Obamacare: Intentionally Designed to Fail


About the author: Barry jokingly refers to himself as being a minority, being that he's a Brooklyn-born, Jewish, conservative Republican, Marine Corps veteran. He is also a very staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment who believes that we cannot afford to give a single inch to the anti-gun crowd, because whatever we ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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Since shortly after Obamacare came out, I’ve been expressing the opinion that it was intentionally designed to fail. Here’s the latest evidence –

By health insurance definition, a pre-existing health condition is one that existed a set period of time before the applicant applied for the policy, regardless of whether it was being actively treated or not. Often times these conditions are not the fault of the person applying for coverage, and I’ve always strongly felt that there needs to be viable options for these people. But very often, the health conditions that people have are DIRECTLY their own fault because of the bad habits they know they have yet keep on doing. And under Obamacare, these people will be charged the same premiums as those of us who are health conscious and rarely need medical treatment. Sorry – but I have a huge problem with that. People who get struck with conditions they didn’t actually strive to get, I empathize with them. But to those who knowingly, stubbornly went out of their way to get sick, shut up and pay for what you did to yourself. I shouldn’t have to help pay for your intentional indiscretions.

The latest nail in the healthy lifestyle coffin is this:
It was just discovered, according to Kevin Williamson with the National Review, under Obamacare’s DC czars, smoking will be considered a pre-existing condition, and therefore will not be charged any higher premiums than those who take great strides to live a healthy lifestyle. Liberal California and Connecticut agree, and expect others to follow suit.

As shown by the CDC, smoking is the leading CAUSE of sickness (aka pre-existing conditions) and death in this country. So those who are knowingly, willingly making themselves sick, causing more claims and therefore higher rate increases for all of us can just keep right on going, because WE will be charged extra to help support their blatantly unhealthy habits.

Smoking is no more a pre-existing condition than shooting heroin or smoking meth – unless of course you’re looking for inside ways to blow out the current healthcare system so you can say, “See, we tried to make it work with the insurance companies, but they failed – so now we have no choice but to step in and take over”. Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m headed to the gym…

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  • lw
  • That makes perfect sense. Me a healthy 32-year-old Who eats organic non-GMO food and doesn’t smoke or use drugs should pay for the meth user who smokes and eats at mc Donald all the time. Am I crazy for hating obamacare?

    • Barry

      It’s just another form of redistribution.

      • Unfortunately worse that that. The plan was devised so the Devil’s servants could take over human life. The same evil that drove Hitler is behind it, deceived men seeking power they’ll never control. Eugenicists trying to “improve” the race while they further Satan’s goals.

        • wakethesheeple

          John —

          The video below verifies everything you say. It is 2.5 hours long, BUT probably the most important 2.5 hours anyone can spend — worth every minute as it exposes who all the players and groups are/have been throughout history, how and why they are associated; their intentions, strategies, alliances, overall plan and how they are deliberately destroying our nation while blaming others. A must watch!!!

          NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1
          YouTube Video, runtime 2:25:11
          This video studies how evil is systematically fulfilling Bible prophecy. It is a 6,000 year survey of secret societies and 220 year survey of progressively engineered warfare. Far from “conspiracy theory” or “Bible thumping”, it calmly relies on original source documents. This video will challenge your world view, regardless of your background. It is for those who want the truth.

          • What you say figures considering that the rider of the red horse in Revelation was given the power to cause the people to go to war and slay each other. This powerful evil being has been doing just that for at least the past 2,000 years, not giving a hoot about who’s on the good side or on the bad side. His mission is to see to it that the people slaughter each other. Which is why the Scriptures tell its readers to “come out of [the ways] of this world,” become a true follower of Jesus Christ and prepare for the time when he returns here in great power and glory to rule the earth along with his followers. Then we will see them “beat the swords into plow shares and spears into pruning hooks” and their tanks into tractors and their artillery into reapers. “Come quickly Lord Jesus.”

      • Yep. We support welfare moms who have more babies to get more free stuff, and social security disability has become the bailout for those who can’t find a job after 99 weeks. None of these programs were designed or funded for such abuse.

    • carolchristine

      That is what happens under socialism or Communism. You have to give your share fair. Everyone is the same . The middleclass is being quickly destroyed in this country. And Obamacare is just the beginning. Thank Supreme Court Justice Roberts for this also. He gave away our freedom.

      • chuckie2u

        The Japanese certainly have a better economic model they use to care for their country. They are Democratic Socialist not Totalitarian Socialist as our Politicians are planning for America.

      • CharlieFromMass

        He did and he didn’t.

        Roberts, rightly or wrongly, called the whole mess a tax bill, opening the door for appeals and repeal wide open, but the idiots in Congress can’t or won’t do it. If the Senate can get a Republican or Republican with conservative/libertarian independents and third party people and hold the house, we could get rid of it and have a veto-proof majority. There are enough people who are dissatisfied with the bill in the Democratic party that a coalition might result.

        The income tax provisions could be dealt with by eliminating the income tax and replacing it with the Fair Tax, and then pick away at the rest of it if they insist on making it a protracted policy.

