Farmer Fights for Right to Display Anti-Obama Sign on His Own Private Property

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Michigan Farmer, Vern Verduin had to go to court just to have the right to display a sign on his own private property.
Verduin had created a sign (that was critical of President Obama) on the side of his own farm truck to display on his property. It seems Gaines Township officials didn’t like the idea dn took him to court in an effort to force him to remove it.
The banners mounted by Vern Verduin on his farm truck read:

“Marxism/Socialism = Hunger and Poverty” and
“Obama’s ‘Mission Accomplished,’ 8% Unemployment, 16 Trillion Debt

Gaines Township officials alleged that his political banners violate the township’s sign ordinance, which allows only business-related signs on vehicles, restricts the size to no more than 20 square feet, and limits the time period for displaying political signs from 45 days before an election to ten days past an election.

In response to First Amendment arguments raised by The Rutherford Institute, state district court Judge, Steven Servaas, has dismissed charges Verduin, finding the town’s ordinance to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Judge says the ordinance violated the First Amendment because it treated commercial speech and advertising more favorably than political speech.

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  • Thank you, Vern Verduin, for standing your ground. Many Americans nowadays just quit; whenever it get too hard or too expensive.

  • George

    A very good move by this judge. Now, if we could find a judge that would throw out the Obama law that say you can’t ask him or anyone with a secret service escort anything or Obama any question he doesn’t like or display any banner the is anti-Obama where he may see it would subject you to a felony and one year in prison. This also is unconstitutional, but finding a judge who has the guts to go against Obama will be a nearly impossible.

  • I live near there and last week on the radio it was reported the county decided he could keep his sign up. It was a county issue.

  • Shane


  • Score one victory for the good guys!!!! 😉

  • Jim

    I wish I could pat this guy on the back personally, like you Jan a real patriot.

  • Yep lives right down the road from me. This of course is just the beginning. The judge that decided this has shown himself to be worthy of trust.

  • Rattlerjake

    I’ve tried to find property owners here in North Carolina that own property near a busy road that would allow me to post similar signs, STILL LOOKING! They’re ALL too scared of county and state ordinances and possible repercussions instead of standing up for their Constitutional rights – exactly why we are in this mess!

  • Dang! They just can not stand anything conservative.

  • Thank you to Vern and the judge with an impartial view, based upon constitutional law.

  • Centurian2010

    Ahh more liberals attempting to strip us of our civil rights. Liberals you are all hypocrites and liars.

  • Should read, see what you get when you kick God out of your life, satan’s idiot to rule the U.S and at some point the king of the world from his office in the UN, you get what you choose and since God isn’t it, you get His enemy, lots of luck those who call evil good and good evil, hope you take you more then tanning lotion with something to put off the heat of what you choose?

  • hankthetank

    These are two good red blooded Americans,I take my hat off to both of you; IF they take our guns, we all can become criminals. then we can do what we want to,nothing to loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.