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This article is Lori Wallach Boxer’s response to Mayor Bloomberg’s statement that “The Constitution Will Have to Be Re-Interpreted After the Boston Bombing”
(Warning: Lori’s no-nonsense, very passionate/colorful and sometimes graphic, politically INCorrect style may be offensive to some people.)

Here we go again:

Take guns away from law abiding citizens in order to ‘protect’ them from those who don’t obey the laws.

Take religion away from everyone to ‘protect’ those who don’t believe anything.

Take babies and suck them into a vacuum or bash their spinal cords after they are born to ‘protect’ those who think they have a right to do that.

Take the civilization-perpetuating reverence of ‘marriage’ away from those who revere it in order to ‘protect’ those who’d be extinct without it.

Take away the dignity of the majority of Americans who travel to ‘protect’ those, and only those, who should be profiled at the airports … like there’s been a slew of Chinese, Italian, and Jewish people blowing up planes and buildings … or, to prevent potential highjackings plotted by senior citizens who strategize about those things on the shuffleboard courts at The Villages.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

And now (see link below), His Azz Hole-iness Mayor Blooming-idiot-berg, is saying we’ll have to reinterpret the Constitution so that we have less freedom IN FAVOR OF, basically, those who want to destroy us. Would someone PLEASE shut him the F up.

The only freedoms we need to remove are from every and any person who wants to come here from ANY country that encourages, promotes, supports, harbors or condones those who hate this country … and I mean ANYONE, and that includes the sons and daughters, and all relatives, from royal families in the Middle East. If the King of Saudi Arabia, for example, likes our colleges and universities so much and wants to send his kids to study here … tough shit … he’s got the money to build college and universities of whatever stature he wants right in his own country. Let those campuses become the Jewels of Jihad, right in his own backyard.

The only freedoms we need to remove are from those who are hell bent on destroying us, who live every day with perpetual 24/7 hard-ons just awaiting to get to those 72 virgins. I say we oblige: Catch them, kill them, wrap them in bacon, and for the final poetic justice … cut their dicks off so that when they arrive at Virgin-in-a-Burqua-stan, they can’t do a damn thing about it.

Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing

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  • Justin

    Awesome post! I would just add that worthless pieces of political crap like Bloomberg need to be strung up by their ball sack and tried for treason against the people.

    • tedthebear

      Slit Bloomies scrotum, stick his leg thru it, then set his pants on fire!

      • bogie7129

        His scrotum would certainly never be big enough for that. He’s a petty, little man and it shows!

  • Tiredofitall2

    Love it…

  • Tired ‘Ole Sarge

    Damn! Tell us how you really feel…great post.

    • loriboxer

      Believe me, my friend … I was holding back!

      • Ted

        I would really like to hear what you have to say WITHOUT holding back…

        • loriboxer

          I’m a blue collar girl who always let it rip. Unlike me, Jan Morgan is a very classy lady, so I have to be on my best behavior here so she doesn’t get her site taken down! But, I appreciate the compliment, my friend. I really do.

      • tenn2113

        Obama gets a few of the musliem bastards just to look good, but he will never shut them down. Maybe if they will bomb the white house and get rid of our trash we can start over with men of God.

      • Bring us the rest- ANY TIME you are ready. We’ll await with bated breath. GOD BLESS YOU A N D The USA !!!!

        • loriboxer

          John, thank you. I just wrote another piece “Feed the Fraud, and Screw the Troops” which I do believe Jan will publish tomorrow. Enjoy.


    NO BLOOMBERG. we are NOT going to “reinterpret” the U.S. Constitution to suit YOUR desires….JERK! ~ If the people of New York don’t get YOU, Gov Cuomo and that turkey of a U.S. Senator, Chuck Schumer, OUT of political office then either they are NUTS, Communists, OR the NY elections are RIGGED!!!

  • Lori Boxer: After reading your article I have this to say to you: You are welcome at my home anytime. Nice to see plain simple talk with no PC attached. Thank you!

    • loriboxer

      David, and if you’re ever in NJ, you’re welcome in mine!

      • toroboy917

        Jersey girl, huh? Figures. Keep the faith, baby!

        • loriboxer

          No … born and raised in Brooklyn. Only moved to NJ to get my daughter into a good private school. My husband and I didn’t want her going to the public school system in New York.

          • toroboy917

            The problems with public school education everywhere today, and not just in New Jersey, could be the subject of several articles. I’d like to see your opinion on whether the move to NJ made a significant difference, and why there weren’t any suitable private schools for your daughter in Brooklyn.

