Michelle Obama Weighs in on Gun Control Debate

Michelle Obama is making a rare foray into a controversial political issue by getting personally involved in the gun control debate — just as it appears set to dominate the Senate.

The first lady returned to her hometown of Chicago for an event with Mayor Rahm Emanuel to speak about gun control, casting her in a leading role to push one of her husband’s top priorities.
The Senate is poised on Thursday to begin its debate on gun control. The first lady’s speech is part of a White House effort to pressure the Senate to pass legislation that would include tougher background checks on gun purchases — a provision that looks to be in trouble.

Obama has been an active and effective campaigner for the president, repeatedly addressing crowds last year to make the case for why her husband deserved a second term.

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  • So, she goes back to the murder craphole of the world, [email protected]…that she, along with other liberals have created, and gripes about the 2nd amendment? Really? [email protected]?? Where they’ve already created free fire/target rich environments for the dirtbags and nuts???? These liberals are INSANE!!!!!

  • TexRancher

    Remembering that Moochelle has said she’s never been proud of this country! Her interest in gun control is so that we Cannot protect ourselves from an abusive government. She and Obama couldn’t care less about kids and AMERICAN CITIZENS! We stand in their way of transforming this into a socialist country and the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment are obstructing their progress!
    We should remember the traitors in the Senate who are working against us: McCain, Gramnesty, Toomey and the democommunists who want us totally disarmed so that nothing stands in their way of transforming this into a socialist country!

  • Joe Lettieri

    Who cares what that thing has to say?Who asked her anyway,she wasnt elected,her husband was by a bunch of ignorant low information morons.GAG !

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Oh, we certainly need to pay close attention to Michelle’s views. If the Dems can’t make Hillary our next president; you can be sure Michelle will be willing to take the job.

      • Proud_to_be_American

        And the proposed Hilly/Moochele 2016 ticket has caused me more lost sleep than when I first saw the exorcist @ 15 y/o!

    • Hillary acted the same way. Nancy Reagan and the two Bush women however were much more genteel and mannered. I wonder how big the wookies spread is down south since we have not seen here in a while.

  • Nadine

    When did she become interested in guns! Her opinion means NOTHING!

  • agbjr

    Wookies know nothing of firearms they just use brute strength so the First Wookie brings nothing to the discussion.

  • Richard lionheart

    Iwillbet that was one heavy conversation

  • The “mooch” needs to be thrown into the Fort Leavenworth stockade right along with the rest of the “traitors” currently entrenched in DC and scheduled for her own military tribunal as a traitor AND a domestic terrorist! If “no one” has the “courage” to remove the criminal element from DC, then it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to do the job; the Constitution says so! The Provost Marshal won’t do it, he works for the “criminal” DOJ; the military hasn’t done it, so the job now goes to WE THE PEOPLE!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    moochell, clean up chicago first, then tell us how to live our lives.

  • Terry C

    And how much “security” was provided to protect her to her trip to Chicago? How many Secret Service Agents were there? How many Police Officers were pulled from their other less important duties to provide security? How many “guns” were around to protect her?

  • We do not give a hoot what this woman thinks. No one voted her into office!
    We can’t stand her inept husband, why in the world would we listen to her ?????

  • dave

    if having a gun is so bad how about your and your hubbies stance onkilling babies with abortion more kids are killed that way thn with guns hum double standards again

  • HongryHawg

    Bigfoot is clown who should remain silent like a good Muslim wife. How dare her buck the Koran?

  • This woman need to back to the Chicago and stay! She has no clue what she is talking about . All she knows is how to spend the tax payer dollar! What goes around comes around Moochie remember that!!!!!

    • buckofama2010

      WOMAN???? Who are YOU talking about????

  • BigUgly666

    …. and what a weight that is!!!!!

  • Bongo, speak. Good gorilla. Someone get her a sammich.

  • Frank

    Michelle – as dumb as she looks

  • anestat

    She has NO respect for our constitution either, just like Barak Hussein Obama.

  • anestat

    He’s asking for 30 million dollars in the budget for anti-gun purposes. So if criminals can’t use guns, they’ll use bombs.

  • Obama rat did NOT win by anyone’s votes!!! That was not a real election, just like in 2008!! It was stolen from We The People, Obama rat was selected and appointed!!! Anyone who still believes we had a true election in 2008 and 2012, really need to come on out of their fantasy world!!!! We all need to look at the WHOLE PICTURE!!!!

  • Weights in was the right word, think her behind is getting bigger by the day?