Judge Edward Korman Orders Morning After Pill Be Sold to 11 Year Olds Over the Counter

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A Brooklyn federal judge has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make the morning-after pill available to females of all ages without a prescription.

Judge Edward Korman on Friday reversed the FDA’s 2011 decision limiting the over-the-counter availability of the emergency contraceptive known as Plan B to women 17 and older….

Korman blasted U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius for overruling the FDA, which had approved Plan B for all ages without a prescription. Sebelius had argued that 11-year-old girls might not be able to understand how to use the drug properly….

“These emergency contraceptives would be among the safest drugs sold over-the-counter. The number of 11-year-olds using these (morning-after) drugs is likely to be minuscule,” Korman wrote in Friday’s decision.

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  • gdoggerz

    This from a NY judge…really?! It’s funny how the demoncrats are disgusted and grieved by the Newtown massacre but murdering millions of babies every year with abortion is OK. Are they not mentally ill?

    • Chicot

      This judge looks like a pediphile. And in the are of the country he lives in, he probably is and has knocked up a couple or more eleven year olds. How far will the liberals go to destroy our children and the morals of the young people by making everything so easy and available without the consent of the parents as well as teaching sex and all the different positions, etc., in school. That should be the job of the parents, counselors, and church pasters or leaders, not a public forum nor the classroom.

      • coastx

        Yes, exactly!

      • I thought he looks like a pedophile, too.

        • Chicot

          He definitely has too much power for a person with his warped mind. He rules strictly on his thoughts and not the letter of the law.

    • That just show’s how mentally diordered the liberal/fascists truly are! To put it plainly, they are EVIL as sin. They will get their comeupance on judgement day!

  • Ross Blankert

    So it okay for an 11 year old to have sex, get pregnant, and kill her baby without parent approval.

    • Susan

      Right, but they can’t buy cigarettes! Priority for godless Marxists (oxymoron, I know) to destroy Virtue in kids. Virtue is known to be necessary for all Free Republics since Socrates.

      Sex Ed is invented by Cultural Marxists to destroy the normal sexual identity of children. (Google Lukacs and Sex Ed) Also google “Sugar Keynes at Harvard to see a perverted, sick mind of the Leftists. To corrupt a child–is extremely easy, and they are doing it by sexualizing children before puberty—which even Rousseau knew was evil and destroyed the educability of children. Same as sexual abuse to put sick ideas of “Pride” in anal sex in young children. So perverted and unnatural and filthy.

    • Apparently none of the commentators here understand what a morning after pill is. There is no baby killing going on here. It simply prevents pregnancy. Nor can it be used to abort an actual baby, once the zygote is implanted. Whether or not it’s alright for an 11 year old to have sex, is a matter of personal morals and views on sexuality, and not something for the state to decide. Deciding on laws, based on your personal religious views, is the very definition of legislating from the bench.

      • Rattlerjake

        It has nothing to do with what the pill is for or why an 11 year old ‘needs’ to take it, but that parents are responsible for their children not these liberal a s s holes.

      • Disgusted

        The morning after pill is by definition abortion. Once the deed is done it is abortion. Not to mention the fact that your child can’t be treated for even a headache at school without notifying the parents but she can get this garbage without parental permission

  • horseridingplains

    Korman–sick, sick, sick–anyone ever hear of morality–obviously he hasn’t—
    I guess murdering millions of babies a year is fine- fits in with bummers plan for Agenda 21–not just satisfied with 1st, 2nd , now 3rd- trimester- and if baby born alive- just slit the spinal cord –nice–bas#@#@

  • Isn’t that pill an assault weapon??


  • Evermyrtle

    This totally rotten judge made a totally rotten decision. He is a criminal and should be treated as such. If his parents are alive I do hope they never know of his mind crippling disease. I could not bear knowing this about a child of mine, not even an acquaintance of mine

  • MrLogical

    Thanks to yet another example of rampant judicial activism, 11-year-old girls will now be able to enjoy the freedom of unfettered access to abortifacients. Frankly, I think this was the plan all along when the Obama FDA initially proposed the expansion of access, and then had Sibelius impose the 17-year-old restriction.

    IMO, that was pure political eyewash to give the public the illusion of ‘caring’ about minors having unrestricted access. It just looks better for the Obama administration if a judge imposes his de jure will.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Morning After Pills don’t cause abortions; they only prevent pregnancy. That is why you have to take them within a certain window of time. 11 year olds are not being singled out here either, it was just an example. How is it wrong for people of all ages to have access to reliable birth control?

