Fort Hood Victims Denied Purple Hearts Because Shooter Would Have to be Labeled a Terrorist

The Department of Defense has revealed that no Purple Hearts would be given to victims – living or deceased – of the Fort Hood massacre. Their reasoning was mainly based on the belief that if the high honor was given, it would require the alleged shooter, Maj. Nidal Hasan, to be classified as a terrorist, which would then mean he would not receive a fair trial.

This line of thought has survivors of the shooting outraged, including Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who reacted to the decision on Monday’s Fox and Friends. Hasan shot Lunsford seven times and says he was “serving his country proudly” at the time of the attack.

“Who was the victim: Major Hasan, or the 32 survivors and the 14 deceased?” he asked, adding that the DOD’s decision is an “embarrassment.”

“I’m angry. I feel very disappointed, and I feel like we don’t even matter. For this man not to have served even one day in a combat zone, and for him to get the treatment he’s getting as opposed to the treatment we’re getting, it’s an embarrassment,” he said.

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  • jb80538

    Label a terrorist as a terrorist..Truth in advertising? Call a spade a spade…

  • I doubt if he will ever come to trial as long as his Muslin President is in office. Obama takes good care of his muslims friends. Why didn’t Obama get as upset when the Soldiers were shot as he did with the school shooting that he is tryhing to take our 2nd amend away, why because the major was a muslin and got rid of that many Americans therefore Obama does not give one d_______

    • rmrmsix

      Even if he is convicted.. The Obama will commute his sentence.. That is how the Muslim BrotherHood works together!!

    • Its very odd for this country will fast-track any one of our field troops to court-Marshall if they come unstrung and murder innocent ones down range.
      But this worm is still enjoying the good life, still breathing, almost five years after his evil-doers hate, they all know best.

      There are too many of us sitting on our thumbs and waiting the next soul to yell at the righteous ones in Washington to speed this “wait-long-enough-emotionsFade-die” trial.

      This piece of pig-dung should have swung four years ago and if he was European DNA, he would have.

  • JDH

    If this loon wasn’t a terrorist, then what the bleep was he?

  • the shooter was a dam terrorist.

  • Devasahayam

    To claim that labelling Maj. Hassan a terrorist would “deny him a fair trial” is like claiming that Michael Fay in 1994 was denied a fair trial in Singapore for vandalism (especially after the prosecution released a CCTV video showing him doing the crime — specifically spray-painting cars). He should be executed without further delay, using one of the following methods:
    (*) shot with guns requiring greased bullets (and the bullets greased in lard)
    (*) burnt alive in lard
    (*) beheaded with a lard-greased blade!

  • He is a terrorist but then so is the clown-in-chief a terrorist. Shoot the terrorist like the law says and put him in the ground with a pig.

  • Our intelligence agencies knew Hasan was in contact with major Al-Queada figures and even though he was heard to cry “Allah hu akhbar!” while he was shooting, labeling him a terrorist would acknowledge the failure of this administration to keep terrorists from striking here on our shores. Therefore, they’ll keep calling this “workplace violence” even though doing so dishonors the victims, everyone honorably serving our country and is a slap in the face to the intelligence of every single American.

  • Ross Fortificacion

    The shooter was shouting the usual allah is great cry as he murdered unarmed people for his religion. He should not stand trial at all. He is an enemy combatant and should have been strung up by his nuts a long time ago.

    • Cinci Jew

      These Muslimes always scream for their so called allah before murdering people just like their communist allies scream some communist slogan before murdering people. Not only Hassan is a terrorist who should be executed then placed in a pig carcass the way General Pershing did to the Islamic Moros when he executed them. The same should have been done to Bin Laden before his burial at sea instead of the Islamic funeral that he was given.

    • Herman

      I am with you all the way. He was a terrorist in U.S. Army uniform. Maybe they think that a U.S. Army Major can’t be a terrorist. If they need help stringing him up by his balls, let me know, I will volunteer, and even pay my own expenses.

  • they must get their purple hearts. do not give him any special rights. label him what he is a terrorist. and try him as that. i see no reason to give him any special rights. he did not care about the rights of all he shot/killed. after the trial just execute him either by firing squad no blindfold let him see it coming or just hang him and no mask over his head. let him see his self falling and than snap he goes.

  • O’BAdMAn and Hasen should be tried TOGETHER and fried together, IMO!
    BS-Barry has done NOTHING but set up America for a fall – NOTHING!

  • Rex

    whose got whose head up whose butt…I think they have their own head up their own butt, as usual.

  • Why is it that I can’t print this column up???

