Feed the Fraud…. Screw the Troops


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This article is Lori Wallach Boxer’s response to these two reports:
Read: Obama Administration Hires People to Recruit Food Stamp Users

Read: Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles in Three Years

On top of the billions and billions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars spent and wasted by one failed policy after another by a Communisty organizer who wouldn’t know how to turn a profit on a ‘discount night’ at a crack house, The ObeyMe administration is now actually PAYING people to “recruit” more “gimme-dese” and “gimme-dats” onto the food stamp program—and not just in Florida (as is mentioned in the linked article below) but in many other states. Is it any wonder that food stamp fraud totals $750 million each year (!!)—doubling in three years?

Yet …

Our soldiers in theatre have had meals taken away.

Our soldiers have had medical benefits lowered.

Our soldiers have had merit pay decreased.

Our soldiers have to wait years for treatment at VA hospitals.

Our soldiers have had post-service educational benefits removed.

Our soldiers have to rely on bare necessities from home care packages.

What a F*G national disgrace.

Of all the reasons for TENS OF MILLIONS, or one hundred million, of Americans to rise up and smack The O-Hole right off that high perch on which he sits, the above reasons are right at the top of the list. That shit-stain in the Oval Office isn’t worthy of a salute from our troops, let alone be in command of them. He’s a blight on our heritage and history.

Here’s hoping that poetic justice will be done, that the very soldiers that The O-hole disregards, disrespects, despises and demoralizes—both currently serving and our treasured veterans—are the very ones that, before too long, physically removes his sorry skinny socialist smarmy ass out of The People’s House.

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  • junkmailbin

    i have been trying to get a disability rating from the va for 10 years. it took two weeks to get free food for my service dog who i had to purchase and train

    • terry1956

      Thank you for your service to our country and I am sorry the VA is giving you the run around.

    • Go to the DAV and get a rep. I tried to get my disability for twenty years but once I got a free rep to help I got my 70% in less than six months. Any time you see a VA doctor make sure you get a copy of his report for your own records and any medical files from your time in the service.

  • Ron

    Does anyone really think that Obama gives a rats butt for our people in uniform,he would rather figure out how to put more people on food stamps and welfare than care for our people in uniform,he is a complete disgrace.

  • When and if it does happen I have many friends that have families that only get $16 a month in food stamps while hispanics have hundreds on their cards and can not speak any English. They served. They will all want a piece of the fraud. My bet is that he will not last very long out of office. And remember they execute gays in Kenya.

    • terry1956

      unless it has been changed the past year or two illegals can also get a special tax number ( since they don’t have a valid social security card) to get income tax refunds including the earned income tax credit plus many claim not only their actual depends back home as a dependents for cousins, and others with the same last name back home.
      A local TV station did a report on this a year or two back in best I remember Indianapolis

      • That I did not know. If you run across it put it up. One more thing that the big national stations refuse to transmit

      • NymRod

        True, they can claim their relatives back home in Mexico as dependents because they wire them money every payday.
        More dependents = more money, more earned income credit and more food stamps to boot.

        I think one household received as much as $70K in total benefits.

        • Denny

          You are correct, the IRS paid over 19 billion in tax refunds to illegals claiming relatives back home as dependents, including cousins and other relatives.

          When the IRS was confronted with it, they claimed they were just following the laws created by congress.

  • Concerned Patriot

    Thank you Lori. That was an excellent start, but you forgot the part where the democrats have twice violated our constitutional right to have an AMERICAN president in the white house. You also forgot to mention that there is a codified name for violating our civil rights: it’s called crime, and that makes the democrats a racketeering and corrupt criminal organization. But the most important thing you forgot to mention is that the republicans gave us the AEDPA and Anti-terrorist acts, which abolished our constitution, and paved the way for what’s happening today.

    • CHinOhio

      Not that I disagree, but that battle has been lost – give up on it. There are far more important things right now to worry about. Impeaching him for multiple other easily proven, valid points jump out at all of us reading this. You will never win on the fact he is not a citizen, so drop it and go after things that aren’t quite so arguable with the libtards.

  • USMCret

    Why should WE VETERANS wait any longer when we all know this Obamanayshon is taking this country down the sewer and WE VETERANS need to be the plumbers that will fix the wrongs that this Obamanayshon, H. CLINTON, Pelosie, Holder, McCane, Boughner, and all the liberal socialist commie Demonrats.

  • Robert Moulds

    Barack Obama should understand America’s interest our secured by the military and naval forces. The American people owe them the leadership, pay, tools and training to have the standard of living they enjoy today. He should also be aware that while every one is a consumer their needs to be producers and if they are not enough producers then the system fails. In perfect world they would be no poverty but sadly their is and too high of welfare payroll will only make it worse.

  • terry1956

    Now they are working with the government of Mexico to help make it easier to give food stamps to illegals.
    Judicial Watch has the USDA documents.

  • HongryHawg

    Everything is going as planned.

  • Jim

    I find it strange that the Posting Policy has no tolerance for vulgarity and profanity, yet the authors of these articles write vulgar and profane articles. Surely you can demean and belittle our poor excuse of a president without that. Your point is well made, the president is actively trying to destroy our country through deliberate fraud and mis-management, while not taking care of our military men and women. That is disgraceful and it is wrong. Let us hope Obama’s chickens come home to roost on his shoulders and not ours.

  • Greg

    Outstanding article. As a rule we veterans do not ask for much. But what should be understood is that our country, and many other countries, count on our men and women in uniform as the first line of defense against the Stalins, Hitlers and Mussolinis of our time. They need support to get the job done. The wounded vets and the families left behind should always have a place of honor.

  • Join the American Legion to help support our troops. They are the largest (and most effective) National group for our active duty and veteran soldiers. If you are not eligible yourself, you still may qualify for Sons of the Legion, etc. Do yourself a favor and check them out! With your support, we can force changes to the “administration” for the benefit of our soldiers, and our country!