      Have you ever even had to buy a morning after pill? They are like 50 bucks a pop, and they cause an early period. It’s not something you take every day.

  • MrLogical

    Another example of a Culural Marxist (and they’re nearly always Jews BTW…) making laws from the bench that are aimed at disturbing and destroying the social fabric of the U.S.

    • Explain to me how the government has any place setting an arbitrary restriction on morning after pills, to begin with. What, 15 year olds can’t get pregnant, for instance? If a woman can get pregnant, there is the potential for unwanted pregnancies. If you want to prevent those (and, consequently, reduce the incidence of abortions) then it LOGICALLY FOLLOWS, that you should strive to make birth control as affordable, and available, as possible.

      I believe in freedom and a secular rule of law; not one where the majority religion (christianity) get’s to dictate to everyone else how to live their life. You may view sex as sinful and wrong. I don’t. If I have children some day, I will not mind them having sex as teenagers. My parents didn’t.

      The difference between my parents, and many religious families that shame their kids over sex, is that my parents taught me about how to be responsible about sex. They also taught me the same about alcohol. The result? I went to a saint patricks day party, where everyone was getting drunk. I refused to drink, simply because I didn’t want to (and I had to drive as well). I am underage, but that’s beside the point. On my way home at 4 in the morning, I got stopped by a police officer, who made me take a breathalyzer test. He was surprised I had zero alcohol in my body.

      This approach of creating taboo’s and guilt surrounding sex, alcohol, and drugs is exactly why abuse of them is so rampant.

      When I was 16, I had a girl with whom I shared a mutual affection. I asked my Dad for some condoms, discretely. He got me some, and didn’t ask any questions.

      Result: I’m free of STD’s, don’t have any kids, AND I spend time with lots of girls.

      It’s a life style choice. People should be able to choose how they live their lives. If you believe that something is wrong, then by all means live your life in accordance to that. However, don’t force it on others.

      This is where conservatives often fail on social issues. We need to make a distinction between the religious beliefs of the Right, and the views on what is moral and what is not, and the secular laws we support. Banning morning after pills for those under an arbitrarily set age, does not represent progress or a rational policy. If anything, it IS legislating from the bench. A judge has no place deciding the morality of a kid having sex, and trying to prevent that through restriction of freedom.

      • Obviously, you have no morals and neither did your parents. If youth are doing something they shouldn’t be doing, it’s appropriate they feel guilt. If you had your way, we’d all be living like animals. Having morals, discipline and manners is not exclusive to Christians and the “religious Right”. It’s simply decency and respect for ones self.

  • Once again we have people doing what they have no business doing. A doctor not a judge should decide if a person can take a medication. Just like actors have no business practicing poly sci with out a education.

  • ConservativeGrl

    Liberal commie Judge. These liberals are killing our morals, ethics, and country. Shameful.

  • This article is misleading. It showed up in my email with a headline claiming that “abortion pills” have been approved for 11 year olds. In reality, all that’s happened here is that MORNING AFTER PILLS are now available without a prescription, over the counter, to anyone. Morning after pills do not induce abortions, and claiming that they do is incredibly misleading. All they do is prevent the formation of a zygote.

    Please explain to me what is wrong with this? I’ve had to purchase one before after an accident with a girl I just met (who later became my gf of over a year). I was 18 at the time, but I could easily have been 15 or 16, or younger.

    Unless you all would rather have pregnant minor’s running around. Birth control and contraceptives, combined with medical knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases, and how to prevent and treat them, is one of the best things about modern society that our ancestors never had. It is something that should be as affordable, as widely available to everyone, as possible.

    I think the catholic church approach to stopping abortions is flawed. They complain about millions of unborn babies being killed, while disregarding major scientific facts. For one, the body naturally aborts I believe 1/5 zygotes (don’t quote me on that, I don’t remember the exact percentage). This means that, supposing your goal WAS to create a child. A portion of those zygotes will be aborted naturally by the body, for a variety of reasons.

    So right there, we have an example of nature killing off babies.

    Birth control pills, which the church is against for religious reasons, actually reduce the number of aborted kids, because they prevent zygotes from forming to begin with (So your body cannot abort them).

    Then we have the fact that, proper birth control and safe sex would prevent most unwanted pregnancies, which means less people feeling the need to get abortions, and less children being born into dysfunctional families.