        While I certainly would’ve preferred the court to put the kabosh on the whole thing and call it done, the door has been opened. The legislative branch needs to walk through it and drag the executive branch kicking and screaming….preferably behind a pickup. But not literally, that’s not nice and poor sportsmanship, and we really shouldn’t sink to their levels.

    • theo980

      The difference is WHAT you smoke! This is determined by the leader of the choom gang!

      • junkmailbin

        smoking anything is bad for you.

        • lilolady

          Marijuana is totally exempted, of course. It is Organic, don’t ya know and therefore Good for you! Isn’t it funny how liberals control only that which doesn’t apply to them. Remember tree huggers? Save a tree at all costs! Now that they themselves are wearing depends, Not a problem, not a peep.

          • gingercake5

            When I was in college it was all the rage to smoke clove cigarettes. Then of course later those turned out to be bad for people, too. Smoke of any kind in lungs = bad.

    • pman5k

      Never met a meth addict who actually ate…. Not pot heads… They are eating ALL the time

    • no, your not crazy, those in power t the moment are.

    • GQ4U

      Food experts once told us eggs were killers. Food experts tell us whole, unpasteurized, un-homogenized milk is death in a carton. And are you sure organic is all THEY say it is? Organic has a very low threshold for inclusion.

  • Who
    is to determine what a risk behavior is? And what shall it be based
    on? Someone who smokes? Someone who eats too much sugar? Someone who
    eats too much fat? Someone who works in a coal mine? Someone who works
    around agricultural chemicals? Someone
    who refuses to get off their butt and do anything? Someone who is
    sensitive to MSG? Someone who lives in a polluted city? Using this
    logic I can find a risk behavior in 90% of the population. Then only
    10% qualify for health insurance. If you think I am being ridiculous,
    you should see what insurance companies will do.

    • Barry Kaplan

      Stuart, smoking is the leading cause of sickness and death in this country, followed by obesity. Did you know that smokers die on the average of 20 years younger than non smokers? Do you think it’s a coincidence? The CHOICE of smoking contributes to more claims that any other bad habit out there.

      • Choice by what definition? For those today who begin to smoke, yes, it
        is a choice. Why? Because there is more information out there than ever
        before, so there is no excuse. But for those who are of an older
        generation when and where it was socially accepted,data was not
        available, some doctors even smoked, tobacco companies hid the dangers
        and manipulated nicotine levels, etc., the definition of choice is quite
        different than of today. I don’t say this as an excuse, but of reality.

      • nomidazolam

        What a deal! Encourage people to smoke and we will get rid of their sorry ass 20 years sooner. Just think of the “savings” for social security! Everybody knows that the last years of life cost the most in health care dollars… So these smokers get sick at 65 and die. That’s great! Getting OLD contibutes to more claims than anything else out there. Use your head.

    • Jill

      Stuart, first of all, Barry DOES know what insurance companies will do. Second of all, yes, you are being ridiculous. This article does not say that those with risk behaviors should not qualify for health insurance. Everyone is entitled to coverage, but he’s saying that smoking is a risk behavior that should not qualify as a pre-existing condition the same way a health condition would that’s congenital or contracted through no fault of your own. Smoking should qualify for a higher premium because it’s not only a choice, it’s THE leading cause of all kinds of other health problems. Why should that fall on the rest of us? If you choose to smoke, the health problems and the associated costs – including higher premiums – should not be my problem, and that’s exactly what the government is inflicting upon the rest of us. It’s going to overload the system causing a false crisis, which the gov’t will be oh-so-happy to completely take over and “fix”.

      • Choice by what definition? For those today who begin to smoke, yes, it is a choice. Why? Because there is more information out there than ever before, so there is no excuse. But for those who are of an older generation when and where it was socially accepted,data was not available, some doctors even smoked, tobacco companies hid the dangers and manipulated nicotine levels, etc., the definition of choice is quite different than of today. I don’t say this as an excuse, but of reality.

      • I agree with Jill on this.. there is a distinct difference between considering something a pre-existing illness that involves irresponsible behavior people CHOOSE to engage in versus health problems they inherit as a result of things beyond their control.
        People choose to light up… people choose to drink uncontrollably… Life is about choices. I should not have to pay higher rates because of the bad behavior of of others.

      • nomidazolam

        So, how do you feel about paying for sex change operations? Do you want to pay 10,000 dollars per year for each and every illegal alien? How does it feel to know that unchecked illegal immigrants are bringing dreaded diseases into our country. They get FREEEEEE health care while we foot the bill. Also, all that hype about smokers isn’t true. don’t believe everything you read. If everybody was dying of cancer from smoking that would be a good thing right? They are dead and no more health care or social security for THEM!