  • TexanForever29

    The DOD has become so stinking politically correct, that it makes me sick!! They are so concerned about possibly offending Muslims, that they’ve lost sight of common sense. Shame on the DOD for denying the victims of the TERRORIST’s attack the medals they so richly deserve. After all, the shooter was conducting his own jihad (holy war) against the infidels.

  • Concerned…B. Warren

    In the heart of the American Patriot they are honored. Injustice can never be satisfied in a criminal government that is of the Marxist Communist persuasion. But, all will be balanced come judgement day for every soul, and than justice will be given, and none will escape their due, and all will inherit their reward.

  • I have an idea, All military mambers, QUIT. You are being lead by someone that only cares about himself and his interests. Let him fight his own wars. Retired Army. TG.

  • LittleMoose

    To add insult to injury, Maj. Nidal Hasan was just promoted to Lt. Col while under arrest.

  • You then turned around and promoted Hasan. And you did it while he is in prison. What kind of madness is this.

  • rivahmitch

    So let’s just screw over the victims while lawyers and politicians play games of intellectual masturbation about whether or not a person who screams “Allahu Akbar” while killing American citizens on American soil is an Islamic terrorist. Give the dead and injured U.S. soldiers the Purple Hearts they deserve. That clearly makes the motivation Islamist and only the Islamist in the White House refuses to admit that we’re at war with Islamists. IMHO, it doesn’t make any difference whether Abdul Obamamessiah Hasan is a terrorist who committed a terrorist act.

    Fact: He was on active military service and committed his act of (politically correct) “workplace violence” on a military base. Hence, he clearly should receive a military trial (though I continue to wonder why he was taken alive). Fact: He can be tried for multiple counts of premeditated murder, attempted murder and malicious wounding and, I’d also suggest that his vocalisms while committing the crime clearly ties his motive to the war our country is fighting in the Middle East and provide “aid and comfort to the enemy (that’s treason). If that’s not enough to fry his Muslim ass WHETHER OR NOT he is a “terrorist” by some legal criteria then the mulatto Mussolini should be executed in his place.

  • BobinNC

    Obama is a COWARD.

  • jenniewalsh

    Many people are unaware that Muslims revere and love Jesus as one of
    God’s greatest messengers, and that every time Muslims mention Jesus’
    name, they add “peace be upon him.”

    Islam’s holy book, the Quran, states: “Behold! The angels said: ‘O
    Mary! God gives thee glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be
    Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the
    Hereafter and in (the company of) those nearest to God.’” (3:45)

    The Quran also depicts Jesus speaking from the cradle and, with God’s
    permission, curing lepers and the blind. (5:110) God also states in the
    Quran: “We gave (Jesus) the Gospel and put compassion and mercy into
    the hearts of his followers.” (57:27)

    “Muslims respect and
    revere Jesus (peace be upon him). They consider him one of the greatest
    of God’s messengers to mankind.” While they don’t believe, as Christians
    do, that Jesus is God in human form, they do revere Him and believe
    that He performed miracles: “He was sent by God to us as a Messenger, to
    deliver to us the Bible and to guide humanity to the right path. God
    gave Jesus the ability to perform numerous miracles so that his people
    would believe him and follow his teachings. These miracles include
    curing the diseased, giving sight to the blind and even raising the

    • DeadManWalking

      “While they don’t believe, as Christians
      do, that Jesus is God in human form, they do revere Him and believe
      that He performed miracles”

      To deny that Jesus,Yeshua, is God, is to deny the Word of God.
      It’s as simple as that.

  • He has a “brother” in high places that will protect him. sigh> Well, we should have known something like this would happen when we allowed him to illegally enter the Presidential race in the first place. Now we reap what we have sown!

  • jenniewalsh

    The Satanic Illuminati are behind this massacre and all the shooting massacres. Their goal is to disarm and enslave the American people. They have infiltrated ALL the religions and religious organizations throughout America and the world. They profit greatly by stirring up hatred, suspicion and contention of religion against religion, nation against nation, people against people etc. They use mind control drugs, hypnosis and indoctrination on their puppets and patsies. Divide and conquer tactics are just one of their many evil and devious methods of stirring up trouble. God teaches love, forgiveness and mercy in all the religions so it is easy to spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing by their doctrines of hatred.