            Our own kids were born in Staten Island, started parochial school there and then transferred to similar schools when we moved to NJ. Two months into grade 9, our son refused to go to school any more. A few months later, halfway through grade 6, so did our daughter. (Neither one “fit the mold”.) They started homeschooling/unschooling, guided in part by Grace Llewellyn’s “The Teenage Liberation Handbook”, and went on to write their GED exams at age 17. Our son scored in the 90th percentile in all subjects, and our daughter did almost as well.

            Not only are we very proud of them and their ongoing achievements, but even better, we have a great relationship with them (now aged 22 and 19). Each one, independently and unexpectedly, has told us how much they appreciate us as their parents, especially when they see how many of their friends, who either remained confined in the school system or dropped out entirely, are today really messed up.

  • k m

    Awesome, Just Awesome!

    A angry American mob, in the millions fully armed needs to storm the congress and beat the pulp out of all those *uck headed worthless politicians, then go for the wannabe president and hang him for treason!

  • LittleMoose

    Well said!

    • loriboxer


  • poptoy1949

    Thank you Miss Lori for some excellent tell the way it is kind of writing. One thing everybody should learn from this is that these so called “Elites” should not be voted into office. If you have a lot of money or come from an Ivy League school you should not be elected to office. I am so sick and tired of these so called rich educated idiots I could scream. Please let us all learn a lesson from this and start electing good old fashioned Common Sense type Candidates. Period.

    • That sounds but no one with those qulifacations will run.. So what will we do?? I sure didn’t vote for what we have now.. We have no leaders I hate to say..
      If so where are they??? Send all the ragheads home to the sandy water front beaches they have..Or to their 72 (haha) virgins..

    • Diamond snake

      poptoy, I agree with you, but the problem is most of the people with the common sense to do the job right also have enough common sense not to get caught up in this crap.

  • pysco


  • Lowell

    Outstanding. So refreshing to know there is someone out there that feels the same as I do and knows how to put it in words.

    • loriboxer

      Thanks, Lowell. And trust me .. there are MANY, MANY more who feels the same as you do. You ain’t alone, brother.

  • Bloomburg makes a critical mistake. He believes that at whim he can change a agreement. That agreement is what is called LAW. Once LAW is gone so is every thing else that relies upon it including our culture and society. Dont worry we will reform with out him. He of course will be one of the first to see what his policies actually bring.

    • Conservativesniper

      Well, if the rule of law is abolished I guess politically motivated assassinations will not be prosecuted. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what will happen next?

  • Ben Fadely

    I agree 100%!

  • Marine4Ever

    Outstanding! Just OUTSTANDING! I dedicate my post to nothing but smoking Down Low Bath House Barry with one-five-five rounds… but this is TOO GOOD! I’ll figure out a way to work your ‘piece of art’ into my post — Improvise – Adapt – Overcome. Semper Fi!

    • loriboxer

      Thanks for your service. You’re a great American.

  • Bill1966

    I really wish she would run for political office, I for one would vote for her! All of this POLITICALLY CORRECT bullsh!t needs to end, and end NOW. Our founding fathers wrote it out fairly plain and simple, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. I am soooooo sick and tired of this crap of how we can not tick off some ethnic group or another. I had to close my store as I was unable to get a SBA loan. I was told by a loan officer at a Harris Bank that I was of the wrong heritage to get a current loan approved by the SBA. I say we lock down the borders and send people like bloomer boy to live in Damascus!

    • loriboxer

      Dear Bill, I have thought about it, believe me. I go back and forth on the idea of running for Congress in NJ next year—if not to win, then just for the fun of the ride. Damn … can you just imagine someone? I don’t think prime time is ready for the likes of me, ay?

  • tenn2113

    So why the he11 can’t we get anything done??? Elections are stolen, the politicians steel from the people, and there is talk of impeachment and all kinds of things but nothing ever happens. Has none of the other politicians got any balls or are they all scared. I’m just glad the constitution has already been signed, none of what we have now got the balls to put their names on anything like that now. Cowards, degenerates, perverts, cronies, musilems, athiest, jeihadiest, We have no chance till we stand.