      • col

        Jill…Wrong! Alcoholics are covered…fat people with diabetes and heart problems, etc, are covered…people who screw around and get pregnant then takes meds or get an abortion are covered, drug addicts get covered, people who work in coal mines or polluted work environments ie driving a bus even, are covered, and I’m paying for all of them….yet smokers, who are highly addicted and got hooked in an age when ads for smoking were everywhere, priests smoked, movie stars smoked, gov leaders smoked, and yes MANY, if not most, doctors smoked… have to pay more??? Just like a liberal..all is fair and equal til they have to take some responsibility.

        • Barry

          Col, first of all we’re talking about individual coverage. And conditions like heart disease and diabetes are health conditions, SMOKING IS NOT.. People can get diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease without ever abusing their health. Smoking is 100% CHOICE, and one that happens to make health conditions worse.

  • agbjr

    “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

    James Madison

    • lilolady

      So even then, there were those whose hearts were bleeding, or trying to bleed, other’s money away. Madison wasn’t fooled!

  • Obama has always been a single-payer guy. He told us that as a Senator. Of course it’s designed to fail. He, as President has failed this country so many times, though and we’ve done nothing. Time has come to change things. The GOP has gotten away from us – we are the GOP. The government has gotten away from us – we are the government. We need to change. And there’s no time like the present. Be the agent of change.

    • chuckie2u

      You don’t have enough people with any brains to vote in a Republican or anyone who wants to fix the mess. The Masses have voted for Change. You got Obama.


    I’m a non-smoker – I do not drink alcohol in any form- never touch drugs.Never had s sick day in my life. But in 1974 I had a blood transfusion and in 1999 I got sick I was told I had Hep C -no cure. I got a liver transplant in 2006. Insurance companies will not touch me. At any price.And their reason is ”Prior Condition” Even tho in the 7 yrs since, I’ve had no set backs I’m as healthy now as I was before I got sick. So what does that a**hole think people like me are suppose to do????

    • Barry

      Most of the states in this country have had risk pools for years that were specifically designed to accept people with health conditions. Plus, any group insurer you went to via employment must accept you. Plus I think Obamacare’s “bridge plan” is still in effect until 1/1/14, which is also guaranteed issue for the uninsurable. So you do have options. .

      • LatterDayEsther

        I’m pretty sure they already bankrupted the ‘bridge plan’ and are no longer insuring the pre-existing.

  • Centurian2010

    Obamacare was put forth for two reasons: 1) to help with the further destruction of our economy and 2) to move this country closer to the single payer system and full government control. Liberals prefer to continue their lie to the public and themselves by believing this completely unsustainable monstrosity will insure more of the public, when the reality has already proven to be the direct opposite as companies drop employees, reduced other employees to part-time and force some companies to no longer pay for their employees’ healthcare due to huge increase in cost. Liberals will now push that the solution to this is the single payer system. What a disaster. Obama is a pox on the land!

  • I am clearly an exception to smoking causing health problems. I smoke, have for nearly 40 years and the last time I went to the Doctor was 3 1/2 years ago for treatment of a Brown Recluse Spider bite. Condemn me if you want but smoking keeps me from needing prescription pain pills, muscle relaxers, or anti depressants. 13 years ago I suffered a workplace injury, as a result I have something called Chronic Myofascial Pain and was determined to be 30% total body disabled. I also have 3 cracked vertebrae, my hips are 1/4″ out of alignment, and I have arthritis in my spine, wrists and knees. The combination of these qualifies me for disability according to the last Dr I saw but I refuse to accept that. I was also told I would be in a wheelchair in 8-10 years(12 1/2 years ago), that is when I quit going to Drs until I got that spider bite. We have insurance that we pay alot for with a $6000 deductible per person so we can’t afford to go to the Doctor. Thanks to Obamacare our premiums will increase 25% on May 1, the deductible will increase to $8000 per person. We have our insurance through the Teamsters Union so our premium is not based on our health. I only use Tylenol and homeopathic remedies for pain control, I exercise and most importantly keep my weight down which also helps the pain. I am sick of being condemned for smoking while I see people who run to the Doctor every time they get a cold just because they are getting free medical. FYI, I am 57 years old and have always paid my own way, so has my husband who is 60.

    • Barry

      But Peggy, there’s something you need understand – for every person who smokes who’s had no ill effects from it, there’s probably 100 who do. And besides, you’re only 57.

      • Which brings the question to the forefront of genetics which we cannot control.

        • lilolady

          Our father of 8 kids smoked pipe, cigarettes, chewed tobacco in front and all around us and our own children when the time came we were married. Four of us smoked cigarettes for from 20 to 50 years in front of and around our own kids. Not a single one of all 57 of us have ever had lung cancer, etc. Our mother lived to 101 1/2. Daddy who was mustard gassed in WWI in France
          didn’t die of that either. Maybe because we didn’t whine , over eat or pamper ourselves and breathed that mile high air of Colorado. None of us married weaklings.

          • Barry

            And my mother died at 47, and my sister at 42 – both from smoking.

          • pasadenajimbo

            YOU ARE MY KIND OF GUY!