    Telling people that premarital sex is wrong, does nothing to actually stop it. Trying to stop people from having sex, is like trying to tell everyone they must accept equal pay. It’s an artificial human construct, just like communism, which goes against human nature. It cannot work for the same reasons socialism cannot work. People will just fornicate in secret anyway, but they will do so with more inherent risk due to birth control being discouraged.

    Note btw, that I am in no way endorsing that the government pay for people’s contraceptives. Only that they be widely available at an affordable price (Which they are, although the Plan B pill could be cheaper :b )

    • ConservativeGrl

      The morning after pill works like birth control pills, same thing as taking three at once to stop a pregnancy.

  • The morning after pill should only be classified as an abortion pill if the other birth control pills are classified as such. They work in much the same manner. Uneducated and ill informed people continue to comment on subjects they know nothing about.

    Both the birth control and morning after pills block eggs from firtilization as well as blocking firtilized eggs from attaching to the womb.
    My concern is with 11 year old children being able to purchase such things.

  • slickzip

    This judge must have a 9 or 10 year old daughter who is fast and loose and worrrys about her getting knocked up ,,,,,

  • Randy131

    It’s time for the people in this insane judge’s area to learn how to recall or impeach this judge, whatever the available means is to get rid of him as a judge, for his lack of ability to render lucid decisions for reasonably sane judgements.

  • WV PharmD

    Im not going to make anyone really happy here, but I’m going to say this anyway…

    I am a registered pharmacist. I have a Doctor of Pharmacy and a specialized biology degree in molecular biology and physiology. I’m a Christian and I do not agree with many (most all really) liberal policies. With that said, this judge is correct in his ruling. The drug in “Plan B” (r) and its generic is NOT an abortifacient. It is ONLY progesterone. It can NOT cause anyone who is pregnant to have an abortion. This is WHY the FDA correctly said, the drug is safe for all ages.

    It does no harm to a fetus. It will prevent implantation of a fertilized egg if and only if it is given within 72 hours after intercourse. However, after implantation, the blood supply is attached to the egg. It does not, can not harm the egg. Fertilized eggs can (and do) naturally miss getting implanted all the time. Otherwise, people would not have to “try” to become pregnant. This pill is not 100% effective either. The efficacy decreases significantly the longer the patient waits to take it.

    Do I think 11 years old is too low? I think it’s silly to make it that low, but it’s not harmful. The price is something no one has mentioned. It’s $50 for the two pill (taken 12 hours apart) form and $60 for the one pull form. I don’t think that many 11 year olds are going to come up with that much money easily without help.

    When we look at say, 16 year olds… They need this product as an option. Say a 16 year old is taken advantage of at a party. Consent is not legally possible at 16, but as parents the first concern should be is my child safe now, how were they harmed and what will this mean for their future. As a parent, if it is a Friday night, waiting till Monday to see a doctor is too long. If fertilization and implantation did occur the only option is to have the kid or an abortion. However, if you buy them this medication, they get a second chance. You can talk to them and help them to see how they can avoid this in the future. You can re-assure them that they are a victim and you are there to help them as a parent.

    America refuses to teach proper sex education in schools. We pretend that children will listen to adults and abstain. We pretend that sex rarely happens in teens. We do not provide easy access to contraception, and yet we chastise anyone who gets pregnant. I hate to say it, but the sexual activity rate in America’s teen population is EQUAL to that in European countries. Abortions are completely legal without restriction in Europe, but our abortion rate is SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER! Why?

    In European countries, sexual education is not an option in schools. It is mandatory. Contraception is encouraged, not given scornfully. Sex will happen. It is a biological imperative. No matter what is said, it is simply a given. Before anyone explodes, I’m not
    saying that we encourage, or even tell our teens it’s a good idea to have sex. I am saying that if they do decide to have sex, we should be understanding, not condescending, we should help to protect them from disease and pregnancy, not make them feel like a victim. We should not feel we have failed them or that they failed us. Real success is protecting our children from all bad consequences of their actions, and helping them to learn to make better choices to the best if our ability.

    So, either give freely give contraception and unabbreviated education before they get pregnant or deal with all the aftermath of abortions.

    This drug will not cause the abortion rate to rise. It will only keep the pregnancy rate from increasing… And only marginally at best.

    • discus

      You are correct sir. And giving a 10 year old a hysterectomy is not an abortafacient either – and miraculously acts as a contraceptive as well! You are the smartest idiot I have ever encountered online!