    • mtman2

      The Founders promised regression, ‘democracy’, corruption, moral decay, financial disaster, entitlementalism + more would happen, what WE the People do about it is how it turns out! Without returning to the Wisdom of the Founders with real understanding now, WE can’t keep the gift they gave us. If WE don’t know where WE came from how can WE get back to +/or improve on that level of Wisdom? They not -we[w/out-them]- have the understanding, WE all must perpetually read/teach what THEY said. Their writing are myriad! Kinda like Scripture is to GOD. WE now more than owe them that!!! Reagan was a breeze of that knowledge blowing over + refreshing our land. Have WE really ‘followed through’ on his legacy, like WE should have? There is no one to blame but us. Parasites, disease, collapse+decay will automatically happen. Evil + foolishness ‘will prevail when good people do nothing’ but hope for the best = will reap the beast.

  • tedthebear

    Damn Lori, why don’t you tell us how you really feel! ……….when they arrive at virgin in a burka stan. That there is funny I don’t care where you’re from, that’s funny right there!

    • loriboxer

      As I replied similarly elsewhere in this thread, I was holding back … believe me. Unlike me, Jan Morgan is a very classy lady, and I don’t want to get her in trouble so I was on my best behavior!

  • Fred_K

    Bloomingidiotberg needs to be one of the virgins that the muslim scum get when they make it to wherever they may go. May they get 72 virgins named Brutus, and wear pork chops around their neck.

  • We should hold people to account for what they say, what they do, and what they seem likely to do. If it behaves like a mad dog, we need not wait for it to attack to deal with it.

  • Lilyluvjones

    Political correctness is and always has been a slow-burn agenda to take away ALL of the rights of the American citizen(s). Deliberately created to make people who speak their minds feel (and be treated) as if they are ‘racist’, ‘hateful’, ‘insensitive’ and just downright ‘barbaric’. Which of course, could be the furthest thing from the truth when you take into account the millions of Americans who actually have enough ‘common-sense’ who know how to pick their battles – which would never included being ‘offended’ over piddly little things that only succeed at taking ones eyes off of the bigger-picture. Which of course, is the complete and total destruction of the U.S. Constitution and eradication of the ‘Liberty and Justice for All’ that America has always stood so proudly for.

    • Lilyluvjones

      *couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth, I meant.

  • Conservativesniper

    Benjamin Franklin said it best, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”. Say goodnight mikey, you’ve lost your relevance.

  • gadogs00

    Absolutely Awesome……

    • loriboxer


  • billconner

    You libs have been trying to rewrite the Constitution for years even if you have flooded the school teaching child your nutty doctrine, your a fine example of what idiots do with power so no thank you! If I want to smoke I’ll smoke If I want to drink I’ll drink, If I want to buy a 74 oz drink I’ll do it I don’t need or want your cockeyed ideas what I should do with my body its funny you all talk about woman have the right to choice what they can do with there body’s and In the next breath what size soft drink I can have. Bloomberg your a walking contradiction and if New York Has any sense left they will vote you out and never put another liberal or progressive in office there

  • Great post! I doubt if anyone could have been clearer!

    • loriboxer

      Thanks, Dave.

  • NotRedYet

    I love it. People like Bloomberg, Obama, Soros are either totally stupid or just plain evil.

  • whisperatnight45


  • You go Girl, I have those same feeling every time I hear something these left wing idiots have to say, were there really that many people in the North East that voted to loose all there rights, what a shame what a bunch of loosers……………

    • loriboxer

      Thanks, Paul.

    • K

      “Paul Emery” I really don’t think we can legitimately blame it on the voters in NY or anywhere else. I truly believe many if not most of the elections are now rigged. There is no way on Earth people re-elected obama or Bloomberg.

      “We the People” should stop blaming people in a certain city or state for the corrupt politicians there, if I’m right and the elections are rigged then, we must find a way to fix this criminal activity and in the mean time, tell the people that think a law that infringes on our 2nd Amendment rights is in any way legal. It’s NOT!

      Hold your ground, each and every individual must hold your ground and, if they attempt to enforce one of these unconstitutional laws,think of what our Founding Fathers would do.

      Always remember; the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land of these United States of America and if, We the People obey an unconstitutional law and especially one that infringes on our 2nd Amendment, we will lose all of our Liberty and Freedoms in America.

  • T Babick

    Don,t sugar coat it tell us how you really feel! A breath of fresh air.

  • Barry

    So, what’s your point? I mean, I don’t understand exactly what you mean. Can you be a little more to the point please? Thank you in advance…

  • 1ofthemany

    Awesome luv luv this woman, you are da WOman I must say!!!! You go Missy. I love a brain that can think for oneself. Awesome, wish we had a government that could do the same but alas we will have to govern ourselves (not a bad idea at all), maybe you can run for demolition government tournament!!! I know you would WIN!! We must get Off the plantation!!!