      • add to that the possibility of getting cancer as a result of smoking…

      • col

        I just saw your post and totally agree. This is what I just posted: You are WRONG! If I have to pay for others screwing around and getting pregnant, especially for abortions..if I have to pay for people who are fat with diabetes and heart problems, and for addicted drug users who need treatment, and people sick because of poisonous prescribed medications, and people sick from pollution from cars/trucks/buses, and all the drunks in this country, then society ..which got me hooked in an age when ads brainwashed us, priests smoked, movie stars smoked, DOCTORS smoked ..should pay for damage from smoking. I mean, isn’t the whole idea behind obamacare..’fairness’?

      • K

        Exactly right “Barry”
        I lost my Mother shortly after she turned 80 in 2009 and she suffered for nearly 20 years off and on because of smoking since she was 15.
        For the last 4-5 years she was on oxygen and not only did she suffer, my father and I suffered from watching her suffer and lowly die.
        We took care of her in the house so she could get the best care and we could be there for her every minute.
        The last few Months were so horrible that words cannot describe and I never ever want to go through that again. But now, my Father has learned NOTHING because, he started smoking shortly after she died. Nothing I do or say to convince him to quit ever works.

        It’s always the same STUPIDITY attitude that; “It won’t happen to me” that people harm their own body. It’s also selfishness at the highest level because, these people know if they do get sick from smoking, they will most likely burden the people around them that love them and still, they selfishly do harm to themselves because of the attitude that; “It won’t happen to me”.
        I could probably have wrote a book on all the (sensible and logical) reasons to get people to quit smoking, I’ve tried everything and, I’ve tried since I quit smoking at the ripe old age of 16 (Cold Turkey) when I had been smoking 3 packs of Marlboro Reds a day (I quit because I couldn’t keep up with the other kids and I knew, it was from smoking) and NOTHING I’ve tried has ever worked. I used the most common sense reasoning and this one most often . . . “You expect your body to be there for you and to perform for you every day you get up and yet, you poison it as if you don’t care about your body but, still expect it to perform every single day without fail and when your habit begins to take it’s toll on your body, you still don’t act like you care and still expect your body to perform for you every day and continue to smoke” Stop smoking and you will soon be able to breath better and have more energy” and even though some people say; “that makes a lot of sense” it still never works because, they are weak and the nicotine and other chemicals in Cigarettes are so strong.
        And, because they believe, the Harmful Effects of Smoking will NOT happen to them!

        I know, I’ve been there done that, quit that, witnessed it’s debilitating effects and suffered with them because of it and “Still” they do not care and they still keep smoking.
        As much as I HATE Cigarettes, I don’t hate the people that smoke them, I just wish they would stop.
        I also, don’t agree with the legislation of smoke free zones. Many if not most of these laws are unconstitutional, people have the right to smoke and even though I don’t like Cigarettes, I fight for peoples rights and don’t support any establishment that banned smoking before the state made it a law.
        obama and his unlawful Obamacare are not to help Americans, it’s to make the working class pay for the lazy class.
        obama and his unlawful Obamacare can go straight to Hell where he belongs.

        • Barry

          Something to try with those who still have kids at home is point out to them that if they get cancer and DIE while their kids are still kids, they’ll suffer more than just the death of a parent – they’ll probably suffer financially while only having one parent trying to support and raise them. Smokers with with children are the worst kind of selfish as far as I’m concerned.

  • George

    First off, Obamacare is a total sham. It was passed by congress without anyone reading it let alone understanding what was in it. The charge of $700+ to those that didn’t have insurance if the first place, which was wrongly changed to a tax by the bought and paid for supreme court, is also a sham. As for just what a pre-existing condition is, I would also like to just who with make this decision. It could be some 16 year old kids just out of high school that really knows nothing about anything. Almost everyone in this country will have some sort of pre-existing condition of on form or another. As for the part you are all talking about, smoking, is most likely written by non-smokers. With Obamacare, there is no pre-existing conditions, because everyone is covered period.

    The best thing that could happen is that Obamacare be repealed and some thing new and realistic be written and all congress person must be required to read and understand it before voting on it.

  • First of all Obama care is there to cause chaos and to destroy the insurance business. Who fuel most of the money that Hospitals get to in the end run the whole of the health care industry. As for smoking I smoke and am perfectly healthy after twenty five years of military duty doing so. My blood pressure and pulse are near to perfect and my body fat is well within specs. For those who wish to debate please look up the case the American Heart Society took to the Supreme Court and lost badly. The new evidence is that people get the cancer because of genetic causes more than environmental and second hand smoking is simply another urban myth promoted by the left.

  • So are you talking about someone who smoked in college and quit? Their 20’s and quit?Were exposed to second hand smoke and quit? Yeah let’s open the door to a whole other pile of bureaucratic BS.

    • Barry

      Current smokers, Rebecca.

  • This bill, like EVERYTHING else Obama has done is BAD for America ! He is a closet Muslim and a racist con man.

  • My last name is Kaplan–I hope I have good genes.

    • you have a good brother… does that count for good genes..

      • Barry

        I’m currently wearing a pair of genes, I mean…

  • shrgngatlas

    Of course it was designed to fail. They’ve wanted a single payer system, with total control by them, all along.