  • His brains are a dense as his looks, needs a face lift and a brain. The Nazi’s in the country have taken over and everything good is bad and everything bad has become good, the killing of millions of babies okay but unarmed school kids is bad, both are terrible but, guns aren’t killing babies, judges are.

  • John A.

    Well, there goes common sense out the door. Where have family values gone? Where has morality gone? Where does this judge get his medical background to make this ruling? Now this judge has given license to every young girl under the age of 16 to engage in illegal sexual activity with anyone.

  • I wish his mother had used the “morning after” drug the morning after Korman was conceived.

  • coastx

    Morality? No. Ethics? No. Enlightened philosophy? No. Anti-reason? Well, YES!


  • coastx

    Psychotic liberal NY judge issues court order to provide the morning after drug to 11 year old females, and America talks it over at blog central.


    Useless. After a century of breeding down intelligence in the mainstream, America is finally the other species they’ve been warning us we’d become: stupid.

    America responds: giggling and laughter.

  • 11 years old should be the focus not abortion. Where were the parents? Who is teaching moral obligations and ethics?

  • Jim28thReg

    Corman doesn’t have the authority to make a law or force anyone to bow to something that is unconstitutional.

    Just tell him to go to he77 he will anyway.

  • So can a judge from let’s say TEXAS reverse this “decision”

  • Zepp

    The last comment took the words right out of my mouth. Should we be surprised from a NY judge. This in a state where they make it illegal to buy a soft drink over 16 ounces and then legalize this for minors. This country is on a sad track.

  • Bill

    The number of 11-year-olds using these (morning-after) drugs is likely to be minuscule,” Korman wrote in Friday’s decision. Guns also, so make guns Legal for 11 year olds.

  • why is it ,that it is ok for government officials to cater to the delinguency of minors ,but a parent cant

  • theo980

    Since when do decisions regarding medical policy get made by a judge and not a doctor?

  • I also want to know why he is making this decision…who asked him to make the decision???

  • That’s what happens when pedophiles are put in charge of courtrooms.

  • philec39

    Too bad that pill wasn’t available about none months before he was born!

  • I don’t believe, just because the judge set a minimum limit of 11 means the judge is ordering 11 year olds to go get laid and then take the pill. I think the judge picked that age because it is much before most girls lose their virginity. There are cases of girls that young being sexually active.

    • You can also teach morality to kids all you want but they will do what they want regardless of your wishes. Teens are going to have sex, you can’t override their hormones. All of you were teens once, did none of you have sex before 18? I bet you did. Where was YOUR morality? I’m not pro-abortion at all and I would rather see a teen aged kid NOT get pregnant than to have an abortion.

      • You are quite wrong. I didn’t. I know many Christians of both genders who graduated college and waited until marriage. No shaming or guilt trips by parents. Teens CAN make self decisions and control themselves.

  • Dasrge

    This judge is an absolute idiot!!!  Why don’t we just open up the bars, ABC stores, wine kiosks and emporiums to these children as well.  We don’t because they haven’t reached the mental maturity yet.  This “judgement” should follow the same line of thinking.  This knot head is basically telling our kids to try sex at an earlier age because they now have a path out if the girl gets pregnant.  The most powerful bit of knowledge for parents and doctors to give their children about early sexual activity has been forcing them to see the responsibility of raising a child at a YOUNG age.  Now, this pinhead has taken it upon himself to give all children teetering on a decision of whether to have sex or not a way out if something were to happen.  Now I’m sure that this drug has probably been tested, but do we understand the true LONG TERM effects of what happens to a young girl’s developing body with this pill.  How will it effect their reproductive system in 25 years?  What about when they reach menopause?  My God, most young girls don’t even start their period until about this age.  What would happen if one of these girls had an allergic reaction to this pill?  Would the CHILD go to her parents and tell them that she took he Morning After Pill and she is having an allergic reaction?  Would these girls read the documentation about the pill and its side effects?  Are we suppose to believe that children of this age have matured enough to decide that taking a pill to DESTROY something within themselves is a great idea?  We parents are RESPONSIBLE for our children’s health and welfare until they reach a certain age, not a judge who has set himself up as the parent of all our children by granting them permission to do something most parents would be against…having underage sex or taking medication without their knowledge.

  • Mischa

    Are these judges crazy? An 11yr. old girl should be playing with dolls not having sex and receiving the “morning after pill.” Will the sex ed class also push this in the 2nd grade just in case!