    • Straight & in the majority

      Jenniewalsh……very good!! Keep speaking the truth. It’s our best defense against Obama’s (and all Islamists) plan. The one negative thumbs down mark you have is sad. This person obviously is obviously one of our enemy (Obama) servants. These people will sell their souls for a welfare check. They will sell their children’s future for a welfare check or a promise from a liar. The Bible calls them fools. We call them Obama Bots or liberals. They are fooled and therefore have no ability to see the truth. But don’t feel sorry for them. They chose
      this path. They are the cause of Americas destruction.

  • Don’t ever think for a moment that our Muslim-Marxist jihadist would ever go against one of his Muslim brothers! This peace of sh^t needs to be….

  • Herman

    The shooting at Ft. Hood was done in a gun free zone. He was shot and crippled by a civilian law enforcement officer. Where were the M.P.’s? Are the M.P.’s allowed to carry loaded weapons in Ft. Hood, Texas?

  • Further evidence of the Obama Administrations true priorities.

  • This guy will die of OLD AGE before his “Fair Trial” is over!
    No justice for the VICTIMS!!!

  • Sworn to defend, foreign or abroad…if he was not a terrorist, then what in the hell was he??? There are a few in office that need to be labeled as such, as well.

  • Andrew Himes anyone
    that communicates with a known Terrorist, gets some guns and ammo onto a
    military base (that has security at the gates) used his military
    knowledge of the system, than goes to a office where he know soldiers
    are unarmed, jumps on the reception desk and starts yelling “Ali AKBAR”
    and opens fire on anyone he see’s and the Prez want to call it work
    place violence


    This IS major league political bullsh_t. “Work related injuries,” disgusting ! Glad that my father missed seeing this. Oh, and Hasan has not been promoted. That was just a sarcastic spoof from The Duffle that was picked up by someone and has made the rounds as fact. At least that part is not true.

  • He is a terrorist, what is the problem with the leftist idiots? Too bad the cops didn’t kill the freak when they had the chance.

  • ReL

    Really?!?!? He IS a terrorist. He came into the Copeland service center and opened fire on not only soldiers. But innocent women and children. What does that say? He is a terrorist. I

  • Lloyd

    Hasan was in contact with Al-queada before the shooting, was heard sayin allah is great, so what part of terrorist don’t they understand?? Just because he wore a uniform with brass on his collar does not mean he was not a terrorist. Our military has been infiltrated by the enemies of the U.S. for years. That fact has not, nor ever will change. Even the post of cic is infiltrated. Ooops, did I just explain the whole problem??

  • Tomtom

    Obama does it again, protects Muslim killers and does nothing for brave Americans !
    When will America wake up?????????

  • Tom T

    hasan was a terrorist!! He was a muslim!!! Muslims are dedicated enemies of all other religious beliefs!! They kill each other because of two different views within the muslim religion, and still we have people in our government and stupidity among our people who want to pat the scum on the head and say how sweet and innocent they are.

  • John Stanley

    So let the trial proceed, which, even if it is conducted in a 100% fair way, will result in a guilty verdict, let the final sentence be executed, and THEN award these soldiers, who “put on the uniform,” and put themselves at risk, though they obviously wouldn’t have been expecting to be put in harm’s way on base, the Purple Hearts that they obviously deserve. Even though the awards would belated, it would at least get done, once the trail was over. I think that it stinks, but this approach would at least avoid stigmatizing the trial and sentencing, and also allows these soldiers to receive their Purple Hearts. Let’s face it, if they’d been eating a snack in the mess hall in some base in Afghanistan, and (God forbid) were hit with mortar shrapnel during an unexpected attack, they’d all receive the Purple Heart, even though they might not have known that they were even “in combat,” until the effects of the concussion wore-off! That would be fair. Service Personnel receive belated awards, years after their time in uniform, all the time. Remember that the late Master Sgt. Roy Benavides earned the Medal of Honor for his heroism at on the 2nd of May, 1968 but didn’t actually RECEIVE it until February of 1981, from President Reagan, so better late than never. Still, I understand how objectionable this delay feels to anybody who hears about it.

  • They had the audacity to call the shooting as “workplace violence”. Well the any shooting involving an enemy must not be war? After all it’s violent, and isn’t it our soldiers work place when their engaging the enemy? Or is it because we don’t have the guts or brains to call a spade a spade. The Major was a Muslim, so is our so-called president. Get rid of both of them period.

  • All Muslims should be removed from military, government and police duty until their Jihad against America ends. No pay, no services for them until they stop their hostilities.

  • She_patriot

    Hmm, every reference book, dictionary and web site I have checked must be wrong in their definition of a terrorist . My heartfealt sympathies to all that were iinjured, killed or lost a loved one in the Fort Hood terrorist attack by Hasan.