  • I agree with your article, Barry. However, I have to say this. Yes, I smoke and there are days that I hate it. Presently, I do the best that I can with filters to someday help me quit. Having said that, it isn’t a preexisting condition, you are correct, but an addiction that the government loves because it’s a revenue maker. Addiction to cigarettes has been an addiction for several decades and where I grew up, in the 70s/80s, smoking was accepted everywhere. For those who have smoked for years, it is a hard habit to break. If it was easy, millions would be putting the tobacco companies out of business tomorrow. I had a chance to quit in my military days but that wasn’t easy when nearly everyone smoked who was military where I was stationed, in Germany no less. When I see young people smoking today, I do cringe and wish they would stop. But as I am 2 years away from age 50, those who look at me like I’m a criminal, just because I have what was an accepted habit, should mind their own business. Any health problems I do have are not smoking related at this point. Having said all of this, I am a conservative republican, despise Obamacare, and smoking is not a preexisting condition.

    • col

      But..addiction is covered. If alcoholics, over-eaters, sex addicts who get pregnant and then want an abortion, and drug addicts can all be covered, they are being disingenuous and discriminatory to say addicted smokers are an exception.

    • notislam

      Has bho quit smoking —- NO!

    • Barry

      Christopher, do you have kids at home? Quit for THEM. That’s what my father did when my mother died – he quit for his kids so we wouldn’t be without a parent.

  • Crazy jack

    What did Obama know about healthcare? NOTHING! He is an incompetent,he lies just about every time he opens his mouth. He does nt care about America he is a socialist who is in tje process of destroying our country.

  • Joe Lettieri

    Why do people constantly try to make sense out of the Obama insanity ?He hates this country ,he hates our system,and everything he does illustrates that.Face it dummies he wants to bring the country down!He hates white people,he hates the constitution,he doesnt believe in God.What does it take!!!!!And the super intelligent Americans not only elect him the first time,elect him the second time after the worst first term of any President in our history.I sincerely hope your conscience is cleansed !Hurray,Hurray America finally elected a black man .Hurray,Hurray!!!!!

  • You’re WRONG! You don’t get to decide who lives,who dies or what honorable,hardworking Americans do!

    I cannot tolerate the tyrant in chief or the evisceration of the Constitution by anyone including you.

    I would argue that every man/woman who has worked a lifetime,paid Social Security and Medicare taxes matched by their employers supposedly earning compound interest over 40-50 years have mostly “paid significantly more” than they will ever use for healthcare and some help with their lives when the contract,the promises were made!

    Go pontificate somewhere else and why not make a list of all the people who drink,all the people who drive drunk,all the people who ski,climb mountains,jump out of airplanes,protect America,have to work in jobs that exposes them to noxious fumes,ride a motorcycle,go deep sea diving,get injured while jaywalking and those who innocently contract a S.T.D. and/or have unsafe sex?

    Your opinion is obnoxious and absurd as you sir have the right to it but not now or ever the right to dictate the lives of others!

    • col

      Pater, I totally agree. I had posted this before I read your post:

      You are WRONG! If I have to pay for others screwing around and getting pregnant, especially for abortions..if I have to pay for people who are fat with diabetes and heart problems, and for addicted drug users who need treatment, and people sick because of poisonous prescribed medications, and people sick from pollution from cars/trucks/buses, and all the drunks in this country, then society ..which got me hooked in an age when ads brainwashed us, priests smoked, movie stars smoked, DOCTORS smoked ..should pay for damage from smoking. I mean, isn’t the whole idea behind obamacare..’fairness’?

    • LatterDayEster

      Who are you talking to? It follows my post and I certainly don’t fit your description.

    • Barry

      I’m not telling people what they should or shouldn’t do with their lives. I’m saying that if YOU choose to go out of YOUR way to destroy YOUR health, then YOU SHOULD PAY MORE THAN SOMEONE LIKE ME TO STRIVES TO STAY HEALTHY. Got it?

  • Obamanomics is Keynes. Predatory, tax intensive, obverse spending, collapse competitive systems, and redirect all revenues to the monarchy and it’s City of London affiliates. America responds: hysteria, giggling, apathy, denial, starvation and eventually death. Giggle away, fools!

  • Randy131

    “Intentionally designed to fail”, is incorrect and very misleading, for it was designed to overwhelm the US Government’s finacial workings through creating record setting deficits, which when added to the national debt, will cause the collapse of the US Dollar on the international market and crash the US Economy, putting the American people under ‘Martial Law’ control and of those holding political power. Obama and the Democratically controlled ‘Senate’, and if Obama is successful in 2014, a Democratically controlled ‘House of Representatives’, that will give complete government control to Obama and the Democrats when Obama declares ‘Martial Law’, in order to control every aspect of the American people’s lives, and stay in power as long as he wishes also. Think this supposition is impossible, then look at Obama’s record setting deficits over the last 4 years of $1.45 trillion each year, axpanding the national debt to approximately $17 trillion, even before Obamacare starts to increase the deficits by another $1 trillion a year from 2014 and on.

