Expert Lawyer Judy Clarke on Boston Bomber’s Defense Team

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 3.17.37 PMProminent criminal defense lawyer Judy Clarke, who has represented defendants in some of the most high-profile death penalty cases in recent years, has joined the legal defense team for accused Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, according to court documents.

San Diego-based Clarke defended Jared Loughner, who pleaded guilty last year to an Arizona shooting rampage that wounded then-U.S. representative Gabrielle Giffords and was spared the death penalty. Clarke’s previous clients also include the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, the Atlanta Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph, and Susan Smith, the South Carolina woman who drowned her children in the mid-1990s.

Tsarnaev, 19, was captured on April 19 and has been recovering from bullet wounds at a prison medical center outside Boston. Prosecutors have charged him with using a weapon of mass destruction in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three and injured 264, an offense that can carry the death penalty.

Miriam Conrad, a public defender representing Tsarnaev, filed a request in Boston federal court last week asking U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler to appoint to his legal team Clarke and another lawyer. She cited a federal law that gives such defendants a right to “learned counsel,” or lawyers with experience handling death penalty cases.
Bowler in an order on Monday agreed to appoint Clarke, who will join the three federal public defenders already assigned to Tsarnaev’s case.

She rejected Tsarnaev’s request to appoint a second death penalty expert, law professor David Bruck of Washington and Lee University, but said Tsarnaev could make the request again if indicted.
Clarke has had success in defending high-profile clients against the death penalty in the past. In exchange for pleading guilty last year to killing six people and wounding 13 others in an Arizona shooting spree, Loughner was spared the death penalty. Under the plea deal, he was sentenced in November to seven consecutive life terms plus 140 years in prison, without the possibility of parole.

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  • traitorhater

    I hope Clarke loses but it wouldn’t surprise me for the muslim guy to be released and sent back to muslim land as a hero. Thanks obama and holder for appointing a multi-million dollar defense team to defend your people. Taxpayers have to pay out those multimillions to defend the terrorist killer muslim.

    • rosie46

      And then support the murders for the rest of their life in some country club prison, I am sure. It would be cheaper to ban them from our country.

    • Rattlerjake

      I sure wish the war in this country would hurry and start so we could go through the government, prisons and eliminate every one of these pcs of sh!t, then on to ALL of the lawyers that have defended them and gotten them off or mild sentences!

      • Bill1966

        WHEN we go to war, the first ones that should be in the crosshairs are those dam ACLU losers!

  • Sammy U

    Didn’t know Paul Mccartney practiced law.

    • Newhon63

      Shame on you. That’s not Paul McCarthy. It’s his little brother.

  • Kevin Stone

    Funny, looks like this lawyer gets all the MK Ultra subjects…

  • disqus_JETq43v7xm

    Thanks, Obama Bin Laden. You and Holder should both be tried for treason.

  • Obozo being a muslim himself will spend as much as he can to defend his fellow muslims. Look at all the money he gives the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, now says he may equip the muslim brotherhood in Syria, this guy can’t give away enough of our money to his muslim brothers

  • No surprise, only the best for the worst murders. Just today there was an article on Fox News where the Tsarnaev family received $100,000.00 in federal aid for housing, stipendS, food stamps. The the mother steels and the sons are killers – ONLY IN AMERICA UNDER OVOMIT

  • That is the problem with the law. We need to make sure that these people if it is obvious that that they are committing a act of terror(narrowly defined) that they be treated as enemy combatants. At that point we will question them as non citizens as directed by a court removing them as citizens. Everything must be done by law but, we must separate our selves from them so that we can get the maximum information from them

  • USMCret

    Why do WE the PEOPLE have to pay for this trial with our tax monies. put the terrorist in gitmo and forget allo about himas he sits in solitary for the rest of his life. Miranda rights what a joke for a mass foreign killer and he is not even a naturalized citizen and should have not been mirandized but put in military prison and held indefinately like Obamanayshon wants to do to Americans.


