Obama’s Budget Seeks 30 Million for Gun Violence Prevention

Jan Morgan

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President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget includes $30 million in new funding to “track gun violence” and to research strategies that might prevent it.

Of that new $30 million flowing to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $10 million will support “gun violence prevention research” and $20 million will be spent on expansion of CDC’s National Violent Death Reporting System.

Here’s what the CDC budget justification (page 233) says about the $10 million for new research into “gun violence”:

In addition to the approximately 30,000 firearm-related homicides and suicides a year, more than 58,000 non-fatal firearm injuries from assault or self-harm are treated in hospital emergency departments annually. Together, each year they account for more than $35.3 billion in medical and lost productivity costs to the United States.

The President’s plan, Now is the Time, calls for public health research on gun violence to give all Americans the information they need. To address the numerous gaps in the evidence base for firearm injury prevention, CDC will use $10 million to begin conducting research into the causes and prevention of gun violence.

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  • MrLogical

    Make no mistake, the largest portion of that $30M will be used to create a National Gun Registry. This is Obama’s prime objective. He cares nothing for the Sandy Hook victims, or the victims of 1:1 crime in the nation’s cities. He cares everything about taking away guns from all law-abiding citizens.

  • JaimeCancio

    Let’s see – why doesn’tObozo-ssA go first to Chicago and start dealing with all the murderers there, 451 of 513 murders in 2012 done in Chicago done by blacks, Unless he is colored blind the problems should not be to hard for him to locate and identify. Then to Philidelphia where last year all 414 murders there were done by blacks, and then, on to Detroit where last year 444 murders done by murderers that were black. I can suggest many other cities when he has done with those cities and yes there a long list of other cities I can direct him. See I already saved him 35 millions dollars researching information already known and easily researched if he would check with the Department of Justice and the FBI 2012 information. One of the easy to identify problems as it has been reported there were 76,000 attempts to pass background checks and that failed last year, and everyone of those should have been arrested and prosecuted; and only 13 prosecutions last year and everyone prosecuted were ‘white’. Yeap I think I am starting to see the problem. I am legally blind; what is Obozo-ssa’s problem as he has two eyes.

    • ketma

      And what about all the black babies that were aborted? They don’t ever mention all the potential that is lost from abortion.

      • Jaime Cancio

        This [abortion issue] was once a concern of mine as well. Then a few people working in social serves opened my eyes. Since 78 percent of black babies born are bastard children is also a concern and also caught my attention. I was made aware the total cost to society in the cost of welfare and other social services that each child not aborted would have cost the American tax payier in life-time support paid for by our government social services. The sad reality that many blacks fathering babies are creating on average about eight to eleven children in their lift-time and that of those children they will never in their life support. The American tax payers will be left with paying the expense. Cradle to death financial support and the cost of each child/person cost in the mulitple millions of dollars with “all factors combined” throught the support of social services and social services programs. Don’t forget to factor in the personnel and operational cost of the social services agencies. I am sad to say after seeing those accountings and the financial damage done to the American tax payer I am no longer against abortion nor do I worry about how many blacks are killed in Chicago, Detroit, Philidelphia, Trenton, Atlanta, et.al. and the list goes on and on and on. The saddest fact of all for all the expense in social services and with respect to the American tax payer – there is no return on investment nor any substantial value to the money spent. Not take time to see the news coming out of let’s just say Chicago, all the killings and shootings, the gang bangers, drugs, drinking, stolen cars, burglaries, home invasions, rapes, graffetti, damage to property, attacks on whites and this list goes on and on and on also…not look me in the eyes and tell me monies spent in social services are well spent. Looks also the waste in tax payer dollars at the wasted money in education trying to educate people who don’t want an education and would rather live off the system of social services. Shame on our government and our government leaders for not putting a stop to this financial drain on the hard working, honest and decent American tax payers.

  • George

    This will be just like most other research projects he has started, most of the money will be spend to pay the researched as salaries and will take over 3 years to complete and come up with not one answer.

  • I wouldn’t trust the CDCs data much less the fed. They probably “treated” their data much like the “enviro-mental whackos” treated the climate change data.


    All the money will go to liberturds, with Obama’s instructions on what to write and report.

  • This Nazi-in-chief wants to be a dictator, a god man and needs to be stopped by turning back to the real God the one this nation was founded on or get ready to say “Master, May I” It is real choice and the outcome for those who don’t isn’t going to be nice.