    [ National debt at $10.6 trillion when Obama took oath of office for first term, and $16.4 trillion when Obama took oath of office for second term, increasing the national Debt by $5.8 trillion over 4 years, averaging out at $1.45 trillion each and every year.]


    [CBO publicizing that since Obama became President the US Governement has been spending $4 billion a day more than it has been receiving in taxes and other funds, multiplied by 365 days in the year, equals $1.46 trillion each and every year.]


  • Charlie

    Think you are picking on the wrong topic. You should be complaining that our servants of our government are taking our rights away from us at a alarming rate. Forth amendment at airports and now road checks along with all of the cameras sending photos to the DHS. The second amendment has been under attack since 1929.

    Now we have AHA aka Obamacare that will cost each family of four $20,000.00 per year just for health insurance.This monster has 2806 pages of tax pages and 73,000 ++ pages of madates. This is what needs to be fought, this monster still can be defunded by the House of Represenatives, for you see the house holds the purse. Write your represenatives and demand that this monster of a law gets defunded before it totally trashes our country.

    As far as your spue about smokers have know smokers that were in there late 90’s even back in the 1960’s but that is before the servants of our government started to listen to non smokers and tabacco products were natural. Now tabacco products are full of all sorts of chemicals.The people that were smokers in their 90’s might not of made it that far on the tabacco products of today.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Keep paying taxes and this is what you get. Stop paying taxes and go on a tax strike and starve the beast! Everyone paying taxes should declare 315 Million dependents/exemption on their tax returns, i.e., W-2s, W-4s, 1040s, 1099s, etc. as being a “conscientious objector” to Obamacare because it violates religious beliefs (e.g., forced taxation for abortions and contraceptives, as well as end of life death panels which violates Life and liberty sections of the Constitution/Declaration of Independence) and because you conscientiously object to tax monies going to pay for unpopular wars and giving foreign aid to our enemies. Precedent has already been set in the Fourth Circuit US Court of Appeals cases, U.S. v. Snider, 502 F.2d 645 (4th Cir. 1974)(never overturned by the US Supreme Ct.). The US Court of Appeals (2nd highest courts in the land) held that the filing of 3 BILLION dependents as “conscientious objectors” was proper under the First Amendment and the I.R.S. lost the case.

  • Bill1966

    Anyone who has already had their taxes done this year KNOWS how bad things are. If you have too little coverage you will be heavily fined for it. The big conglomerates control this country, not the people. Look at monsanto, they can do whatever they want now to our food and get away with it without ANY chance of repercussion. When a corporation is allowed to write a law you KNOW it is the end of America. And for those of you who think you are eating healthy, ask the question of IS this item grown from pure seed or is it really a hybrid? I could not find ANY corn seed that has not been altered in some way.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    The insurance superintendents in this state have said for years, “sorry, but you who stay healthy are paying for those who use the insurance,” when asked why someone who had not used the health insurance policy for over 20 years and stays healthy does not get a break in the policy cost.

  • LatterDayEsther

    You are not all alone in the world. You have a female twin. I am a Jewish American with most of my family in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I belong to the Republican Jewish Committee. I would die to defend the 2nd (or any) amendment. What I cannot understand is how any Jewish person can be for the anti-zionist government we now have. If I should forget you, oh Jerusalem….

    • Finally, somebody else. It just drives me goofy how well educated Jewish people are so socially blind.

    • Barry

      Jews aren’t immune from making stupid, uninformed decisions – that’s why so many voted for Obama.

  • pasadenajimbo

    Barry, there is a difference between smoking, Meth and Heroin… While all are strongly addictive only one of the three is legal and a significant source of tax revenue to the federal and state governments. Starting smoking is stupid. Stopping is heroic for most. We have reached a time where it is more socially and politically correct to be a paroled felon than a smoker. Nicotine addicts have equal rights and I agree it is appropriate for them to pay higher premiums, but to continue with that logic and with statistical support we also need to consider surcharges on body mass index also. Please accept these comments from a retired fellow insurance professional.

    • col

      Barry, if smokers have to pay more,.. then alcoholics, fat people, abortionists, people who work on polluted environments or have to do a lot of driving in polluted traffic, people who have ‘potentially risky’ occupations…including doctors who are regularly exposed to sick people… should all also pay more. After all, isn’t it all about ‘choice’?

    • Barry

      You should know that the BMI chart in itself can be extremely inaccurate. By BMI standards, I’m WAY over weight because it doesn’t account for extra muscle tissue. I’d have to weigh 20 pounds less for the BMI chart to say I’m barely not overweight – meanwhile if i did weight that much less, my friends would think I was dying.


    It’s also a textbook anti-social attribute. Helps those who do harm, harms those who do good.

  • chuckie2u

    I have purchased Healthcare plans from Insurance Companies for various sized companies. I dare say the program was explained in a few pages at the most. Now the Guv’ment has produced a plan no one bothered to read before they signed it, Harvard Lawyers ?, that exceeds 2000 pages. See what Politicians do for you.Expect it to get worse.

