to trace them to their leaders only to make Mexico drug war worse. Eric has done more to damage Mexican American relations than the state of Arizona governor and the wall did. Phony rights promises are going to cut it Eric you should resign.

  • LittleMoose

    How does it feel to have an Attorney General who knows nothing about the Constitution.

  • WTF??? Obama and his dummies are going to kill America!!! Are we the people going to stand for it or are we the people going to defend our Country??

  • Kent2012

    Next the entire middle east will have “a civil right” and Real Americans will pay for it all…

  • Joe Lettieri

    This filth and his corrupt muslim,socialist boss should be in jail !!!!!The problem is there are too many dummies in America.When was the last time this country did anything that was’nt motivated by GREED and IGNORANCE !!!!!!!

  • eric holder is a murderer and a lying scumbag who needs to be imprisoned