  • OldDocBen

    Here is proof of the study showing liberal women are the ugliest, least pleasant, and most unreasonable women on the planet. I’m pretty sure, however that she would change her tune if she had to live under Sharia law.

  • Rob Jones

    Maybe some patriotic crazy person will shoot him.

  • Perhaps the bomber and his lawyer should have their fates determined by the victums and their families. I see no reason that the taxpayers should be financailly resopnsable to keep the lives of murderers going in such a high fashion better than our senior citizens in a rest home. It is truly shameful. to spend two or three tines more to keep the criminals alive just for the sake of keeping them alive. I say put them six feet under. I’d gladly pay for the care of the grass.

    • Alex M

      Clearly he is guilty and doesn’t deserve a trial, which should only be available to those innocent of the charges against them.

  • BDrake

    Just because Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is who the FBI told the cops to chase and the media has already found him guilty doesn’t mean that this FBI/CIA pansy is guilty of anything. But, since he has already been found guilty in the main stream media’s court of public opinion he does need the services of the great deal maker. Because, whether he is guilty or not is now irreverent.

  • Newhon63

    This should not even be happening in civilian courts. He should not have been read his Maranda Rights. He should have ben taken into custody as an “Enemy Combatant” and sent to Cuba Hilton. Thanks to Obama, he sent the Justice Department Judge to read him his rights. There you go. Obama protecting his own.

  • Is Odumbo going to give the guy in Florida who killed Trayvon Martin a defense team like this? I just don’t see why this Muslim Bomber gets anything any better than you or I would. How about a Public Defender instead of wasting all those Tax Dollars on this?

  • I am disabled and was recently encarserated for defending myself against a man who threatened to rape my wife,Ill bet you wont defend me for free like you are this terrorist, why dont you represent some real Americans instead of this 0pc of shit.Ill tell you why,because it wont get your mug in the news .

  • James Brown

    Could they display compassion on their own time and not bill the taxpayers for this?

  • So if it doesn’t fit we must acquit?

  • Any takers on a bet that obama follows every word of this one and even injects his own opinion to the proceedings a few times? He couldn’t be found for Benghazi, and he has shed all responsibility for Fast and Furious, Fort Hood and his other administration debacles.

  • The Solution Man

    Tsarnaev shouldn’t serve one day in jail, what did he do? so he killed some insignificant people, for jail he needed to kill someone more important like a policeman ,oh wait, he did that, but it was only one, so no big deal —the soulation is let him go home, but first remove an eye remove a lung remove a kidney and anything else he has two of, give these organs to people that would appreciate them, but please no jail time why should the taxpayers support his future, this is the humane treatment for such nice people–any objections???

  • Franklin

    SHOCK: Judge Who Ended Interrogation Of Boston Bomber Without DOJ Knowledge Linked To Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Governments.

  • why do we have to pay for him to get a high cost lawyer?? shouldn’t he just get a court appointed lawyer?? other than that, the cost is his !!!

    • Alex M

      If he’s guilty, why bother with a lawyer at all?

  • jb80538

    I would prefer this thug gets the death penalty but I could live with life without parole for him as long as it meant he would NEVER breathe a breath of free air outside of prison walls. And feed him pork.

  • westtexaslibrarylady

    So ordinary murderers who can’t afford an attorney get public defenders, and if convicted, possibly the death sentence, but terrorists who murder people get special defense teams? He’s getting way more than his 15 minutes of fame — what kind of message does this send to other crazy wanna-be’s who want to go down in history? He should get the defense he can either afford or the one he is constitutionally entitled to — nothing more.

  • Barbara Wall

    we’re all her previous clients found ‘guilty’? I am glad she’s the bomber’s lawyer…we’re assured another conviction…:-)

    • sinistrelle

      Maybe her brief isn’t to persuade a jury that he’s innocent, but to argue that on conviction the court should hand down a non-capital sentence.