  • gfsomsel

    Don’t have time to post. It’s time for my smoke break. I’ve just got to have another cigarette—cough, cough. 🙂

  • MYS77

    Can anyone name a “government” program that did what they intially wanted it to do? Our government does NOT have a track record of success. This is their debt… NOT mine… they spent the money “foolishly” they can downsize, go without, do without, buckle down and be frugal for the next decade or two. The debt is not the American citizens fault, it is the decision making of those in government. And that is the truth and that is where the problem lies.


    Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter anymore what any conscientious, patriotic, truth-loving, God-fearing, honest American thinks, says or does. Right on down from our highest conservative political, military, religious or business leaders, to the basic hard-working class of folks who live across the street, and including the sincere FoxNews commentators and the talk-show guys on the radio – IT’S TOO LATE!!! IT’S OVER!!! All these truly sincere people think they can still make a difference, that our once-great nation can be saved. But the America-hating elite and welfare addicts have combined to form an undefeatable electorate who don’t give a fat rat’s derriere what’s good for the nation, and they are not listening to the truth with which the propagators, in futility, are attempting to pursuade them.

    May God bless these patriots and their efforts, but the time has come to accept the inevitable and start making preparations to defend against and survive the coming ultimate anarchy and civil war. It’s just freaking OVER! When the wicked rule, the people mourn.

    • notislam

      Is a coup for honest government that follows the CONSTITUTION in order?
      Go figure!

  • coll

    You are WRONG! If I have to pay for others screwing around and getting pregnant, especially for abortions..if I have to pay for people who are fat with diabetes and heart problems, and for addicted drug users who need treatment, and people sick because of poisonous prescribed medications, and people sick from pollution from cars/trucks/buses, and all the drunks in this country, then society ..which got me hooked in an age when ads brainwashed us, priests smoked, movie stars smoked, DOCTORS smoked ..should pay for damage from smoking. I mean, isn’t the whole idea behind obamacare..’fairness’?

  • mapoffla

    Why would anyone be surprised? Isn’t it obvious that Zero has been designed to facilitate America’s failure? It can be seen in everything he does.

  • notislam

    This has been a big lie right from the start. Then every time bho opens his mouth there are more lies. Why would anyone expect to be treated well from a plan that is full of things that ARE NOT good for us? I see nothing good in this and higher taxes and SCAMS that the Congress and other appointed officials can skim off of . More Schemes -NO HONESTY.

  • Big Dog

    I am certain the long range goal for the Progressives is the “Single Payer” government run program. It has been from the beginning. The current law is simply designed to punish us.

  • jackel

    This is like Pandora’s Box; it just keeps getting worse and worse the more that is let out. Those of us with common sense know that “everything” and “everyone” can’t be covered under any health care system without ruining it—at last we see the light. And, alas we know that we are being lead through the wrong tunnel; reform would have served us better but it could not offer “free” health care so Abomination Care was invented to sound much better to those who just didn’t know it isn’t possible. And, in the end this will be just more about government control of us and way less about any improvements in health care for any of us. And, Us are the government, but somehow this great America principle is getting buried, for well, a buck so to speak; Abomination Care is for the large insurance and drug companies benefit, Money (Ours), and the Power trade off for Government control( of Us).

  • haditinsd

    The leading cause of death is heart attacks. Of those old foggies dying of heart attacks about 40% were smokers. Some of those would have died whether they smoked or not. The second leading cause of death is medical errors and that is according to those who made those errors. How many of those errors should be blamed on smoking being every other medical malady is caused from smoking or second hand smoke.
    Drive by a hospital or nursing home when it is thirty below and see the sick and feeble outside in their wheelchairs smoking. So which is their biggest problem the smoking or the people trying to save them from themselves that force those conditions on them.
    Then even after you ban them from their smoking sections you still insist they pay a special tax to buy health insurance for your 27 year old baby who is to irresponsible to go to work and earn his/her own insurance.
    I’m not trying to justify smoking but there is as much junk science about smoking as there is about global warming. Did you know Salem Cigarettes were the first effective treatment for asthma or if you are concerned about second hand smoke move to Europe because their second hand smoke won’t hurt you.

    • Barry

      Smoking raises the sickness and death rates of pretty much every condition, especially cardio pulmonary conditions. Look at the stats.

  • A Patriot

    You all are missing the primary cause of your problem, creeping communism. Have you not figured out that the communal cost concept that has been creeping into our nation of free individuals is a fraud used to increase Federal control over you and your family’s lives? It’s all for your own good, they say, and obviously you believe it.

  • pasadenajimbo

    You just don’t understand socialism. We all pay for the others. The whole goal of the pretender in chief is to force all of us down to the norm, which is the lowest common denominator, serfs, tools of the state!