  • Charlie

    Shut this Tyrannical political zealot down. Call all legislators demand they uphold their oath of the constitution. Any law against the second or any other amendment is against constitutional law. Therefore any legislator signing a law that is against our bill of god given rights is in violation of their oath to the constitution. Stop the tyrant dead in his tracks on this power grab of our constitutional rights.

  • Costs 30 mil for common sense?

  • This Dorkmeister will use the funds for research & then label guns as a health issue. Then they’ll use that to tax those excercising their 2nd Amendment rights &/or force insurance to supposedly cover the costs.

  • Renegade69

    They can’t even get a Budget together..how do you think they will do this??? It’s just another money cover up!

  • Douglas

    Wouldn’t it be nice if those in Congress could just right a law and we would no longer need police….but we all know that can’t happen. Some suggest we should at least try…and I agree 100% but to do so we must get drugs off our streets, and place all criminals of violent crimes behind bars forever…and the rest do as Cuba had done, and send the rest of the really bad guys to somewhere else…like Russia!

    What is sad is Washington knows the bad guy doesn’t need the good guy to get Guns, or other goods….good people buy what they want from other good people, the bad guy buys what they need from other bad guys. The bad guy can live right next store to you and say hello every time you see them…but they won’t hang with you if your not a bad guy, you have nothing in common! Common sense suggest that people generally hang with people of like interest!

    Americans are moved by emotions, not common sense. And this is what Congress targets…the emotions of the General Public and use it to gain point from the public!

  • junkmailbin

    it will go to setting up and filling a national gun data base. It should be used to house criminals caught with guns even if they did not use it. The money can go to house them with their sentences maxed out

  • Obama would love another Sandy Hook tomorrow. How can he really care about the innocent when he’s in favor of killing babies after their born. Too bad he wasn’t aborted. Think of what a better world we would be living in today. Hey Woods ball just landed in the water. lol

  • Raider

    Why is so much effort and money spent on gun control when our economy is falling apart. China is going to surpass us and money is not going to be worth the paper it is printed on. We as the American peopl need to be heard or start impeachment

  • Dave G

    Then it’s going to be pencil violence, spoon violence, knife violence,,the problem is violence period. It does not have to be gun violence,,,and the violence is the issue not the implement used to perpetrate violence. We know the truth and it is not what the administration says it is.

  • robert1407

    How about 30 Million to stop the Government’s poisoning of the people and children with FDA approved poison drugs that kill not cure and the allowed use of deadly toxins chemicals in the foods that your and your children eat. Why won’t this be stopped or brought out? Because the profits to the Pharmaceutical and Giant Food Processor is great and with that high profit your corrupt Senators and Representatives have their palms greased with the 30 pieces of Blood Stained Silver. The liberal Press and corrupt politician scream and holler guns are killing everyone, but it is a piker compared to the Approved drugs and poison chemicals that murder in the thousands each year. You thought War was bad, but when these poisons murder in the thousands each year it is worse. Just why is Agencies like the FDA totally out of control and ruled by the Petty Bureaucrats in charge. You have no rights against them for your Elected one has sold us out. So, Comrade take your poison deadly drug(Pradexa and bleed to death) or hundreds of other drugs, then eat and feed you child toxin laced foods (AZODICARBONAMIDE, TARTRAZINE(coal tar waste) and the list goes on and on. Say Nothing, throw the good citizens to the wolves for desire a gun to protect themselves and bow low with head way down and bare backside up to receive the big stick, Like put foot in mouth Biden stated the Messiah carries a Big Big Stick. Maybe that is why all the Liberal females fall down in worship of the Messiah, but who knows?

  • Lorraine E

    It isn’t necessary to spend 30 million to investigate gun violence. The big problem is the revolving door of the injustice system. Most people

  • Sagebrush6

    That $35 million of lost job money is a bald face lie because half of those people are on welfare and they don’t count for lost revenue. They are lost revenue.

  • LittleMoose

    You don’t need $30M more; what you need is the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal agencies focus on terrorism instead of trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens. The amount of time and money the DHS has spent on gun control could have been better used to stop terrorist attacks like Boston.

  • goyaathle

    Over and over it has been shown that it is not gun violence. The problem is violence period whether it is hand, feet, hammer, baseball bat or gun. I am an atheist but when morality was taken out of the schools the country started it slide into hell. The ten commandments whether it comes from a god or not it is a set of rules that allows people to live together in peace.

  • Dave G

    And how much is Obama going to ask for when it comes to bomb violence? NOT A DIME. As long as Muslims are the ones bombing people he won’t ask for anything to stop that.