    • loriboxer

      Many thanks, my friend.

  • jeffnkr

    Strong message, but it is right on target and needs to be said.

  • Kioga

    Well Said !! Probably take a more severe Tango attack to get New Yorkers to run him out on a rail or tar & feather him. Don’t understand the attraction of this malignant cancer voter pick anywhere in America !

  • Gary

    Don’t hold back, Lori. Tell us how you really feel 🙂 Great article.

  • Jim28thReg

    I do believe His majesty Blooming Idiot should have a big party on his boat with Monkey Man with his Lil Tinker Bit Me Daly at the wheel. The we can all thank God they will never be seen again.

  • Airborne

    I agree with you 100% , why are so many libs looking to destroy what we as a nation worked to builf. The libs should be added to this list. Airborne.

    • Randy131

      You need to ask that question of the people who belong to the ‘Infra-Gard’, Obama’s secret and clandestine national police, consisting of common citizens from all walks of life and professions, that are trained to ‘Rat Out’ their fellow citizens ‘WHEN’, not if, ‘Martial Law’ is declared, and who have been told they will receive special ID Cards with ‘Electronic Chips’, that will keep them from being arrested and from being sent to any of the 1,200 Internment Camps located all across the USA, which was built by FEMA and will be run by DHS and TSA, the reason for the now 2 billion rounds of ammo bought by Janet Napolitano for the DHS. I’m well aware how to spell guard, but the name of their organization is ‘Infra-Gard’. It originally started with just 20,000 people all across the country, but now has reached as high as 100,000 people, who have clandestine meetings in thousand of key locations around the USA every month. To become a member you have to be recommended by another member first, then after the government does a backround check and an interview, if you qualify and pass, they will make you a member also. Do you think any conservatives or Christians belong to this organization? None, but I’ll bet their are some Muslims who belong to it. All their actions are done secretly, without exposing who it is reporting to the government, so no uniforms are involved. They have also been told that they can kill to maintain their secrecy, without worry of prosecution, so I guess they’re being armed too.

      • eagleeye

        I am almost sure my neighbor an admitted communist is ONE OF THEM!

        • eagleeye

          Also, he is an pottery instructor at the community college and his wife an sign language teacher for a local school district! I am sure I have been added to the “pick up” list as we have had disagreements and he has bragged of being an CARD CARRYING “COMMUNIST” FROM WOODSTOCK!

          • Randy131

            Watch-out, and be careful. Do not give these people any information about you or your friends. GOD will take care of His own, which I hope you and yours are. Good luck and may GOD bless you and yours.

  • pointdan

    Ms Boxer – well said. IF Mr Romney showed half as much passion as you do, he would be President today. God bless and stay safe . . . .

    • loriboxer

      Many thanks!

  • Good Lord. I meant to read this earlier, but was not able to. This would have saved my piss poor day.
    Lori, I must say, you put a great big ole smile on this hillbillies’ face.

    • loriboxer

      Brian, a ‘hillbilly’ and a ‘blue collar girl from the mean streets of Brooklyn” have a HELL of a lot in common, my friend.

  • Never read anything from this lady but damn she is right on.

  • Robert Moulds

    Micheal Bloomberg wasted his political career banning large soda cups in corner stores that when confronted by a real threat he has spent his credibility as a leader.

  • Dayum you go girl.

  • TexRancher

    Lori, come to Texas. We like it when people speak their mind.
    Next time, don’t hold back so much!
    In the meantime, keep up the work on Kenya Boy. Sooner or later, the long arm of justice will catch up to him no matter how twisted! You’re helping.
    Maybe you can decorate his cell! Now that would be justice!

  • Buckneked

    Well hell, can we get a big Amen!!!

  • Outstanding Op-Ed Lori.

    Finally we have conservative women not worrying about being politicly correct.

  • YellowJacket2

    You go girl.
    How refreshing to hear from someone who really understands.
    Lori, you need to get the hell out of NJ/NY where your vote gets buried under the liberal BS.
    Come on down here in the South where America is still alive and fighting the Bloomberg’s and Obama’s.

  • Lori, so refreshing and anti PC I love it, sadly the link was in todays JMM update, 5/1

    Keep up the great work patriot


    He needs to be put in a mental institution without parole.