  • Joseph Dobie

    I think you are giving them too much credit, Barry. It’s the same people who grant that long-term drug abuse makes a person “disabled” and thus eligible for lifetime government disability from the social security administration. Having spent 25 years working in state governments,. I have found that what often appears to be some sort of conspiracy actually requires more intelligence than is possessed by those who are suspected of conspiring. It’s really just incompetence on a grand scale. I believe there are always long-term unforeseen consequences to actions taken by good intentioned, though often ignorant, people who make up our government.

  • David Cooper

    Actually, smoking is definitely a bad habit and causes many health problems, but the gym can be bad for you as well. Working out too much or incorrectly can cause muscle problems, joint pain and injury, heat exhaustion, back injuries as well as heart damage. I have heard of top notch athletes who dropped dead from a heart attack due to a heart issue they did or did not know they had. So I think we have to be careful about pulling out the judgmental card, this issue is not so cut and dried.

  • I have no doubt that the health care bill was meant to fail as it will run itself into the ground and financially help OB bankrupt our country. This is just the biggest expenditure and following that will be many others, i.e. sending millions to foreign countries that hate America, running around the country on his jet costing a small fortune every trip, parties in the WH, vacations, fancy trips for the children, hobnobbing with t he Hollywood crowd, all on our dime. Since there are monies coming into the treasury on a daily basis, (from our taxes), he has to work very hard to use it up on some silly pork barrel projects but eventually he’s break our bank to get even with us (by fulfilling his father’s dreams). We should remember that the sins of the fathers are reaped by the children, given time. What is sowed will be reaped. Harvest time cometh.

  • John Galt

    So are they going to call your torn tendons from the gym work out, or the plantar fasciitis a preexisting condition? after all, it would not have happened if you were not over using the tissues at the gym.

  • PURE insanity! This proves my point that everything Obama initiates is designed to fail as his intention is to kill everything about America that made her great! Everything about him is illegal, incidentally supremely corrupt, starting from his run at the presidency and no one’s going after him, throwing him out. Why is that, everyone’s paid off?

  • As usual blame the smokers. Really when are you people going to wake up. The pot smokers now replace the cigerette smokers who have been taxed to death. The biggest drain on health care at the moment is those that are over weight. So the new war is on the fat folks. Stop trying to distinguish yourself by saying your living a healthy lifestyle. While we are taxed to death to pay for your bike trails and all the stupid stipulatons to make smokers quite. That is just another lie and ponzi scheme. The billions stolen from smokers and spent for whatever by the elite would cover most if not all the costs of those peoples health costs, but it doesn’t go for that does it. You think the fat tax will go to the people that are sick cause their fat. No. It will go for some stupid study on duck genatalia and such. If you bothered to do any research you would know that smokes cost less at the end of life and even during due to the fact that they die sooner and cost the state less money while paying for their habit 100 times over in taxes. while you health nuts live to be 90 and use up more healthcare than anyone else. So until you get your facts straight shut up and quite pointing fingers becaue its popular. Have a back bone.

  • 4Given

    If you have kids and Love them, the last person you want on your side is Obama.
    he doesn’t Love anyones children, he wants to take away their rights , spend
    their future and destroy America. If you love your Children , you will not
    support Obama. He lies, cheats , steals, and Blames. he just wants to raise
    Taxes to pay for Obamadoesn’tcare,
    Just fix what is broken in healthcare, not Destroy it Obama. I feel sorry for
    the Obama girls, if I had a Dad who acted like Obama, I would Run away and never
    admit to knowing him. He will Burn in Hell one day, he just wants to destroy everyone first.

  • 4Given

    Why can’t there be a Vote by the people of the USA about
    Obamadoesn’tcare (Obamacare). I did not vote in the congress that voted yes on
    this. This is to big of deal to let the Democrats and the President make this
    choice for the whole country. They will never have to worry about Healthcare,
    they will never have to worry about bills at all. Iam so sick of the President
    and his Lies, he’s destroying America, what is more sad is the people who don’t
    have the balls to stand up to him. He is the worst president and is teaching
    our kids it OK to LIE, Blame, Cheat, Take revenge, destroy, no matter the
    cost. He is pure Evil. I want a VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Designed To Fail”? Obama came do destroy the country, so “failure” or “success” of a particular program or policy must be viewed in that light. Judging Obama’s poliices based on conventional standards is like critiquing a Kamikaze pilot on his landing skills.

  • Cant say you are wrong since I have been saying the same thing since Obamacare was first introduced to our unsuspecting population. A number of others felt the same, and we were mocked and ridiculed by most as being alarmist and paranoid.

    Sadly, now that they are beginning to see how right we were back then, it is too late to stop it.

  • Barry, I have no question that you are right. Obamacare was and has always been seen as a first step to a one payer system like Canada’s. We are going to see our health care costs skyrocket and quality of care diminish. On the other hand, I have seen my health insurance premiums go up tremendously in the last few years, and these are the years I may be needing it, but can no longer afford it. (60 years old). I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the insurance companies. My wife and I have paid premiums religiously for 36 years as we thought it was the responsible thing to do. We’ve had almost NO claims, yet we get no consideration for being a long term customer with our company.